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December 29th, 2014

Peltor Shotgunner Muffs — Handy, Compact Protection

Peltor folding ‘Shotgunner’ ear muffs are on sale right now at Available in red (#97013), dark green (#97012), or black (#97011), the muffs cost about $15.00 (red version), and you can get free shipping with an order over $35.00. That’s a good deal for a good product. This Editor owns two sets of these muffs. They are very lightweight and comfortable. Because they fit well, with gel foam cushions, they actually seem to work better than some big bulky muffs (with higher NRRs) that don’t seal so well. If used with plugs underneath, these are highly effective and very handy.

Peltor’s Shotgunner muffs feature tapered ear domes, cutaway on the lower half for stock clearance. We have not found any other muffs on the market that allow a better cheek weld, with less interference with the comb on a riflestock. These muffs also fold up into a very compact package. You can keep one set in your range kit and a spare set in your vehicle for back-up or if a friend needs hearing protection.

Peltor Shotgunner muffs
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December 12th, 2009

23 NRR Folding Earmuffs for Just $3.99 at Midsouth

AOSafety PeltorMidsouth Shooters Supply has a great deal right now on AOSafety (Peltor) 23NRR shooting earmuffs. Now through the end of 2009, you can purchase these comfortable folding muffs for just $3.99! That’s so cheap you can purchase 3 or 4 as extras to have on hand when you go shooting with friends. A club or range can afford to purchase a couple dozen for “loaner” use or rentals. These AOSafety Muffs (made by Peltor) conveniently fold up for storage. They have a 23dB noise reduction rating (NRR) — as good as many muffs costing much more.

AOSafety Peltor

Midsouth’s $3.99 price is a STEAL. Northern Tool & Equipment sells these very same muffs for $14.99. If you run a club, place quantity orders before the price goes back up. Note: If Midsouth sells out, CDNN Investments offers these 23NRR muffs (item Pel #90559) for $4.99 — part of a “liquidation sale” in CDNN’s latest 2009-5 catalog (p.121).

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