November 1st, 2014

Top Teams Smash Records at F-Class Nationals

There have been some remarkable team performances at the 2014 F-Class Nationals. With good conditions, talented shooters, and ultra-accurate rifles, three teams have “raised the bar” with record-breaking performances this week in Phoenix.

Team Long Shots Breaks Records with 800-42X Score at 1000 Yards
Congratulations to the Long Shots rifle team for breaking the 80-shot, 1000-yard, F-Open Civilian and Open Team Match National Records with a score of 800-42X. That is amazing shooting! Give credit to Michelle Gallagher, David Bailey, Ken Dickerman, David Gosnell, and Mark Walker.

Michelle Gallagher (as Snow White) on Halloween with her four team-mates.
F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

Team Grizzly — F-Open National Champions
Shiraz Balolia reports: “Team Grizzly just won the F-Open National Team Championship. This is the third major match that Trudie Fay has coached four shooters into winning. She was also our coach when she coached us to a win at the last National Championship in Raton, and then again in February this year (2014) when we set a new National record in the Palma course in Phoenix at 800, 900, and 1000 yards. Trudie is a heck of a wind reader!” Shooters are: Kenny Adams, Shiraz Balolia (Captain), Emil Kovan, and John Myers.

F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

Team Sinclair — Six-Time National F-TR Champions
Ray Gross Posted: “I just got home after the Team Sinclair victory dinner… teammate Derek Rodgers set a new 1000-yard national record Wednesday, then beat it for a new, higher, record Thursday. Then we won the team National Championship today and set a new National Record doing it! We are ‘stone cold’, 6-time National Champions. I’m proud to be a part.”

F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

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September 13th, 2014

Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup October 10-19

Got plans for October? If you live in the western USA, consider a trip to Phoenix for the CMP Western Games. The 11th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on 10-19 October 2014. The Western CMP Games Matches run 10-14 October 2014. The Creedmoor Cup Matches take place on 15-19 October 2014. All interested shooters are invited to participate in these unique, national-level competitions. NOTE: Registration for the Creedmoor Cup matches must be done online via

Western cmp games creedmoor cup

Western CMP Games Entry Form | Western CMP Games Online Registration
Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Program | Directions to Ben Avery Range

Western CMP Games Matches

  • Garand & Springfield Match Clinic
  • John C. Garand Match
  • Springfield Match
  • Vintage Military Rifle Match
  • Small Arms Firing School/M16 Match
  • Rimfire Sporter Match
  • Carbine Match
  • Vintage Sniper Match
  • Modern Military Rifle Match
  • Western Creedmoor Cup Events

  • High Power Rifle Clinic
  • Creedmoor Cup (2400 point aggregate)
  • 4-Man Team Match
  • Creedmoor EIC Match
  • western cmp games creedmoor cup

    Small Arms Firing School
    CMP Rifle Small Arms Firing School offered at during the Western CMP Games in Phoenix, AZ, Friday, October 10th. This course is recommended for all new shooters and anyone that would like to learn gun safety and sound target shooting skills, regardless of previous experience. In this course you will learn about safety, positions, how to load and clear the rifle, how to loop a sling and prepare for practice firing. Rifle SAFS students are required to use the Rock River AR15 commercial rifles issued by the school. Personal rifles are not permitted. Ammunition will be issued for use during practice fire and the M16 EIC Match and coaches will be available to assist students. Junior competitors must be at least 12 years old.

    Western cmp games creedmoor cup

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    February 5th, 2014

    Meeting Forum Friends at Ben Avery — World’s Smallest Range Kit

    Ben Avery Shooting Facility.A while back, while in Arizona, we headed out to the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, located about 27 miles north of downtown Phoenix on I-17. We were impressed by Ben Avery’s vast range complex, which includes a Clay Target (shotgun) center, 1000-yard High Power range, 100-300 yard Benchrest range, rifle and pistol silhouette ranges, handgun ranges, smallbore range, Running Boar range, and a large, 53-bay, 200-yard main range.

    At the main range we ran into Forum Member Troy D., who had a brand-spanking new 6mmBR rifle built by Lester Bruno of Bruno Shooters Supply. While breaking-in his new 28″ Krieger barrel, Troy was using Sierra 70gr Blitz-Kings. Accuracy was impressive — the 70 grainers ripped tight, little knots in the high 2s, low 3s. Though his rifle has an 8-twist barrel, Troy was testing the 70s in preparation for a prairie dog trip next week. From what we saw, those p-dogs should be worried. Troy’s gun was a tack-driver with the Sierra Blitz-Kings.

    Bruno 6BR

    YouTube Preview Image

    Troy’s Compact Storage Box (Just $1.50!)

    While Troy was cleaning between groups, we noticed he was using a compact little box to hold his jags, brushes and patches. The box was the perfect size for these items. Troy explained: “If you’re just taking one rifle to the range, you don’t need to take a big gear box with stuff for all your guns. Apart from solvent, bore guide, and cleaning rod, this little box holds all I really need to clean my rifle.” Troy sourced the box at Cabela’s for $1.50.

    shooters storage box

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    January 29th, 2014

    Berger Southwest Nationals in Phoenix Next Week

    Berger SW Nationals

    The Berger Southwest Nationals, one of the biggest shooting events west of the Mississippi, kicks off next week at the Ben Avery Range near Phoenix, Arizona. The event begins with a Shooting Clinic on Tuesday, February 4, and concludes with 1000-yard Matches on Sunday the 9th. The host Desert Sharpshooters Club, and the staff at Berger Bullets, are working very hard to make this the best SW Nationals ever. And if you are interested, there is still time to register. Berger tells us: “It’s not too late to sign up for the 2014 Southwest Nationals! The match runs from Feb. 4-9 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. We have a great schedule and prizes.” The weather will be good (it was 74° in Phoenix yesterday), and there will be thousands of dollars of gear on the Prize Table. If you want to join the fun, download the entry form below, and, as soon as you can, send an email to michelle.gallagher [at]


    Berger SW NationalsThe Berger Southwest Long Range Nationals are held every February at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility just north of Phoenix, Arizona. Berger has partnered with the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, resulting in a “must attend” event for long range shooters around the world.

    Ben Avery is a truly world-class facility, with 98 firing points, carefully maintained firing lines and plenty of wind flags. As the match sponsor, Berger provides the “extras” – ice chests full of drinks on the firing line, a banquet on Saturday night and awards to the winners, including over $3,500 in cash prizes and over 30,000 bullets in awards.

    Berger Nationals Ben Avery Phoenix

    CLICK HERE for Phoenix Travel and Lodging Information.

    View Larger Map

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    June 29th, 2013

    New Phoenix Rest Feet for F-Class from 21st Century Shooting

    When you’re shooting an F-Class match, the last thing you want is for your fancy front rest to sink into soft ground, hop on hard ground, or otherwise move around from shot to shot. And with more F-Open shooters shooting heavy (180gr+) bullets these days, F-Class front rests have to cope with more torque and recoil than ever before. Well, our buddy John Perkins from 21st Century Shooting has a solution. The new 21st Century Phoenix Foot features unique, bell-style geometry. This allows your rest to sit securely in turf and the feet are very stable even on loose soil or gravel. The Phoenix Foot, shown here with 21st Century’s Front Rest, is compatible with a variety of front pedestal rests with 1/2″-diameter adjustment legs. The bell-shaped foot design (narrow at the bottom and flaring at the top) makes it easy to level the rest front-to-back and side-to-side. Price for a set of three (3) Phoenix feet is $99.00.

    21st Century Shooting F-Class Feet Front Rest Phoenix review

    21st Century’s Impressive Crank-Windage Front Rest
    Also shown in the photo is 21st Century’s impressive new Front Rest, proudly CNC-machined in the USA from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel billet barstock. This big boy, which retails for $1095.00, features a super-large-diameter mariner’s wheel for elevation adjustment, and an ultra-smooth crank adjustment for windage (horizontal). Finish and function are impressive. Elevation and windage can be easily adjusted with fingertips (this is made possible by the ball screw design). This “Rolls Royce of rests” is made to last — all aluminum parts are anodized and the base is machined from 1″-thick 6061 T6 aircraft billet aluminum. If you’re interested, call 21st Century at (260) 273-9909. When production permits, rests usually ship out 3-6 weeks after an order is placed.

    Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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    February 11th, 2013

    Match Results: Berger Southwest Long Range Nationals

    Berger southwest long range nationals 2013

    shiraz baloliaThe 2013 Berger Southwest Long Range Nationals (at Ben Avery in AZ) have wrapped up, and some divisional results have arrived. (Stay tuned for more complete results — as they are made available.) Congratulations to Grizzly Industrial President Shiraz Balolia, who won the F-Open Division.

    The F-Open competition was very close right down to the end, and the conditions were unforgiving. Shiraz finished with a 1226-55X score, one point ahead of F-Open runner-up Freddy Haltom (1225-60X), who had high X-count among Open-classers. We’re told that Shiraz was using a “shoulder-busting” .300 Win Short Mag in Phoenix. We’ve been promised photos of Balolia’s winning rig as soon as Shiraz gets back from Arizona.

    Berger southwest long range nationals 2013

    Berger southwest long range nationals 2013

    The Top 10 F-Open shooters are listed in the chart above. Note, the 9th and 10th best Aggregate Scores were shot by two “Masters”, who out-shot dozens of “High Masters” to make the Top 10 overall. Steven Blair, who placed 8th Overall in F-Open, told us: “When conditions and competitors are as tough as they were in Phoenix, the winners deserve our accolades. It was no accident or luck that they finished as they did.” Forum member Kelbro agreed: “Except for the practice days, this was a challenging week. Double congrats to the top dogs. They earned it.”

    Berger southwest long range nationals 2013

    In the F-TR division, John Hayhurst shot well throughout the Nationals to finish first with 1210-25X. Runner-up Lige Harris had 35 Xs, but ended six points down, finishing with 1204-35X. James Crofts, a past F-TR National Champion, finished third with 1203-24X. In F-TR Team Competition, the new Michigan F-TR team coached by Bryan Litz proved to be a powerhouse, securing an impressive team win. Shooters were: Al Barnhart (captain), Doug Boyer, Bill Litz (Bryan’s father), and Dale Sunderman. The second- and third-place teams were both USA F-TR Development squads. USA Team Blue grabbed second place, while USA Team Red took third. We’re told that USA Team blue set a new F-TR Palma record on Saturday. However, Team Michigan came back with a big win in Sunday’s 1000-yard team match, securing the Team Aggregate title.

    In F-Open division, we’re told that Team UHaul finished first, with great shooting by Matt Davis, Herb Edwards, David Gosnell, and David Mann. Team Tex-Mex was second, with strong performances by Bryan Chatwell, Freddy Haltom, Ben Milam, and Cory Bizzel. Team Grizzly ended up third despite a cross-fire in one match. Team Grizzly is composed of F-Open winner Shiraz Bilolia, Emil Kovan, John Myers, and Tony Robertson.

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    February 8th, 2013

    Competition Fierce at 2013 Berger SW Long Range Nationals

    It’s February, so it must be time for Berger Southwest Long Range Nationals again. Hosted by the the Desert Sharpshooters at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, this popular event kicked off on February 5th, and runs through Sunday, February 10th. As always, there has been a huge turnout (200+ shooters from throughout the USA and Canada), and the match is very well-organized. We’ll provide complete results when the match is complete, but here are some early highlights…

    Berger SW long range nationals

    shiraz baloliaIn F-Open competition, Team Grizzly won the Palma (800, 900 and 1000 yards) 4-person team match at the Berger SW Nationals against some of the fiercest competition in the country. Trudie Fay served as coach and the shooters were Shiraz Balolia (team captain), Emil Kovan, John Myers, and Tony Robertson.

    Congratulations go to the USA F-TR Team “Blue” for winning the Palma Team Match. USA Team Blue narrowly edged out an excellent Michigan Team coached by Bryan Litz. The top F-TR shooter of the day was Dan Pohlabel (creator of the FLEX Bipod) who shot an impressive 443-17X, edging Matt Schwartzkopf of USA F-TR Team “Red” who scored 443-14X.

    2013 Berger SW Nationals Long range

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    August 22nd, 2011

    Get Ready for Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup

    Western CMP Games Creedmoor CupThe 8th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on 15-23 October 2011. The Western CMP Games run 15-18 October while the Creedmoor Cup Matches follow on 19-23 October. This event typical draws hundreds of shooters who compete with a wide variety of rifles — Match Rifles, Service Rifles, Vintage Military Rifles, and Rimfire Sporters. All interested shooters, whether new or experienced, recreation-oriented shooters or national championship contenders are invited to participate in these unique, national-level competitions. CLICK THIS LINK to register for the match. This event is co-sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Creedmoor Sports.

    Western CMP Games

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    April 14th, 2011

    Duplex Powder Loading Causes Catastrophic AR15 Kaboom

    Thinking of combining rifle and pistol powder in a blended duplex load? Well think again. If you want to keep all your fingers, stick with factory powders and established loads at safe pressures. Here’s what can happen with a duplex load composed of both rifle and pistol powders. This catastrophic kaboom of an AR rifle took place at the Phoenix (AZ) Rod & Gun Club (PRGC) range. The photos, first posted on the forum, show how the AR blew up, ruining the bolt carrier, splitting the upper receiver, blowing out the Cavalry Arms polymer lower, and actually detaching the barrel.

    AR15 AR Kaboom Phoenix

    Another shooter, who was nearby when the Kaboom occurred, reported: “I was standing 10 feet behind [the shooter], loading mags. The shot was no different than any other shots. I only looked up because the RO was yelling for assistance.”

    Obstructed Barrel? Probably Not: “The target showed four hits — the fourth round Kaboomed the rifle. [If there was an obstructed barrel only three holes should be on the target.] A piece of the exploded cartridge is still in the chamber of the barrel. The barrel extension split into three major pieces with smaller pieces cutting the left inside forearm.”

    Suspected Cause? “It was a combination of rifle and pistol powder. The rest of the batch was pulled and there were apparently 3-4 other rounds with mixed loads.” It has been reported that these were commercial .223 Rem reloads.

    What Happened to the Operator? “The shooter is fine. He got whacked in the face with the charging handle, giving him a fat lip. Minor cuts on his face. His wrist got fragged with carbon fiber/free float tube remains, which were embedded in his skin for a few weeks.”

    Parts Ruined: Upper receiver, Cav Arms MK2 polymer lower receiver, Bolt Carrier Group (total loss), forearm, barrel, gas tube, gas block, muzzle brake, mag release, bolt release, custom trigger and take-down pins. Also charging handle is bent and trigger group sustained some damage.

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    July 9th, 2010

    Dennis DeMille Offers High Power Training Tips

    Dennis DeMille is a past Camp Perry National Champion, and one of the nation’s top High Power shooters. Since retiring from the U.S. Marine Corps, Dennis has served as the General Manager of Creedmoor Sports in Oceanside, California. With his decades of competitive experience, Dennis has a wealth of knowledge. In this three-minute interview, Dennis shares insights into the High Power shooting game. He discusses the most effective ways to train for competition, the fundamentals of good marksmanship, and how to recognize and perfect your natural point of aim. Dennis also offers solid advice on how to get the best “bang for your buck” when choosing shooting accessories for High Power and Across the Course competition.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Creedmoor Sports Now Carries Phoenix Sights and Accessories
    Phoenix Precision builds high-quality, affordable sight systems for iron sights competitors. Phoenix products have become popular as they deliver excellent precision and repeatability, while costing considerably less than some other premium sights.

    Phoenix sight mountThe Phoenix Precision rear sight, offered as either top-mount or side mount, costs $379.95. This unit offers three (3) minutes per knob revolution, with quarter-minute clicks, 70 minutes of elevation adjustment and 60 minutes of windage. It features stainless guide pins and lead screws, with a black anodized aircraft aluminum body. The Phoenix rear sight accepts Anschutz and Gehmann accessories.

    Phoenix offers a companion front sight system in three different heights: ultra-high for T2K and Eliseo tubeguns, medium-high for AR spaceguns, and low for traditional prone rifles. The $184.95 Phoenix front sight features a fully adjustable 360° leveling bubble which may be positioned either above or below the aperture. The front sight mounts on any barrel with an end diameter of .750″ (call for .812″ or .920″), and accepts all standard 22mm inserts. As shown below, Phoenix also offers extra clamp-mounts for $59.95, and a 2″-long Delrin front shade for $17.50 that easily attaches to any 22mm iris.

    Phoenix ultra-high sight tower Phoenix sight mount Phoenix sight shade
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    May 13th, 2010

    NRA Open Range Day Empowers Disabled Shooters

    Disabled Open Range DayOpen Range Day in Phoenix, AZ is a special NRA program providing shooting opportunities for persons with disabilities. Under the direction of Vanessa Ross, NRA Disabled Shooting Services Manager, the 2d Annual Open Range Day was a great success. Art Merrill, a freelance writer for Shooting Illustrated, provides this on-the-spot report from Phoenix’s Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

    Open Range Day Report (by Art Merrill)
    Vanessa’s safety briefing Saturday morning was the no-nonsense pronouncement we’re used to hearing from rangemasters – except for the “sip & puff” part: “Always always always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction! Keep your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. If you’re using the sip & puff trigger mechanism, don’t put it your mouth ’til you’re ready to shoot. If you need help, if you have a question, don’t be stubborn – ask a volunteer.”

    Indoor Air Rifle Shooting Popular
    The air rifles appealed to a lot of shooters today, and not just because it was indoors, sheltered from the 95-degree desert spring. Every shooter enjoys hitting reactive targets, in this case, air rifle metallic silhouette targets. But there are other reasons, as well: “I don’t like loud bangs,” Ashleigh Justice said. “I liked the .22 pistol, but the .38 was too much.”

    Ashleigh had never shot a firearm before today. What motivated her to come out to Open Range Day? “I was afraid of guns. I wanted to get over it,” she said. “My husband shoots and I was tired of the anxiety I felt around guns.” Beyond that, however, was a desire to push the envelope of her disability to achieve something more: “I want to be good at something that takes skill more than physical ability”, she said. Looks like she found it: she, too came away from the firing line talking about the possibility of a regular air rifle competition.

    Disabled Open Range DayShooting Provides Important Challenge
    For Mike Tagliapetra, it’s all about challenge. You can feel it in his handshake even before he talks about competing in marathons and even a triathlon – using his wheelchair. Mike’s motivation, a quote from writer Ella Wheeler Wilcox, is boldly emblazoned on his business card: “There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

    Open Range Day is winding down now, and the shooters are all going home. They had different motivations for being here and yet, because every participant said they want to return again next year. Something about the shooting sports is satisfying all of their motives. If there’s a common denominator to these motives, it’s the desire for challenge and the satisfaction of success – and empowerment – that comes from it. In the shooting sports, yes, there’s only one match winner; but every time we approach the firing line we are competing, not only against others, but also with ourselves to accomplish our personal best.

    Contributions from many businesses made Open Range Day possible. Sponsors included: Birchwood Casey (targets), Colt (firearms), Davidson’s (Weatherby shotguns), Kowa (spotting scopes), Lapua (ammo), Pyramid Air (pellets), Ruger (firearms), Savage Arms (rifles), White Flyer (trap targets), and Winchester (ammo). Symbius Medical catered lunch, and Arizona’s Game & Fish Department made its world-class facility available for the event.

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    April 29th, 2010

    NRA Open Range Day For Disabled Shooters May 8th in Phoenix

    NRA Open Range Day PhoenixThe Disabled Shooting Services of the National Rifle Association will host the second annual Open Range Day at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 8, 2010. Open Range Day is an all-inclusive event where certified trainers and instructors introduce a variety of shooting sports to people with physical disabilities. Sponsors provide shotguns, rifles, pistols and air rifles for the participants.

    “We had a huge response from first-time shooters last year,” said Disabled Shooting Services Manager Vanessa Ross. “Registration for 2010 is already twice the size of last year’s class, and we can’t wait to get things started.”

    Open Range Day begins with a safety clinic led by NRA Certified Instructors. Participants then have the opportunity to learn the proper way to shoot shotguns, rifles, pistols, and air guns. “The important thing is for everyone to explore their personal potential on the range and simply have fun,” explained Ross.

    “We wouldn’t be able to hold such an event without our corporate sponsors,” said Ross. “Ruger, Savage, and Davidson’s are donating the use of their firearms, White Flyer Targets and Birchwood Casey are donating targets, while Kowa Optimed, Pyramyd Air, Lapua and Remington are donating spotting scopes and ammunition.” For more on Open Range Day, contact Vanessa Ross at (703) 267-1495 or email disabled_shooting [at] CLICK HERE to learn more about NRA’s disabled shooting programs. If you’d like to volunteer as an Open Range Day assistant, click the link below.

    NRA Open Range Day Volunteer Application Form

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    October 11th, 2009

    Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Starts Oct. 17

    CMP Creedmoor Western GamesFrom October 17-25, the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association will host the 6th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Western CMP Games events will be held Oct. 17-20, while the Creedmoor Cup Matches take place Oct. 21-25. Registration deadline is October 14, 2009.

    | CLICK HERE for Match Program and Schedule |
    | CLICK HERE to Register for Match |

    The Western CMP Games kick off with a New Shooter Clinic on Saturday, 17 Octobe in the morning. On Sunday, 18 October, there will be an As-Issued M1 Garand EIC Match in the morning where shooters lacking EIC points can earn introductory “4-point legs.” That afternoon, there will be a new event on the schedule, a Rimfire Sporter Match. The Rimfire Sporter Match is a low-key event that caters to all ages and skill levels.

    Ben Avery Phoenix, Arizona

    For more information, or if you have questions, vist the Western Games Webpage, or contact Christina Leveck-Roguski, (419) 635-2141 x1114, croguski [at]

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    May 11th, 2009

    NRA Annual Meeting This Week in Phoenix, AZ

    The NRA’s Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be held May 14-17 at the Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Over 200 exhibitor companies, including Berger Bullets, Hornady, Remington, and Savage Arms, will have their wares on display. In addition, the NRA will host many informative seminars, including a Clubs/Associations workshop, and a Firearms Law Seminar. The meeting will also feature a benefit auction and the NRA Foundation Banquet. There will even be an air rifle range inside the Convention Center. General Admission is free for NRA members, but tickets are required for the Banquet and some seminars. NRA Meeting Hours are listed below:

    Thursday, May 14 6:00pm (Foundation Banquet)
    Friday, May 15 10:00am-6:00pm (Convention)
    Saturday, May 16 9:00am-6:00pm (Convention)
    Sunday, May 17 10:00am-5:00pm (Convention)

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    April 7th, 2009

    Ben Avery Hosts Open Range Day for Disabled Shooters

    One of our readers recently observed: “You know there’s so much negative news about the economy, gun laws etc., we need to read something positive to keep things in balance. Why don’t you guys do a ‘good news’ story every week in the Daily Bulletin?”

    Good suggestion! Here’s an item that we think has a positive slant — a new shooting program for shooters with physical impairments….

    Open Range Day for Disabled Shooters
    On April 11, the NRA, lead by Disabled Shooting Services Manager Vanessa Warner, is hosting a first-ever “Open Range Day” at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This event is the latest program offered by the National Rifle Association’s Disabled Shooting Services. The day will focus on introductory shooting for people with physical disabilities. Open Range Day will offer shotgun, rifle, pistol, and air rifle instruction. Warner expects around 80 participants for the inaugural event. “This is a pilot program for what we hope to expand to a national program,” Warner said.

    Warner has secured the support of Colt Defense, Ruger Firearms, White Flyer Target, Remington, Kowa Optimed, Birchwood Casey, Davidson’s, Beeman, and Lapua. “We’re still accepting door prize donations,” Warner said.

    The event is the first of its kind and will give participants the opportunity to fire a wide variety of firearms. plans to report live from the event. For more information about Open Range Day or other services for disabled shooters, call Vanessa Warner at NRA Headquarters, (703) 267-1495, or e-mail

    Bob Foth Hired as Paralympic Shooting Coach
    In related matters, USA Shooting announced the hiring of Olympic silver medalist Bob Foth as its new Paralympic Shooting Coach and Program Manager. A three-time Olympian in rifle, Foth brings a tremendous amount of experience to his new position. He began shooting competitively in 1972 and won numerous national and international medals during his shooting career. He was part of several world champion teams and set six world records. He joined the USA Shooting staff as Youth Programs and Coach Development Manager in 2006 and assumed his new role as Paralympic Coach/Manager on April 6, 2009. Foth will join Warner and NRAblog at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex in Phoenix on April 11 for Open Range Day.

    CLICK HERE for large Ben Avery Map.

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    March 23rd, 2009

    Outdoor Expo at Ben Avery in Phoenix this Weekend

    On March 28-29, the Arizona Game and Fish Department hosts its Outdoor Expo 2009 at the largest public shooting complex in the nation — the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, located just west of Interstate 17 on Carefree Highway. At the event, which is FREE, you can try out many different shooting disciplines. Plus there will be archery classes, mounted (horseback) shooting demos, wildlife info sessions, and many other outdoor activities. This is a very popular event — the 2008 Outdoor Expo drew over 26,000 visitors.

    Ben Avery Outdoor Expo

    Outdoor Expo visitors will be able to test the latest firearms from companies like Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger. Visitors can also try a variety of specialty shooting disciplines, such as cowboy action shooting, black powder, tactical pistol, and silhouette shooting. You’ll receive tips from top shooters, including past cowboy action Champion Evil Roy (Gene Pearcey).

    Ben Avery Outdoor ExpoBen Avery Outdoor Expo

    Gatling Gun Ben AveryShotgun fans can shoot skeet, trap or sporting clays at Ben Avery’s enhanced Clay Target Center. Kids can shoot .22s and air guns while learning more about firearm safety. Guests (of all ages) can take an archery class or try out “3D Archery” on a walking course through the desert. There will be many exciting demonstrations at the 2009 Outdoor Expo. Visitors can witness a mini-gun demonstration or even shoot a vintage Gatling Gun.

    One of the crowd-pleasing highlights of the event will be live competition by cowboy mounted shooters at the brand new cowboy action riding ring. Skilled riders maneuver speedy quarterhorses while shooting black-powder blanks at balloons. Watch the video below to learn all about this exciting sport:

    YouTube Preview Image

    When you’re not shooting or watching live shooting events, you can visit with more than 100 Outdoor Expo exhibitors, including sportsmen’s organizations, conservation groups, shooting clubs, government agencies, and commercial vendors of outdoor products and services.

    For more information, visit the Outdoor Expo website,, or CLICK HERE to view the 2009 Outdoor Expo promo video.

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    October 25th, 2008

    Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Draw Top Marksmen

    Western CMP Games Creedmoor CupResults for the 2008 Creedmoor Cup & CMP Games have been posted on the CMP Competition website. The match, hosted at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ, was hugely successfully drawing hundreds of shooters. You can find the winners of all categories on this Results Page. Then click on the “Ranked” link beside the winner’s name to get a list of all finishers in order of score.

    Ronald Zerr, shooting a Match Rifle, won the Creedmoor Cup Aggregate overall with a 791-31X score. Forum member Jerry Tierney was runner-up in the Match Rifle Class with a 774-19X. In the Service Rifle Division, Trent Hering shot an impressive 789-25x, toping a field of 138 Service Rifle Shooters. Forum member Shawn McKenna finished second with a 782-23X score.

    21 Teams Compete For Service Rifle Team Title
    Among the big attractions of the CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup are the tightly-fought team events. In Service Rifle, 21 Teams competed for honors. This year, the USMC Arrieta team took first place, with a 1915-53X Aggregate. Team members are: MSgt Alex Arrieta (Coach), SW02 Peter Burns (Captain), SSgt Daniel Duitsman, CWO4 James Fraley, and SSgt Jason Haislip. The Oregon State Shooting Assn. Team finished second (1902-46X), with the Bushmaster/Remington Team in third (1892-42X).

    Western CMP Games Creedmoor Cup

    Vintage Rifle Matches Are Very Popular
    In other Western CMP Games events, Wesley Shumaker won the Garand Match, Arland Anderson won the Springfield Rifle Match, CW02 Peter Burns won the Vintage Rifle Match, and Creedmoor Sports Gen. Manager Dennis DeMille won the Garand Re-Entry Match. For the Overall Three-Gun Aggregate (Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Rifle), the top five shooters were: Michael Miller (823-11X), Arland Anderson 821-9X), James Denovchek (814-11X), Wesley Shumaker, and Ronald Foos. These older military-rifle matches were hugely popular, with large numbers of competitors. There were 135 shooters in the Garand Match and 51 in the Springfield Match. These kind of events, using vintage rifles that can be obtained at moderate cost from the CMP itself, reward fundamental marksmanship skills. They are much more a test of shooter abilities than a technology race.

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    September 25th, 2008

    Phoenix Hosts CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup in October

    The 2008 Western CMP Games will take place at the Ben Avery Shooting Center north of Phoenix, Arizona on 11-19 October. The Western CMP Games Matches will take place on 11-14 October. The Creedmoor Cup Matches take place on 15-19 October. Together, these back-to-back competitions comprise one of the major West Coast events of the year for Highpower and position shooters, and there’s still time to REGISTER.


    These combined matches offer activities for virtually every highpower rifle shooter–from clinics for beginning shooters to less formal Garand, Springfield and Military Rifle Matches to CMP Excellence-in-Competition Matches to NRA Registered Service and Match Rifle Highpower events. The official program is posted at You can sign-up on-line for any of the Western CMP Games or Creedmoor Cup matches at this REGISTRATION PAGE. Just fill in your contact info and select the matches you want to shoot. All data is sent via the web so you don’t even need a postage stamp.

    Western Creedmoor Cup

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    September 13th, 2008

    NBRSA 100/200 Nationals Set for October 6-11 in Phoenix

    The NBRSA 100-yard and 200-yard Nationals will be held Oct. 6-11 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Match organizer Gary Ocock states that there are plenty of entry spots left for the match and registrations are still welcome. Four classes will be contested at the NBRSA Nationals: Light Varmint (LV), Heavy Varmint (HV), Sporter, and Unlimited (Rail guns). 4-Gun Fee is $220, 3-gun Fee is $160. Pre-Registration is required. NBRSA requires a $40 late registration fee after September 6, 2008. Match Directors anticipate three (3) relays. Shooters requesting the same bench rotation, sharing equipment must request this in writing. Camping at the range is $10/day. Click the links below to view/download registration forms in MS Word and Acrobat (.pdf) format.

    | NBRSA Nat’ls Registration Form (Word Doc)
    | NBRSA Nat’ls Registration Form (.pdf)

    Write checks payable to AZ Benchrest. Mail checks and registration forms to Arizona Benchrest Shooters, 15231 West Gelding Drive, Surprise, AZ 85379. If you plan to attend but won’t be able to mail in your registration in time, email Gary Ocock at onehole149 [at] For NBRSA membership information and application form, visit

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    February 17th, 2008

    Cactus Classic in Phoenix March 1 and 2

    Many of the top short-range benchrest shooters in the country will trek to Phoenix, AZ to compete in the Cactus Classic on March 1-2, 2008. Hosted at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, the event will draw nearly 150 shooters. Event organizer Gary Ocock notes: “The Cactus is the largest 2-day, short-range Benchrest match of the year, and always draws top competitors from around the country. This is one of the most important events west of the Rockies and kicks off the season for many shooters.”

    The Cactus is limited to two classes, 10.5-lb Light Varmint and 13.5-lb Heavy Varmint. Participants will shoot at 100 yards on Saturday and at 200 yards on Sunday. Ocock explains: “Bench rotation will be 30 benches to the right after the 100-yard stage. We anticipate three (3) relays. We will squad three shooters per bench.” The full 2-day Match Fee is $90, while the 1-day fee is $50. The Ben Avery Range will be open for practice February 26-29 (Tuesday through Friday). Camping is available at the Ben Avery facility for $10/day.

    CLICK HERE for 2008 Cactus Classic Registration Form

    CLICK HERE for Ben Avery Shooting Facility Map

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