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April 18th, 2016

New Howa Tactical Rifle in Archangel Adjustable Stock

Howa 1500 Archangel tactical Legacy Sports

Here’s a new tactical-style rifle you should consider if you are involved in the Tactical/Practical shooting disciplines. It features a modern, adjustable Archangel stock with the smooth, made-in-Japan Howa 1500 action, outfitted with a detachable 10-round box magazine.

Legacy Sports, distributor for Howa rifles, is offering the new Howa Archangel Rifle in .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. The ambidextrous, carbon-reinforced polymer stock features a click-adjustable cheek-riser, adjustable length-of-pull, grip storage compartment, plus front/rear quick-detach flush cups. There is also a clevet, integrated, push-button bipod attachment system. The Howa actions mate precisely into the stock and ride on aluminum pillars.

In .223 Rem or .308 Win, the complete rifle, with either 20″ or 24″ barrel, starts at $915.00 MSRP, including 10-round mag. We expect the actual street price to be around $800.00. That makes this a more affordable alternative to the Ruger Precision Rifle, which is commanding $1200.00+ these days (if you can find one). Note: Archangel Mfg. offers this Howa 1500-compatible stock in Black, OD Green, and Desert Tan, but it appears that the initial Legacy Sports complete rifle will be in black only. These rifles are fitted with the very good HACT adjustable two-stage trigger and 3-position safety. The Howa Archangel rifle is also available (for about $230 more) in a scoped package with a 4-16x50mm Nikko Sterling Scope (see below). For more information call Legacy Sports at 1-800-553-4229 or visit

Howa 1500 Archangel tactical Legacy Sports

Howa 1500 Archangel tactical Legacy Sports

Note: If you already own a rifle with a Howa 1500 barreled action, you can purchase the Archangel AA1500 stock separately (MSRP $355.99) from Arizona-based Archangel Manufacturing. This company also offers similar stocks for Rem 700, Springfield M1A, and K98 Mauser barreled actions, starting at just $202.99 for the Mauser variant.

Howa 1500 Archangel tactical Legacy Sports

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May 6th, 2012

Visit to Bruno Shooters Supply and a Chat with Lester Bruno

Nightforce Bruno ShootersWhen visiting Phoenix last week we dropped in at Bruno Shooters Supply (“Bruno’s”). This place is truly a treasure trove for anyone interested in precision shooting. Barrels, custom actions, stocks, scopes, loading presses, dies, and accessories — you name it, Bruno’s has it. We were amazed to see one bin with literally hundreds of new Krieger barrel blanks. This Editor was tempted to purchase a couple just to avoid delays in the future.

Lester Bruno has been running Bruno Shooters Supply for nearly four decades. A very successful benchrest shooter himsef, Lester knows about accuracy. He prides himself on carrying the best products made, and he shoots what he sells. He’s also a very talented gunsmith. In the video below, Lester talks about building accurate rifles.

Bruno’s also maintains a vast inventory of premium reloading components: Lapua brass, Hodgdon/IMR, Alliant, and Vihtavuori powders, and all the major primer brands. You want bullets? Berger, Sierra, Lapua, and Nosler bullets are stacked floor to ceiling!

Lester Bruno has been selling rifle components and reloading supplies for 37 years. He now has a very good idea of what precision shooters want most, and his staff works hard to keep the most popular items in stock. Bruno’s has a large inventory of Nightforce scopes, and Lester recently placed an order for 1000+ Krieger barrels — that number was a new high for the Wisconsin barrel-maker.

Nightforce Bruno Shooters

Bruno’s has huge inventories of high-demand items, such as Krieger barrels, BAT actions, and McMillan stocks. Lester’s company, now the largest distributor of BAT actions in the nation, usually has 100 or so BATs in stock. Right now Bruno’s has over 500 custom barrels in stock in a wide range of calibers, from .17 up to .416. There’s a very good selection of the most popular calibers, twist rates, and contours. Bruno’s also has 100 or so McMillan stocks in inventory currently.

Gunsmithing Services
After touring the warehouse, we had a chance to chat with Lester about precision gunsmithing and component selection. In addition to running the business, Lester Bruno somehow finds the time to build custom rifles — very accurate custom rifles, we should add. Forum member Terry Balding recently won the NBRSA 600-yard Nationals using a Lester Bruno-smithed 6mm Dasher. (Terry also finished third in the NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals with the same rifle.)

In our interview, Lester pointed out that he builds more than point-blank benchrest rigs these days. Lester also crafts long-range benchrest, F-Class, and even hunting rifles. Because Lester has plenty of actions, premium barrels, and stocks already on his shelves, he can normally offer a very good turn-around time on custom builds. Keep in mind however, that Lester is not your guy if you’re looking for a fancy wood project. Lester prefers to use fiberglass stocks, such as McMillan. Lester also noted that he will start carrying H-S Precision stocks very soon.

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