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July 6th, 2013 Tests RCBS Progressive with Bullet Feeder

Service Rifle shooters and varminters burn through a lot of ammunition. If you’re shooting more than 250 rounds of ammo a month, you may want to consider getting a progressive press — at least for your practice and varmint ammo. New technologies have made today’s progressives more efficient than ever. RCBS has developed a rifle-bullet feeding system that works with the RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive. The bullet-feeder can also be fitted to some Dillon units with modifications. There are four main components to the RCBS rifle-bullet feeder system: 1) base and two-piece adjustable column; 2) collator (bowl and motor); 3) drop tube and shutoff assembly; and 4) bullet feed die assembly.

RCBS Bullet Feeder Pro 2000Our friend Gavin Gear has tested the RCBS bulet feeder on an RCBS Pro 2000 for his website. You can see his hands-on video review above. I’m pleased Gavin did this review because I have a Pro 2000 myself, and I can confirm that it is a very good machine. It is sturdy, the rotary-style powder measure is very precise, and the strip primer system works great. (I can change from small primer feeding to large primer feeding in a couple of minutes — honest.) I’ve also found the strip primer system virtually foolproof — so long as you insert the strips in the right direction! I haven’t used the Bullet Feeder yet, but you can see the Pro 2000 in action with the feeder in Gavin’s video above.

On, Gavin puts the RCBS Bullet Feeder through its paces. Gavin writes: “As you can see from this picture (at left), the RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder adds quite a bit of overall height to the progressive reloader.This is the case with all bullet feeders that use a collator (some add more than others). One of the reasons that these units are tall is to allow for a sufficient ‘buffer’ of dropped bullets so that the collator can keep up with fluctuations in loading speed and to allow enough ‘stack weight’ on the column of bullets so that they drop/feed correctly.” As fitted to the Pro 2000, Gavin says the bullet feeder system achieves “very efficient loading with excellent COL consistency and bullet concentricity.”

More Photos and Details on
To learn more about the RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive and the rifle-bullet feeder system, watch the video above, and then log-in to to read Gavin’s Bullet Feeder Overview and Bullet Feeder Overview Part II.

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January 30th, 2010

SHOT Show Report: New RCBS Bullet Feeder & Chronograph

Kent Sakamoto of RCBS showed us the new RCBS products for 2010. The big news for reloaders is an automated, .22-caliber bullet feeder for the RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press. This caliber-specific bullet feeder cycles 22-cal bullets directly into a modified seating die. Now you can load all kinds of 22-cal cartridges without even handling the bullets. The bullet feeder is a simple, bolt-on upgrade to the Pro 2000 press, and it can also be adapted to Hornady’s Lock-N-Load progressive, according to Sakamoto. The new bullet feeder utilizes the RCBS electric collator/hopper, which feeds the bullets from an elevated bin. The 22-cal bullet feeder will be available in March 2010, with a 30-cal version to be released later in the year.

YouTube Preview Image

At Media Day, RCBS also showcased its long-awaited new AmmoMaster chronograph. Designed as an affordable, entry-level chrono, the new RCBS AmmoMaster is completely self-contained. All components, including cables and sky-screen, pack up into the central chrono “body” which is shaped like a giant cartridge case. The detachable control/display assembly (shaped like a bullet) can be positioned on your shooting bench for ease of access. The AmmoMaster chrono retails for about $125.00, making it one of the most affordable chronos on the market. It is available right now at leading vendors, including MidwayUSA (product #911572).

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