October 10th, 2013

Laminated Stocks Offer Value, Performance, and Style

Some folks think of laminated stocks as modestly-priced, “low-tech” alternatives for varmint and hunting rifles. In fact, for shooting disciplines that do not demand ultra-light weight, good laminated stocks give up nothing in performance to the most sophisticated composite stocks. And with laminates, it is relatively easy to fine-tune fit and ergonomics to suit the individual shooter. Available in a wide choice of colors, laminated stocks can also be very handsome.

In our Shooters’ Forum, you’ll find a thread showcasing laminated stocks. It’s worth viewing. There are many interesting designs, and a wide variety of rifles ranging from “walking varminters” to long-range prone rifles. CLICK HERE to View Laminated Stock Forum Thread

GRS Laminated Stock from Norway (Imported by Kelbly’s)
March 1-8x24mm FFP scope

March 1-8x24mm FFP scope

FalconPilot’s Shehane Tracker in Sierra Laminate with Clearcoat

20 Practical Varminter (UK Custom posted by PNSE)

Prone Rifle by Carl Bernosky (posted by 1Shot)

F-Class (Special) by Alex Sitman (posted by J. DeKort)
Veteran’s Team Rifle #2 by Doan Trevor (posted by GermanS1)

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September 17th, 2009

Another "Glam Tactical" From Russo and Lambeth

Forum member Steve C. (aka RemVS308) unveiled his handsome new .308 Winchester in the Pride & Joy thread in our Shooters Forum. Sporting a beautiful, exotic hardwood A5-L stock by Joel Russo, the gun features premium components all around. We’ve had to create a new descriptive category for this kind of rifle which combines a tactical-style stock and multi-shot action with fancy wood. We call it “Glam Tactical”. (CLICK HERE for another Russo “Glam Tactical” rig.) The stock on Steve’s rifle is laminated African Pomele Sapele wood. If you are interested in a Russo stock for your next project, email jkrussos [at] comcast.net, or call Joel at (717) 805-0940.

Russo Stiller Custom .308 Win

The barrel is a 1:11.25″-twist, MTU contour, 26″ Krieger. It was chambered by gunsmith Nat Lambeth and fitted to a Stiller Predator action with Jewell HVR trigger. Befitting a proper multi-purpose rifle, the gun has Pacific Tool & Gauge stainless bottom metal and a Wyatt extended magazine. Up front is a Harris bipod, fitted with KMW Pod-Loc and Zephyr Dynamics Pod-Paws (Zerphyr’s Paws are, unfortunately, out-of-production).

Russo Stiller Custom .308 Win

For optics, Mike’s rifle carries a 12-42x56mm Nightforce NXS scope in Seekins rings. Overall this eye-pleasing package combines the visual appeal of premium wood with serious long-range accuracy. So, is this gun a “beauty” or a “beast”? Maybe both — and that’s why it’s such an appealing rig.

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April 18th, 2009

Savage 6.5x55AI in Russo Fancy Maple Stock

Forum member Robert E. of North Dakota recently finished a winter project, profiled in our “Pride & Joy” Forum thread. The stunning McMillan A2-style stock was produced in Curly Maple by Joel Russo. The gun features a Savage RB/LP target action with a 30″ McGowen 1:8″-twist barrel chambered in 6.5x55AI. Robert installed the pillars, bedded the action, and finished the stock himself. Nice job Rob! The handsome gun sports a Sighton 6-24×50 scope held with Farrell 20moa base and rings.

6.5x55 Savage maple custom

6.5x55 Savage maple custom

The stock shape is classic McMillan “tactical”, but the gun is just too handsome to be called a tactical rifle. Maybe Robert has created a whole new category of rifle: “Glam Tac”. In any event, Robert has selected a great chambering for long-range hunting or target shooting and we expect this gun will be a shooter. (It’s still a virgin. Robert hasn’t put one round through it yet.)

For more info on custom wood rifle stocks, visit RussoRifleStocks.com or contact Joel Russo at (717) 805-0940, or jkrussos [at] comcast.net . This Editor spoke to Joel today on the phone … he was out at his secret range shooting his mighty .338-408 Big Baer at 2000 yards. When I called the maple-stocked 6.5x55AI gun a “Glam Tactical” rig, Joel laughed and agreed “Yep, that would be a good description.”

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