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December 10th, 2017

Technoframes Gun & Ammo Cases — Ultimate Gifts for Gun Guys

technoframes gun case gold plexiglas Germany

What do you get for the shooter “who has everything”? How about a custom-crafted, laser-engraved ammo display case. Technoframes produces a series of ultra-sleek Ammo display units, and high-tech pistol racks. The CNC-machined display boxes, fitted to your choice of cartridge, look great. There are many varieties to choose from, including wood, metal, and Plexiglas. We like the fact that many of the boxes are lockable.

Technoframes’ impressive billet-aluminum pistol racks, with magazine-style gun holders (fitted with Neodymium magnets in their bases) put ordinary plastic or wire-framed racks to shame.

Last but not least, Technoframes also makes a plexiglas-sided gun transport box and a double-tiered, two-pistol/six-magazine gun display box with removable inner tray. These units look like they were produced by “M” for James Bond.

Technoframe gun box

Technoframes is the world’s leading producer of high-end CNC-machined ammo and handgun storage solutions. Along with display cases, Technoframes offers Snap Caps and historical replica ammunition. For more info, visit

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December 8th, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide for Yuppie Shooters

The folks at Personal Armament Podcast have come up with Holiday Gift Guide for Yuppie Shooters. While that story title mocks shooters who may have more money than skill, the list actually contains some interesting new gear. Here are a few examples:

Technoframes Ammo Carriers and Display Cases.
These CNC-machined display boxes look great. There are many varieties to choose from, including wood, metal, and plexiglass. We like the fact that many of the boxes are lockable.

Custom Tool for Loading and Unloading Revolver Moon Clips
This unique moon/de-moon tool set retails for $80 and is available from Randell Kenner, 3111 Lien Street, Rapid City, SD 57702, (605) 605-348-3538,

Moon Clip Tool photos courtesy

Faux Guitar Case Gun Bag
This Ultimate Discrete Rifle Case, produced for LWRC Int’l by Blue Force Gear, stows a tactical carbine inside what appears to be a guitar case. Looks nicely made, but when you think about it, why pay $149.99 for the “Ultimate Discrete Rifle Case” when, for forty bucks or less on eBay, you can buy a real “previously-owned” guitar case that will do the same job — and be even more stealthy.

Guitar Gun Case LWRC Int'l

Check Out the Podcasts from
You should visit the Personal Armament Podcast Site. Launched in 2009, this website features dozens of podcast interviews with interesting folks, including 2010 National Long-Range Champion John Whidden, Chris Hodgdon of Hodgdon/IMR Powders, and Kevin Thomas from Nammo Lapua.

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