October 8th, 2018

Building the Sport — 472 Ladies Attend Women on Target Event

Women Woman on Target Oklahoma City new shooters fun shoot training NRA

This is the kind of program we like to see — a well-organized event that introduces hundreds of new participants to the shooting sports. In this instance, some 472 ladies attended a day-long event in Oklahoma City, OK. Part of the NRA’s successful Woman On Target program, the Oklahoma city Day at the Range Fun Shoot was a huge success.

Suzi Rouse, lead organizer for the event stated: “It was a great success as evidenced by the smiling faces and positive feedback on their evaluations”. Rouse heads up efforts for one of the most popular Women on Target events in the nation.

Women Woman on Target Oklahoma City new shooters fun shoot training NRA

The Oklahoma City (OKC) event included pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting with guns, ammunition, and safety gear supplied by the organizers and sponsors. This year, for example, Blaser Firearms provided two new .308 Win Mauser M18s. There were even prize give-aways during the lunch break.

The team at the Oklahoma City Gun Club has many years of experience now, and runs the big event like clockwork. While the Fun Shoot is focused on new shooters, there are many repeat lady participants, for whom this has become the social event of the year at the OKC Club. 2018 marks the 19th year the club has hosted a Fun Shoot for Women.

Women Woman on Target Oklahoma City new shooters fun shoot training NRA

Spotlight on Suzi Rouse
Women Woman on Target Oklahoma City new shooters fun shoot training NRA Suzi RouseEvent Director Suzi Rouse has served as President of the Oklahoma City Gun Club. She’s been a very effective leader in an activity typically dominated by men.

“Rouse grew up in a family where firearms were part and parcel of life. Rouse … has evolved into a strong advocate for female shooters. Rouse has long been active with the NRA and its marksmanship and safety efforts. And though the seed for the Women on Target program was planted in Wisconsin in 1998, Rouse was among the first women to get involved. She applied for and won a grant to train 12 women to be rifle, shotgun, and handgun instructors so the new shooters would be taught by other women. Rouse started the Oklahoma version as a ‘beta’ event a year after the Wisconsin debut, and the program went national soon thereafter.” — From America’s First Freedom.

Women Woman on Target Oklahoma City new shooters fun shoot training NRA

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September 10th, 2013

600 Ladies Attend Nation’s Largest Women’s Shooting Clinic

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson in NRABlog
A few days ago we reported that the percentage of females involved in target shooting (pistol, rifle, shotgun) is growing significantly. Well, here’s proof. This past weekend, approximately 600 ladies participated in a Women On Target shooting clinic — that’s quite a turn-out. On September 7, the Oklahoma City Gun Club (OKCGC) hosted its 14th Annual Women’s Clinic in Arcadia, OK. At the clinic, 600 lady shooters learned pistol, rifle, and shotgun marksmanship skills and firearms safety procedures. More than 100 volunteers provided hands-on instruction. Remarkably, the event was sold out for months and the OKCGC actually had to turn away hundreds more interested women. All firearms and ammunition were provided by generous sponsors including the NRA Foundation, Benelli, DPMS Panther Arms, Glock, and Smith & Wesson.

Oklahoma city gun club women on target training clinic lady shooters

“Since Women On Target’s formation, the Oklahoma City Gun Club has been an integral partner in introducing women to the safe and proper handling of firearms,” said Diane Danielson, Women On Target Instructional Clinic Coordinator. “Their clinic’s volunteers have taught beginning marksmanship skills to more than 2,000 women and the dedication and patience they display has helped the clinic remain the country’s largest for the past nine years.”

Women On Target mentors women new to recreational shooting and hunting sports in a safe and friendly environment with like-minded females. Since its inception in 1999, the program has introduced nearly 80,000 women to the shooting sports. Each year, more than 200 clinics are held throughout the United States.

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June 6th, 2010

Irish Lassies Learn to Shoot in County Wicklow

Ireland NASPRCIreland has adopted some very tough gun laws recently, but we’re glad to see that our Irish shooting friends are still “fighting the good fight” and bringing new shooters into the sport. In fact, Ireland’s National Association of Sporting Rifle and Pistol Clubs (NASRPC) has begun a training program for lady shooters.

The Irish Sports Council has scheduled a Women on Target program to encourage more female participation in sport shooting. Declan Keogh, an NRA-Certified Instructor, has scheduled his first clinic on Saturday June 19th, 2010. The class is being hosted by the Hilltop Shooting Club in Tithewer, Newtown Mountkennedy, County Wicklow. The clinic is a part of the Irish Sports Council’s Women In Sport program. The three-hour class will include basic pistol instruction and .22LR target shooting. Instructors will cover the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling and teach shooting fundamentals. The program costs €20, which covers ammo, program materials, and refreshments.

CLICK HERE for Irish Women on Target Application and Information Form. PDF

CLICK HERE for lastest Ireland NASPRC Newsletter. PDF
This issue contains a detailed Guide to Regulations Governing International Travel with Firearms.

Ireland Women on Target

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