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June 11th, 2014

Zebra Spotted in the Pacific Northwest

Forum Member John V.S. (aka BPD459) has a special story to tell — about rifle craftsmanship and a life-long friend. What you see below is John’s new .243 Win prone rifle. It sports a beautiful Zebrawood stock crafted by Mr. James Cloward. Here’s the story of Jim Cloward and John’s new gun:

James Cloward of Lake Stevens, Washington did the stock in just a month. The stock is African Zebrawood, with an Ebony grip cap and a WTC rail. Jim had the Zebrawood in stock. I wanted a lighter-colored stock and this blank called my name and did not eat my wallet either! Photos do not do it justice! The rifle features a Barnard action, and 30″, 1:7.5″-twist Krieger chambered in .243 Win by Randy Gregory. Sights are Warner rear and RightSight front.

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James Cloward Zebrawood Stock gunstock wood prone rifle

Jim Cloward surveys the original blank.
James Cloward Zebrawood Stock gunstock wood prone rifle

Jim’s stock work is above reproach. His hand-cut checkering is better than a couple custom 1911s I had done by “big name” builders! When Jim refined the original Roy Dunlap stock, he created history. There is no better feeling / handling stock on the world than a Cloward Dunlap stock. I wanted him to do a Dunlap for my Barnards and we could not get it to work due to the size and trigger placement on the Barnard action. So, I just had to make due with his prone stocks — life is rough sometimes.

Respect for a Master Craftsman
I am honored to have known Jim since I was 12, and even more honored to call him a friend. Growing up, it was always “Sir” or “Mr. Cloward” when I would ask him something. When I was 35, Mr. Cloward told me “You can call me Jim now”. I felt like I was a grown-up adult that day!

James Cloward Zebrawood Stock gunstock wood prone rifle

I have several Cloward-built XC rifles and two other prone rifles that Jim stocked. It still amazes me how Jim can take a big piece of rough-sawn firewood and turn into artwork that’s functional and better looking than anyone else’s stocks!

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December 7th, 2009

High School F-Classer Sets National Junior Records

Mason Parker, a high school senior from Huntsville, Alabama, is the 2009 Junior F-Class National Champion. He also won the 2009 Alabama State Junior Service Rifle Champion. Sponsored by Lapua, and Sinclair International, Mason now holds multiple national junior records, and multiple junior titles. We expect him to win more matches and set more records in the years ahead.

Last month Mason set two new National Junior records. Mason reports: “On November 7-8, 2009, shooting off the Sinclair F-Class Bipod with my .308, I was able to finish as the Alabama Junior Mid-Range (300, 500, 600 yard) Champion. During this match, I was also fortunate enough to set two National records; a new 300-yard, 20-shot Junior F-T/R record, and a new 600-yard, 20-shot Junior F-T/R record.”

Mason Paker

Congratulations to Mason. That’s great shooting. Here’s a list of Mason’s notable 2009 accomplishments in the shooting sports. It’s quite an impressive collection of honors. We predict Mason will soon be giving the elite adult shooters a run for their money.

-2009 National Junior Champion F-Class – F-T/R
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR (1000 yard) – 2 National Records (including a 191-6X, beating the former record by 8 points).
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR National Match Aggregate – 1 National Record
-National Record Holder Junior F-TR (mid range) – 6 National Records
-National Record Holder Junior F-Open (mid range) – 3 National Records
-2009 Alabama 1000 yd F-Class (F-FTR) Junior Champion
-2009 Alabama Mid-Range Junior Champion
-2009 Regional Mid-Range F-Class (F-TR) Junior Champion
-2009 Regional Mid-Range F-Class (Open) Junior Champion
-2009 Alabama State Junior Service Rifle Champion

Pete Petros, Sales Supervisor with Sinclair Int’l, had a chance to meet Mason at the F-Class Nationals held at Camp Butner, NC in October. Pete reports: “Mason is a fine example of the future of competitive shooting. More young men like Mason or young women will help continue the long heritage of shooting as a sport in the United States and around the world”.

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