January 25th, 2009

Bear's Big Boomer (.338 Snipe-Tac®) for Hunting

Barry O. (aka “TheBlueEyedBear”) of Montana is a long-term Forum member and “friend of the site”. Barry owns some pretty spectacular rifles, all built with premium components. His latest ‘Pride and Joy’ is a mighty impressive piece of field artillery. This is one serious “big boomer” chambered in the 338 Snipe-Tac® cartridge (based on 408 CheyTac®). The rifle was built by Dave Viers of Black Diamond Rifles (Viersco.com). Viers tell us: “The 338 Snipe-Tac® was developed in 2001 for extreme long-range hunting and target applications. The parent case is the 408 CheyTac® necked down and shoulder improved to 35 degrees. H2O capacity is a whopping 165 grains! For velocity, 140 grains of Hodgdon BMG-50 powder propels a 300gr Sierra MatchKing bullet to a average speed of 3300fps. Accuracy is half-MOA or less.”

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

Barry successfully took elk with this rifle this season. The .338 Snipe-Tac certainly offers more than enough “knock-down power” for any North Americcan game. Barry explains: “Success must have come from the gun — it could not have been the ‘Nut behind the trigger’. My elk load this season was a Henson 265gr aluminum-tipped bullet pushed by 140+ grains of US-869 powder. Muzzle Velocity was 3496 fps (recorded by my PVM-21). Muzzle Energy approached the ‘Mack Truck’ mark. The bullet impact at 424 yards destroyed the off shoulder of my elk.”

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

Gun Specifications:
Action: Lawton 8000 Action with Jewell HVRST trigger.
Barrel: 32″ Lawton chrome-moly, 1:11″ barrel with Viersco Muzzle Brake.
Stock: Manners carbon Tactical Stock with custom camo paint by Dave Viers.

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

For more info, contact David Viers, Viersco Mfg., 58896 – 866 Road, Allen, NE 68710, phone: 402-635-2333 or 712-266-5083 (cell).

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