October 2nd, 2012

14-Year-Old Sets Jr. National Record in His First F-Class Match

Here’s a story about a talented youngster with some serious trigger-pulling skills. Middle-schooler Glen “Pudge” Morris recently started competing in F-Class (Open) with an S&S-built 6.5-284. This weekend, 14-year-old Glen shot a pending 600-yard F-Open Junior National Record of 200-13X at the Tulsa Red Castle NRA Mid-Range Prone Regional. If that’s not impressive enough, consider that this match was Glen’s first-ever F-Class competition.

Setting a record is always impressive. But it’s even more amazing that a young shooter could do that in his first-ever F-class match! That’s quite a debut… who knows what the future holds for this young man. Forum member Rick Jensen has high praise for Glen’s character as well as his shooting abilities: “This has to be one of the most humble and polite young men I’ve ever been around and he was very thankful for his dad and all he has done for him getting him started.” Shown below are Glen with his mother and the record-setting rifle.

Glen Morris F-Class Record Junior

Rifle Specifications and Build Info
The 6.5-284 rifle features a Robertson Composites F-Class stock, Kelbly Panda action (topped by 10-60X March), and a 1:8.5″-twist Brux barrel. The rifle was built by Stick at S&S Precision in Argyle, Texas. Glen’s load consists of 142gr Sierra MatchKings in Lapua brass, pushed by H4350 powder and CCI 215 primers. Glen’s father Bill Morris has high praise for barrel-maker Norm Brux — Bill can’t say enough about how great this barrel is. Bill also wanted to thank Stick and his crew for building such a beautiful, great-shooting rifle.

Story and photo by Rick Jensen. We welcome reader submissions.

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