December 24th, 2017

Junior Marksmanship Camps — Spring 2018 Openings Available

Dustin Ellerman Marksmanship Camp Shooting Zavalla Texas Christian

You may not know it, but Top Shot Champion Dustin Ellerman is not just a great shooter. He’s also a youth camp director. Dustin runs a Christian-oriented camp in Texas, Camp His Way. In spring 2018, the camp will offer weekend marksmanship camps for youngsters and teens. Dustin tells us that there are still a few spots available for the popular Kids’ Camp which offers a “Top Shot” type experience: “Dates are March 3-4, March 17-18 for kids ages 9-13. The Teen camp for April 7-8 only has one spot left.” The cost is reasonable — $270 per participant includes all meals, activities, gear and lodging for the weekend. The weekend programs are limited to 12 participants, which allows in-depth training.

Dustin Ellerman Camp His Way

Dustin says these camps have been very popular: “We’ve had great… positive feedback from the Marksmanship program — which you can see on our Facebook Page. And we have many happy campers who return each season. It is an experience to remember.”

Parents Can Participate in 2018
Dustin says parents can join the fun in 2018: “This year we are allowing parents to book to participate as well (extra fee applies). We had such heavy demand in years past, that we only allowed kids to participate. But this past fall we hosted some father/son camp experiences and it worked great.” For more information, visit

Marksmanship Training and Fun at Camp
By Dustin Ellermann
Fun, safety, and education are the main goals of Marksmanship Camp. As far as I know this is the only program available that allows kids and parents to experience such a vast array of marksmanship equipment and techniques. Marksmanship training helps kids not only master shooting accurately, but helps build life skills such as focus, patience, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. We also include short life lessons with several of the shooting challenges that they can continue to apply personally.

Camp His Way Dustin Ellermann

Inspiration from our Marksmanship Program came from my time on the Top Shot TV show on the History Channel. After that I thought that it would be awesome to use our summer camp facilities for the same kind of experience for youngsters. So I built what I wanted to do, and just let the kids come and play. For instance, I wanted to shoot while flying down our camp zipline, so that’s our night-time activity — shooting a light- and laser-equipped paintball gun at targets while flying down the zipline.

The primitive and modern marksmanship challenges all include aspects of teamwork, accuracy, firearms handling, and strategy for your team to win.

Dustin Ellerman Marksmanship Camp Shooting Zavalla Texas Christian

At Camp His Way in Zavalla, Texas, Ellermann hosts weekend Marksmanship Camps for kids aged 9-13 and teens 14-18. The Christian-oriented camps focus on safety, marksmanship skills, and team building. Campers enjoy a host of fun skill-oriented activities: Airgun Shooting, Archery, Blowguns, Knife Throwing, Paintball Games, Slingshots, Tomahawk Throwing, and of course Rimfire Rifle Marksmanship with a variety of rifles.

Dustin Ellerman Marksmanship Camp Shooting Zavalla Texas Christian

The Kids’ (ages 9-13) Marksmanship Weekends cost $270. That fee includes all ammo, equipment, meals, lodging, team t-shirt, and one adult guest spectator. CLICK HERE to reserve a spot — a few openings are still available. And yes, this year parents can come along too.

Dustin Ellerman Camp His Way

Notice the young campers always wear ear and eye protection when shooting firearms. That’s as it should be. We wish adult shooters, including benchrest, smallbore, High Power, and F-Class competitors, followed this important safety practice.

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