May 6th, 2019

Opportunities for Junior Shooters at CMP National Matches

CMP Camp Perry National matches youth junior rimfire sporter
Hundreds of junior shooters enjoy the Rimfire Sporter Match each summer.

The CMP’s National Matches, held at Camp Perry in the summer, are not just for seasoned veterans. The CMP encourages juniors to attend the National Matches. There are numerous clinics for younger shooters, as well as many competitive events suitable for juniors. The CMP recently released a lengthy summary of all the opportunities for young shooters at the National Matches. Read Full Article HERE.

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Smallbore Small Arms Firing School
After a successful premier in 2018, the CMP will again be bringing Smallbore back to Camp Perry in 2019. To enhance the schedule, changes have been made to this year’s Prone Championship, and the CMP has purchased new smallbore rifles for a newly-developed Smallbore Small Arms Firing School (SAFS). The goal of the SAFS class is to provide new opportunities to junior shooters in an effort to grow the smallbore shooting community. The SAFS class will be instructed by the renowned U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. The Smallbore lineup will also feature three-position individual and team events.

CMP Rimfire Sporter

Rimfire Sporter Clinic and Match
The Rimfire Sporter clinic presents an opportunity for individuals who do not have access to equipment for air rifle, smallbore or highpower service rifle to compete and enjoy the National Matches. This is a great way for juniors to get started as it requires minimal equipment and expense. The CMP offers a training clinic as well as a match for rimfire sporter. It is designed as a recreation-oriented competition limited to .22 caliber sporter rifles. There are three classes: the “O class” for open-sighted rifles, the “T-Class” for rifles with telescopic sights or rear aperture sighted rifles and a “Tactical Rimfire” class for a .22 caliber A4 or AR15 style rifle. Firing is conducted from 25 yards and from 50 yards. The current National Record, a perfect score of 600×600, was fired in 2015 by a junior, Samuel Payne.

CMP Rimfire Sporter

Rifle Small Arms Firing School (SAFS)
The rifle Small Arms Firing School is a wonderful way to introduce juniors to High Power service rifle. Even if people do not pursue competitive service rifle, SAFS teaches them firearm safety, handling practices, shooting fundamentals and how to properly use an AR-15. The Army Marksmanship Unit takes a starring role in largely coaching individual competitors, though trained CMP instructors and other military marksmen also help lead the class. Ammunition and a rifle for use during SAFS is provided. Participants receive training and can participate in a match the next day. An advanced SAFS is available for returning students and/or more accomplished shooters.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches summer junior
The National Trophy Junior Team Match attracts squads of young shooters from around the country.

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