December 15th, 2020

16-Year-Old Katrina “Three-Peats” at Big CMP Air Rifle Event

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

Report by Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer
After earning wins in 2018 and 2019, Katrina Demerle, 16, returned to Camp Perry in 2020 to claim her third overall win in the precision class during the CMP’s Gary Anderson Invitational (GAI) air rifle event. This teen’s GAI win was a major triumph — not only did she achieve a notable “Three-Peat”, but she set a National Record in the process.

Katrina earned her third straight GAI title with a record-breaking score in the 2020 GAI match. Not only did Katrina achieve an unprecedented three-peat during the match, she also fired a new National Record Precision Individual 3×20 plus Final score of 701.4 — only dropping three points in her qualifying round.

Katrina Wins GAI with Brand New Pardini Air Rifle
Katrina’s performance was notable under any circumstance but was especially remarkable during the GAI match, as this was only her second time firing her Pardini GPR1 in competition: “I’ve only had it for a few weeks. With this new gun, my scores have come up a little bit and have been repeatable.”

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner
CLICK HERE for large Pardini GPR1 photo.

Katrina is lucky enough to have a range set up right at her house, allowing her to keep up with regular practice, despite the pandemic and its effects. Committed to maintaining her performance level, she has also been firing in any matches she can find — competing nearly every weekend since September.

She traveled to the GAI with her father, Butch, who excitedly watched as his daughter took each shot toward her third win. “I think I’m more nervous than she is,” he said as Katrina prepared for her Finals.

With each shot and each “10” added upon her score, Butch’s anxiousness grew, knowing very well Katrina could be making history. He held his breath as she fired her last pellet downrange – a 10.5 and her ninth “X” out of 10 total shots. A quick glance from the firing line back at her dad, a smile and a sigh of relief were shared between the two as her goals were realized through her extraordinary composure. “I told her I wanted her to beat 700 – and she did,” he said, proudly.

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

Gary Anderson Invitational Match
The annual GAI match is conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at its two 80-point electronic air gun ranges: the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, Ohio, and the CMP South Competition Center in Anniston, Alabama. The junior 3×20 sporter and precision air rifle event allows competitors at both locations to compete against one another, even while miles apart, as their scores are compared to determine overall winners.

270 junior athletes competed in the 2020 event, firing record shots at prone, standing, and kneeling positions. A 10-shot Final for the top eight competitors usually follows, but the 2020 GAI’s unconventional schedule led all competitors to an additional 10 shots to act as a Finals score. Instead of one weekend, the GAI was extended weeks out to allow social distancing within the facilities.

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

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