April 11th, 2011

CSS (Gary Eliseo) Releases New Chassis for CG INCH Action

Competition Shooting Stuff (CSS), run by Gary Eliseo, is now producing a specialized tubegun chassis for the new CG INCH action sold by X-Treme Shooting Products. The CG INCH action is an innovative single-shot action with three lugs in the rear.

Eliseo CSS CG1 Inch action

Gary Eliseo tells us: “The new CG INCH is a very robust triple-lug action designed by Robert Chombart. The CG INCH’s unique rear lug design allows the loading port to be much closer to the shooter than with a rem-style action. The port is about 1.5″ further back. With the CG INCH’s rear three-lug design, the bolt throw is shorter than a front lug action so the bolt handle is no further to the rear when the bolt is open. This design makes loading from the shoulder much more convenient.” Another nice feature of the CG INCH is that no separate recoil lug is required with the CSS Kit. The rear of the action is milled perfectly square and this acts as the recoil stop once the action is assembled into the CG1 chassis. Gary says the only downside to the CG INCH action is that the three-lug bolt does require a bit more effort to lift and cock than bolts in most two-lug actions.

Eliseo CSS CG1 Inch action

Order Now for Delivery in 6-8 Weeks
Eliseo has finished his first run of CG1 Chassis Kits, but they are all pre-sold. He will commence another run soon, which should be available in 6-8 weeks. Get your order in soon if you want a kit from the next run. The price is $850.00 with choice of 150 powder-coat colors. Anodized or Cerakote finish is $75.00 extra. For more information, visit CompetitionShootingStuff.com or call CSS at 714-630-5734.