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February 8th, 2023

Great American Outdoor Show in PA Through February 12, 2023

great american outdoor shot harrisburg pa 2020 february wall of guns nra

The Great American Outdoor Show is a nine-day event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that celebrates hunting, fishing, and outdoor traditions treasured by millions of Americans and their families. Show organizers state this is the “world’s largest outdoor show”. The big event takes place February 4-12, 2023 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Great American Outdoor Show will feature over 1000 exhibitors in nine halls covering 650,000 square feet.

great american outdoor shot harrisburg pa 2020 february wall of guns nra banquet

Among the shows 1000+ exhibitors will be shooting sports manufacturers, boat and RV dealers, hunting and fishing retailers, and more than 400 outfitters and boat captains. There will also be Seminars and Demonstrations with over 40 respected guides and hunting experts. BUY Outdoor Show TICKETS HERE.

great american outdoor shot harrisburg pa 2020 february wall of guns nra banquet

On Saturday February 11th, there will be a 2023 NRA Country Concert featuring Platinum-selling artist and country superstar Brantley Gilbert with special guest Jacob Bryant. CLICK HERE for Concert Tickets.

Wall of Guns — $10 for a Chance to Win One of 40 Firearms
Right in the middle of the action will be The NRA Foundation’s Wall of Guns. Located at booth #39 in the PA Farm Show Complex’s main hallway, the Wall, which has display cases on both sides, will offer chances to win firearms during all nine days of the show.

The Wall of Guns has been a favorite since the NRA took over the show in 2014. For only $10, attendees have a 1 in 100 chance to win a brand new firearm or a $400 cash prize. After every 100 tickets are sold, a winner is drawn. With over 40 firearms to choose from, the $10 ticket is an easy buy for most attendees. All of these firearms have been graciously donated to The NRA Foundation in support of preserving the Second Amendment. Click HERE to view all 2022 Wall of Guns ticket packages.

Great American Outdoor Show 2022 Harrisburg PA pennsylvania

great american outdoor shot harrisburg pa 2020 February wall of guns nra banquet
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February 8th, 2023

Ice, Snow, and Freezing Weather? No Worries, Let’s Go Shooting

There was an “Arctic Blast” this past weekend in the Northeast USA, with some shockingly low temperatures in New England. Elsewhere in many northern states there is still lots of snow on the ground. That’s problematical if you’re stuck far from home. But if you want to go shooting this weekend, don’t let a little snowfall stand in your way. Heck, just grab your snow shovel and head to the range. Here’s how Forum Member Nick (aka “ChevyTruck 83″) coped with winter’s fury back in 2012. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a dedicated AccurateShooter Forum member….

From a news report: “North-east arctic blast sets record -108F wind chill on New Hampshire summit. Arctic air in the US north-east on Saturday brought dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills including a record-setting -108F (-78C) on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.” Source:

snow shooting range snowmanWe admire the fortitude of Forum Member Nick who, a few sesons back, braved wintry weather to enjoy a day at the range in his native Pennsylvania. A little snow on the ground couldn’t stop this intrepid shooter, who brought snow shovel and arctic gear to his range session. Folks, here’s a true “hardcore” fan of shooting! Despite the “relentless snow”, Nick reports that “at least it wasn’t windy”. Nick shot a variety of long guns, including his .22 LR rimfires, a .223 Rem, and a .308. Not daunted by the cold, Rick said it was fun to “play like a kid once in a while.” That’s the spirit!

Nick reports: “There was no wind to speak of — just relentless snow. I’ll tell you what — it’s awesome to get out and play like a kid once in a while.”

Nick’s foray into the winter wonderland really puts things in perspective for “fair-weather” shooters. After viewing Nick’s Forum thread about his snowy range session, fellow Forum member DennisH observed: “I will never complain about our super hot sugar cane fields in south Louisiana ever again! We can hold matches 12 months a year. I have NEVER had, owned, or used a snow shovel.”

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February 7th, 2023

The 22 BR — Versatile, Ultra-Accurate Varmint Cartridge

6mmBR 22BR 22 BR BRA varmint cartridge
6mmBR 22BR 22 BR BRA varmint cartridge

22 BR Dasher 22BRAThe 6mmBR Norma cartridge has spawned many great variants in multiple calibers: 6mm Dasher, 6BRA, 22 BR, 22 Dasher, 30 BR and others. This article is about a handsome 22 BR Rem-action varmint rig.

Richard Franklin (who operated Richard’s Custom Rifles prior to his retirement), has built scores of varmint rifles, in many different calibers. One of Richard’s all-time favorite varmint rifles is a 1:14″-twist, 22 BR built on his Model 11 stock in laminated Black Walnut and fiddleback maple. Richard says the rifle is versatile and deadly accurate out to 400 yards. Richard uses a Leupold 8.5-25x50mm LRT with varmint reticle.

Richard’s 22 BR Varmint Rifle with Lilja Barrel
Richard tells us: “[Shown above] is my light walking varminter. It’s built on a blue-printed Stainless Steel Remington 700 short action and chambered as a no-turn 22 BR for Lapua brass. The bolt handle is a Dave Kiff replacement and I’ve fitted a Jewel BR trigger with bottom safety. The barrel is a Lilja, 1:14″ #6 contour with a muzzle diameter of .750″. I shoot the 40gr V-Max bullets in the rifle at 4000 FPS. It’s tough on hogs if you don’t try them too far. 400 yards is about the max with it.

Accuracy is outstanding and with Roy, Mike, my grandson and myself shooting this rifle I don’t believe it has missed more than three hogs out of over 100 we shot at one summer. This rifle is carried in a ceiling rack in the truck where it’s handy and is used by the first person that grabs it when a hog is sighted if we are moving between setups. The Varmint reticle on the Leupold (shown below) is nice for quick hold-overs as you change distances.”

At right is a another Franklin Model 11 stock in Birdseye maple. That photo shows the details of the thumbhole stock.

Editor’s Note: We have shot a 1:8″-twist 22 BR in varmint matches and it was very accurate with 80gr bullets. It actually shot flatter out to 500 yards than our 6mmBR running 105-grainers. If we were to build a new long-range, bolt-action varmint rifle it would probably be a 22 BRA, essentially a 22 BR with 40° shoulder. That gives you a very stable cartridge with a bit more capacity. The 22 BRA retains a longer neck compare to the 22 Dasher, which is also an excellent cartridge — versatile and accurate.

22 BR Rivals 22-250 Performance
With bullets in the 40gr to 60gr weight range, the 22 BR gives up very little in velocity to a 22-250, despite burning quite a bit less powder (30-32 grains for the 22 BR vs. 35-38 grains for the 22-250). With a match-quality chamber, the 22 BR will probably have an edge in accuracy over a 22-250, and you should experience longer barrel life. Here are some recommended 22 BR loads for 40-60gr bullets:

For more info on the 22 BR for varminting, read our 22BR Cartridge Guide

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February 7th, 2023

Download Free Firearms Safety Resources

firearms Safety Gun Safety Rules Pamphlet manual Remington NSSF

Do you have a family member who has recently acquired his or her first firearm? Do you have friends or neighbors who keep firearms in a home with small children? It is important to know and practice the principles of firearms safety, ALL the time. Here are two well-written gun safety manuals in printable PDF format. All firearms owners, even experienced hunters and competitors, can benefit from reviewing these resources from time to time. And new gun owners, in particular, should take the time to read both these guides. The Remington Safety Manual includes the “Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety”. Here’s the First Commandment:

firearms Safety Gun Safety Rules Pamphlet manual Remington NSSF

Click Image to Download Printable PDF Versions:

firearms Safety Gun Safety Rules Pamphlet manual Remington NSSF firearms Safety Gun Safety Rules Pamphlet manual Remington NSSF
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February 2nd, 2023

Western Hunting EXPO February 2-5 in Salt Lake City

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk

The 2023 Western Hunting and Conservation EXPO opens today at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo is the largest hunting convention open to the public in the Western USA. The EXPO features daily seminars, waterfowl and elk calling championships, auctions, drawings and more. Exhibit halls open 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. A partnership between the Mule Deer Foundation, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, and Utah Office of Tourism. With over 400 hunting and outdoor business vendors, this year’s event should attract over 55,000 attendees.

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk
CLICK HERE to register for the EXPO. Various packages are offered. There is a basic 4-day Hall Pass, and other deluxe packages including banquets and entertainment.

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk

New Elite Hunter Bullets from Berger
Berger Bullets will attend the 2023 Western Hunting EXPO this year in Utah. Berger’s hunting bullets — VLD Hunting, Elite Hunter, and Classic Hunter –are designed for controlled expansion and extreme hydrostatic shock at both short- and long-range distances. These bullets are available for handloaders, and these bullet options are also offered used in quality factory ammo.

New for 2023, Berger has expanded its successful Elite Hunter ammunition with the following offerings: 6mm Creedmoor 108 Grain Elite Hunter, 6.5 Creedmoor 140 Grain Elite Hunter, 6.5 PRC 140 Grain Elite Hunter, and 300 PRC 245 Grain Elite Hunter.

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January 26th, 2023

New Howa Hera H7 Chassis Rifles — Under $840 MSRP

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

At SHOT Show 2023, Legacy Sports Int’l introduced a new line of Howa rifles that should be popular with hunters as well as PRS/NRL Factory-Class competitors. The new Howa Hera H7 rifles features an internal aluminum V-block chassis with modern composite external stock body. The forearm (aka “forestock”) is aluminum with M-LOK slots. The rear half of this German-engineered stock is fiberglass-reinforced polymer. These rifles are VERY affordable, with an $839.00 base MSRP.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

The stock features a removable cheekpiece plus adjustable length-of-pull with 3 LOP inserts. The butt panel itself can be removed, allowing a bit of internal storage. The rifle ships with two AICS-compatible 5-round magazines.

The Hera H7 is offered in three colors: Tan, Black, or OD Green. Notably there are THREE barrel options: 24″ Carbon-wrapped, 24″ Heavy Contour, and 22″ Light Contour. These all have “suppressor-ready” threaded muzzles. We expect hunters will chose the Carbon-wrapped barrel, while PRS/NRL shooters will choose the Heavy-barrel configuration.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

All the Hera H7 models feature a smooth-running Howa action fitted with the excellent HACT 2-stage trigger (see below). We’ve used this adjustable 2-stage trigger and it is among the best factory triggers you’ll find. These rifles all come with a Sub-MOA guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. Two chamberings are currently offered: 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. We hope Howa eventually offers a 6mm chambering in the future — 6mm Creedmoor, 6XC, 6GT, or 6mmBR.

howa hera h7 stockWe like all the key features of the Howa Hera H7 rifle — the action, the barrel options, the excellent 2-stage trigger, and the very affordable price (MSRP starts at just $839.00). However, we question the design of the lower part of the rear stock section. This starts with a downward angle like a normal hunting stock, but then it angles upward to the butt-pad. That V-shaped design might not work so well with a conventional rear bag. We suspect some owners will add a straight piece of Delrin or aluminum to act as a bag-rider.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

Hera Arms H7 Chassis System
The Hera Arms H7 Chassis is a modern and easy-to-use stock system for the Howa (short action) system. Made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer, with aluminum V-block and aluminum forestock, this stock system comes with two spacers, a polymer cheekpiece and an AICS-compatible, 5-round magazine. The H7 stock system has M-Lok mount points for mounting various accessories. Shown above is the Tan version with carbon-wrapped 24″ barrel.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

Howa 1600 HACT Two-Stage TriggerHowa 1500 HACT 2-Stage Trigger
Howa 1500s feature the very nice Howa HACT trigger. This is an adjustable, two-stage trigger, set for about 3 pounds (combined stages). Crisp and repeatable, this is an excellent trigger for a factory gun. There is no annoying Glock-style safety lever in the middle of the trigger blade. The 2-stage design and pull weight range works well for a hunting rifle or a rig for PRS competition. says the Howa trigger is “one of the best factory triggers, along with Tikka. I’ve found the Howa trigger superior to a Remington 700 — the Howas doesn’t need to be replaced.”

Writing for the Western Outdoor News,, Steve Comus has field-tested the HACT Trigger. Steve writes: “I always liked two-stage triggers, because of the way I could take-up the slack and then actually know when the rifle was going to go off. The take-up on the [HACT] trigger was fast and easy. The crisp, positive release when pressure was put on during the second stage [reminded me] of some of the target rifles I shot through the years.”

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January 25th, 2023

Safari Club Int’l Convention in Nashville, TN — Feb. 22-25, 2023

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

The 2023 Safari Club International (SCI) Convention is a month away. The event runs in Nashville, Tennessee during the weekend of February 22-25, 2023. In years past, the SCI show was held in Las Vegas, but we think this new Nashville venue is a great choice.

The SCI states: “Join us in the birthplace of country music to see world class musicians, guest speakers, exhibitions, and hundreds of domestic and international hunting guides. Be sure to get YOUR ticket today to the Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market!” CLICK HERE to register or get more INFO.

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Key Attractions at SCI 2023 Convention:

Exhibits by Outfitters and Manufacturers
Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Hundreds of professional hunters and outfitters from throughout the world will exhibit at the Convention. In addition, top manufacturers from the outdoor industry will be there, showing off the latest firearms, optics, ammunition, archery gear, and accessories.

Auctions — Live, Silent, and Online
Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Over 20 live, silent, day, evening and online auctions will be held during the SCI convention next month in Nashville. Bid on hunt experiences, exceptional firearms, fine art and jewelry, all 100% donated by world renowned outfitters and manufacturers. Proceeds from SCI’s auctions support hunter advocacy as well as SCI Foundation’s conservation and education programs.

Seminars and Speakers
Over 70 seminars, “Meet and Greets”, and keynote speakers pack the schedule at the 2023 SGI Convention. Educational, informative seminar presentations cover the spectrum of hunting, fishing, shooting, and outdoor adventures.

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

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January 12th, 2023

New Lapua Hunt App Now Available for FREE Download

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

Lapua, producer of premium-quality bullets, brass, and ammo, has released a very impressive new mobile App for hunters. The FREE Lapua Hunt App is available now for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets. This Hunt App can be downloaded for FREE via Google Play and the Apple iOS iStore.

GET Lapua Hunt for Android » | GET Lapua Hunt for iOS (Apple) »

CLICK HERE for Lapua Hunt App INSTRUCTIONS for Use »

The App provides ballistics plus mapping and weather reporting. Lapua Hunt really combines the features of other popular hunting Apps with a very sophisticated 6DOF ballistics programs. Lapua Hunt incorporates the product data and advanced ballistics calculator from the excellent Lapua Ballistics App. Lapua states: “Lapua Hunt is the new digital solver for hunters that appreciate ethical hunting, accuracy, and safety. Add your own rifle and reticle, select the best ammo and game category, and you are ready to enjoy your hunting success harvesting game of all sizes.” The basic Hunt App is FREE with all essential functionality. However, additional bonus features are offered for “In-App” purchase.

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

In Lapua Hunt’s basic calculator view, you can log the wind speed and direction (red needle in the circle), the shooting angle, and the distance to target/prey. In addition, you can easily log weather information including temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity (enter manually or get info from nearby weather station). Additional paid features allow cartography/map view, and the ability to setup a hunting team.

Key Features of Lapua Hunt App
– Utilizes 6DOF, the most accurate ballistics calculation method*
– Includes the latest Lapua cartridge and bullet information
– Maximum target distance 300 meters / 320 yards
– Choose metric or imperial values
– Several result outputs available depending on your needs: map, numerical, reticle, and table views
– Create your own teams and see the location of members on the map
– Compass helps to set the wind direction
– Measure distances in map view**
– Get the weather parameters from nearest weather station
– Safety elements: map view, own location, team member location, compass, maximum and current range for selected ammo

* 6DOF tracks both the pitch, yaw and roll as well as the up/down, left/right, and forwards/backwards movement of the bullet.
** In the map view, it is also possible to measure distances, verify the current and optimal maximum range and sweep area, and view the current and forecasted scent direction in the area.

Create and maintain your own profiles for Game, Rifle, Cartridges:
– Select game category
– Create profiles for your hunting rifles, with scope/reticle info, and ammunition types
– Define custom cartridges (calculations based on G1 or G7 BC and Siacci method)
– Access and share your data from multiple devices.

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

The Lapua Ballistics App is available for Android and iOS smart phones and mobile devices free of charge. For more info, visit

Bonus Feature Set Available as In-App purchases

Basic Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges.
Basic Hunter+: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges, plus Ballistic map view.
Advanced Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges; Ballistic map and Advanced map views; 5 day wind direction.
Pro Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges; Ballistic map and Advanced map views; 5 day wind direction; Teams feature.

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January 5th, 2023

Get FREE Classic Shooting and Marksmanship Books

download free gun books

Free Classic Shooting BooksIn today’s high-inflation economy, FREE is good. Here’s a list of classic, older shooting books that can be downloaded for FREE from Google Books. This list includes many classic treatises on rifle marksmanship that still have value for today’s competitive shooters. In addition, we’ve included notable, illustrated firearm histories, such as Townsend Whelen’s fascinating book, The American Rifle, and The Gun and its Development (9th Ed.), by William Wellington Greener.

In the list below, the title link will take you to the Google Books page for each book. You can read the entire book online, or (in most cases) you can download it to your computer as a PDF file and save it (or print it). You can also create your own Google Library and save the books there for access from any computer.

Irish RiflemenIrish Riflemen in America, Sir Arthur Blennerhassett Leech, 1875, 216 pages.

Cartridge Manufacture, Douglas Thomas Hamilton, 1916, 167 pages.

The Gun and its Development, William Wellington Greener, 1907, 786 pages.

The Bullet’s Flight From Powder to Target, Franklin W. Mann, 1909, 384 pages.

Modern Rifle Shooting From the American Standpoint, W. G. Hudson, 1903, 155 pages.

The American Rifle, Townsend Whelen, 1918, 637 pages.

Townsend WhelenSuggestions to Military Riflemen, Townsend Whelen, 1909, 243 pages.

Manual for Rifle Practice, George Wood Wingate, 1879, 303 pages.

How I Became a Crack Shot — With Hints to Beginners, W. Milton Farrow, 1882, 204 pages.

Description and Rules for the Management of the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903, United States Army Ordnance Dept., 1904 (5th rev. 1914), 72 pages.

Springfield 1903 rifle U.S. Army


To download a book, first click the title from the list above. Then, on the Google book page, look for the row of buttons under the book title. Click the “Download PDF” Button. This will load the full book as a PDF into your browser. You can then save this to your computer or tablet hard drive. Choose a location to hold your new e-book, and click “save”. Alternatively, click the blue “READ for Free” button and the book will appear right on the Google site, with navigation (forward/back) arrows at the top of the page.

NRA history book

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January 4th, 2023

NRA Rifles of the Year — Golden Bullseye Winning Rifles for 2023

golden bullseye nra publications ruger marlin springfield armory nosler 21

golden bullseye nra publicationsEvery year the NRA Publications group announces Golden Bullseye Award winners for various product categories (rifle, handgun, shotgun, optics, gear etc.). These awards are like the Oscars for the shooting industry. There are many Golden Bullseyes given out each year because there are separate awards given by different NRA Magazines — including American Rifleman, Shooting Illustrated, and American Hunter. Here are the 2023 Rifles of the Year (Golden Bullseye Winners) as chosen by each of those three publications.

benelli lupo chassis golden bullseye winner rifle

American Rifleman 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Marlin 1895 SBL by Ruger

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL rifle golden bullseye NRA award 2023

In late 2020, Ruger acquired the assets of the Marlin Firearms, as part of the Remington bankruptcy sale. After acquiring the Marlin assets from Remington, Ruger put its engineers to work producing one of the best-machined Marlins ever, the impressive Marlin 1895 SBL. The first new-generation model 1895 SBL rifles were chambered for the .45-70 Gov’t cartridge.

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL rifle golden bullseye NRA award 2023

Ruger President/CEO, Chris Killoy explained how the Model 1895 SBL was developed: “Since the move of over 100 truckloads of equipment and inventory back in November 2020, our engineering team took the 1895 through a complete design and production review, focused on achieving the highest quality, accuracy, and performance standards. The end result is a quality rifle, produced using modern manufacturing methods[.] From the quality of the firearm, to clear ways for consumers to differentiate Ruger-made Marlins, we focused on getting every detail right.”

Ruger-made Marlin 1985 SBL rifles bear an “RM” (Ruger-Made) serial number prefix, have the Marlin Horse/Rider logo laser-engraved on the grip, and include a red and white bullseye on the buttstock.

American hunter golden bullseye award springfield waypoint 2020

American Hunter 2021 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Nosler Model 21

American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action
American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action

The new Nosler Model 21 rifle has many advanced features. Along with a lightweight McMillan carbon fiber stock, the Model 21 boasts a wire EDM-machined receiver, nitride-coated fluted bolt, and TriggerTech trigger. Excellent accuracy is delivered with a Shilen match-grade stainless barrel, threaded at the muzzle for brake or suppressor. The Model 21 is offered in a wide variety of chamberings from .22 to .375 calibers: 22 Nosler, 26 Nosler, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 27 Nosler, 280 Ackley Improved, 28 Nosler, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, 30 Nosler, 33 Nosler, and .375 H&H Magnum.

American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action

The heart of the rifle is Nosler’s new Model 21 action, designed in collaboration with the Mack Brothers from South Dakota, creators of the advanced EVO action popular with precision shooters. Nosler’s newly-designed Model 21 blends the best features of the EVO action with unique Nosler-engineered customizations, delivering an ultra-reliable, smooth cycling action, well suited for hunting applications.

Nosler Model 21 with McMillan Carbon Fiber Stock

golden bullseye shooting illustrated

Shooting Illustrated 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Springfield Armory Saint Edge ATC

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

Springfield Armory’s new SAINT Edge ATC is built around a patented “Accurized Tactical Chassis”, an advanced evolution of the AR platform. Featuring a monolithic lower/handguard system, the SAINT Edge ATC delivers a 100% free-floated barrel. This ensures that the barrel, barrel nut and gas system are totally free from any contact with the lower chassis.

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

Chambered in .223 Wylde, the SAINT Edge ATC is offered in a standard black model as well as an Elite version finished in Cerakote® Coyote Brown, paired with an upgraded LaRue 2-Stage trigger and B5 Systems’ Precision Stock. For those that demand sub-moa precision from their AR-style rifle, the SAINT Edge ATC series is guaranteed to deliver.​

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

About the Golden Bullseye Awards
Now in their 21st year, the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge top products available in the shooting sports. The winners are selected by a committee of editors, graphic designers, and NRA Publications staffers, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting/hunting industry. This year’s Golden Bullseye Awards are noteworthy as American Rifleman magazine is celebrating its 100th anniversary, while American Hunter magazine marks its 50th year of publication. Golden Bullseyes are also awarded by the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine, and website.

To qualify for consideration for a Golden Bullseye Award, a product must have been:

— Recently introduced and available to consumers.
— Used/tested by a staff member or magazine contributor.
— Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations
— Innovative in design and function.
— Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser.
— Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry.

NRA Publications Executive Director Doug Hamlin stated: “The NRA Golden Bullseye Awards epitomize what NRA members seek in their shooting and hunting equipment—outstanding performance, innovation and value. These are the best new products, truly worthy of NRA Members’ attention, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all this year’s winners.”

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December 29th, 2022

Protect Expensive Optics with Fitted Neoprene Scope Covers

scopecoat scope optics protector cover neoprene padded

ScopeCoat Scope ProtectorWith the price of premium scopes approaching $3500.00 (and beyond), it’s more important than ever to provide extra protection for your expensive optics. ScopeCoat produces covers that shield scopes with a layer of neoprene rubber (wetsuit material) sandwiched between nylon. In addition to its basic covers, sold in a variety of sizes and colors, ScopeCoat has a line of heavy-duty 6mm-thick XP-6 covers that provide added security. CLICK HERE to review the full line of ScopeCoats on Amazon.

Triple-Thickness XP-6 Model for Added Protection
The XP-6 Flak Jacket™ is specifically designed for extra protection and durability. The 6mm-thick layer of neoprene is three times thicker than the standard ScopeCoat. XP-6 Flak Jackets are designed for tall turrets, with sizes that accommodate either two or three adjustment knobs (for both side-focus and front-focus parallax models). To shield an expensive NightForce, March, or Schmidt & Bender scope, this a good choice. XP-6 covers come in black color only, and are available for both rifle-scopes and spotting scopes.

ScopeCoat Scope ProtectorThe heavily padded XP-6 Flak Jacket is also offered in a Zippered version, shown at right. This is designed for removable optics that need protection when in storage. The full-length, zippered closure goes on quick-and-easy and provides more complete protection against dust, shock, and moisture. These quality XP-6 scope covers are available on Amazon for $23-$27.

Special Covers for Binos and Red-Dots
ScopeCoat offers many specialized products, including oversize covers for spotting scopes, protective “Bino-Bibs” for binoculars, rangefinder covers, even sleeves for small pistol scopes and red-dot optics. There are also custom-designed covers for the popular Eotech and Trijicon tactical optics.

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December 20th, 2022

Keep Warm with Battery-Heated Socks, Gloves, and Hand Muffs

smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmer

With exceptionally cold temperatures predicted for the next few days, we know many of our readers are struggling to keep warm outdoors when shoveling snow or just shopping and doing regular chores. Here’s an option to consider for those days when temperatures dip into the negative numbers.

smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmer

Battery-Heated Socks, Gloves, Muffs

smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmerAvid huntress Nikki Boxler (see above) enjoys hunting in late fall and winter seasons. But she knows it’s vital to stay warm when outdoors. Nikki advocates using battery-heated socks to keep ones feet and lower legs warm. Writing for the Winchester Blog, Nikki explained: “I have used heated insoles and hand/foot warmers in the past but they have always left my feet sweating. Then, heat would fade leaving them wet and frozen or they wouldn’t get warm enough to heat my toes at all. However, all of that changed when I got introduced to battery-heated socks from The Warming Store while I was hunting in Canada. They have a variety of options and price points. On the pair that I use, I can feel the heat as soon as the power is turned on… the wonderful thing about these is there are different heat settings and they can last for up to seven hours!”

Purchase Options — Heated Gloves and Hand Pouch
A popular brand of heated winter wear is Smilodon. This clothing maker offers battery-heated SAVIOR gloves, heated socks, and an electric heated hand warmer pouch.

smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmer
smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmer

Neberon also offers highly reviewed heated gloves on Amazon, starting at about $76 per pair. These carry heat all the way to the fingertips.

smilodon heated glove socks muffs hand warmer

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December 19th, 2022

Bargain Finder 378: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Bullet Central — Premium Pre-Fit Barrels

pre-fit chambered barrels bullet central
Excellent Pre-fit chambered barrels in stock at good prices

No one wants to wait weeks or even months to get a top-quality custom barrel chambered by a gunsmith. Now you have a great alternative. Bullet Central has a large inventory of pre-fit, pre-chambered, cut-rifles barrels crafted with premium hand-lapped steel from Bartlein, Brux, and Krieger. A wide variety of calibers and contours are offered. Chamberings include: 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6mm BRA, 6mm BRX, 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm Dasher, and 6mm GT. If need a top-quality barrel for your Benchrest, varmint, or NRL22 rifle, this is a great option. Note: Pre-fits are also offered in .223 Rem, but are currently sold out.

2. Graf’s — Hornady L-N-L Classic Deluxe Reloading Kit, $450.00

hornady reloading classic kit press powder measure Graf Graf's
Complete Package — everything you need to reload at 21% Off

Here’s an excellent reloading package with everything you need to start handloading cartridges. And right now you can save 21%. With this Hornady Lock N Load Deluxe Classic Reloading kit you get the Classic single-stage press, powder measure with stand, digital scale, hand priming tool, OAL gauge tool, calipers, loading block, bullet release “hammer”, powder trickler, funnel, chamfer/debur tool, shellholder pack, die bushings, lock rings, Hornady Reloading Manual and much more. Folks, this is a great bargain at $450.00! The same Hornady L-N-L Deluxe Kit is currently $599.00 on Amazon and $579.99 at MidwayUSA.

3. KYGUNCO — 12 Days of Christmas Rimfire Rifle Deals

KYGUNCO Savage Ruger rimfire christmas deals sale 22LR .22 LR 17 HMR rebate
Major bargains through 12/31/2022 — check out these rimfire rifles

As part of KYGUNCO’s 12 Deals of Christmas, you’ll find great bargains on rimfire rifles. Here are three that caught our eye. For NRL22, get the budget-priced Savage .22 LR model 64 Precision for just $229.95. For varmint hunting, we like the 17 HMR Ruger American Rimfire with 22″ blued barrel, on sale now for $325.24. And a great choice for a young family member is the Savage .22 LR Rascal. Complete with 4x32mm scope, this tan-stocked Rascal is just $274.99 after Savage $25 Mail-in Rebate.

4. Amazon — Tipton Best Gun Vise, $71.99

tipton gun vise sale
Versatile, stable, works with all rifles, including ARs

When cleaning long guns, you need a secure, stable platform. We recommend the Tipton Best Gun Vise, now $71.99 on Amazon. This vise was designed to accommodate the widest possible array of firearms for cleaning, maintenance, or gunsmithing. This vise is easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, and handguns. We’ve used this vise and can attest that it is very versatile and holds rifles securely.

5. EuroOptic — Free Extra Stock/Fore-end with Sako S20

sako s20 rifle free stock fore-end forend rebate sale
Free factory stock and fore-end with Sako S20 Purchase

Here’s a great deal from Sako and EuroOptic. Purchase a new Sako S20 Hunter Rifle and receive a free S20 Precision Stock and S20 Precision Fore-end. OR purchase a new Sako S20 Precision Rifle and receive a free S20 Hunter Stock and S20 Hunter Fore-end. Note: The S20 Precision Stock is currently out of stock, it will ship when more arrive. Not valid with any other discount or offer.

6. Browning — $150-$300 Rebates on Browning Gun Safes

sako s20 rifle free stock fore-end forend rebate sale
Big End-of-Year Rebate on quality Browning Prosteel Safes

Now’s a great time to purchase a new gun safe. You can save up to $300 with Browning’s Holiday Safe Rebate Program. Receive a money rebate of $150, $200, or $300 when you purchase a new, eligible Browning ProSteel safe at retail between November 23 and December 31, 2022. After purchasing the safe at a Browning dealer, submit your rebate application via the Browning Online Rebate Center.

7. Palmetto State Armory — Taurus 9mm Pistols $100-$125 Off

Taurus G2C GX4 9mm pistol rebate Palmetto Armory daily deal discountTaurus G2C GX4 9mm pistol rebate Palmetto Armory daily deal discount
Major discounts plus Taurus Factory Rebates

You can get the Taurus G2C pistol for $224.99 on sale ($125 Off), and you qualify for an additional $25.00 Taurus Factory Rebate. That lowers your net cost to just $199.99 — a heck of a deal for an accurate, reliable 9mm carry pistol. If you want something smaller get the Taurus GX4 pistol for $299.99, $100 off. The GX4 also qualifies for a FIFTY dollar Taurus Rebate, lowering your net cost to $249.99. These Taurus Rebate programs are good for purchases made through 1/15/2023.

8. Midsouth — RCBS ChargeMaster SALE, $50 OFF and $30 OFF

rcbs green chargemaster link supreme bluetooth sale discount free shipping
Best ChargeMaster deals around — grab savings while you can

As part of Midsouth’s 2022 Christmas Sale, there are big savings on RCBS ChargeMaster powder scale/dispensers. Get the ChargeMaster Supreme for $379.99 ($50 OFF) or the ChargeMaster Link for $269.99 ($30 Off). Both machines are Bluetooth-capable for use with a mobile App. These are the best prices we’ve seen for these two ChargeMasters. And with either machine you get FREE Shipping! Sale prices end at 11:59 PM on 12/31/2022.

9. Amazon — Midland-EX37VP Radio Kit (Set of 2), $49.99

walkie talkie radio sale
Quality Walkie-Talkies with good range and special Emergency functions

Having a good 2-way communication system is vital when hunting or wilderness hiking. And a pair of walkie-talkies really helps during shooting practices when a buddy goes downrange to set targets. A very good 2-Way radio system is the Midland-EX37VP E+Ready Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit. These walkie-talkies have a 26 mile range and feature 22 FRS (Family Radio Service) channels, along with channel scan. With this kit you get vital E+Ready Emergency functionality, plus NOAA weather alerts — important in the event of a natural disaster.

10. Cabela’s — Knife and Flashlight Combo, $10.00

Cabela's Multi-tool knife blade flashlight
Amazingly low price for decent folding knife and flashlight

This Cabela’s Knife and Flashlight Combo Kit makes a great gift, or a back-up to keep in a vehicle or travel kit. The rugged folding pocket knife features an aluminum handle with a 2.5″-long blade made of 420 stainless steel. The 3.5″-long flashlight has a durable aluminum body, and a 75-lumen output.

11. Midsouth — MTM Cleaning Rod Case, $21.99

mtm cleaning rod case discount
Good product for transport of those important cleaning rods

Good cleaning rods are expensive and can be easily damaged if you’re not careful. To protect those valuable cleaning rods, we recommend the MTM cleaning rod case which holds four rods as well as cleaning supplies. This case protects your rods both at home and while traveling. With this handy, durable case you can stop worrying about bending or breaking those important cleaning rods.

BONUS — Get $25 Gift Card with $100 Gift Card Purchase

Brownells Christmas 2022 free money $25 Gift Card
FREE MONEY: If you are looking for a gift for a shooting buddy, consider this Brownells deal. If you purchase $100 worth of Brownells gift cards you get bonus $25 Card for FREE.

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December 4th, 2022

Sunday Gunday: December Pride & Joy Rifles

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum
New .300 WSM F-Class rifle, with stock finished by Forum member Cigar Cop.

One of the most popular features of our Shooters’ Forum is the ongoing Pride and Joy Rifle thread. Since 2009, Forum members have posted photos and descriptions of their most prized firearms. Here are some of our favorite “Pride and Joy” rifles recently showcased in our Forum. Do you have a gun you’d like to see featured there? Register for the Forum and you can add your favorite gun to the list.

We hope these “Pride and Joy” rifles may provide inspiration for our readers, whetting their appetite for their next competition, varminting, or hunting rifle project.

Eliseo Tubegun in 7mm SAUM with Pierce Action, Bartlein Barrel

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

Here is a striking camo-finished Elesio (Competition Machine) Tubegun chambered for 7mm SAUM. Note the block fitted to the tubular fore-end so the rifle rides smooth and steady on the Rodzilla T-Rex joystick front rest. The proud owner, Forum member Aeon, tells us: “This is a Gary Eliseo RTM chassis with pickle forks. It has a custom Ceracoat paint job to match my sling gun.” Key components are: Pierce Engineering long action tube receiver, Bartlein 1:8.5″-twist barrel, Jewell trigger set at 2 oz., and Vortex Golden Eagle scope in Vortex rings. Aeon adds: “The chamber was cut by Mark Chesesbro of Chesebro Rifles. Mark throated it very long so the the 180gr and 184gr Bergers would sit where they belong.”

Tuning the 7mm SAUM and Recoil Reduction
Owner Aeon tells us: “The 7 SAUM was as easy a gun as I have ever shot to find a good load for — H1000 gave great consistency and tuning was not hard. However, the challenge in shooting this rifle was recoil management. The 7 SAUM has a punch to it and I found myself having trouble finishing three relays without form problems in the last relay. I considered getting a RAD Pad but that would have required expensive machine work. I stumbled on a recoil pad that is uniquely effective, the Falcon Strike. Sent the pad to Gary Eliseo and he sent it back with the butt plate machined to fit. Complete game changer! The rifle is a dream to shoot now with a big reduction in felt recoil.”

Ultra-Accurate 6.5×47 Lapua — Stiller Action, Bartlein Barrel

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

This gray and blue beauty belongs to Forum member Farmer Dave. He posted: “Got this 6.5×47 Lapua back from my smith about six months ago. It’s the most accurate rifle I have ever owned.” This rifle features: AG Composites CF stock, Stiller TAC 30 action, Bartlein 5R barrel, TriggerTech Diamond trigger. On top is a Trijicon Accupower riflescope.

Henry .45-70 with Modern Buttstock and M-LOK Handguard

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

Here is member Quest45’s handsome lever-action Henry .45-70 Gov and Glock 40 10mm. About his two guns he posted: “All I need is a can of bear spray”. The rifle is fitted with a red dot sight, ammo caddies, Ranger Point M-LOK handguard, and a modernized modular buttstock. These upgrades make it a thoroughly-modern Henry lever gun for the 21st Century.

A .243 Winchester Hunting Rig that Nailed Scottish Roe Buck

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

Forum member John V. from Scotland showcased a successful hunt with his .243 Winchester rifle. This sports a suppressed, 26″ MTU 1:7.5″-twist barrel. He loaded Sierra 100gr Pro-Hunter bullets, and took this nice Roe Buck at 240 yards through a gap in the foliage.

Ultra-Low Profile 6 PPC for Short-Range Benchrest

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

This handsome rifle, which belongs to Forum member J.J.Coe, represents the state-of-the-art for 100/200-yard benchrest rifles. It is chambered (no surprise) for the 6 PPC cartridge, which dominates the short-range game. In features a super-low profile carbon composite stock. Note how the vertical centerline of the stock is very close to the barrel. This keeps the center of gravity low and helps the rifle recoil smoothly with less hop in the bags. Note also the tuner on the barrel.

Do-it-Yourself Paint Job, Done in the Bathroom at Home

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

Many eye-catching rifles start with a great paint job. Forum member JHN did this job himself. He posted: “Went to local paint shops, some cost a two-month work income, some said guns were a ‘no-no’. So I did it myself — my first Candy Apple red. Base collar is gold metallic, followed by the red. I didn’t have a good paintwork place so I had to improvise. Our bathroom has nice concealing in the summer — a perfect paint booth. So I only have to apologize about some red flakes in our bathroom.”

Mauser M96 with Quilted Maple Stock — for the Wife

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

We like this handsome quilted Maple-stocked Mauser belonging to Forum member Steel Mover. He posted: “Some like synthetic and some like wood — I have both. Here is the wife’s quilted Maple 96 Mauser 6.5×55. I was working in the shop, wife walked through and said ‘You are building that for me aren’t you?’ Well ‘Yes, dear’ I said of course … so I Lost my rifle.”

Patriotic .284 Shehane F-Open Rig

tactical paint painting pride joy rifle shooters forum

Forum member 1shot is proud of this new F-Classer: “Just got my first F-Open rifle finished chambered in .284 Shehane. It features a Kelbly stock w/RAD system, Shilen 1:8″-twist ratchet-rifled barrel with EC Tuner, and X-treme 2-stage trigger — all mated up to a Kelbly Panda action. I think this dog will hunt!”

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November 27th, 2022

Sunday Gunday: Shooting and Hunting in Winter — Key Tips

winter hunting shooting Marcus Tom utah rifle tips

Winter is definitely here, with December just days away. Even now there is an abundance of snow on the ground in many parts of the country. 2022 has brought some unusually cold weather to many regions — witness the recent deluge of snow in upstate New York.

If you plan to go shooting or hunting in the weeks ahead, while the weather is below freezing and snow is on the ground, you need to be prepared. You should always have the right equipment and make sure that you can contact help if something goes wrong (such as not being able to start your vehicle).

The folks at the Precision Rifle Network have created a good video on winter shooting and hunting. Host Marcus Hom provides his TOP 10 TIPS for wintertime shooting/hunting adventures. We recommend that any 4-season shooter watch this video.

TOP 10 TIPS for Winter Shooting and Hunting:

1. Wear Good Sunglasses — With snow on the ground, wearing sunglasses is a must because of the extra reflected light. You can get good sunglasses that also have ANSI Z87.1-approved impact protection.

2. Wear Protective, Moisture-Proof Clothing — Wear a set of Bibs and a long jacket. This will prevent you from getting snow inside your clothing when shooting prone.

3. Take Care of Your Hands — Bring good winter gloves, preferably with a waterproof outer layer. Make sure the inner gloves can work with your trigger/trigger guard.

4. Bring a Good Tripod — A tripod keeps you elevated so you can avoid laying down in snow or slush. That, in turn, avoids body heat loss. “Keeping out of the snow and shooting from an elevated position is pretty important in the wintertime.”

5. Protect Optics and Action — Keep your scope lenses and action clear of moisture, snow, and fog. You will want to have good caps on both lenses. Make sure the action remains closed, and consider some kind of wrap over the action until you’re ready to load and shoot.

6. Ranging Challenges — Laser range-finders don’t perform optimally with intense, bright, ambient light. Also, if it’s showing you may get false readings from snow particles. So take multiple readings to ensure you have the right distance. Also, if you have a reticle with MOA or MIL marks, and you know the size of your target, then you can range the target with the scope.

7. Drop and Windage Info (DOPE) Chart — Bring a waterproof, hard copy dope chart. Out in the field on cold days, a phone battery dies fast, and you’ll want to preserve that battery for emergency phone use if needed. So, you should keep a good old-fashioned drop chart in a waterproof laminate.

8. Muzzle Velocity Issues — Cold temperatures can lower muzzle velocity. Before you go, get an idea of how your velocity will change with low temperatures. Some powders are more sensitive to temperature than others, causing a noticeable reduction in muzzle velocity. A load you’ve worked out in summer may shoot LOW in winter because the actual velocity is low. Even with a “temperature stable” powder you may see a 10 fps slow-down. Do some winter velocity testing if you can before you go.

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors

9. Keep Your Ammo Warm — A simple way to avoid muzzle velocity changes with low ambient temperatures is to keep you ammunition ON YOUR BODY. Have a pouch under your layered clothing where the ammo can be kept relatively warm. See video: 07:50

10. Safeguard Keys and Valuables — Keep keys and valuables in a secure, zippered pocket. “There is nothing worse than losing something… keys, phone, wallet. It’s really hard to find something when its buried under [many] inches of snow”. We also recommend keeping a spare vehicle key hidden on your car/truck. There are magnetic holders that can keep that spare key secure but safely hidden from view.

Winter Hunting — Success with Snow on the Ground

Winter hunting Norway Haugland

There has been snow on the ground for much of November in many areas of the country. Hunters have had to cope with the snow and cold temperatures. Our hunting editor, Colton Reid, recently returned from a successful deer hunt in the mountains of Utah. He said it was beautiful, but you needed really high-quality outdoor clothing — otherwise you could get in trouble. You need to stay warm and dry.

colton reid utah deer hunting winter snow rifle .30-06

colton reid utah deer hunting winter snow rifle .30-06With careful planning, and some skilled tracking, Colton had success, making a perfect hit on a buck at 300 yards. The animal dropped instantly. Colton brought back a good harvest of deer meat, which formed part of the Thanksgiving feast for his family.

Colton offered these 5 TIPS for hunters. These apply in any season, but are even more important in winter with freezing temps and snow on the ground:

1. Have a Plan — know where you plan to go and when. Try to be where you want in the early morning and early evening hours when deer are likely most active.

2. Take Your Time — If you spot a deer and get too excited and don’t take your time you may spook him. Go slow and glass. If possible, wait for the animals to bed down and relax. Then work out the best way to approach your prey. Remember, “You get so few opportunities, don’t screw it up!”

3. Glass More, Walk Less — Let your eyes do the walking — get good binoculars and use them. With their heightened senses of smell and hearing, deer/elk are able to spot you way better than you can spot them. If you are walking around a lot, chances are you are getting spotted by your prey.

4. Pace Yourself When Packing Out — If you DO succeed, and bring down a big buck, will you be able to dress the animal and carry out the meat? Always be prepared to hike out with extra weight. If you are successful, make sure not to waste the meat you worked so hard for. Choose a pack that can help you carry a heavy load. Remember, this is not an insignificant challenge — you may be carrying 60 to 100 extra pounds in addition to your other gear. Again, take your time. Rest as needed. Don’t hurt yourself.

colton reid utah deer hunting winter snow rifle .30-06

5. Always Enjoy the Experience — Have fun, and appreciate your hunt, whether you bag a buck or not. It is a privilege to experience the wilderness and to get away from the city. Enjoy it while you’re out there. And keep your spirits up. You may get tired, but remember that ‘comes with the territory’. At the end of the day, yes you may be exhausted. And you may want to quit and go home. But stay positive, stay focused. Be patient, the experience is worth it.

Winter Solace in the Backcountry

There is a nice thread in our Forum appropriately entitled “Winter Time”. You’ll find some great backcountry images taken by our Forum members. Winter is a special time in the outdoors. Forum member JDP explains: “Winter is the best time to shoot! One of the few of life’s ironies that works in my favor. The range is empty and barrels keep cool, no bugs, no waiting on people, no mirage. Yup, this world needs more thin blooded snow birds. This cool weather is terrible and dangerous, tell your friends! Do people get lonely while shooting or something? It’s the true holiday season in multiple ways.”

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors
Forum member DNorton posted: “I live way up north where our white sandy beaches look like this!”

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