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March 26th, 2023

2023 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the 50 States

If you plan to travel across state lines with your guns, this book can really help. With over 100 changes from last year, the 2022 edition of Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States is a must-read for anyone planning to travel around the country with firearms. In addition, the book also covers the firearms travel laws for Canada and Mexico.

For $15.95 you can purchase a state-by-state Traveler’s Guide to firearms laws. This book can help ensure you comply with all state laws during your trip. Highways Magazine states: “If you carry a weapon in your rig, you need this book.” This 68-page guide covers all firearms types and all 50 states. It even has info for Canada and Mexico. The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States has sold more than 1,000,000 copies since it was first released in 1996.

This 27th edition of the Traveler’s Guide covers important topics such as carry of firearms in a motor vehicle, concealed carry reciprocity, which states preempt local gun regulation, tips on handling a traffic stop, concealed carry in state and National Parks, vehicle carry and possession on college campuses and much more. Best of all, the text is in plain, easy-to-read English.

Written and researched by J. Scott Kappas, an attorney and Class III Firearms Dealer, the 2022 Traveler’s Guide has a preface that defines many key terms important for anyone traveling with a firearm across state lines. The latest edition also has new formatting for easier reading.

Purchase from for $15.95 with FREE shipping (3-4 weeks), or $19.95 with 1st Class Shipping (5-7 days). You can also purchase the book from Amazon direct for $16.30, or from 3rd Party Amazon sellers for the same price with free shipping.

MORE INFO at | CLICK HERE for Sample Pages

The Traveler’s Guide is especially useful for shooters traveling in RVs and motorhomes. The American Rifleman Magazine declared: “This book is a must-have for truck drivers, motor home enthusiasts, campers and other travelers…easy to read and understand, well-organized and concise….” One reader from Texas adds: “I used to think that my RV was the same as my home when it came to gun carry….the Traveler’s Guide set me straight. Now I know my motorhome is subject to the same laws as any vehicle when it comes to guns.”

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March 20th, 2023

Quick Pix — Product Snapshots from IWA Outdoor Classics

iwa outdoor classics photos products 2023 showcase

Here are select product images from IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 trade show in Nuremburg (Nürnberg) Germany. We reviewed hundreds of images to find some of the more interesting products on display. We hope our readers enjoy this vicarious look at the IWA Outdoor Classics show.

There are over 220 photos online from the 2023 IWA Outdoor Classics event. You can access them through the IWA 2023 photo archive. Here are a few product images that we thought our readers would enjoy.

IWA outdoor classics cz 600 rifle wood stock bolt-action creedmoor germany hunter
Twin CZ 600 Range rifles on display. The CZ 600 Range features a modern wood laminated stock and cold-hammer-forged barred. CZ guarantees 3/4-MOA accuracy at 100 meters.

IWA outdoor classics cute women binoculars optics lens demo germany hunter
Young lady looks through the latest Leica GeoVid Pro 8×32 Laser Rangefinder binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics tactical PRS MPA chassis 6mm creedmoor schmidt bender scope demo germany hunter
Schmidt & Bender FFP MRAD scope mounted on precision rifle with Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Chassis and 6.5 Creedmoor 1:8″-twist MPA barrel.

IWA outdoor classics hunting jacket camo camouflage gear germany hunter
The IWA Outdoor Classics show is very much about hunting. Here’s a display of the latest and greatest camo and Hi-Viz (day-glo) apparel for hunters.

IWA outdoor classics eye protection glasses color lenses germany spectrum
All shooters should ALWAYS wear quality eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. This display shows that you can choose from a wide spectrum of lens colors and frame types.

IWA outdoor classics optics lens rangefinder binoculars germany hunter
Trio of Pulsar Optics — binoculars, thermal monocular, and thermal imaging binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics GECO ammo ammunition star plus germany hunting
Here’s a selection of GECO Express, Plus, and Star ammunition. GECO, now part of the Swiss RUAG group, was founded in Germany by Gustav Genschow in 1887. Today, GECO ammunition is manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hungary.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany hunting horn brass
IWA Outdoor Classics features traditional hunting gear, such as these handsome brass hunting horns.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany nuremburg pistol
Crowd gathers at the Glock booth in the NürnbergMesse in Bavaria, Germany, home of the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show.

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March 19th, 2023

Sunday GunDay: IWA Outdoors Classics 2023 — Euro SHOT Show

iwa outdoor classics 50th germany nuremburg shot show 2023

The IWA Outdoor Classics, aka the “Euro SHOT Show”, took place in Germany earlier this month. This show, the largest gun/hunting/outdoors trade show in Europe, ran for four days, March 2-5, 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany. Approximately 1,100 exhibitors attracted 34,000 visitors from 119 countries. With those numbers, the IWA Outdoor Classics ranks second only to the USA’s SHOT Show as a global trade show for shooting, hunting, and outdoor activities. This bodes well for IWA Outdoor Classics, which marks its 50th anniversary next year in 2024.

iwa outdoor classics 50th germany nuremburg shot show 2023

steyr iwa Rolan weigert bavaria

Legendary American Shooter Meets VIPs at IWA Show

There were quite a few notable American shooters at the IWA Show in Germany. Here, at the Mossberg booth, legendary pistol and rifle competitor Jerry Miculek meets with Roland Weigert, Bavaria’s State Secretary for Economic Affairs.

jerry miculek iwa mossberg smith wesson Rolan weigert bavaria

Feinwerkbau 900 Competition Air Rifle

Feinwerkbau 900
feinwerkbau 900

German gunmaker Feinwerkbau GmbH displayed a variety of Olympic-grade target rifles, including this impressive Model 900 with aluminum stock. The maker states: “Quality components come together to form a high-precision sporting rifle and a multitude of adjustment options ensure optimum ergonomics. The maintenance-free pressure reducer has been redesigned for even smoother system operation and ensures significantly reduced noise during firing. The optimized system bedding with double barrel clamping ensures highly precise groupings. This results in a new pace setter in the match air rifle sector.” The 900 Aluminum model is available in silver or black as standard, and, in addition, the model can be customized in 13 special colors for an additional charge.

Jumbo Display Bullets from Sax Munitions

sax munitions

Bullet and ammunition manufacturer Sax Munitions GmbH, had an eye-catching display of super jumbo-sized bullets. Just what you’d need to hunt a Dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

There were many innovative optics on display, such as this ATN ThOR LT day/night thermal rifle scope.

Mauser K98 Stock from Pro Mag | Archangel

pro Mag promag archangel mauser k98 stock

Do you have an old Mauser K98 that you’d like to modernize with a more ergonomic stock for hunting and fun competition? Well ProMag Industries has you covered. This polymer stock fits the classic K98 Mauser, and variants including German K-98s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 / 48a, and Turkish. The stock is made from high strength carbon fiber and glass-reinforced black polymer. Actions are secured with precision-fit, inlet steel pillar bedding with free-floated barrel channel. Length of pull is thumbwheel-click-adjustable from 13.5″ to 14.25″. This ProMag K98 stock is offered in black (as shown), desert tan, and olive drab colorsl. This modern stock design lists for just $185.99 MSRP.

Chayeh Z20 — New Straight-Pull Hunting Rifle

Chayeh Z20 liwa arms rifle straight pull slovakia

The Chayeh Z20 from Liwa Arms in Slovakia is a new, straight-pull, bolt-actuated hunting rifle with five-round magazine. The maker states that the Chayeh Z20 is “accurate, safe, fast and reliable rifle with high-end finish for a very surprising price.” The Z20 is currently available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester with three different barrel lenghts and various stock designs.

Walther LP 500 Competition Air Pistols

walther rifle pistol carl lp 500 air pistol competition IWA 2023
walther rifle pistol carl lp 500 air pistol competition IWA 2023

Along with a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles and pistols, Walther showcased its impressive LP 500 air pistol. This beautifully balanced and very ergonomic air pistol is used by top competitors in ISSF 10-meter air pistol events.

ISSC SPA Hunter Toggle-Action Rimfire Rifle

issc span hunter toggle-link

We like toggle-link actions. Originally developed for biathlon rifles where rapid cycling (with minimal rifle movement) is critical, toggle-link actions are now available for rimfire sport and hunting rifles. We were impressed with the ISSC toggle-link action rifle, displayed by the Waffen-Pfandleihhaus group at the IWA show. This ISSC SPA Hunter rifle features a nice wood stock and is offered in three (3) rimfire chamberings: .17 HMR, .22 LR, and .22 WMR. We’d like one of these rigs for ground squirrel safaris.

Classic Wood Stock on Modern Air Rifle — HM1000

hm1000 air rifle hunting rapid air weapons

The HM1000 from Rapid Air Weapons derives it’s linage from the Theoben Rapid 7. Featuring many of the same design cues, the HM (Hunting Model) departs from its family history with such features as side lever cocking, an on-board manometer, an easy access Foster-style fill adapter and fully regulated design. This Hunting model offers a very handsome, high-grade would stock. The fit and finish of this rifle is matched by high standards for accuracy and reliability.

Mini Spotting Scope from Noblex

noblex compact mini spotting scope NS 8-24x50 ED

There are times when you want something steadier and more powerful than binoculars, but you don’t want a massive, heavy spotting scope that might weigh 6 pounds or more. The European optics company Noblex offers a very lightweight (18.7 ounce) 6-24x50mm Mini Spotting Scope. We think many hunters and varmint shooters could use a product like this. Small and light (at just 1.17 pounds), it is also very affordable, with a $419.00 MSRP.

BONUS BLADES — IWA Knife Spotlight

Along with the many pistols, rifles, optics, and accessories displayed at the 2023 IWA show in Germany, there was a special award program for knives. Here are two of the award-winning blades at the IWA Knife Award Ceremony.

iwa knife knives blades awards ceremony

iwa knife knives blades awards ceremony

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March 15th, 2023

New Super Lite Howa Rifles — Just 4 Pounds, 7 Ounces

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

Howa claims that its new Super Lite rifle is the “absolute lightest centerfire rifle on the market”. We can’t confirm that. But at a listed 4 pounds, 7 ounces (without optics), the carbon-fiber stock Super Lite model is certainly very low in weight and mass. That’s an important plus for hunters carrying their gear for long hours in the field.

The Howa Super Lite rifle is currently available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, two of the most popular hunting chamberings. And Howa’s distributor, Legacy Sports Int’l, states that Super Lite rifles in .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 chamberings should be available by summer 2023.

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite rifles were first introduced in Kryptek Altitude and Kryptek Obskura designs (see Kypteck Altitude camo in photo above). For 2023 the Howa Super Lite is offered in three new solid color designs — gray, tan, and green. All using the strong but light Stocky’s Carbon Fiber stock, these new Super Lite models feature a black webbing and soft touch for added texture and enhanced grip on the low-mass carbon stock. For 2023, Howa will also offer a walnut-stocked version of the Super Lite rifle. This weighs a bit more — 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

Howa Super Lite Rifle Features

Stock Options: Gray, Tan, Green, and Krypteck Carbon Fiber Stock 4 lbs. 7 oz. (Walnut Stock, 5 lbs. 9 oz.)
Chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win (.243 Win and 7mm-08 in June 2023)
Stock: Stocky’s Carbon Fiber Stock with Accublock patented Lug Bed
Barrel: 20″ Blued barrel threaded (½”-28) and Suppressor Ready
Trigger: 2-Stage Match Trigger with 3-position Safety
Optics Mounting: Included one-piece Picatinny Rail
Stock Feature: Limbsaver Butt Pad
Warranty: Lifetime Howa Warranty

Accuracy Claim: Sub-MOA 3-shot group at 100 yards with premium factory ammo

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite also has some interesting mechanical features, including machined receiver and gorged bolt, tool-less firing pin removal, and a reliable M-16 style extractor/ejector. CLICK HERE more information on HOWA Super Lite rifles and the rest of the Legacy Sport Int’ls full product line.

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March 13th, 2023

TRC39 — Innovative New Gun Transport and Storage Crate

MTM case-gard trc39 tactical rifle case carry box transport box

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have one large carry case that could hold your rifle, PLUS your ammunition, earmuffs, paper targets, rear bag, bipod, Magnetospeed, spotting scope, and all the other gear you might want to bring to the range? Well MTM Case-Gard has finally created such a do-it-all case, one of the first of its kind ever offered.

MTM’s new TRC39 Tactical Rifle Crate is an all-in-one solution for hunting and shooting gear transport and storage. The TRC39 has a foam-padded 39″ x 11.7″ x 3.1″ gun compartment on the top, and a storage compartment below. Up top, firearms are protected and held in place with MTM’s egg shell foam padding. Beneath the lift-out gun tray is a large compartment equipped with removable partitions. Total storage capacity of the 39″ x 11″ x 7.1″ (deep) lower compartment is 54 quarts. That’s plenty of room for gear and ammo in that lower storage area. And the TRC39 is rated to haul up to 75 pounds of guns and gear.

For security, the TRC39 has four snap latches, padlock tabs, and a water-resistant O-ring seal. To ease transport the TRC39 has two recessed wheels. And there are formed polymer handles on either end of the case. MTM Case-Gard’s TRC39 MSRP is $139.99, but we expect the TRC39 to sell for about $129.00.

We can see this TRC39 case being very popular with tactical shooters and varminters who can carry a rifle, pistol, binoculars, spotting scope, ammunition, and rear bag, all in one large case. We just wish a longer version was also available — the max rifle length that can be stored would be 39″, unless the barreled action is separated from the stock.

MTM case-gard trc39 tactical rifle case carry box transport box

TRC39 Tactical Rifle Crate Features:

Gun compartment holds tactical and short rifles up to 39″ long
Lift-out upper rifle tray, protected with quality foam padding
Two removable dividers in 39″ x 11″ x 7.1″ lower compartment
A full 54 quarts of storage capacity in lower compartment
Two recessed wheels can support up to 75 lbs. of gear
Stackable design with tie-down and strap-over points
Four rugged, no-break snap latches with padlock tabs
No-rust, high-impact, polypropylene construction
Water-resistant O-ring seal (non-submersible)
External Size: 43.5″ x 14.7″ x 11.5″ (Tall)
Engineered and manufactured in America

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March 10th, 2023

Bore-tips Swabs, Chamber Cleaners, and Pull-Through Whips

swab-it bore-tips bore-whips gun cleaning patch rifle barrel pistol foam mop

Wouldn’t it be nice to dispense with patches and jags when cleaning your guns? The folks at Super Brush, LLC, had the same idea, so they invented Bore-tips® swabs. These reusable foam “mops” provide 360° of contact with the bore, reaching both the grooves and the lands. Bore-tips thread onto standard cleaning rods. They are offered in a variety of sizes, from .22 caliber up to 12 Gauge. Rifle Bore-tips come in .22 (5.56mm), .243 (6mm), and .308 (7.62mm) calibers. Pistol Bore-Tips are offered for .22, .30, 9mm, .357, .40, and .45 calibers.

Bore-tips foam bore swab

We first saw Bore-tips products at the Southwest Nationals a couple years ago. We were intrigued. These foam swabs may be useful for some applications, particularly pistols and shotguns which require minimal brushing. For rifles they do a good job of applying solvents because they hold more liquid than a patch. However, you probably won’t want to abandon your jags and patches. Sometimes a tight-fitting patch is still the best tool for the job. Patches are cheap and it’s easier to discard a used patch, rather than fuss with cleaning foam swabs. But for shotguns (and lightly used pistols), these things make sense.

Bore-tips Claimed Benefits:
• Each tip is reusable and can be cleaned with solvents or soap and water.
• Tough and fiber-free, Bore-tips will not shed or leave lint behind as cotton will.
• FAST PATCHLESS CLEANING — solves the shortcomings of the jag and patch.
• Foam fills the lands and grooves of the rifling, not sliding over the top like a patch.
• Quick threading on a standard 8-32 cleaning rod. Shotgun sizes use a 5/16 x 27 rod.
• Can be used with most commercially available solvents and oils.

AR15 Chamber Cleaner:

Pull-Through Bore-Whips for Quick Cleaning Jobs
Along with the screw-on Bore-tips there are handy pull-through Bore-whips for air guns and rifles. These are offered in .177 for air rifles and .223/5.56 for rimfire and centerfire rifles. We have found these Bore-whips very handy as the .177 version (see below) can also be used for .17 HM2 and 17 HMR rifles.

swab-it bore-tips bore-whips gun cleaning patch rifle barrel pistol foam mop

How to Use Bore-tips

Bore-tips foam bore swab
Use a Bore-tip to apply solvent to the barrel. After allowing the solvent time to work, brush the bore to break up any fouling. Next use a clean Bore-tip to push the fouling out the bore. When the now dirty Bore-tip clears the bore, wet it with a little solvent and then squeeze it with an absorbent rag or paper towel, this will blot the dirt off. After blotting the Bore-tip should be clean enough to continue using to remove the fouling until you are finished cleaning. When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your barrel, use a clean Bore-tip to dry the bore.

Click for Full-Screen Images
Bore-tips foam bore swab Bore-tips foam bore swab

How to Clean Bore-tips®
Bore-tips foam bore swab
For faster cleaning, apply mineral spirits to the Bore-tip and squeeze/blot into an absorbent rag or paper towel. When the Bore-tip is clean, let dry and reuse. Using soap and water, squeeze to blot out any excess solvent or dirt. Next, wash the Bore-tip with a grease-cutting soap and warm water. Once clean, rinse then let dry completely. See cleaning video below:

Bore-Tips Foam Swab Cleaning Demonstration

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March 5th, 2023

Sunday Gunday: S&W’s New M&P FPC 9mm Folding Carbine

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine

Smith & Wesson has just introduced an all-new, very innovative folding rifle — the M&P FPC 9mm carbine. Pistol-caliber carbines are hot right now for good reason. 9mm Luger (9x19mm) ammo is inexpensive — $15-$18 per 50rd box in bulk. That’s a fraction of the cost of .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308 Win ammo. With ample quantities of factory 9mm ammo available, you don’t have to struggle to find powder and primers. And a complete, factory-loaded 9mm Luger round (at $0.30-$0.36 per round) costs less than what you might pay just for the bullet you’d put in a 6mm or 6.5mm rifle cartridge.

Moreover, the “fun factor” is high with 9mm carbines. You can shoot the same ammo in your pistol and rifle. That makes it simpler to do a fun day at the range. Plus, many indoor ranges that prohibit most other centerfire rifles will allow you to shoot a 9mm carbine indoors.

S&W M&P FPC Carbine Folds to 16⅜” and Takes S&W Pistol Mags

S&W’s new M&P FPC Carbine ($659.00 MSRP) has some other major advantages — easy transport and smart on-board storage for full-capacity magazines. The FPC’s buttstock has twin slots that hold 17-rd and/or 23-rd magazines compatible with S&W 9mm pistols. That’s cool. And here’s the notable attraction — when folded, S&W’s FPC Carbine is just 16 3/8″. S&W delivers the new FPC in a cool zippered carry case with four internal pockets. That nice, padded carry case is included in the affordable $659.00 price.

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine

Because it folds at the bolt face rather than behind the action the new M&P FPC is much more portable than most folding stock rifles. And your optics stay in place. Smith & Wesson states: “[Our] side-folding mechanics … deliver a unique compact feature and allow the user to keep their sight system mounted on the gun both in the folded and extended positions. Extra magazine storage in the buttstock, familiar M&P fire controls, and reliable palm swell grip adaptors all make this new pistol carbine a great addition to the M&P family”. The barrel is 16.25″ with a suppressor-friendly 1/2-28 threaded muzzle with thread protector. To reduce felt recoil, the FPC has an integrated recoil buffer system.

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine
Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine

Watch this video to see how S&W’s new FPC Carbine unfolds and shoots. You’ll see impressive rapid-fire action starting at the 00:24 time-mark. This is indeed a pretty cool carbine.

The FPC carbine’s compatibility with pistol magazines is a real plus. John Myles, S&W New Product Manager, explained that: “The team at Smith & Wesson aimed to design a pistol carbine that was compatible with various M&P series pistol magazines.”

S&W M&P 9mm FPC Features
The M&P FCP ships with three (3) magazines: one 17-rounder and two 23-round mags. The buttstock can hold two magazines, which are accessible with a handy quick-release catch. Notably the M&P FPC is sold with an excellent, zippered carry bag that transports the folded carbine securely along with magazines and other gear. Check it out:

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine

One reviewer was very impressed with the value of this new carbine: “Smith & Wesson M&P FPC ($659) ups the ante with a few premium touches while staying $100 under the MSRP of the cheapest Ruger PCC model — to get the same features from Ruger’s platform you’d spend over a grand, and it doesn’t fold.”

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine

Smith & Wesson M&P FPC Video Reviews

Gun reviewers have released hands-on test videos showcasing Smith & Wesson’s new M&P FPC carbine. Generally the reactions have been very positive. Reviewers noted that the FPC’s folding mechanism works great, the carbine is very reliable, the trigger is decent, and the supplied carry case is excellent. Here are three videos released in the last week after S&W’s official product announcement on February 28, 2023.

Smith & Wesson M&P FPC List of Features

Smith & Wesson’s official product release states: “The new optics-ready M&P® FPC™ showcases our brand new, compact, folding design. Coming with (one) 17-round and (two) 23-round magazines, the in-stock magazine storage w/ quick-release latch makes reloading convenient and quick. The M&P FPC™ is compatible with M&P full-size and compact pistol double-stack magazines, and includes a carrying bag with additional storage and Velcro straps.”

Smith & Wesson M&P FPC Folding Carbine Features:
Compact, horizontal folding design with locking latch
Folding design does not interfere with optics
30 3/8″ unfolded length to 16 3/8″ folded
Flat-face trigger with crisp break
Integrated recoil buffer system
Picatinny rail on top for optics
Reversible magazine catch
1/2-28 threaded muzzle with thread protector
In-stock mag storage w/quick-release tab
Compatible with M&P Pistol magazines
M-LOK handguard slots on handguard
Charging handle doubles as retainer
Carrying case with inside pockets

VIEW S&W M&P FPC 9mm Carbine PDF Spec Sheet »

Smith Wesson S&W M&P FPC 9mm folder folding carbine
This article is Copyright 2023 Any appearance of this article on a different website is unauthorized and obligates payment of damages.

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March 1st, 2023

Major Promotion at This Week

Brownells grand opening website celebration gun room contest discounts

Brownells invites customers to help celebrate the grand opening of the new. mobile-friendly Brownells website which debuted 2/27/2023. The new version of is optimized for mobile devices and features upgraded search functions along with a Blog and Content section. Throughout the Grand Opening celebration, visitors to the can expect great deals on products from Magpul, Leupold, Smith & Wesson, Federal, Hornady, Vortex and other leading companies.

Potential Brownells Discount Codes

Brownells has discount codes that can save you serious cash. Here are some of the current codes. Add these during check-out. NOTE: Most of these can expire at any time. If one code doesn’t work, try another.

Winter40: $40 Off $275.00+
Winter30: $30 Off $215.00+
30off215: $30 Off $215.00+
COLD30: $30 Off $215.00
CART30: $30 Off $200.00
TA10: 10% Off $150.00+

WLS10: 10% Off $150.00+
BACK15: $15 Off $150.00 or more
HOME10: $10 Off $100.00 or more
SMSAVE: $10 Off $100.00+
GIFT10: $10 Off $100.00+
Q63: FREE Shipping $99.00+
SITESHIP: FREE Shipping $199.00+

Gun Room Giveaway Contest

The centerpiece of the New Website Grand Opening celebration is the Gun Room Giveaway, worth over $12,000.00. One lucky winner gets everything needed to fully outfit a gun room — including guns, ammo, accessories, optics, magazines, tools and cleaning supplies.

In addition to the grand prize, the Gun Room Giveaway offers a $1,000 Brownells gift card for second place, and a $500 gift card for third place. Contestants can enter via the Gun Room Giveaway page until March 5, 2023.

Brownells grand opening website celebration gun room giveaway contest discounts

The Gun Room Giveaway is sponsored by SIG Sauer, Colt, Remington, Magpul, Hornady. Otis, Wheeler Engineering, and other leading companies.

Many Great Deals at Now

There are scores of great deals currently. Here are a few examples:

Brownells grand opening website celebration gun room giveaway contest discounts

To see the new Brownells website, and to learn more about the Grand Opening Giveaways and deals, visit

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February 25th, 2023

NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis April 14-16, 2023

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

The 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will take place at the Indiana Convention Center on April 14-16, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Exhibit Hall is open all three days and will showcase over 14 acres of guns and gear from hundreds of manufacturers and retailers.

A bigger-than-ever Exhibit Hall will host approximately 800 exhibitors, events, receptions and demonstrations. Attendees can see the latest guns, knives, optics, ammo and accessories available on the market today. Organized events include the NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction, the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, plus multiple seminars. There will be appearances from notable celebrities, and a major Saturday concert with leading musical artists.

At this 152nd Annual NRA Convention you can also book the hunt of a lifetime, purchase shooting and hunting accessories, view impressive gun collections, and hear influential, pro-2A experts.

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

The big event is just six weeks away. If you plan to attend the 152nd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits we recommend you register soon and get your hotel booked well ahead of time. With the current policies coming from the White House, there has been no more important time to support gun rights and the Second Amendment.

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February 20th, 2023

New ZEISS Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Lens Covers for Riflescopes

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

New for 2023, ZEISS offers added protection for ZEISS riflescopes in the form of ‘Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Pro Lens Covers’. These heavy-duty lens covers are designed with several key – and proprietary – features that set them apart from similar products currently available. Retail prices are $34.99 for the ocular (eyepiece) lens covers and $49.99 for the objective lens cover. The new accessories will be available from Authorized ZEISS Retailers in North America, beginning late April 2023.

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

“Our all-new flip-up lens covers are manufactured with a robust stay-secure dual-clamping system and provides OEM fitment for current ZEISS riflescopes; they also offer a few extra unique features as well,” said Kyle Brown – Director of Marketing/Product for Carl ZEISS SBE, LLC. “These lens covers remain open and secured in place when in the folded-flat, shooter-ready position — even under heavy recoil. They offer great protection from the environmental elements and will help keep those valuable lenses from getting scratched. The benefit is simple: clean and scratch-free optics at-the-ready. And clean optics will help you deliver precise and accurate hits on target.”

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

ZEISS will offer a total of nine unique lens covers sizes, each providing an excellent OEM fit for each ZEISS riflescope. All are made in the USA with Nylon 11 material to resist harsh UV light and maintain proper fitment – even with extreme shifts in temperature – and reduce weight. Each lens cover utilizes dual clamps with stainless steel hardware and springs to ensure long-term fit and serviceability. Both ocular and objective lens covers provide a fold-flat securing system which allows for the flip-up cap to be held in the shooter-ready position parallel with the scope’s main tube, and then remain there, secure during recoil.

Additional Proprietary Features
The design of the objective lens cover offers two unique, proprietary features: 1) The integrated spare battery containment system provides a spare battery when and where it’s needed most; 2) The on-board Torx® wrench containment system provides a secure and out-of-the-way, yet handy, location for keeping this valuable turret tool where it belongs. These features provide great benefits for hunters and shooters.

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February 19th, 2023

Sunday Gunday: New Henry 9mm Homesteader Carbine

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

In January, much to the surprise of the shooting world, Henry introduced its first-ever semi-automatic firearm, a compact 9mm rifle dubbed the “Homesteader”. Unveiled at the 2023 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, this new rifle impressed those who tried it. It is easy to handle, has good ergonomics, was reliable, and fun to shoot (particularly with an optic and suppressor). The Homesteader features a black-finished anodized aluminum receiver and sealed walnut buttstock and forearm. We include five Homesteader test videos below, two from the debut at Industry Range day.

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock SIG magazine 2023 new rifle

We like this new 9mm Homesteader carbine. The main reason is that it can be a fun rifle used at a local range with steel targets. As it shoots a 9x19mm (9mm Luger) pistol round, it can be used at many ranges limited to pistol cartridges. The other big advantage is that you can shoot the same cartridge you use in your handgun — the 9mm Luger (aka 9x19mm). That’s a huge plus if you don’t have time to reload for your rifle. And 9mm Luger ammo is also some of the least expensive centerfire ammo you can find, available for just $0.35 (thirty-five cents) per round or less.*

To top it off, there are versions of the Henry Homesteader that can even use Glock or SIG/S&W pistol mags — so you can literally take a magazine out of your handgun and use it in this handy new Henry 9mm carbine. The stock is also designed to be ambidextrous so it works for both lefties and right-handed shooters plus the charging handle can be installed on either side.

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

Here’s a good video from Henry that shows all the features of the new Henry Homesteader with closeups of the sights, magwell, charging handle, tang safety, mag release, and buttstock:

With a simple change of the magwell unit, the Homesteader can use Glock mags, SIG mags, and S&W mags as well as 5- and 10-rd Henry mags. Below left is a Glock mag, with factory mags on the right.

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

PROS of Henry 9mm Homesteader
1. Affordable — $928.00 MSRP basic version; $959.00 with Glock, or SIG/S&W M&P magwells.
2. Uses inexpensive, readily available 9x19mm (9mm Luger) ammunition.
3. Easy to handle at 36″ overall and 6.6 lbs. (before optics).
4. Can be used on same ranges and targets as 9mm pistols.
5. Rail can be installed to mount Red Dots and other optics.
6. The blued barrel is 1/2×28 threaded to allow suppressor use.
7. Charging Handle can be placed on either right side or left side.
8. Good trigger out of the box.

CONS of Henry 9mm Homesteader
1. Only one cartridge choice at this time — 9x19mm (9mm Luger).
2. Aftermarket rail required to fit all optics (receiver has no built-in slots/rails).
3. Length of pull is not adjustable at this time.
4. Rear sight is primitive and blocked if scope rail is fitted (see frame below).

We see Henry’s 9mm Homesteader as mainly a fun plinking rifle for use inside 100 yards. But it certainly could serve for home defense and small varmint chores. Henry boasts: “For home defense, walking the fence line to protect your livestock, in the truck, at the range, or slung across your back on a deep woods excursion, the Homesteader is ready to deliver on all fronts.”

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle
henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

Details of 9mm Homesteader Design and Operation

The Homesteader has a semi-automatic blowback action that uses expanding cartridge gases to cycle the bolt. When the magazine is empty, the bolt will lock back, and you can see through the action port. An ambidextrous bolt release lever is positioned by the trigger guard. The ambidextrous theme continues with a central, top-mounted thumb safety switch, a bottom-mounted magazine release switch, and a movable charging handle for left- or right-handed operation.

The Homesteader is currently available in three different models — a basic model that runs 5-rd and 10-rd Henry magazines. There is second version with a magwell for Glock magazines, and there is a third model that takes SIG Sauer and/or Smith & Wesson M&P magazines. For all versions, Henry 5-round and 10-round magazines are included.

Here GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce tests a Henry 9mm Homesteader fitted with optic and suppressor. Pearce was quite impressed with the new 9mm carbine:

henry arms usa 9mm 9x19mm luger homesteader semi-auto carbine glock magazine 2023 new rifle

Product Information from Henry:
“The Homesteader 9mm boasts premium materials and an adaptable feature set to provide effortless versatility for various roles, including home defense, protecting livestock from the predators that threaten them, and as a fun, approachable firearm for the shooting range using ammunition both widely available and affordable. To provide compatibility for the most common magazine patterns, the Homesteader 9mm utilizes removable magazine well adapters to accept Glock®, SIG Sauer®, or Smith & Wesson® M&P® style magazines, in addition to the included 5-round and 10-round Henry 9mm magazines.

Other notable features include a threaded barrel for suppressor use to minimize noise for neighbors at the range or at home and thoughtfully laid out, centrally located controls that will appeal to right- and left-handed users. Its compact size and lightweight frame provide maneuverability for close quarters and allow the firearm to be stored where some standard-sized rifles and shotguns may not fit. Intuitive, fast target acquisition is achieved with … reciprocating mass inside the forearm to counteract recoil and non-slip leather-like texturing on the genuine American walnut furniture.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $928.00 for the version with a Henry magazine well only and $959.00 for the versions that include an additional magazine well [for Glock, SIG, or S&W magazines].”

MORE RESOURCES — Other Henry 9mm Homesteader Reviews

New For 2023: Henry Repeating Arms Homesteader
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Henry Rifles First Semi-Auto, the Homesteader 9mm
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SHOT 2023: Henry Homesteader 9mm Rifle
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Henry USA’s New Semi-Auto 9mm Carbine — The Homesteader
— Read the article »

* This is a typical price for major-brand 9mm brass-cased ammo from a large online vendor. However if you use, you can find 9mm Luger ammo for significantly less. For example, Sentry Ammo is offering 1000 rounds of quality Norma 124gr 9mm bulk pack ammunition for $207.99. That’s just $0.21 (twenty-one cents) per round! Plus you get a FREE ammo can.

henry arms 9mm 9x19mm luger norma 124gr ammo ammunition free ammo can
Text in this article is Copyright 2023 NO reproduction on any other site is permitted without advance authorization and licensing fees.

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February 18th, 2023

Saturday Movies: Best New Pistols for 2023 (and Late 2022)

saturday movie showcase semi-auto pistol handgun 2023 new revolver CZ Smith Wesson Taurus
Above are FN 509 CC Edge optics-ready model and Taurus Raging Hunter revolver with 10.5″ barrel.

For today’s Saturday at the Movies compilation, we feature eight informative videos showcasing relatively new semi-auto pistols and revolvers. There are some great new guns from Smith & Wesson, Savage, Colt, CZ, FN, Taurus, Rock River, SAR USA, Stoeger, Nighthawk and more. NOTE: Some of these pistols were officially released in 2022, but are still just reaching the market. After watching these videos, you can view other new pistols and revolvers on the SHOT Show Daily Report from last month.

New Savage 1911 Pistol

SHOT Show 2023

You read that right, rifle-maker Savage Arms is now producing a 1911-type pistol and it looks very good. It has ambidextrous controls, a forward rail, target crown, and nice sights. The new Savage 1911 is built from stainless steel, has a dual recoil spring, machined sear and disconnector. It is offered in three styles: Black Nitride, Stainless, and Two-Tone (black slide, stainless frame). MSRP is $1499.00.

New Handguns for 2023 — Video Previews

Hundreds of handguns were showcased at SHOT Show 2023. This video covers seven relatively new design pistols that were on display at SHOT Show 2023. These are: The CZ P-10F (0:35 time-mark); Rock River Arms STK 100 (2:06); SAR9 Compact (03:44); Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 10mm (5:04); Bond Arms Roughneck Derringer (6:22); Mossberg MC2sc (7:08); and Cabot Guns Apocalypse (8:39).

New Handguns on Display at SHOT Show 2023

Here’s a good Ballistik Channel video featuring five impressive new (or nearly new) pistols. This video starts off with the eye-catching CZ TS2 “Racing Green” model (0:42) (other grip colors are offered).

Saturday movie showcase semi-auto pistol handgun 2023 new revolver CZ Smith Wesson Taurus

Next is the Stoeger STF9F (2:32), a value offering. Third up is the potent S&W M&P 2.0 chambered in 10mm (4:25). The fourth pistol is the modern, Red-dot equipped, suppressor-ready, Shadow Systems XR 920. Last but not least, the video features the pricey Nighthawk Custom President (7:24), a 1911-type pistol chambered for the new Federal 30 Super Carry ammo.

Best .22 LR Pistols and Revolvers for 2023

Everyone should have at least one .22 LR handgun. Definitely check out this 13-minute video if you’re in the market for a new rimfire pistol. The video has great product images and is one of the best compilations of new (and recently introduced) .22 LR semi-auto pistols and revolvers you’ll find. Definitely worth watching.

1. FN 502 Tactical (1:05 time-mark)
2. SIG Sauer P322 (2:52)
3. Walther WMP (4:22)
4. Browning Mark Plus Vision (5:30)
5. Charter Arms Target Pathfinder Revolver (6:15)
6. Colt King Cobra Target 22 Revolver (6:50)
7. Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy Rev (7:29)
8. Keltec CP33 (8:15)
9. Smith & Wesson Model 317 Kit Gun (11:30)
10. Taurus TX-22 (12:22)

Five New Pistols including S&W 5.7 and Taurus TX22

This video showcases five new pistols featured at Shot Show 2023. Leading off is the new Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 (00:34 time-mark). Next is the Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0 (02:42), followed by the Rossi RP63 (04:58). Then comes the FN 510 Tactical (7:04). Last but not least is the .22 LR Taurus TX22 Compact. The full-size TX22 rimfire pistol has become quite popular since its introduction.

New Glock Performance Trigger for Gen 5 Pistols

In this episode of TFB-TV, James Reeves interviews champion shooter Shane Coley. The key topic is Glock’s new factory-built Performance Trigger. Yes, Glock is now making a high performance trigger for its Gen 5 pistols. Shane explains all of the relevant details, including a surprisingly reasonable price. This new trigger should be available very soon.

Top Five New Revolvers for 2023

For wheelgun fans, this video covers five recently-introduced revolvers: Wrangler Sheriff model (1:25 time-mark), Colt Python 3 (3:03); Diamondback Sidekick (4:38); Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy (with Pic Rail, 6:03), and Taurus 325 carry revolver (7:30).

Bonus Video: Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 with 22-Rd Magazine

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February 16th, 2023

Bushnell Binoculars with MRAD Ranging Reticle for PRS/NRL

bushnell match pro ED 15x56 binoculars ranging reticle shot-call

Bushnell unveiled a new set of 15-power binoculars at SHOT Show 2023. These have a MilRad reticle for ranging and determining shot locations. The new Match Pro ED 15×56 Binoculars with Shot-Call reticle combines a high-magnification binocular with an MRAD-based reticle for ranging, target sizing, and shot correction. The benefit is that this 15X binocular optic could replace a bigger, heavier reticle-equipped spotting scope. This Match Pro ED Binocular can be quickly mounted on a tripod for enhanced stability. We recommend that because it is pretty hard to hold a 15X optic very steady with hands alone.

bushnell match pro ED 15x56 binoculars ranging reticle shot-callThe Match Pro ED’s offset SHOT-CALL reticle, located in the right barrel, has a dedicated focus adjustment and can be rotated for leveling after IPD (interpupillary distance) adjustment (i.e. how far the eyepieces are spread apart). Users can secure their preferred IPD with the included BRIDGESET stabilizer, which ensures the binocular is set for quick use and is stable when mounted on a tripod. Claimed light transmission is 92%. Suggested MSRP for the Match Pro ED 15×56 binoculars is $699.99.

bushnell match pro ED 15x56 binoculars ranging reticle shot-call

Our friend Jonathan Ocab reviewed the new Match Pro ED 15x56mm binoculars: “Bushnell Optics showed off their new Match Pro ED 15×56 binocular, which is based off of their Forge binocular design. The Forge 15×56 has a good reputation as a budget-friendly binocular with good performance at its price range. The Match Pro ED 15×56 is a hefty binocular with a magnesium chassis coming in at 51 ounces with what is dubbed the SHOT-CALL MRAD reticle. The reticle [rotates in the right barrel] so that it can be leveled for the user’s eyes after the barrels are adjusted to the pupil distance.”

Jonathan added: “My initial impressions of this binocular are positive. It is definitely a bigger, heavier binocular and is not going to be one for field use. This is definitely the type of binocular one would employ on the range at NRL/PRS matches to spot for a shooter.” CLICK HERE for full SHOT Show 2023 Optics report by Jonathan Ocab.

bushnell match pro ED 15x56 binoculars ranging reticle shot-call

Recoil Web also did a review of these new 15×56 binoculars stating: “The new Bushnell Match Pro ED 15×56 binoculars [offering] is a big deal, but maybe just to a niche crowd. For a long time, spotting scopes have often come with a MIL or MOA reticle in the eyepiece so one could spot shots at long range and call corrections or for use in ranging a target if a laser rangefinder wasn’t available. With a reticle in the right barrel, you get a MIL grid for ranging and shot correction like a spotting scope but the [wide] field of view and outstanding glass of the binoculars.”

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February 13th, 2023

BargainFinder 386: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Midsouth — Hornady Get Loaded Promo with 500 Free Bullets

hornady free bullets midsouth get loaded reloading press L-N-L
Get 500 or 100 Free Bullets with Hornady hardware

Hornady is now running its 2023 Get Loaded® promotion. Now through 12/31/2023 get up to 500 FREE BULLETS with qualifying purchases of Hornady reloading products. You can also get significant up-front savings and/or FREE Shipping when you buy Hornady reloading presses and other products at Midsouth. For example, you can save $90 on the Hornady Iron Press Kit. Depending on the products purchased, customers can get 500 or 100 free bullets, valued up to $234.33.

2. Sportsman’s WH — Weatherby Vanguard, Gray Stock, $499.97

weatherby vanguard rifle sale gray sportsman's warehouse sub-moa guarantee bargain sale
Quality USA-made hunting rifle at good price; many chamberings

Looking for a good hunting rifle with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee? Right now the Weatherby Vanguard with synthetic stock is ON SALE for just $499.97 at Sportsman’s Warehouse. This Vanguard model features a gray, Griptonite Monte Carlo composite stock. For this $499.97 bargain price, many chamberings are offered: .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester, .25-06 Remington, .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .240 Weatherby Magnum. Overall weight (without scope) is 7.75 pounds.

3. Midsouth — Fiocchi .223 Rem Ammo with V-Max Bullets

fiocchi field dynamics hornady bullets midsouth varmint ammo ammunition V-Max
Good deal on factory ammo with quality Hornady V-Max bullets

Here’s excellent varmint ammo on SALE at a bargain price. If you’re planning a Prairie Dog safari this spring, but don’t want to handload, grab some Fiocchi Field Dynamics .223 Rem ammo. Choose the 40gr V-Max, 50gr V-Max, or 55gr V-Max versions, all with 50-rd boxes for just $34.99 on SALE. That’s $0.70 per round, a darn good price. This Fiocchi .223 Rem ammo has earned very positive reviews from purchasers.

4. MidwayUSA — Frankford Intellidropper Dispenser, $179.95

frankford arsenal intellidropper
Fast, programmable, accurate dispenser at great price

The Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper is a high-quality powder scale/dispenser. It’s accurate to +/- one-tenth of a grain, dispenses in seconds, and can be controlled by a handy mobile App that stores charge weights for different cartridges. This unit has a 7000-grain capacity with both auto and manual trickle capability. This is a great deal — you save fifty bucks (21%) off the regular MidwayUSA price, and the same Intellidropper is now $239.96 on Amazon.

5. Natchez — Frankford Quick-N-Easy Case Tumbler Kit, $79.99

frankford arsenal tumbler
We’ve used this Combo Kit for many seasons — very good value right now

Keeping your brass clean is important (and essential if you anneal). If you’re looking for a new, affordable setup to clean cartridge brass, consider the Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler Master Kit. You get everything needed to dry-tumble your brass and remove the media. This is all available now for a very low $79.99. You could pay that much for a good vibratory tumbler alone, yet this combo kit includes tumbler, media separator, bucket, brass polish, and media.

6. Palmetto State Armory — Norma Tac-22 .22 LR 500rds, $32.99

tac 22 ammo sale
Very good .22 LR ammo at extremely low price — GREAT VALUE

If you love .22 LR rimfires and want quality ammo at an ultra-low price, grab some Norma TAC-22. Priced at just $3.30 per 50-ct box, this is a true bargain, yet the TAC-22 is good enough for NRL22 matches as well as fun target shooting. We’ve shot this Norma ammo and been very satisfied. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better .22 LR ammo at anywhere near this price. Don’t delay ordering — at this price, we expect this TAC-22 ammo will sell out soon.

7. KYGUNCO — Rock Island Armory TM22 Rifle, $278.00

tm 22 rock island rimfire rifle .22 LR
Slick, AR-style rimfire rifle with new features

Looking to get started in NRL22 competition, or want a rimfire varmint rifle with familiar AR look and feel? Then check out the Rock Island Armory TM22. This handsome semi-auto .22 LR rimfire rig weighs 6.5 lbs. with its 18″ barrel. The modestly-priced TM22 sports an AR-type grip, commercial buffer tube adapter, top rail, and M-LOK fore-end. The rifle is set up with right-handed controls, but the TM22 can easily be modified for left-handed operation. The TM22 ships with two 10-rd aluminum magazines with aftermarket 15- and 25-round magazines available.

8. Midsouth — 1000 Rounds Federal 9mm FMJ Ammo, $314.99

federal american eagle fmj 9mm ammo ammunition sale midsouth
Great DEAL on quality Federal 9mm Luger (9x19mm) ammo

Here’s a great ammo offering, with major-brand quality 9mm cartridges from Federal. Get 1000 rounds of 115gr FMJ American Eagle ammo for just $314.99 at Midsouth. This works out to just $15.75 per 50rd box — a great deal. We have shot this ammo in a variety of 9x19mm pistols and it is very reliable. This is NOT loose bulk-pack, there are twenty convenient 50rd boxes.

9. CDNN Sports — Compact Lightweight Binoculars, $9.99-$27.46

compact discount sale binoculars waterproof simmons tasco bushnell
Super-low prices on compact binoculars — up to 63% Off

Need a spare pair of compact, lightweight binoculars? Now you can get a decent set of weatherproof binoculars for under $25.00. Choose from Bushnell, Simmons, and Tasco binoculars on sale now at CDNN Sports starting at just $9.99. We like the Bushnell H20 8×25 waterproof binocs at $17.76 — 61% off the $44.99 MSRP. NOTE: None of these are truly excellent binoculars that can compete with a $400+ Nikon, Leica, Sightron, or Zeiss. But these are small, handy, and can fit in a vehicle glove box or a fanny pack. So they can be used regularly when you’re hiking, camping, or game-watching.

10. MidwayUSA — Walker’s Shooting Glasses, 4 Lenses, $14.72

walker's four lens ANSI Z87 Shooting glasses eye protection
Versatile eye protection — 4 colors of lenses plus adjustable frame

Walker’s Adjustable Sport Glasses feature FOUR interchangeable lenses made of high-grade polycarbonate that exceeds ANSI 287.1-2003 High Impact Requirements. The interchangeable lenses come in four colors (Smoke Gray, Amber, Yellow, and Clear). The frames adjust for length and angle. These safety glasses ship with a soft carrying pouch that holds the extra lenses. This is a good deal — the same combo kit sells for $23.53 on Amazon!

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January 29th, 2023

Gun Talk Radio Today — Barrett Firearms Buyout and New Novel

guntalk radio tom gresham barrett firearms

There are some interesting topics covered today, Sunday 1/29/2023, on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports. The episode covers the acquisition of Barrett Firearms by the Australian NIOA group. In addition, there is coverage of a new gun-related novel and gear from Vertx.

NOTE: If you miss the live broadcast on 1/29/2023 at 2-5 PM, just visit the Gun Talk Podcast archive.

barrett firearms nioa group

Barrett Firearms recently changed hands. Rob Nioa, CEO of the NIOA group which acquired Barrett Firearms, joins Tom to discuss the recent purchase. The transaction promises to increase the production and visibility of Barrett Firearms while introducing new and innovative product. Rob Nioa assured Tom that Barrett production would remain at Barrett’s Tennessee factory: “We are going to make sure nothing changes in the quality of the product. Nothing changes in where the products are manufactured.”

guntalk radio tom gresham barrett firearmsThis Sunday, Tom talks with Pulitzer-prize winning author Steven Hunter about his new book The Bullet Garden. This just-published novel features legendary Marine and father of literary icon Bob Lee. The book visits battlefields of World War II as Earl Swagger embarks on a top secret and deadly mission. CLICK HERE to read FREE 49-page preview of The Bullet Garden. Or listen to FREE Audio Sample on Amazon.

In hour three, Tom talks with Dan Groce of Vertx about concealed carry equipment. Vertx sells backpacks, duffles, cases, and cloth pouches designed to carry guns, ammo, and accessories.

In its 26th year of syndication, Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio show airs live on Sundays from 2:00 to 5:00 PM Eastern and runs on more than 270 stations weekly. Listen to a Radio Station near you or listen via internet Live Streaming. All Gun Talk shows can be later accessed and downloaded for free as Podcasts online. Below is last week’s Gun Talk Radio Podcast which covered recent ATF rulings about AR pistol braces:

Gun Talk Radio is also available on, YouTube, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

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