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June 3rd, 2023

CaseCruzer Handgun Transport Cases — The Best You Can Get

CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

A California company, CaseCruzer, makes the nicest multi-pistol hard cases we’ve ever seen. With capacities from 2 pistols to 6 pistols, these lockable range cases hold handguns securely in angled “quick-draw” slots. In addition to the molded pistol carriers, there are slots for magazines together with a separate compartment for muffs, ammo, and other accessories. The base Quick Drawer 3-Pack and 4-Pack cases are quite expensive at $416.22, but they offer outstanding protection with great usability. We have never seen better handgun transport systems with nice vertical compartments for magazines. Water-tight and dust-proof, CaseCruzer cases are airline approved (ATA 300).

4-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

The smart design of the “Quick Draw” CaseCruzer cases lets you keep your pistol locks in place during transport. There is enough clearance to stow the pistols securely even with bulky trigger-guard locks.

5-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

Wheelgunners will like the CaseCruzer Revolver 6-Pack. CaseCruzer also offers a Quick Draw case that holds six semi-auto pistols with magazines. The semi-auto 6-Pack is offered with optional wheels.

6-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

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May 27th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies: Turret Reloading Presses in Review

turret press reloading progressive Area 419 Zero Lyman RCBS Lee Redding Creedmoor sports

Every handloader can benefit from a turret press. This type of press features an upper rotating disk that has multiple threaded placements for dies or other tools (such as powder dispensers). There are a variety of turret presses on the market today with the remarkable Area 419 9-Station Zero Press at the top end, and the inexpensive Lee turret presses at the other end of the spectrum. In between are Lyman’s 8-station All-American turret, the Redding 7-station T-7 press, and the RCBS 6-station turret.

Today’s Saturday video showcase features notable turret presses from all the major makers. We lead off with a feature on the advanced Area 419 ZERO 9-station turret.

Area 419 ZERO 9-Station Turret Reloading Press — Without Peer

Area 419 offers the impressive ZERO reloading press, a 9-station turret press with some very unique features. This press was designed to be the most precise turret ever created. As tested by Gavin Gear of, the ZERO turret press delivered very impressive shoulder-bump consistency and ultra-low seated bullet run-out (about +/- 0.0005″). The numbers were as good as you can get from a quality single-stage press, so Area 419 did some impressive engineering. We would expect that, as this represents a big investment — MSRP is $1275.00. SEE FULL REVIEW on

area 419 turret reloading press

The ZERO turret press lets you install up to nine (9) different reloading dies in the large top turret, which revolves around a central axis. But unlike most turret presses, the ZERO doesn’t have flex or wobble when you’re loading. This is because Area 419 includes a clever system for locking the turret in position after you’ve selected the die from your array. Area 419 also uses a unique system for securing shell-holders (see video at 12:00). This, likewise, adds to the precision of the press.

Quick Comparison Videos — Lyman, Lee, Redding

Below we’ve included a couple quick video “shorts” which show the Lyman Turret Press and the Lee Classic 4-Hole Turret in action. After those two vertical-format videos, there is an interesting comparison between the Redding T-7 and Lyman 8-station turret press:

This video has a side-by-side comparison of the Redding T-7 and the Lyman 8-station turret press:

Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8-Station Turret Press

Lyman Brass Smith Turret Press All American 8 eight turrets reloading

The Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8-station press is an impressive product introduced five years ago. In 2018, Lyman introduced a new 8-station turret press, the All American 8. The All-American 8 has become popular with handloaders. With a $253.49 street price, the 8-station Lyman is $122 cheaper than the $375.95 7-station Redding T-7. No question, that’s a significant price advantage, and we believe Lyman has grabbed sales from Redding.

Our friend Gavin Gear of created an informative video showing press set-up and loading function. Gavin was excited to work with this beefy new turret press: “Why was this Lyman press anticipated so highly? A few reasons are: the 8-station capacity, cast iron construction, on-press priming system, ambidextrous design, and turret rear support for repeatable sizing and bullet seating.”

More Stations Provide More Reloading Options
Gavin liked having 8 stations, because this offers more flexibility. With eight stations, you can have four two-die sets, or three two-die sets plus a dedicated decapping die and a powder measure. Gavin notes: “I’ve owned many reloading presses, including 3-station, 4-station, 5-station, and 7-station variants, but I’ve never owned an 8-station press until the Brass Smith All-American 8 came to the shop. I’ll have to say… you can’t get too many stations, especially on a manually-indexed turret. I love the idea that you can leave dies on the press, and load multiple calibers/chamberings using the same turret setup.”

Redding T-7 with Creedmoor Sports Enhanced Turret Head

The Redding T-7 has long been a leading turret press for precision handloaders. It offers one more station than the other “green” turret press offered by RCBS. It has a reliable optional priming system and plenty of leverage. Recently Creedmoor Sports has released an upgraded Enhanced Press Head for the Redding T-7. This $179.95 turret top allows greater precision in case sizing and bullet seating. This UltimateReloader video covers the advantages of the new precision turret head. READ Full Report on

Creedmoor Sports also offers enhanced precision press heads for the RCBS Turret Press, and Lyman 8 Turret Press. Both priced at $179.95, these two enhanced heads are featured in the video below:

Redding T-7 That Has Loaded over 1 Million Rounds

Here’s something you don’t see every day — a reloading press that has loaded over 1,000,000 rounds of ammo. At the NRA Convention in Dallas in 2018, Redding showcased an old Redding T-7 Turret Press delivered to Sierra Bullets decades ago. 0ne of the very first T-7s made by Redding, this “old warrior” was used by Sierra Bullets to load over 1,000,000 rounds of ammunition in Sierra’s ballistics lab. After all that loading, Redding tested the press and, remarkably, found that it still remained “within spec”. Redding notes: “This press was subjected to real world reloading wear and stress yet remains within ‘new’ spec after this historic test”.

Redding t-7 turret press

RCBS Six-Station Turret Press

This Editor has used an RCBS Turret Press for over 15 years. It does not have the most stations or the most sophisticated features, but it has proven very reliable over the years. I use it primarily to use with pistol sizing and seating dies. Having six stations allows me to load multiple cartridge types: 9x19mm, .357 Magnum, and .45 ACP. READ FULL REVIEW on

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May 24th, 2023

Sightron Introduces New S-TAC 1-4.5x24mm Service Rifle Scope

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

Sightron has introduced a new 1-4.5x24mm optic designed for service rifle shooters. The new S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 Service Scope is a Second Focal Plane (SFP) optic designed and engineered for CMP Service Rifle and NRA High Power Rifle competition. The S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 boasts high-quality optical glass with MC-333 lens multi-coatings. This provides great light transmission while reducing flare.

Sightron’s new S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 boasts an impressive 100 MOA elevation travel and 60 MOA of windage travel with 1/4-MOA clicks. The tube is 30mm aircraft aluminum, nitrogen charged for waterproofing. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides consistent, reliable, and repeatable adjustments. Testers confirm the turrets have very postitive, audible clicks while the elevation and windage numbers are easy to read.

The new SR1 reticle provides a clean sight picture with a 9 MOA circle surrounding a 1/2 MOA aiming dot. One MOA stadia lines on the horizontal and lower vertical areas help draw the eye to the center of the reticle. See this below in this image from Creedmoor Sports.

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope
sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

Housed in a rugged, 30mm aircraft aluminum tube, the S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 is engineered to withstand extremely high shock-loads, and is nitrogen-charged for waterproofing up to IPX7 standards. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides consistent, reliable, and repeatable adjustments.

SIGHTRON S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 Scope Features:

Second Focal Plane LPVO designed for CMP Service Rifle and NRA High Power Rifle Competition

MC-333 multi-coatings provide exceptional light transmission with reduced flare

Tactical turrets with solid, tactile audible clicks and easy to read numbers

ExacTrack Windage and Elevation System

Sightron Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Length: 10.3″ Weight: 20.8 oz.

MSRP: $499.99

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May 11th, 2023

Got Ammo? Here Are 15 Good Vendors for Factory Ammunitions

online internet ammo ammunition purchasing

With our inflationary economy, ammo continues to go up in price. So many readers are looking for bargains on factory-loaded ammunition, particularly for popular cartridge types such as .22 LR, 9x19mm (9mm Luger), .357 Mag, .223 Rem (5.56×45), and 6.5 Creedmoor. It this article we list 15 reliable online sources for factory-loaded ammo. You may want to bookmark this page so you can quickly scan and price-check multiple vendors. In addition, you can use a service such as

Online Ammo Vendors — 15 Solid Choices

Bass Pro Natchez loaded ammo
Brownells Brownells loaded ammunition ammo
Bruno Shooters Supplies Bruno's loaded ammo ammunition
Cabela’s Cabela's loaded ammo ammunition
Creedmoor Sports Creedmoor loaded ammo Ammunition
Graf & Sons Graf Graf's loaded ammo ammunition
KYGUNCO kygunco loaded ammo ammunition
Lucky Gunner Luck gunner loaded ammo ammunition
Midsouth Shooters Supplies Midsouth loaded ammo ammunition
MidwayUSA MidwayUSA loaded ammo ammunition
Natchez Shooters Supplies Natchez loaded ammo ammunition
Palmetto State Armory PSA Palmetto loaded ammo ammunition
Precision Reloading Precision Reloading loaded ammo ammunition
Sportsman’s Warehouse Sportsmans warehouse loaded ammo ammunition
Target Sports USA TrueShot Reloading loaded ammo

Why Should You Shop for Ammo Online?
By shopping online for ammo, you can save money, get a wider selection, and get bulk discounts. explains: “Online purchases [can] save you a lot of money [and can] also save your time… one of the most important advantages is definitively the huge selection.” With online retailers you can quickly compare prices, and you will often get a discount on a large order (300 rounds or more) that is not available in local stores. Note, with some large vendors such as Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse you can order online then pick up in a local store.

Are There Restrictions on Online Ammo Purchasing?
In most (but not all) U.S. states is it legal to order ammunition online to be shipped to your residence. However, you MUST check your State and local laws and regulations. In some states and/or cities, it is ILLEGAL to purchase ammunition online for shipment across state lines with direct delivery. For example, in California, all ammo must be purchased from a licensed ammo dealer/vendor with a state background check (so much for the Second Amendment)*. Likewise Washington DC, and Hawaii do not allow online ammunition purchases. And there are restrictions in New York City. In Alaska there are multiple shipping regulations that impact ammo deliveries from online sales so many vendors do not ship to Alaska.

*In some instances ammo can be purchased online from an out-of-state seller who will then ship to an authorized, in-state California vendor who may transfer the ammo for a fee with background checks as required by CA law.

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April 26th, 2023

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Guns from Howa & Citadel

howa citadel usa flag cerakote gun edition pistol shotgun

Would you like to show your patriotism and honor America with the color scheme of your firearms? Well gun-makers Howa and Citadel now offer patriotic colors for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. A variety of Howa rifles and Citadel guns are offered with a handsome red, white, and blue USA Flag pattern. In addition, there is a grayscale USA flag option for these arms. That grayscale flag is still patriotic, yet less dramatic.

Howa’s USA Flag pattern firearms line-up includes the APC Steel and Carbon Fiber Flag Chassis rifle, the Mini Action Excl Lite, and the TSPX Chassis rifle. On the Howas and the Citadel Trakr rifles, the flag patterns are a rugged, protective Cerakote finish. The Citadel handgun collection offers the USA Flag pattern in the Citadel CP9 9mm series, the Citadel .45 ACP full size 1911, and the Citadel compact .380 Auto 1911. Citadel Trakr .22 LR rimfire rifles are also available with USA Flag and Grayscale options for both semi-auto and bolt-action models.

howa citadel usa flag cerakote gun edition pistol shotgun

HOWA Flag Collection

• APC Chassis Series including Steel & Carbon models – 6.5 Creedmoor / .308 Win

• Mini Excl Lite – .223 / 6.5 Grendel / 7.62 x 39 / 6mm ARC / 350 Legend

• TSP X Chassis – 6.5 Creedmoor / .308 Win

howa citadel usa flag cerakote gun edition pistol shotgun

CITADEL Flag Collection

howa citadel usa flag cerakote gun edition pistol shotgun

• Trakr – .22 LR in Semi Auto & Bolt

• BOSS 25 12-Gauge Shotguns

• 1911 .45 ACP

• 1911 .380 AUTO

• CP9 9mm Series

PDF Product Catalog Available
CLICK HERE to view full Howa/Citadel Product Catalog with all patriotic color options. The Citadel Trakr .22 LR Rimfires and Boss 25 shotgun are also available in the USA Flag and Grayscale options. Cerakoted ammo cans in the USA Flag and Grayscale Flag are available with the Citadel handguns.

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April 17th, 2023

Report from the 2023 NRA Show in Indianapolis — New Products

new guns rifles products nra meetings exhibits show 2023

new guns rifles products nra meetings exhibits show 2023NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits
The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indiana proved a popular and successful event. There were over 600 exhibitors showcasing a huge variety of firearms, optics, hunting gear, and other products.

NRA member attendance was excellent, with large crowds in the Exhibit Halls, and long lines to attend the major speaking events, which included an address by former President Donald Trump at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum.

Forum members who attended said the “vibe” at the event was very positive, with strong attendance. That’s a good sign for the future. The 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will be held in Dallas, Texas. That should prove a very popular venue.

There were many new guns and optics on display. The GunsAmerica Digest team has reports on multiple new (or recently introduced) products. You can see a dozen videos from the 2023 NRA Show on the GunsAmerica YouTube Channel. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce was impressed with a new semi-auto rifle from IWI, which has some real advantages over AR-platform rifles. The new IWI Carmel Rifle has an adaptable chassis, and can switch between normal and suppressor modes.

“This new semiautomatic rifle [from IWI] features a short-stroke gas piston system and a locking, rotating bolt system for maximum safety…. The Carmel rifle is fully ambidextrous, making it easily customizable with MLOK rails at the 3, 6, and 9 positions for compatibility with various accessories. It also has a 2-position gas regulator, allowing the user to switch between regular and suppressor mode. The rifle’s cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined, free-floating barrel enhances accuracy and prolongs the life cycle of the weapon.” — GunsAmerica Digest, by S.H. Blannelberry.

GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce also visited the CZ booth to check out the brand new Scorpion 3+, which is available in three versions. Micro with 4.2″; Pistol with 7.8″ barrel, and Carbine with 16.3″ barrel.

New Pistols and Colt Rifle on Display at NRA Show
The NRA’s American Rifleman magazine has also featured five new guns on display at the NRA Exhibit Hall: Colt CBX TacHunter rifle; FN America Reflex compact pistol; EAA Girsan MC 14T .380 ACP pistol; Henry Big Boy revolver; and Kimber KDS9 Double-Stack pistol.

colt cbx tachunter rifle nra meetings exhibits show 2023

Here is the new Colt CBX TacHunter rifle, the first rifle offering from Colt in many years. Price at $999 MSRP, the Colt CBX has some notable features:

“A flat-bottom receiver is designed to reduce flexing, which helps to aid precision shooting. The gun’s action features a short, 60-degree bolt throw for fast follow-up shots while also providing clearance for mounted optics. Users will also find an ambidextrous magazine-release latch, three sling-swivel studs, angled pistol-grip stock and textured gripping surfaces. The TacHunter is available in .308 Win.”– American Rifleman

Silencer Central Takes ATF eForm Applications at NRA Show
shooting wire paul erhardt nra meetings exhibits show 2023
The Silencer Central booth was swamped, and one staff member reported they expect to process the paperwork for anywhere from 500 to 700 suppressors. Photo by P. Erhardt.

Paul Erhardt of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network* was impressed by the turn-out of members at the NRA Meetings: “What many people don’t realize about the NRA Show is that it is actually not just a consumer expo but a real selling show. Obviously not for firearms or ammunition, but just about everything else that isn’t regulated or restricted is being sold, and most often at show special pricing. Several exhibitors that had retail operations in their booths were slammed with customers during the opening hours of the show.

But perhaps nothing compared to the frenzy at the Silencer Central booth where they were helping customers prepare and submit their ATF eForms for suppressor purchases. Customers were backed up into the booth as they waited their turn at the two banks of laptops and digital fingerprint scanners used to process paperwork which is now taking on average 270 days for the ATF to process.”

CLICK HERE for Full Shooting Wire NRA Show Report with 10 Show Photos and more products.

* The Shooting Wire is a free email newsletter that is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Shooting Wire is part of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network which is comprised of 10 individual wires, as well as a Spanish language edition of The Outdoor Wire.

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April 14th, 2023

NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits Are Underway in Indianapolis

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

Today’s the day folks — the first full day of the 2023 NRA Convention. The 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will take place at the Indiana Convention Center on April 14-16, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Exhibit Hall is open all three days and will showcase over 14 acres of guns and gear from over 600 manufacturers and retailers.

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

There are over 600 exhibitors at the large Convention Center. Leading companies including Berger Bullets, Lapua, Vihtavuori Powder, Hornady, Sierra, Kimber, Remington, Smith & Wesson, and countless more.

CLICK HERE for Searchable Directory of Exhibitors »

Organized events include the NRA-ILA Banquet and Auction, the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, plus multiple seminars. There will be appearances from notable celebrities, and a major Saturday concert with leading musical artists. The NRA Foundation dinner and auction was held last night. Here are the major events set for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 14-16, 2023:

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

15th Annual NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction
April 14, 2023 | JW Marriott — Grand Ballroom

NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
April 14, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — Hall A

NRA Foundation’s Annual National Firearms Law Seminar
April 14, 2023 | Marriott Indianapolis Downtown — Indiana Ballroom

17th Annual Women’s Leadership Forum – Luncheon & Auction
April 14, 2023 | J.W. Marriott — White River Ballroom

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

NRA Clubs & Associations Workshop
April 14, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — Room 234

Annual Meeting of Members
April 15, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — Hall A

National Prayer Breakfast
April 16, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — Hall A

NRA Women’s New Energy Breakfast
April 16, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — 500 Ballroom

NRA Youth Day
April 16, 2023 | Indiana Convention Center — Wabash Ballroom

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention indianapolis convention center april 2023 indiana

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April 12th, 2023

Silencer Central Will Process Applications at NRA Convention

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4Suppressor Processing at NRA Convention
Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, will allow NRA Convention attendees to submit their ATF eForm 4 application onsite with purchase. This special program will be available at the Silencer Central booth (#7963) at the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits, April 14-16, 2023, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To streamline the process of obtaining a suppressor, attendees will be able to purchase a silencer at the Silencer Central booth (#7963), have their photo and fingerprints taken, generate their free NFA Gun Trust, setup a no-fees, no-interest payment plan for just $199 down, receive assistance registering for their account, and get submitted to the ATF all at the event.

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4

Silencer Central CEO Brandon Maddox stated: “This new process helps us deliver on that commitment by allowing our customers to purchase, certify, and submit right on the spot.” This can save suppressor buyers many days or even weeks in processing time.

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4

“We make buying silencers simple,” said Maddox. “While others might say they share that claim, we continue to lead the pack with our investment in innovation and technology while approaching our customer experience with a lens for continuous improvement.”

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4

Silencer Central delivers silencers directly to customers in the 42 states where silencers are legal. Silencer Central’s process has revolutionized the way suppressors are sold and reduced unnecessary hurdles to silencer ownership. For more information, call 888-781-8778 or visit

silencer central NRA annual meetings convention ATF suppressor application Indianapolis indiana 2023 eForm 4

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April 9th, 2023

Sunday Showcase: Noteworthy Optics from SHOT Show 2023

ZEISS LRP sightron leupold burris S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show sightron leupold Schmidt bender ffp prs nrl

Over the past 12 months we have seen noteworthy innovations in riflescopes. Some very impressive scopes were showcased at SHOT Show 2023, including the impressive ZEISS LRP S3 FFP optics, and a stunning $5790.00 10-60X Schmidt & Bender. Advanced technology is also being integrated into modern riflescopes, as witnessed by a new Burris optic with a digital display linked to a Ballistic App via Bluetooth.

Gun blogger Jonathan Ocab, a very skilled shooter with both rifles and cameras, visited the booths of numerous optics makers at SHOT Show 2023. In this Sunday Showcase, Jonathan reviews some of the most notable riflescopes seen at SHOT Show. This article features seven optics brands: ZEISS, Sightron, Schmidt & Bender, Leupold, Tangent Theta, Burris, and Bushnell.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scopes — Class-Leading Elevation and Good Value

I stopped by the ZEISS booth to check out the ZEISS LRP S3 scopes that were released in the latter half of 2022. The ZEISS LRP S3 is available in two core models: 4-25x50mm and 6-36x56mm. Both scopes have 34mm main tubes and the minimum parallax distances are 16.4 yards and 10.9 yards for the 4-25X and 6-36X scopes, respectively.


The ZEISS LRP S3 scopes earned attention because the 4-25x50mm version has 46.5 MRAD/160 MOA of elevation travel while the 6-36x56mm has 32 MIL/110 MOA elevation travel. The 32 MIL elevation range of the 6-36X is exceptionally good while the 46.5 MIL elevation travel of the 4-25x50mm is best in class. Nothing else out there really rivals this. The Zeiss LRP S3 turrets and knobs are smooth, with the elevation and windage turrets having tactile clicks with no springy play from click to click.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show ffp prs nrl

Optically, they looked very good and in discussions with people who have LRP S3 scopes, they all indicated the LRP S3 was their favorite scope before stepping into the realm of Kahles, Zero Compromise Optic, and the other very pricey optics.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show ffp prs nrl

The ZEISS LRP S3 has an MSRP of $2199.99 and $2499.99 USD for the 5-25x50mm and 6-36x56mm versions, respectively. Given the features and capabilities of the LRP S3 series, I am surprised more people are not using them for NRL22/NRL22X and PRS Rimfire competitions. [Editor: The word is getting out and, and yes, more ZEISS LRP S3s are being used now at NRL22 and PRS rimfire matches.]

Sightron SVIII 5-40×56mm ED FFP

While not new, I needed to check out the Sightron SVIII 5-40x56mm ED FFP which has been out for nearly a year. Sightron’s current flagship scope, the SVIII 4-40x56mm, has a 40mm tube main tube which facilitates the 40 MIL elevation and 20 MIL windage adjustments. The SVIII offers the choice between a traditional crosshair reticle with hashes (LRM reticle) or a tree-style reticle (MH-6).

sightron sviii ed ffp scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show sightron leupold Schmidt bender 4-50x56mm

The extra-low dispersion glass in combination with their MC-777 Fully multi-coated optics provides top tier image quality in a package that carries an MSRP of $2899.

Schmidt & Bender 10-60×56mm Scope

Schmidt & Bender showed off its new 10-60x56mm scope. This 10-60x56mm uses a 34mm main tube and I am going to guess that this impacted the elevation travel as the specifications indicate it has only 25 MRAD available. Note that I say ‘only’ because 30 MRAD of elevation travel is becoming a common benchmark in the industry for long range precision rifle scopes.

s&b schmidt bender 10-60x56mm ffp sfp m1FL

The S&B 10-60x56mm is oriented towards competitive rifle shooters including F-Class, benchrest, and (extreme) long range shooters. This is reflected in the M1FL reticle that is used for the 10-60x56mm.

s&b schmidt bender 10-60x56mm ffp sfp m1FL
Schmidt & Bender M1FL reticle (Source: S&B)

Note that the M1FL lacks a tree-style reticle and keeps the field of view clear with a basic crosshair reticle with MIL graduations. It is also important to note that the 10-60x56mm will be available in a Second Focal Plane (SFP) MOA scope with adjustment values of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA.

Schmidt & Bender is supporting either standard 0.1 MIL adjustment turrets or 0.05 MIL using their Multi Turn II turrets. The scope displayed had Mil turrets and was First Focal Plane (FFP). But S&B has posted: “MOA shooters take note: Soon, the 10-60x56mm will be offered with a Second Focal Plane MOA-based reticle and corresponding turret configurations with click values of ¼ or ⅛ MOA. So stay tuned.”

The 10-60x56mm also has the illumination and parallax adjustment on the same turret. While this is not new to scopes in general as many manufacturers do this, many previous S&B scopes have a separate reticle illumination knob which would affect what scope mounts could be used.

Given the reticle choice and the ability to go very fine on the turret adjustments, I feel that this scope will be sought after by F-Class and Benchrest shooters. Not to mention the 60X maximum magnification will turn the rifle scope into a spotting scope as needed (e.g., seeing hit locations when shooting on paper as opposed to electronic targets). The S&B 10-60x56mm is not a scope meant for the NRL/PRS type shooter. shows a starting price of $5790.00 for the the Schmidt & Bender 10-60x56mm. There is also a version priced at $5940.00, making this one of the most expensive optics on the market.

Leupold’s New Mark 5HD 2-10×30mm

I went to the Leupold booth to discover a new Mark 5HD iteration in the form of the 2-10x30mm optic. It is quite apparent, based on the magnification range, that new Mark 5HD 2-10x30mm is meant to compete in the Low Power Variable Optic (LVPO) arena. However, unlike other LVPOs, the Mark 5HD 2-10×30 has adjustable parallax from 40 yards to infinity — thank you Leupold!

leupold mark 5hd LPVO ffp prs nrl

The new Mark 5HD has the typical features found on prior Mark 5HD scopes including a 35mm main tube, locked elevation turret, capped windage turret, and the mini-throw lever on the magnification ring.

The Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30mm will be available in MOA with the PR1 reticle and in MIL with the TMR reticle (either illuminated or non-illuminated), and all are First Focal Plane. The MSRP is $1999.99 for the non-illuminated reticle versions and $2499.99 for the illuminated version.

Tangent Theta TT735P 7-35x56mm

Those who prefer top-tier scopes will be enamored with the new Tangent Theta TT735P scope. Tangent Theta, a Canadian company, produces very exacting scopes that are renowned for their high degree of quality including optics, functional performance, and construction and durability.

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage App

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage AppThe new TT735P from Tangent Theta is a 7-35x56mm zoom scope with a 56mm objective. Unlike the other Tangent Theta models already in production which have a 34mm tube, the TT735P uses a 36mm tube. The TT735P has the same tool-less zeroing turrets which are highly regarded in existing Tangent Theta scopes.

10M Minimum Parallax Distance
The one huge feature in the TT735P is that it has a minimum parallax of 10 meters, which makes it viable for high-end rimfire platforms (e.g. NRL22/PRS). I really do not know how to convey the quality of the TT735P scope to anyone who has not handled a Tangent Theta before. The turrets are superb in tactile feel and the tool-less turret re-zeroing capability is a very exceptional (and useful) feature. This scope also offers a lockable diopter.

The new TT735P scope is one very pricey optic. The Tangent Theta 7-35×56mm is listed on the website as ranging from USD $6,369.00 to USD $6,872.00 depending on reticle.

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage App
Gen 3 XR reticle is one of the reticle offerings for the TT735P (Source: ATI/TT)

Burris Optics 4-20x50mm Veracity PH with PEK

There is one quite notable new scope that I wanted to bring up that I saw during SHOT Show 2023 and that is the Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App

The Veracity PH is a 4-20x50mm riflescope with a 30mm main tube. It has a MOA reticle with 66 MOA and 37 MOA travel available on 1/4 MOA elevation and windage turrets, respectively. This sounds like a very hunter-oriented scope given the relatively short amount of elevation travel and the fact that it is in MOA. So, given the basic specifications, the Veracity PH is nothing spectacular to behold. That is until you learn more about the Programmable Elevation Knob (PEK) that is featured on the Veracity PH scope.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App

The PEK elevation knob does not have tactile clicks like a normal turret would and freely spins (albeit with tension). The reticle moves up and down mechanically with the erector as it normally should. However, the elevation turret is tied to the PEK system to control a digital display inside the scope’s sight picture. Note: Cant/bubble level is not visible in this photo.

The display shows a distance, the windage hold, and the rifle cant (level). The distance and windage hold values are based on the ballistic profile that will be synced with the scope via the Burris Connect phone App over Bluetooth. Note that you can elect to display the distance (that the elevation knob is set to given the ballistic profile) in yards or meters, or display the MOA dialed on the elevation turret.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App
Burris Wind MOA FFP Reticle with PEK. (Source: Burris Optics)

The cant/bubble level in the digital display is probably the highlight feature for me as this gets a level reference in the same plane of vision as the sight picture. No changing focus to the scope rail, scope mount, or the physical scope where a bubble level may be attached. The shooter can stay on target with the sight picture and see the level of the scope (and rifle).

Furthermore, the Burris Optics representative indicated that you can set the zero of the level using the Burris Connect App. The Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm has an MSRP of $1200.00.

Bushnell Optics Match Pro ED 5-30×56mm

Bushnell Optics Match Pro 5-30x56mm ffp sfp $699.99

Bushnell Optics Match Pro 5-30x56mm ffp sfp $699.99Affordable Bushnell 5-30x56mm Match Pro
I made sure to visit Bushnell to see the new Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56mm scope. This scope came out in December 2022 and is getting positive buzz because of its good glass quality and feature set at a $699.99 price point.

The Match Pro ED is a 5-30X magnification scope with a 56mm objective and 34mm main tube. It has locking turrets with a zero-stop for the elevation turret, and 30 MRAD and 14.5 MRAD travel for the elevation and windage, respectively.

The elevation knob has 10 MRAD per revolution for clear, easy to read graduations. The minimum parallax is 15 yards making this suitable for rimfire matches like NRL22. It comes with the Deploy MIL 2reticle, a tree-style illuminated reticle.

SHOT Show exhibition lighting is bad, but the glass looks solid. The fact that this scope is sold out at Bushnell could indicate that consumers are already clamoring for this scope.

About the Reviewer — Jonathan Ocab
Jonathan Ocab publishes various shooting sports articles on his Blog and shooting sports videos on his YouTube channel.

jonathan ocab rimfire photography video firearms ffp prs nrl

A former High Power Service Rifle competitor (Distinguished Rifleman), Jonathan is now primarily a recreational shooter in pistol, rifle, and rimfire, with a heavy emphasis on the latter as he is currently the NRL22 Match Director at his local range. See

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April 9th, 2023

Chess Set for Gun Guys and Gals — Clever Concept

Gun cartridge Chess

Gun cartridge ChessHow about a game of “Cartridge Chess”, with chess pieces sourced from your own ammunition collection? We think the concept of a Cartridge Chess Set is pretty clever, and it’s bound to be a conversation-starter at home or at the hunting lodge. With a little creativity, our readers could make their own Chess Sets like this, using a variety of cartridge types.

Create Your Own Cartridge Chess Set
This is a 3-D rendering found on the Cheaper Than Dirt Facebook page. We’d like to see a chess set with actual cartridges (assembled without powder or primers), perhaps with .32 ACP pawns and the 50 BMG and .338 LM as King and Queen.

Challenge: How many cartridge and shotshell types can you identify? The Pawns look like 9mm or 40sw pistol cartridges, while the Rooks (Castles) are obviously 12ga shotgun shells.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?: How many of you sharp-eyed chessmasters noticed a mistake in the placement of the “Royals” in the Cheaper Than Dirt 3-D rendering. Hint — look at the grid layout (top left) for the correct placement of Kings and Queens.

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April 5th, 2023

Super-Sized Deluxe Shooting Mats from Creedmoor Sports

creedmoor sports Deluxe Long Range Double Mat

New Deluxe Extra-Long Shooting Mat with Extended Sides

Creedmoor Sports now offers a new Deluxe Long Range Shooting Mat with extended right- and left-side wings. This 32″ x 106″ mat was designed with feedback from long-range shooters who needed features not found in conventional shooting mats. The mat is available now for $199.95 at Creedmoor Sports.

Deluxe Long Range Shooting Mat Features
Centrally located, non-slip MegaGripII rubber pad to prevent rear bag from slipping
Increased overall length and width (at 106″ OAL, the mat is 8.8 feet long!)
Side flaps with storage compartments for increased space when shooting
Rear extension flat to keep shooter’s entire body on the mat
Front flap to lessen dirt and debris from muzzle blast

creedmoor sports Deluxe Long Range Double Mat

This roll-up style Deluxe Long Range Shooting Mat has a 1000 denier Cordura Nylon upper with a water-resistant vinyl bottom. Stake pockets and stakes are included to keep the mat in-place on windy days.

Creedmoor Sports Deluxe Long Range Double Mat

creedmoor sports Deluxe Long Range Double Mat

The Deluxe Long Range Double Mat gives shooters more real estate on the firing line. Measuring 56″ x 67″, this double-sized mat features the same construction as conventional Creedmoor Sports mats, but is twice the size. The increased footprint provides increased space for equipment (spotting scope, ammo box, shot log, tablet for electronic target viewing).

This 56″-wide Double Mat can comfortable support two (2) individuals. This has many benefits:

Shooter and spotter can be side-by-side by for improved communication
Mat allows coaching from alongside the shooter
Mat works for Pair Firing in team competitions

creddmoor sports Deluxe Long Range Double Mat

Price for the Deluxe Double Mat (as shown) is $249.95. Or you can order a custom, made-to-order version with various color fabrics for $289.95. This item is hand made to order at the Creedmoor Sports Alabama facility and can take 14-20 business days to ship.

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March 26th, 2023

2023 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the 50 States

If you plan to travel across state lines with your guns, this book can really help. With over 100 changes from last year, the 2022 edition of Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States is a must-read for anyone planning to travel around the country with firearms. In addition, the book also covers the firearms travel laws for Canada and Mexico.

For $15.95 you can purchase a state-by-state Traveler’s Guide to firearms laws. This book can help ensure you comply with all state laws during your trip. Highways Magazine states: “If you carry a weapon in your rig, you need this book.” This 68-page guide covers all firearms types and all 50 states. It even has info for Canada and Mexico. The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States has sold more than 1,000,000 copies since it was first released in 1996.

This 27th edition of the Traveler’s Guide covers important topics such as carry of firearms in a motor vehicle, concealed carry reciprocity, which states preempt local gun regulation, tips on handling a traffic stop, concealed carry in state and National Parks, vehicle carry and possession on college campuses and much more. Best of all, the text is in plain, easy-to-read English.

Written and researched by J. Scott Kappas, an attorney and Class III Firearms Dealer, the 2022 Traveler’s Guide has a preface that defines many key terms important for anyone traveling with a firearm across state lines. The latest edition also has new formatting for easier reading.

Purchase from for $15.95 with FREE shipping (3-4 weeks), or $19.95 with 1st Class Shipping (5-7 days). You can also purchase the book from Amazon direct for $16.30, or from 3rd Party Amazon sellers for the same price with free shipping.

MORE INFO at | CLICK HERE for Sample Pages

The Traveler’s Guide is especially useful for shooters traveling in RVs and motorhomes. The American Rifleman Magazine declared: “This book is a must-have for truck drivers, motor home enthusiasts, campers and other travelers…easy to read and understand, well-organized and concise….” One reader from Texas adds: “I used to think that my RV was the same as my home when it came to gun carry….the Traveler’s Guide set me straight. Now I know my motorhome is subject to the same laws as any vehicle when it comes to guns.”

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March 20th, 2023

Quick Pix — Product Snapshots from IWA Outdoor Classics

iwa outdoor classics photos products 2023 showcase

Here are select product images from IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 trade show in Nuremburg (Nürnberg) Germany. We reviewed hundreds of images to find some of the more interesting products on display. We hope our readers enjoy this vicarious look at the IWA Outdoor Classics show.

There are over 220 photos online from the 2023 IWA Outdoor Classics event. You can access them through the IWA 2023 photo archive. Here are a few product images that we thought our readers would enjoy.

IWA outdoor classics cz 600 rifle wood stock bolt-action creedmoor germany hunter
Twin CZ 600 Range rifles on display. The CZ 600 Range features a modern wood laminated stock and cold-hammer-forged barred. CZ guarantees 3/4-MOA accuracy at 100 meters.

IWA outdoor classics cute women binoculars optics lens demo germany hunter
Young lady looks through the latest Leica GeoVid Pro 8×32 Laser Rangefinder binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics tactical PRS MPA chassis 6mm creedmoor schmidt bender scope demo germany hunter
Schmidt & Bender FFP MRAD scope mounted on precision rifle with Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Chassis and 6.5 Creedmoor 1:8″-twist MPA barrel.

IWA outdoor classics hunting jacket camo camouflage gear germany hunter
The IWA Outdoor Classics show is very much about hunting. Here’s a display of the latest and greatest camo and Hi-Viz (day-glo) apparel for hunters.

IWA outdoor classics eye protection glasses color lenses germany spectrum
All shooters should ALWAYS wear quality eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. This display shows that you can choose from a wide spectrum of lens colors and frame types.

IWA outdoor classics optics lens rangefinder binoculars germany hunter
Trio of Pulsar Optics — binoculars, thermal monocular, and thermal imaging binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics GECO ammo ammunition star plus germany hunting
Here’s a selection of GECO Express, Plus, and Star ammunition. GECO, now part of the Swiss RUAG group, was founded in Germany by Gustav Genschow in 1887. Today, GECO ammunition is manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hungary.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany hunting horn brass
IWA Outdoor Classics features traditional hunting gear, such as these handsome brass hunting horns.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany nuremburg pistol
Crowd gathers at the Glock booth in the NürnbergMesse in Bavaria, Germany, home of the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show.

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March 19th, 2023

Sunday GunDay: IWA Outdoors Classics 2023 — Euro SHOT Show

iwa outdoor classics 50th germany nuremburg shot show 2023

The IWA Outdoor Classics, aka the “Euro SHOT Show”, took place in Germany earlier this month. This show, the largest gun/hunting/outdoors trade show in Europe, ran for four days, March 2-5, 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany. Approximately 1,100 exhibitors attracted 34,000 visitors from 119 countries. With those numbers, the IWA Outdoor Classics ranks second only to the USA’s SHOT Show as a global trade show for shooting, hunting, and outdoor activities. This bodes well for IWA Outdoor Classics, which marks its 50th anniversary next year in 2024.

iwa outdoor classics 50th germany nuremburg shot show 2023

steyr iwa Rolan weigert bavaria

Legendary American Shooter Meets VIPs at IWA Show

There were quite a few notable American shooters at the IWA Show in Germany. Here, at the Mossberg booth, legendary pistol and rifle competitor Jerry Miculek meets with Roland Weigert, Bavaria’s State Secretary for Economic Affairs.

jerry miculek iwa mossberg smith wesson Rolan weigert bavaria

Feinwerkbau 900 Competition Air Rifle

Feinwerkbau 900
feinwerkbau 900

German gunmaker Feinwerkbau GmbH displayed a variety of Olympic-grade target rifles, including this impressive Model 900 with aluminum stock. The maker states: “Quality components come together to form a high-precision sporting rifle and a multitude of adjustment options ensure optimum ergonomics. The maintenance-free pressure reducer has been redesigned for even smoother system operation and ensures significantly reduced noise during firing. The optimized system bedding with double barrel clamping ensures highly precise groupings. This results in a new pace setter in the match air rifle sector.” The 900 Aluminum model is available in silver or black as standard, and, in addition, the model can be customized in 13 special colors for an additional charge.

Jumbo Display Bullets from Sax Munitions

sax munitions

Bullet and ammunition manufacturer Sax Munitions GmbH, had an eye-catching display of super jumbo-sized bullets. Just what you’d need to hunt a Dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

There were many innovative optics on display, such as this ATN ThOR LT day/night thermal rifle scope.

Mauser K98 Stock from Pro Mag | Archangel

pro Mag promag archangel mauser k98 stock

Do you have an old Mauser K98 that you’d like to modernize with a more ergonomic stock for hunting and fun competition? Well ProMag Industries has you covered. This polymer stock fits the classic K98 Mauser, and variants including German K-98s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 / 48a, and Turkish. The stock is made from high strength carbon fiber and glass-reinforced black polymer. Actions are secured with precision-fit, inlet steel pillar bedding with free-floated barrel channel. Length of pull is thumbwheel-click-adjustable from 13.5″ to 14.25″. This ProMag K98 stock is offered in black (as shown), desert tan, and olive drab colorsl. This modern stock design lists for just $185.99 MSRP.

Chayeh Z20 — New Straight-Pull Hunting Rifle

Chayeh Z20 liwa arms rifle straight pull slovakia

The Chayeh Z20 from Liwa Arms in Slovakia is a new, straight-pull, bolt-actuated hunting rifle with five-round magazine. The maker states that the Chayeh Z20 is “accurate, safe, fast and reliable rifle with high-end finish for a very surprising price.” The Z20 is currently available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester with three different barrel lenghts and various stock designs.

Walther LP 500 Competition Air Pistols

walther rifle pistol carl lp 500 air pistol competition IWA 2023
walther rifle pistol carl lp 500 air pistol competition IWA 2023

Along with a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles and pistols, Walther showcased its impressive LP 500 air pistol. This beautifully balanced and very ergonomic air pistol is used by top competitors in ISSF 10-meter air pistol events.

ISSC SPA Hunter Toggle-Action Rimfire Rifle

issc span hunter toggle-link

We like toggle-link actions. Originally developed for biathlon rifles where rapid cycling (with minimal rifle movement) is critical, toggle-link actions are now available for rimfire sport and hunting rifles. We were impressed with the ISSC toggle-link action rifle, displayed by the Waffen-Pfandleihhaus group at the IWA show. This ISSC SPA Hunter rifle features a nice wood stock and is offered in three (3) rimfire chamberings: .17 HMR, .22 LR, and .22 WMR. We’d like one of these rigs for ground squirrel safaris.

Classic Wood Stock on Modern Air Rifle — HM1000

hm1000 air rifle hunting rapid air weapons

The HM1000 from Rapid Air Weapons derives it’s linage from the Theoben Rapid 7. Featuring many of the same design cues, the HM (Hunting Model) departs from its family history with such features as side lever cocking, an on-board manometer, an easy access Foster-style fill adapter and fully regulated design. This Hunting model offers a very handsome, high-grade would stock. The fit and finish of this rifle is matched by high standards for accuracy and reliability.

Mini Spotting Scope from Noblex

noblex compact mini spotting scope NS 8-24x50 ED

There are times when you want something steadier and more powerful than binoculars, but you don’t want a massive, heavy spotting scope that might weigh 6 pounds or more. The European optics company Noblex offers a very lightweight (18.7 ounce) 6-24x50mm Mini Spotting Scope. We think many hunters and varmint shooters could use a product like this. Small and light (at just 1.17 pounds), it is also very affordable, with a $419.00 MSRP.

BONUS BLADES — IWA Knife Spotlight

Along with the many pistols, rifles, optics, and accessories displayed at the 2023 IWA show in Germany, there was a special award program for knives. Here are two of the award-winning blades at the IWA Knife Award Ceremony.

iwa knife knives blades awards ceremony

iwa knife knives blades awards ceremony

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March 15th, 2023

New Super Lite Howa Rifles — Just 4 Pounds, 7 Ounces

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

Howa claims that its new Super Lite rifle is the “absolute lightest centerfire rifle on the market”. We can’t confirm that. But at a listed 4 pounds, 7 ounces (without optics), the carbon-fiber stock Super Lite model is certainly very low in weight and mass. That’s an important plus for hunters carrying their gear for long hours in the field.

The Howa Super Lite rifle is currently available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, two of the most popular hunting chamberings. And Howa’s distributor, Legacy Sports Int’l, states that Super Lite rifles in .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 chamberings should be available by summer 2023.

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite rifles were first introduced in Kryptek Altitude and Kryptek Obskura designs (see Kypteck Altitude camo in photo above). For 2023 the Howa Super Lite is offered in three new solid color designs — gray, tan, and green. All using the strong but light Stocky’s Carbon Fiber stock, these new Super Lite models feature a black webbing and soft touch for added texture and enhanced grip on the low-mass carbon stock. For 2023, Howa will also offer a walnut-stocked version of the Super Lite rifle. This weighs a bit more — 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

Howa Super Lite Rifle Features

Stock Options: Gray, Tan, Green, and Krypteck Carbon Fiber Stock 4 lbs. 7 oz. (Walnut Stock, 5 lbs. 9 oz.)
Chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win (.243 Win and 7mm-08 in June 2023)
Stock: Stocky’s Carbon Fiber Stock with Accublock patented Lug Bed
Barrel: 20″ Blued barrel threaded (½”-28) and Suppressor Ready
Trigger: 2-Stage Match Trigger with 3-position Safety
Optics Mounting: Included one-piece Picatinny Rail
Stock Feature: Limbsaver Butt Pad
Warranty: Lifetime Howa Warranty

Accuracy Claim: Sub-MOA 3-shot group at 100 yards with premium factory ammo

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite also has some interesting mechanical features, including machined receiver and gorged bolt, tool-less firing pin removal, and a reliable M-16 style extractor/ejector. CLICK HERE more information on HOWA Super Lite rifles and the rest of the Legacy Sport Int’ls full product line.

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