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May 29th, 2024

2024 SHOT Show Products Featured on Shooting USA Today

shooting usa tv shot show 2024 product video

This Week on Shooting USA – The 2024 SHOT Show
Today Shooting USA features notable products from SHOT Show 2024, a huge event attracting over 2,500 exhibitors. This year was the biggest SHOT Show ever, with exhibits occupying 800,000+ square feet in the Venetian EXPO and Caesars Forum. Thousands of new products were on display.

If you watch just one episode of Shooting USA TV this year, this might well be a top choice. This episode has good coverage of products from leading manufacturers including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Hogue, Hornady, Ruger, Mossberg and more. CLICK HERE for 5/29/24 SHOT Show episode highlights.

USA AIR TIMES: Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central on Outdoor Channel.

Products covered in this episode include:
.22 ARC Cartridge
Canik Tti Combat Pistol
Colt Python
Foundation Stocks
Hornady Lab Scale
Hornady HIT Indicator
Hogue Knives
Les Baer QB 9mm
Mossberg Optics Ready Shotgun
Glock Gen 5 G29/G30
Ruger LC Carbine
S&W 1854 Lever Action
Taurus Expedition Rifle
Taurus TORO Revolver
Trijicon RCR Optic

shooting usa tv shot show 2024 product video

More Featured Products on Today’s Episode of Shooting USA

Colt Python Revolver

Hornady Reloading Scale

S&W 1854 Lever Action Rifle

Hogue Knives

Hornady Mobilis Safe

Trijicon RCR Optic

Shooting USA SHOW TIMES: This Shooting USA Episode airs Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific; 8:00 PM Central on the Outdoor Channel. If you miss the regular broadcast, you can stream the show online at any time on Vimeo for $0.99 per episode.

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May 26th, 2024

Freedom Wall Cabinets Offer Rapid Access Storage

Freedom Cabinet Wall Safe concealment System RFID Biometric

Everyone should have a heavy-duty, thick-walled steel gunsafe for their firearms and valuables. Ideally this should weigh 400+ pounds and offer fire protection for the contents. However, a gun owner may also want more rapid access to defensive arms and security items, in a different part of the home. That is where the “hidden in plain sight” concept comes into play. Metal Art of Wisconsin has some unique wall-hanging products that provide hidden storage.

Freedom Cabinet Holds Long Arms and Pistols — RFID Access

The unique Freedom Cabinet, shown above, is a patriotic, wall-mounted Stars & Stripes Flag-themed concealment unit, offered in three sizes starting at $294.95. Available in Wood, Steel, or Carbon Fiber, each secure Freedom Cabinet features inlaid steel with optional RFID ($29.95) or Biometric ($49.95) locking systems. There is also the Decor series of Freedom Cabinets with simpler, single flip-up covers. CLICK HERE to view all the Decor Freedom Flip-Up Cabinets, ranging from $224.95 for small size (23″x12″) to $424.95 for large size (41″x22″), with 7 different graphic styles. Along with Metal Art’s flip-up Freedom cabinets in various sizes, there is a “Slider” version priced at $294.95.

tactical walls shelf gun safe storage wall

CLICK HERE to see the full selection of Metal Art’s Concealment Cabinets. NOTE: For Memorial Day Weekend, Metal Art of Wisconsin is offering FREE SHIPPING.

Freedom Cabinet Wall Safe concealment System RFID Biometric

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May 25th, 2024

Saturday Movies: XL Press, Dies, Annealer, Scope Cam, Triggers

saturday movies gavin gear ultimate reloader f-class john micron dies bix'n andy trigger AMP annealer forster co-ax xl press

Today’s Saturday showcase features a variety of notable products. We start with the excellent new-generation Micron seating dies. These precision dies deliver very low run-out and very consistent base-to-ogive numbers. Next we highlight the superb Bix’n Andy triggers, both single-stage and 2-stage models. Then Ultimate Reloader reviews the Longshot Hawk Spotting scope camera. This is followed by a detailed video on the state-of-the-art, computer-controlled AMP Mark II DB annealer, an amazing product that can enhance accuracy while dramatically extending useful brass life. For ELR shooters and 50 BMG fans, we include a review of Forster’s Co-Ax XL press. And finally you’ll find a video showing Caldwell’s handy and affordable “Flash Bang” hit detector.

New Micron Seating Dies from Bullet Central

This F-Class John video covers the impressive Micron Precision Series eating dies, both the threaded version and the Arbor Press model. These are beautifully made with very precise seating depth adjustments. John starts by showing the full operation of the Micron Arbor Press Die. Then, at the 12:05 time-mark, John shows the Micron threaded die used in the impressive new Short Action Customs Nexus Press. John explains how to back off the dies to work towards your desired seating depth in stages. Use code MICRON15 at Bullet Central to save 15% on your Micron purchase.

Bix’n Andy Triggers — Single-Stage and 2-Stage

saturday movies f-class john bix'n andy trigger rimfire 2-stage

Bix’N Andy triggers are now widely used by top long-range, F-Class, and Palma competitors. These triggers are precise, easy to adjust and available for a wide range of actions. The availability of Bix’N Andy triggers is more important than ever before because Jewell triggers has halted production and it is now difficult to get spare parts for Jewell triggers. In this video, F-Class John shows the features of both single-stage Comp and 2-stage Comp triggers, with different trigger blades. At the 16-minute mark, John shows the triggers in use at the range on both benchrest and NRL22-style rimfire rifles. NOTE: For a limited time save $30 off order of $300 or more at with code FCJ30.

Longshot Hawk Spotting Scope Camera

The LongShot Hawk Spotting Scope Camera is a great accessory. Attached to the eyepiece of your spotting scope, it will send the “view” to a tablet or smartphone placed next to your rifle. With this system you can see the shot impact in normal firing position your cheek resting against the rifle. That is impractical with the cheaper phonescope systems attached to a spotting scopes. NOTE: Any device that you’ll use to connect to the HAWK (phone or tablet) will need to be Wi-Fi capable. The HAWK has built-in Wi-Fi and broadcasts an SSID to connect with your phone/tablet. It doesn’t need an internet connection to work — but it uses the wireless connection for streaming the video signal.

Annealing Made Perfect AMP Mark II DB

This detailed 9.7 minute review outlines the features of the latest AMP electronic annealing machine, the AMP Mark II DB. This uses a computer control to deliver precise annealing times and temperatures with a profile for your specific lot and brand of brass. One user praised this new AMP machine: “The touch screen is much more intuitive than the old one.” Another stated: “If you want to anneal the best way possible this is it. Does a torch work? Sure it does. The AMP does it far better and far more consistently.” A buyer confirmed this sophisticated new AMP is fast and efficient: “Just got one, a few days ago and it’s so easy to use. Without even trying, I easily anneal eight rounds per minute”.

Forster Co-Ax XL Press — Great Option for Very Large Cartridges

If you load very long cartridges, such as the .375 CheyTac, .416 Barrett, or 50 BMG, you will need a specialized press with more space inside the frame and enhanced vertical die travel. The relatively new Forster Co-Ax XL press, introduced at the 2023 SHOT Show, fills the bill. In this Ultimate Reloader video, Gavin Gear shows how to set up the XL press. Then he shows how to adapt the press to different die sizes. He finishes by sizing a 50 BMG case. Gavin notes that this press has beefy construction and ball bearings in the linkage plates. Like what you see? You can purchase this press direct from Forster for $1295.00.

Caldwell Flash Bang Device Shows Hits

caldwell flash bang target light harleywood

If you are shooting steel or reactive targets at long range, sometimes it is difficult to see the hit, particularly if you are shooting lighter-weight bullets or if the target hasn’t recently been painted. Caldwell has a solution — the battery-powered Flash-Bang. A bright-green strip light flashes on impact. The Flash-Bang unit attaches with adhesive to the rear of the target, extending to the left or right side. CLICK HERE for another Caldwell Flash Bang field test from the HarleyWood YouTube Channel.

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May 22nd, 2024

New Stainless Howa 1500 Rifles with Multiple Stock Options

howa hunting rifle stainless ss barrel stock

If you are looking for a good, durable hunting rifle with an excellent trigger, consider the Howa 1500 rifle series. These boast a 1-MOA, three-round accuracy guarantee. Howa 1500 rifles come in a variety of action sizes and stock configurations. And now there are models with quality stainless barreled actions. The prices are quite affordable with MSRPs from $639.00 to $1,179.00.

Multiple stock options are offered with these new stainless models: Hogue Overmolded, HS Precision, Walnut Super Deluxe, and Walnut Hunter (see above). For the 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win calibers there is also a Hera H7 option. We think this rifle is a very good choice for a large game rifle in a magnum chambering such as 7mm PRC. For large game hunting work, we would consider a 7mm magnum with the HS Precision stock. If you want something more compact, a short action .308 Win would work.

Howa importer Legacy Sports Int’l will soon have these HOWA 1500 stainless models in inventory. HOWA fans can get these stainless rifles with three action sizes and a wide selection of chamberings and calibers:

Mini Action (16.5″ to 22″ barrels): .223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39, 350 Legend
Short Action (22″ barrel): 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester
Long Action (24″ barrel): 6.5 PRC, 7mm Mag, 7mm PRC, .300 Win Mag

HOWA 1500 Stainless Rifle Features:

• Two Stage Match HACT Trigger
• Large One Piece Bolt With Pressure Vent Holes
• Integral Front Barrel Lug for solid bedding
• Lifetime Warranty
• Reliable M-16 Style Extractor / Ejector
• Stringent and Exacting Headspace Specs
• Tool-less Firing Pin Removal
• 3 Position Safety

howa hunting rifle stainless ss barrel stock

NOTE: There are some older model Howa 1500s that have stainless steel barrels but a non-stainless steel gray-finish action (see below). The newer model rifles with thread-protector caps on the barrel muzzles (see top photo) have stainless barrels AND stainless steel actions.

howa hunting rifle stainless ss barrel stock

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May 19th, 2024

Product Reports from 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

gunsamerica nra meetings exhibit true pearce beretta brx 1 brx1 walther colt new pistol rifle

Today is the last day of the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. The 153rd NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits has been running at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. The Exhibit Hall has been open all three days, showcasing over 14 acres of the latest guns and gear from leading gun industry manufacturers and vendors.

Here are some quick videos showcasing new (or recently-introduced) products on display at the 2024 NRA Exhibits. These four product videos are hosted by GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce, who reviews new rifles and pistols, plus optics. Among the new firearms, Mr. Pearce was quite impressed with the Beretta BRX1 straight-pull rifle, which has a very smooth cycling action and a sub-2-pound trigger. This could be a game changer for hunters. True Pearce also liked Walther’s new WMP model rimfire pistol chambered in .22 WMR. CLICK HERE for more NRA Show product reviews on the GunsAmerica YouTube Channel.

Beretta BRX1 Straight-Pull Rifle

Walther WMP Pistol in .22 WMR

New Colt Viper .357 Mag Revolver

Three New Optics from Steiner

BONUS: Trump 2024 NRA-ILA Speech

Former President Donald Trump spoke at the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings yesterday in Dallas. Here is a video of Mr. Trump’s full 97-minute speech at the NRA-ILA event:

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May 10th, 2024

Vortex Introduces New Viper HD Scopes — Good for Hunters

vortex viper hd scope new 30mm hunting optics

Vortex has released new Viper HD scopes with three magnification levels: 2-10x42mm (two models), 3-15x44mm (three models), and 5-25x50mm (four models). Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) are $599.99 for the 2-10X, $699.99-$749.99 for the 3-15X, and $899.99-$999.99 for the 5-25X optics. Both FFP and SFP options are offered.

This Vortex Product Video (released on 5/9/2024) covers the new Viper HD Scopes. Vortex staffer Jimmy explains the features of the new Viper HD 2-10x42mm SFP, Viper HD 3-15x44mm SFP, and Viper HD 5-25x50mm SFP and FFP hunting riflescopes. These all have 30mm tubes.

Important features for these new Viper HD scopes are:

• HD OPTICAL SYSTEMS ensure superior light transmission and enhanced resolution

• ILLUMINATED RETICLES enhance accuracy and contrast at dawn and dusk

• DEAD-HOLD® BDC & TECHNICAL RETICLE options streamline wind and elevation adjustments

• CAPPED & EXPOSED LOCKING TURRET options safeguard against accidental changes and allow for rapid holdovers and adjustments

• REVSTOP® ZERO SYSTEM (exposed turret models) enables quick and reliable return to zero

The new Viper 2-10x44mm and 3-15x44mm scopes are primarily designed for game hunting. We expect the higher magnification (5-25X) models to be used by varminters and PRS/NRL competitors. The versatile higher magnification Viper HD 5-25×50 comes in four variants: two Second Focal Plane (SFP) models with $1,299.99 MSRP and MAP of $899.99 MAP (Minimum Advertised Price); and two First Focal Plane (FFP) models with $1,399.99 MSRP and $999.99 MAPO. These MAP prices represent a very good value for a quality 5-25x50mm optic with a superb warranty.

To view technical specifications for these new Viper scopes, along with Optics FAQ and high-rez images visit the Vortex New Product Portal.

vortex viper hd scope new 30mm hunting optics

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May 1st, 2024

Scope Ring Cap with Built-In Picatinny Rail — Clever Innovation

American Defense Mfg AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap Picatinny Rail rangefinder laser

Here’s a clever new product that will be appreciated by PRS/NRL shooters and some hunters. American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) has crafted a scope ring upper unit that includes a Picatinny rail on the top of the front ring. That allows you to mount various devices above your scope, such as a compact laser rangefinder. This is currently offered in a 34mm version, but will be offered in 30mm version “in a few weeks”. This unit only works with ADM scope mounts. However, Nightforce has a similar Rail Accessory Platform (RAP-i) that works with NF 30mm or 34mm rings. The innovative ADM ring cap unit, officially dubbed the AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap-Picatinny Rail, costs $120.00.

American Defense Mfg AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap Picatinny Rail rangefinder laser

American Defense Mfg AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap Picatinny Rail rangefinder laserADM posts: “We are now offering alternate ring caps for the Delta Series Mounts featuring picatinny rails to accommodate the ever growing use of accessories and laser rangefinders on scoped carbines. The 5-Lug (Low-Red Dot) version can be used to mount a Red Dot or low profile laser sight. The 5-Lug (Low-Red Dot) version can be used to mount a Red Dot or low-profile laser sight. The 7-Lug (Tall-Laser Rangefinder) can be used for laser rangefinders such as the Vortex Impact 4000. The 7-Lug Version is currently available in 34mm, the 30mm version will be available in the near future. The ADM Ring Cap product includes 1 replacement ring cap and 4 mounting screws.”

NOTE: This ring cap WILL ONLY fit ADM Delta Series Mounts, it is NOT compatible with other manufacturers’ scope mounts. Also ADM cannot guarantee height compatibility with all optics as turret heights vary between different makes and models. Price is $120.00 for all versions.

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April 19th, 2024

New Howa 1500 Super Deluxe Rifles with Wood Stocks

howa turkish walnut 1500 super deluxe walnut rifle sale

We like Howa rifles. They have smooth-running actions, and very good 2-stage triggers. In addition, accuracy is typically better than with most sub-$1000 factory rifles. Howa says these new Howa 1500 Super Deluxe rifles should group sub-MOA for 3 shots.

Now there is a new Howa option for fans of walnut stocks. For 2024, Legacy Sports International is now selling Howa 1500 Super Deluxe Walnut-stocked rifles. Both Short and Long Action models are available in Blue or Stainless standard and magnum caliber options. These rifles have hammer-forged 22″ or 24″ barrels, and a life-time guarantee. For the price, as low as $799.00, these would be a very nice choice for a hunting rifle. Weight is 7.2 pounds for a standard action, before optics.

These Howa 1500 Super Deluxe offerings feature High Grade Turkish Walnut stocks with a laminate forend cap and grip cap. Prices are very affordable — MSRPs start at $799.00 for Blued and $859.00 for Stainless.

howa turkish walnut 1500 super deluxe walnut rifle sale

HOWA 1500 Super Deluxe Walnut-Stocked Rifle Features:

• Howa 1500 Barreled Action in Short or Long Action offerings
• Sub-MOA 3-shot groups with premium factory ammo
• Machined Receiver and Hammer Forged Barrel
• Reliable M-16 Style Extractor/Ejector
• High Grade DLX Turkish Walnut Stock
• Laminated Forend and Grip Cap
• Standard and Magnum Calibers
• Blue and Stainless Options
• 2 Stage Match Trigger

howa turkish walnut 1500 super deluxe walnut rifle sale

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March 27th, 2024

Burris Eliminator 6 Wins Ballistic’s “Best Hunting Optic”

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

The Burris Eliminator 6 Rangefinder scope has earned Ballistic Magazine’s award for “Best Hunting Optic”. Even at $3000.00 MSRP, this is a pretty amazing optic. It incorporates a laser rangefinder plus a set of environmental sensors. Plus it communicates, via BlueTooth, with the Burris Connect App which holds ballistics data for multiple loads. Basically, just range your target, and the Eliminator 6 does the rest — the digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.

The Eliminator 6 impressed testers: “[We] had a chance to try out the Burris Eliminator at Athlon Outdoors’ Rendezvous event”, said Linas Cernauskas, Content Director. “The Eliminator made getting on target, every single time, so stupid easy. This is a true game changer scope for the shooting industry, hence why it won Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Awards for Hunting Optic. Congratulations Burris!”

“The Eliminator 6 is, indeed, a game-changer for western game hunters and anyone who demands fast and accurate firing solutions,” said Burris Mktg. Director, Jordan Egli.

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

NEW Burris Eliminator 6 Laser Rangefinder Riflescope

The new, compact 4-20x52mm Burris Eliminator 6 combines a powerful laser rangefinder with multiple environmental sensors. It has easy-to-use turret controls and sharp ED glass. Hunters who are familiar with the previous Burris Eliminators will instantly recognize the Eliminator 6 as “something different,” and they would be correct. It is smaller, and lighter, and it looks like a regular scope.

How does it work? Using the Eliminator 6, simply range your target, hold the illuminated aiming point on your target, and hold wind if necessary using the hold-off points in the reticle. You don’t have to carry around a separate Laser Rangefinder, or dial elevation with knobs.

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

See how the parallax and illumination adjustments are now conveniently located on a conventional turret-style knob that also contains the range activation and brightness button array.

Burris states that the “Eliminator 6 [has] the most comprehensive and advanced integrated technology ever delivered in a hunting riflescope.” Remarkably, this new Eliminator 6 includes multiple sensors, along with the laser rangefinder. The Eliminator 6 features a built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, and it automatically measures density altitude (which can also be manually selected). This allows the Eliminator 6 to provide extremely accurate ballistics solutions. The key features are:

• Integrated laser rangefinder capable of ranging out to 2,000 yards (reflective)
• BurrisConnect App compatible for quick programing and precise ballistics
• X177 Reticle with 177 1/5 MOA illuminated aiming points
• Angle Sensor informs ballistics calculator
• Built-In Environmental Sensors
• HUD with 11 data zones
• Shotcall Marker

To minimize chromatic aberration, Burris uses extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for the Eliminator 6. Other optical features include 4-20X magnification, +2.0 to -3.0 diopter adjustment range, and side focus/parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity. Parallax and illumination adjustments are located on a turret-style knob that also contains the range activation and brightness button array. Key features include:

Laser Ranging – 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide with a press of the ranging button.

Environmental Monitoring – Eliminator 6 has built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, plus density altitude measure.

Ballistic Compensation – Built on the BurrisConnect mobile App and uploaded to the scope, the Eliminator 6 combines ranging, environmental, and ballistic data to achieve the perfect shot.

Precise Aiming Solutions – The digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.

Shot Call Marker – Available for display in the HUD is bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance. Embodying the “Hunt Responsibly” ethic, bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance allow the shooter to recognize when the shot distance may be too far and the velocity/energy too low to ensure an ethical kill.

Burris Eliminator 6 Laser Ranging Riflescope Specifications:

Magnification: 4-20X
Click Values: 1/8 MOA (windage and elevation)
Total Elevation Adjustment Range: 40 MOA
Ranging Distance: ≤ 2000 yards, high reflective,
or 1400 yards, non-reflective brown deer hide
Parallax/Focus Range: 25 yards to infinity
Focal Plane: Rear (SFP)
Eye Relief: 3.4 in

Display Illumination: Push Button
or Auto, 9 Levels
Front Objective Lens: 52mm
Diopter Setting: +2 to -3­­
Length: 14.6 in
Weight: 30 oz.
Reticle: X177
MSRP: $3,000

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March 26th, 2024

Concealed Carry Items and Gun Accessories for Ladies shooting apparel and accessories

Shooters cuff-links features a variety of products and shooting accessories especially chosen for lady shooters. You’ll find colorful apparel, carry purses, holsters, and even jewelry crafted from bullet castings. was started by Athena Means, an active IDPA and USPSA pistol shooter. Athena, whose husband Mike served 20 years in the military, was inspired to create the site after searching in vain for shooting apparel and accessories in colors other than black, green, and tan. Athena wanted something with more appeal to the feminine eye: “I set out to find fabulous products that women shooters would love, and bring them all together here. Ladies who love to shoot will find all the traditional gear they need, but in neon pink and leopard print instead of traditional black!” shooting apparel and accessories shooting apparel and accessories Has Gift Items for All Members of the Family
Though it specializes in products for women, also offers gift selections that will work for gun guys as well. If you’re looking for a gift for a guy, you’ll find unisex holsters, range bags (for pistols), compact gun safes, ear muffs, shooting glasses, indoor concealment furniture, and more. There are many unique items on the GunGoddess webstore that will make great holiday gifts. shooting apparel and accessories

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March 23rd, 2024

Access 15 Years of Shooting Sports USA Articles for FREE

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA

Enjoy the Shooting Sports USA Archives
As we head into spring, many Americans will be spending more time at the range. And competitors will be shooting in rimfire and centerfire rifle matches throughout the country. Here’s an opportunity to learn competition skills, gun tuning methods, and reloading techniques from leading experts. A vast resource of great gun-related content available online for FREE. Check out the Shooting Sports USA Articles Archive. SSUSA maintains a vast digital library with hundreds of articles going back to June 2009.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSAIt’s easy to find back issues of Shooting Sports USA magazine. Here’s how: First, navigate to the latest SSUSA Online Issue (March 2024). Then click on the “ARCHIVES” icon in the upper right area (indicated with red arrow). When you click on “ARCHIVES”, a window will open with a selection of Shooting Sports USA magazine covers/dates in a vertical column. The most recent issue (March 2024) will appear at the top left. You can then scroll down — use the vertical scroll bar to go from March 2024 all the way back to June 2009. Click any issue cover to read.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA
The June 2020 issue features a Palma rifle built with Eliseo Tubegun Chassis System.

How to Find and Save Articles
To search back issues, select “MORE OPTIONS” from the toolbar (top left). Then click the “SEARCH” button. When that opens, select either “Search Archives” for ALL back issues or “Search Only this Issue”. When you’ve made your choice, enter your search term(s). For example, you can search for “Camp Perry” or “Palma” or “F-Class Championship”. You can also save any archived issue as a PDF for viewing offline. Just click “SAVE” to download the article you’re currently viewing/reading.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA

Read Sample Articles
Here are a three of our favorite SSUSA feature stories from recent years. There are hundreds of other informative articles worth reading.

Wind-Reading Tips from Champion Shooters »

Shooting Sports USA Wind Reading tips

How to Clean and Maintain Match Barrels »

Shooting Sports USA Barrel Maintenance Clean Bore Scope

F-Class World Championships in South Africa »

Shooting Sports USA F-class world championship

F-Class fans will enjoy the coverage of the 2023 F-Class World Championships in the June 2023 issue of Shooting Sports USA. On the cover is our friend and Forum member Erik Cortina.

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March 20th, 2024

2024 Gun Digest Annual is a Great 600+ Page Resource

Gun Digest 2023 77th Annual 592-page Gun book

The Gun Digest 2024, 78th Edition is a great resource. This 600+ page book is now available from the Gun Digest Store and Amazon. This latest 2024 Edition paperback book can be ordered for $34.99 through the Gun Digest store or $24.05 on Amazon. There is also a Kindle digital version for $19.99 on Amazon.

This 600+ page resource covers rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzleloaders, airguns, optics and more. We like the print edition, but there is also a Kindle eBook version for $19.99 on Amazon. Both paperback and Kindle versions provide hundreds of photos plus new product roundups, in-depth product tests, and scores of articles and stories. FYI, the upcoming Gun Digest 2025 (79th Edition) will be released in late August 2024. Pre-order price is $39.63.

There are dozens of photo-illustrated feature articles. Among the notable stories are a guide to the new Hornady 7 PRC cartridge, a detailed history of .45-70 Gov’t rifles (from 1878 to the present day), an extensive review of single-shot falling block rifles, and a feature on custom and engraved rifles.

gun digest 78th edition 7mm prc .45-70 government annual book

Gun Digest 2024 Editor-in-Chief Phil Massaro has assembled a large team of respected industry authors for the new book, including Kristin Alberts, Joe Arterburn, Craig Boddington, Joe Coogan, Rick Hacker, Jay Leyendecker, Robert Sadowski, Ron Spomer, Patrick Sweeney, Wayne van Zwoll, and many more.

gun digest 78th edition 7mm prc .45-70 government annual book

Gun Digest 2024 covers hunting, personal defense, target shooting, gunsmithing, and collecting. There are Updated Ballistics Tables, and the catalog section shows off the newest offerings in rifles, handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders and air rifles. The new 78th Edition has a vast collection of gun histories, in-depth reviews, and new product roundups. Written by top gun writers, the feature stories cover every aspect of guns and shooting — hunting, personal defense, target practice, gun making, and collecting. In addition to this, the Gun Digest 2024 book includes gun field tests, ballistic tables and more.

Reports from the Field cover the newest firearms and accessories. A Testfire section brings readers up to date on product performance. And there are over 30 feature stories, including the Guns of Western Movies/TV, Rimfire Handguns, and Hunting rifles.

Other Good Books from Gun Digest Media
Gun Digest Media produces numerous other quality books for rifle, pistol, and shotgun owners. Here are four books we recommend. These are offered in both paperback and eBook versions:

Cartridges of World Digest Gun book gunsmith gunsmithing rifles Digest Gun book patrick sweeney
gunsmithing rifles Digest Gun book tactical rifles PRS catalog firearms pistol rifle shotgun prices descriptions gunsmithing rifles Digest Gun book
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