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May 17th, 2024

George Kelbly Sr., Creator of the Super Shoot, Has Left the Range

George Kelbly obituary passed super shoot Kelbly's

We have sad news to share. George E. Kelbly Sr., founder of Kelbly’s and creator of the famed Super Shoot, has died at age 87. George passed away May 14, 2024, at his North Lawrence, Ohio home surrounded by his loving family.

George was born October 21, 1936 in Marshallville, Ohio, to John and Emma (Butzer) Kelbly and graduated from Smithville High School in 1954. He married the love of his life Karen Elizabeth Bodager in 1957 and she survives.

George was a 25-year Union Bricklayer, he also was a custom homebuilder and a Wayne County HBA President. In 1969 he started Kelbly’s Rifle Range which hosted regional, national, and international benchrest tournaments for 50 years including the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. The Kelbly’s Super Shoot was widely considered the most prestigious benchrest match in the world. In 1981 he and Ralph Stolle formed Kelbly’s Inc., a firearms manufacturing company that his three sons and two grandsons currently run building and selling firearms Worldwide. George was extremely proud of his and his families’ accomplishments in the firearms industry.

George was a member of the Orrville Ohio Masonic Lodge 430, a lifetime NRA member. A lifetime member, Regional Director, and National President for the National Benchrest Shooters Association (NBRSA). He was inducted into the NBRSA Eastern Region Hall of Fame. He was a Regional, National and World Champion in Benchrest group shooting. He and Karen traveled throughout the USA and abroad to compete.

George Kelbly obituary passed super shoot Kelbly's

In addition to his wife, Karen, surviving are his daughter Marilyn (Mark) Endicott, sons George Jr. Kelbly, James Kelbly, Mike Kelbly, six grandsons Ian Kelbly, Ryan Kelbly, Max Kelbly, Eddie Battig, Nathan Kelbly, Caleb Endicott, and two great-dgrandchildren Gunner Kelbly, and Kennedy Jones. George Sr. was preceded in death by both parents, his sister Marilyn Wyckoff, and his brother John (Wes) Kelbly Junior.

A memorial service will be held Friday, May 17, 2024, at the Auble Funeral Home in Orrville, OH (10:00 am viewing, 11:00 am service). There will be graveside services at Maple Grove Cemetery in Marshallville, OH. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to: Elara Caring Hospice, 1530 W Market St., Akron, OH 44313.

George Kelbly Super shoot

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May 17th, 2024

Hornady Bullet Tips with Drag Variability Reduction Technology

hornady bullet tip flat end drvt drag model

Using Doppler radar and Schlieren imagery, Hornady engineers have developed and patented Drag Variability Reduction Technology (DVRT) to increase the uniformity of bullet drag from shot to shot, resulting in less dispersion at long range.

While analyzing thousands of Doppler radar drag curves, Hornady’s ballisticians isolated a bullet tip design that would reduce the variation in drag from bullet to bullet. Specifically, the meplat must be flat – not pointed – and the diameter of the flat meplat is a specific ratio to the bullet diameter. Tests showed that a flat end of the bullet tip provided more consistent drag.

Introducing DVRT™ – Drag Variability Reduction Technology from Hornady Manufacturing.

Upon refinement of this design feature in late 2018, DVRT was implemented into all bullets using the Heat Shield Tip and the A-Tip Match bullet. While DVRT was patent pending, shooters quietly benefited from this design for several years. Now with the patent issued, Hornday has published the details of Drag Variability Reduction Technology on its website. And the hour-long Hornady Podcast embedded below explains how DVRT was developed from extensive field research with Doppler radar.

Bullets with Drag Variability Reduction Technology:

A-Tip® Match
ELD Match®

Ammunition Types with DVRT:

Precision Hunter®
Superformance® (CX loads)
Hornady BLACK®

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May 17th, 2024

Handy Options for Displaying Ballistics Data (Come-Up Tables)

mdt m-lok card PRC dope roller quick detach qd ballistic data turret holder come-ups knob

When shooting any match that requires moving back and forth between multiple target distances it is very handy to have your ballistics data, i.e. your “come-ups”, placed within easy view. That way you can instantly see your elevation for various target distances in seconds. This can really help a PRS/NRL competitor on timed stages. And having a convenient “Dope” display of elevation at various distances can also benefit varminters who are shooting critters. In our varmint hunters we targeted p-dogs from about 80 yards out to 500+.

PRC DOPE Roller QD Ballistic Data Turret

PRC dope roller quick detach qd ballistic data turret holder come-ups knob

The PRC DOPE Roller QD Ballistic Data Turret provides a handy, low profile display of windage and elevation data. You can see your “dope” without breaking position from behind the rifle. Then simply rotate the knob to display data from various distances. The ballistic data is placed by wrapping a simple 1″ x 3″ adhesive address label around the outside surface of the DOPE Roller. This handy quick-detach roller retails for $64.95 from Precision Rifle Components.

MDT M-LOK Data Card Holder

mdt m-lok card PRC dope roller quick detach qd ballistic data turret holder come-ups knob

The MDT M-LOK Data Card Holder has an adjustable neck allowing you to easily position your ballistics data for optimal viewing. Data entries are written on on a reusable card that attaches with Velcro. The Data Card Holder Kit comes with hardware to mount to any M-Lok rail. In addition the card holder fits directly to an MDT ACC chassis attachment point. This MDT kit includes: M-LOK Data Card Holder, Wet Erase Data Card, Wet Erase Marker, and installation hardware. NOTE: The Card Holder sticks out about 6.7″ when fully extended, but arm links can be removed to make the arm shorter. The unit folds flat for storage. This complete kit is $59.95 at Creedmoor Sports.

Warne Universal Data Card Holder

warne m-lok card PRC dope roller quick detach qd ballistic data turret holder come-ups knob

The Warne Universal Data Card Holder easily attaches to the scope tube, in left or right configurations, for a universal fit. Data is displayed in a convenient location to make quick and accurate target transitions, and the articulating arm allows for low profile storage while not in use. The Warne Universal Data Card Holder retails for $70.95 at Creedmoor Sports. Three ring sizes are offered: 30mm, 34mm, 35mm. A 50-pack of Warne Data Card label refills is currently $9.95 on sale.

ballistics data scope coverScope-Cover Mounted Ballistics Table
Another option is to place your ballistics card on the back of the front flip-up scope cover. This set-up is used by Forum member Greg C. (aka “Rem40X”).

With your ‘come-up’ table on the flip-up cover you can check your windage and elevation drops easily without having to move out of shooting position.

Greg tells us: “Placing my trajectory table on the front scope cover has worked well for me for a couple of years and thought I’d share. It’s in plain view and not under my armpit. And the table is far enough away that my aging eyes can read it easily. To apply, just use clear tape on the front objective cover.”

Cheap But Effective — Tape on the Stock with Ballistics Data

Bryan Litz tape ballistics come-up hold-over

At the 2021 Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge, Applied Ballistics guru Bryan Litz wrote his come-ups on blue masking tape applied to his stock. He did this based on a tip from Chase Stroud. With the tape applied behind the action, the numbers are easily visible. This “cheap trick” does work apparently — Bryan won the match with a convincing victory over 220 other shooters. READ Match Report.

Cheap But NOT So Effective — Numbers on Hand

ballistics data hand come-up PRS NRL

Many of us have scribbled some come-ups on the back of a hand or on our forearm using a marking pen. That can work if you only have a couple distances to deal with — say 100 and 300 yards. But if you want a more complete Come-up table, get one of the card-holders shown above. Writing numbers on the skin is generally not such a good idea….

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May 16th, 2024

Texas Varmint Silhouette Match Featured in ShootingUSA Video

Shooting USA TV show varmint silhouette Texas benchrest Travis Frazier John Scoutten

The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits event kicks off today in Dallas, Texas. Today we look at a fun form of rifle competition — varmint silhouette matches. Shooting steel at long range is both fun and challenging.

If you like accurate rifles and reactive targets, you’ll enjoy this 48-minute video from Shooting USA TV, which features long-range varmint silhouette competition in Texas, the Lone Star State. We have participated in these kind of matches on the West Coast — they are definitely a ton of fun. The sport combines the pure accuracy of benchrest competition with the fun of knocking down critter targets. These are smaller than standard silhouettes, so it’s quite a challenge to hit them at 300 yards and beyond.

In this episode, host John Scoutten competes with his 6.5 Creedmoor PRS rifle. He found that 1-MOA-sized steel Coyotes offered plenty of challenge at 385 meters! Most shooters use benchrest-grade rifles with premium front rests.

Full 48-Minute Episode of Shooting USA featuring Texas Varmint Silhouette:

Steel Targets by Distance:
Mini Prairie Dogs — 200 Meters
3″x3″ Armadillos — 300 Meters
3″x5″ Coyotes — 385 Meters
5″x4″ Hogs — 500 Meters
Chickens (on Swingers) — 600 Yards
Pigs (on Swingers) — 750 Yards

Shooting USA TV show varmint silhouette Texas benchrest Travis Frazier John Scoutten

EDITOR: We strongly recommend you take the time to watch this Shooting USA feature — it shows some top-flight benchrest rifles, and also covers the origins of benchrest varmint silhouette in Pennsylvania. There are even some AccurateShooter Forum members on screen. John Scoutten also does nice job explaining the challenges of shooting this discipline with a PRS rig. We think any benchrest or tactical shooter will really enjoy watching this video.

Shooting USA TV show varmint silhouette Texas benchrest Travis Frazier John Scoutten

Travis Frazier, who created steel targets with Field & Cave Outfitters, says shooters love the reactive targets: “The most exciting thing is seeing your hits — these [targets] really go airborne”. Yep, that’s the best thing about Varmint Silhouette matches — hits deliver instant gratification. Travis designs and produces these steel targets.

This Texas match features multiple target shapes, 10 at each distance: Tiny Prairie Dogs at 200m, 3″x3″ Armadillos at 300m; 3″x5″ Coyotes at 385m; 5″x4″ Hogs at 500m; Chickens (on swingers) at 600 yards; and Pigs (on Swingers) at 750 yards. Competitors are allowed 10 rounds and 10 minutes to hit each set of targets.

Shooting USA TV show varmint silhouette Texas benchrest Travis Frazier John Scoutten

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May 16th, 2024

Monitor Barrel Heat in Summertime with Stick-On Temp Strips

Barrel Heat Temp Temperature gauge strip McMaster Carr

Summer is coming soon, and temperatures are starting to heat up. We are already seeing unseasonably hot conditions in many areas of the country. You never want your barrels to get too hot, which can happen more quickly in summertime. Accuracy suffers when barrels over-heat, and excessive heat is not good for barrel life. So how do you monitor your barrel’s temperature? You can check if the barrel is “warm to the touch” — but that method is not particularly precise. There is a better way — using temperature-sensitive strips. (an industrial supply house) offers stick-on temp strips with values from 86° F to 140° F. A pack of ten (10) of these horizontal strips (item 59535K13) costs $14.49. That’s a mere $1.40 per barrel for strips — cheap insurance for your precious barrels. For best barrel life, you should try to keep your barrels under 120 degrees F.

Barrel Heat Temp Temperature gauge strip McMaster Carr

NOTE: On the website, you’ll need to scroll down to the multi-use “Temperature Indicating Labels”. Then click on the horizontal label and select item 59535K13, as shown below.

Barrel Heat Temp Temperature gauge strip McMaster Carr

Forum member Nomad47 says: “I have temperature strips (bought at McMaster-Carr) on all my barrels. I try not to shoot when the barrel gets to 122 degrees or higher[.]” Here are photos of the McMaster-Carr temp strips on Nomad47’s customized Savage.

Barrel Heat Temp Temperature gauge strip McMaster Carr

Creedmoor Sports now offers handy Temp Strips, with 3-packs for $12.95. These have colored temp range markers so you can quickly see if your barrel is getting too hot. Creedmoor Sports notes: “The temperature range of 30-160° spaced in 10° increments fit most … shooting situations. The 1″-wide 6″-long LCD strip will provide many years of service. In general, we recommend that if a barrel begins to reach 140°, it is too hot and continuing to shoot at these temperatures accelerates barrel wear These barrel temperature strips use a 3M® adhesive and will stick to blued, parkerized and stainless barrels.”

Barrel Heat Temp Temperature gauge strip McMaster Carr

Bad things can happen if your barrel gets too hot. First, with some barrels, the point of impact (POI) will shift or “walk” as the barrel heats up excessively. Second, even if the POI doesn’t change, the groups can open up dramatically when the barrel gets too hot. Third, if the barrel is very hot, the chamber will transfer heat to your loaded cartridge, which can lead to pressure issues. Finally, there’s considerable evidence that hot barrels wear out faster. This is a very real concern, particularly for varmint shooters who may shoot hundreds of rounds in a day. For this reason, many varminters switch among various guns, never letting a particular barrel get too hot. offers BAR-L Temp Strips that visually display heat readings from 86 to 140 degrees. Think of these strips as compact, unbreakable thermometers that monitor barrel heating.

Put a strip on the side of the barrel and the barrel’s temp will be indicated by a stripe that changes from black to green. There is also a “general purpose” strip that reads to 196 degrees (see bottom row). The Benchrest model strip (86°F to 140°F) is in the middle. These Bar-L temp strips cost $9.00 each, or $25.00 for a 3-pack.

NOTE: These strips can be permanently fixed to the barrel with the heavy-duty clear plastic tape strip provided with the BAR-L Temp strip.

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May 15th, 2024

Great Rimfire Revolver — Colt King Cobra Target 22 LR

new colt king cobra target 22 LR .22 LR revolver rimfire wheelgun

Two years ago, Colt Mfg. Co. (“Colt”) introduced an impressive new rimfire revolver — the King Cobra Target 22 LR. Colt states: “From competition to plinking and small game hunting, this baby Cobra does it all and packs 10-rounds of .22 LR in its cylinder”. The King Cobra Target 22 LR is available with 4.25-inch and 6-inch barrel lengths, both with 1:16″ RH rifling twist. The 4.25″ and 6″ models each have a $999.00 MSRP.

new colt king cobra target 22 LR .22 LR revolver rimfire wheelgun

The King Cobra Target 22 LR features USA-forged stainless steel construction. Designed and crafted for outstanding accuracy, new King Cobra Target 22 LR features a one-piece barrel/shroud with fiber optic front sight. The cylinder holds ten (10) rounds. The frame is fitted with an adjustable target rear sight and Hogue overmolded rubber grips.

This TFB Showtime episode examines the new .22 LR rimfire Colt King Cobra Target. The King Cobra Target 22 LR features a 10-shot cylinder, and the same adjustable target sights as the .357 Magnum version.

Last May, Justin Baldini, Colt’s VP of Product Strategy stated: “Shooting .22 LR is such an important part of shooting sports. It’s where we come to learn as a beginner; and where we return as seasoned shooters to cost-effectively enjoy more time at the range. We’re confident that new and old Colt fans will love what we’ve done with the new King Cobra 22 LR.”

All-American built, the King Cobra Target 22 LR should deliver exceptional accuracy and good reliability. Watch the video to see this rimfire revolver in action.

new colt king cobra target 22 LR .22 LR revolver rimfire wheelgun

Commentary: We applaud Colt for introducing this new .22 LR wheelgun. Rimfire revolvers are great. This Editor owns a Smith & Wesson Model 617 ten-shot rimfire revolver that has easily fired more rounds than all his other handguns combined. A .22 LR revolver is great for training and fun for plinking. Like the Model 617, this Colt .22 LR wheelgun offers minimal recoil, great reliability, a nice sight radius, and affordable shooting. In addition, if you shoot single-action slow-fire, the trigger pull is light and crisp — better than the vast majority of semi-auto pistols. We think this new “Baby Snake” will be a great addition to any shooter’s collection.

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May 15th, 2024

Tips on Wind Reading with Emil Praslick III — Wind Guru

To succeed in long-range shooting matches, given the high level of competition these days, you’ll need solid wind-reading abilities. We’ve found an article by SFC Emil Praslick III, retired USAMU Service Rifle coach and U.S. Palma Team Coach, that can help you make better wind calls in competition.

Emil Praslick, now retired from the U.S. Army, is considered one of the best wind gurus in the United States, if not the world. During his service with the USAMU he authored an excellent two-part article on wind reading that is available on the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) website. Both articles contain helpful illustrations, and are “must-read” resources for any long-range shooter–not just Service Rifle and Highpower competitors.

Emil Praslick USAMU

Click to Read Articles:

Reading the Wind (Part One) | Reading the Wind (Part Two)

Part One covers basic principles, tactics, and strategies, with a focus on the 200-yard stages. Emil writes: “There are as many dimensions to ‘wind reading’ as there are stages to High Power competition. Your tactical mindset, or philosophy, must be different for the 200 and 300 yard rapid-fire stages than it would be for the 600 yard slow-fire. In the slow-fire stages you have the ability to adjust windage from shot to shot, utilizing the location of the previous shot as an indicator. Additionally, a change to the existing conditions can be identified and adjusted for prior to shooting the next shot.”

In Part Two, Praslick provides more detailed explanations of the key principles of wind zeros, wind reading, and the Clock System for determining wind values: “The Value of the wind is as important as its speed when deciding the proper windage to place on the rifle. A 10 MPH wind from ’12 o-clock’ has No Value, hence it will not effect the flight of the bullet. A 10 MPH wind from ‘3 o’clock’, however, would be classified as Full Value. Failure to correct for a Full Value wind will surely result in a less than desirable result.”

USAMU Praslick wind clock

Praslick also explains how to identify and evaluate MIRAGE:

Determine the accuracy of the mirage. Mirage is the reflection of light through layers of air that have different temperatures than the ground. These layers are blown by the wind and can be monitored to detect wind direction and speed.

Focus your scope midway between yourself and the target, this will make mirage appear more prominent. I must emphasize the importance of experience when using mirage as a wind-reading tool. The best way to become proficient in the use of mirage is to correlate its appearance to a known condition. Using this as a baseline, changes in mirage can be equated to changes in the value of the wind. Above all, you must practice this skill!

Click HERE for more excellent instructional articles by Emil Praslick and other USAMU Coaches and shooters.

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May 15th, 2024

Gun Talk Radio to Broadcast Live From NRA Annual Meetings

guntalk radio gresham podcast NRA meetings dallas texas may 19 2024

On Sunday, May 19th, The nationally-syndicated radio talk show, Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk, will broadcast a three-hour program live from the Ruger booth at the NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas. This show will be broadcast live on 270 radio stations nationwide. In addition, the show will be available via internet podcasts, plus you can live-stream with a mobile App.

The live broadcast will run from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Central Time. In addition to Ruger, Tom will showcase other gun and ammunition companies as well as Second Amendment activists. “It’s always great to do a live broadcast in the middle of thousands of Second Amendment supporters,” said show host Tom Gresham. “Doing it from the Ruger booth, talking about the history and the latest products from Ruger and Marlin, just makes it even more fun.”

The Gun Talk Program will feature new products from Ruger and Marlin.

“Gun Talk” is the most popular national radio show about guns, and it ranks #1 on Apple’s rankings of “hobbies” podcasts. CLICK HERE for the complete list of 270+ stations carrying Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk.

guntalk radio gresham podcast NRA meetings dallas texas may 19 2024

In its 28th year of national syndication, Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk® radio show airs live on more than 270 stations every week. Listen on a radio station near you or you can live stream through one of the available Apps. All Gun Talk shows can also be downloaded as podcasts at Gun Talk is also available on YouTube, Apple iTunes, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and

guntalk radio gresham podcast NRA meetings dallas texas may 19 2024

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May 14th, 2024

AR Service Rifle Trigger Technique — Good Advice from USAMU

ar service rifle ar15 trigger control

The First Shot, the CMP’s archived Online magazine, has an article by Spc. Tyrel Cooper of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). In his article, Straight to the Rear, Spc. Cooper describes proper trigger hand and finger positions and how to best “break the shot”. This well-written article will help anyone who shoots off-hand, or who uses an AR or Spacegun-type rifle with a vertical pistol grip.

Cooper explains: “Trigger control is one of the two main principles of shooting that we teach. You can have the best position in the world with perfect sight alignment, but if you have bad trigger control, you have wasted all that effort that you put into your position and sight alignment.”

service rifle shooting AR-15 AR trigger technique USAMU
Photo Credit: CMP image from 2019 CMP 1000 Aggregate at Camp Perry.

Firing Hand Position and Finger Placement
“Good trigger control begins with a good firing hand position. Place your firing hand high on the pistol grip, with a good firm grip. Grip tension should be like giving someone a hand shake or holding a child’s hand while walking across a street. A good firm grip [helps you] move your trigger finger without moving your other fingers. Try this, hold out your firing hand with fingers extended; now try moving your trigger finger to the rear as if you were pulling the trigger. Unless you concentrate very hard on moving just your trigger finger, other fingers will move. Now make a fist as if you were grabbing a pistol grip, now you can move your trigger finger freely without introducing movement in the other fingers.”

service rifle shooting AR-15 AR trigger technique USAMU

“I’m sure you have heard advice to place the tip or the pad of your finger on the trigger. This is true if you have short stubby fingers and that’s where the index finger naturally rests, but if you have long fingers like myself you want more of your finger around the trigger…. By placing your finger where it naturally rests on the trigger you are ensuring that you are pulling the trigger straight to the rear, and this also allows you to get more leverage on the trigger.”

Rapid-Fire Trigger Technique
“Trigger control for the rapid-fire stage is different than it is for standing. You can actually take a little bit more time to break your shots in rapid fire because of the steadiness of a supported position. A good rapid fire shot process is: 1) drop down into position, 2) get your natural point of aim, 3) take up the first stage on your first shot, 4) break that shot smoothly and hold the trigger all the way to the rear through recoil, 4) once recoil has ceased, let the trigger out only far enough to reset the trigger (you should hear a metallic click of the trigger resetting) and continue by firing your second and succeeding shots.

By doing this, you already have most of the weight of the trigger taken up so the next shot is ready to go without having to take up all the weight of the trigger every single shot.”

Slow-Fire Prone Technique
“During the slow fire prone stage, you have even more time to break your shots, so you would use the slow–smooth method. You should have little or no hold movement at all, thus allowing you to acquire good sight alignment, a good sight picture and break the shot using slow and smooth trigger control. Again you want to hold that trigger all the way to the rear until recoil has ceased so you do not disturb the rifle, no matter what position you are shooting.”

Standing Trigger Technique
“When you are shooting standing have you noticed that the rifle never really stops moving? Well, this is where you would want fast and smooth trigger control. When I come down and start settling on the target, I take up the first stage of the trigger. Once I’m getting to the end of my firing process and the movement has slowed down, I manipulate the trigger fast, but smooth, to the rear when I see what I want to see in my sight picture. Over time, this will become a subconscious act; when your brain sees the sight picture, it will automatically tell your trigger finger to move instead of you having to tell yourself there it is, take it. Lots and lots of dry firing will help this process. To repeat, you want to be fast and smooth!”

service rifle shooting AR-15 AR trigger technique USAMU


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May 14th, 2024

Smart Advice on When and How to Use Bore-Snakes for Cleaning

Barrel brush bore-snake boresnake shake barrel cleaner brush

Handloading USAMU Facebook Bore Cleaning

In years past the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Facebook page regularly released reloading “how-to” articles each week. One “Handloading Hump Day” post covered bore-cleaning, specifically the use of pull-through style bore-snakes. Visit the USAMU Facebook page for other helpful tips.

Barrel Cleaning with Bore-Snakes

Today, we’ll shift from handloading to rifle bore cleaning and maintenance, with information courtesy of the USAMU’s Custom Firearms Shop. We recently had some inquiries about bore cleaning, and this seems a good opportunity to share. After all, even the best handloads won’t yield their full potential in a poorly-cleaned and maintained rifle.

NOTE: Hoppes claims a trademark on the term “BoreSnake” (one word, no hyphen). For this article, the USAMU has used the term in hyphenated form, two words. We believe the USAMU is referring to a Hoppes Brand Boresnake, not a different bore cleaning rope.

The experiences of our both firearms test specialist and this writer have given no evidence that proper use of a clean bore-snake will damage a match barrel. Of course, one does not pull the bore-snake at an angle to the crown when removing it — pull it straight out, parallel to the bore’s direction, to prevent crown wear over time.

USAMU Handloading facebook page bore snake cleaningBore-snakes are very useful for some applications (primarily a hasty, interim wipe-down). In [my] experience they cannot replace a thorough cleaning with a proper rod and brushes. While the experiment cited here involves rimfire, it may help illustrate. Several years ago, the writer used his new, personal Anschutz to investigate the bore-snake issue. It had been fired ~350 rds with match ammo and had had 3 typical rod/brush cleanings.

Next, starting with a clean bore, the writer fired 300 more rounds without cleaning in order to build up a “worst-case” fouling condition. Afterwards, the writer examined the bore with a Hawkeye bore scope. There was a uniform, grey film down the entire barrel, with some small, intermittent lead build-up at and just forward of the throat.

Some bore-cleaning rope products feature separate, detachable bronze brush and bore mop segments. This allows more usage options (e.g. mop only), and makes it easier to clean the brush elements:
Barrel brush bore-snake boresnake shake barrel cleaner brush

A new bore-snake was then wet with solvent and pulled through the bore. The Hawkeye revealed that the grey fouling was gone, and much of the visible fouling at the throat was reduced. However, nine more passes with the bore-snake, checking after each with the Hawkeye, revealed no further improvement in cleaning. The writer then cleaned with two wet patches, observed, then one stroke of a new, wet bronze brush, and one wet patch to clean out residue.

USAMU Handloading facebook page bore snake cleaning

The Hawkeye showed a significant reduction in fouling at the throat; it was virtually gone. A second pass with a wet bronze brush and a wet patch removed the remaining fouling. Scrubbing the bore further, checking to see how much fouling was removed, revealed no significant improvement. The reason for this test was to learn what’s needed to get (and keep) this Anschutz clean with minimal cleaning rod use — and thus, minimal risk of bore damage/wear. Leaving fouling in the bore promotes corrosion over time.

Obviously, this applies to a nice, smooth rimfire match barrel, using good, well lubed ammo. It doesn’t apply directly to the use of copper-jacketed bullets, which leave a stubborn fouling all their own. However, it does suggest that while the bore-snake can be helpful and a useful field-expedient, to truly clean a rifle barrel one will still need a good quality rod, bronze brush and solvents. [Editor: Add a good-fitting cleaning rod bore guide.]

The goal of barrel break-in is to fire each shot through a clean barrel, preventing copper buildup and allowing the bullets their best chance at burnishing sharp edges. Thus, it seems this purpose would be best served by one’s usual rods, brushes and rod guides.

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May 14th, 2024

Vehicle Headrest Sliding Safe Wins Golden Bullseye Award

vehicle headrest safe slide biometric pass code gun storage

vehicle headrest safe slide biometric pass code gun storageThe Headrest Safe Slide, a removable metal safe mated to a custom vehicle headrest, has won a 2024 NRA Golden Bullseye Award. This safe can be used inside the vehicle securely, or it can be removed entirely from the companion headrest. The headrest safe can be opened in three ways: 1) biometric fingerprint or thumbprint; 2) passcode; or 3) manual metal key. This innovative mobile safe is produced by The Headrest Safe Co. LLC based in Alabama.

Price for the sliding model is $499.99 on Amazon. The safe is made from 18ga steel and the interior is protected with 1/2″ of foam rubber so you don’t scratch your handguns.

The Golden Bullseye Awards, now in their 22nd year, recognizes the firearm industry’s top products. The winners are selected by a veteran NRA Publications’ staff, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting and hunting industry. This year’s award ceremony will be held at the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, May 17, 2024.

vehicle headrest safe slide biometric pass code gun storage

“We are humbled and honored to be recognized for this prestigious award,” said Louis Tuck, COO/CFO, The Headrest Safe Company. “We would like to thank the dedicated NRA publications’ editorial staffers who tested and evaluated hundreds of new products before making their 2024 Golden Bullseye selections.”

This video shows the basic Headrest Safe which has a locked, hinged access plate, but does not slide out.

Protect Against Vehicle Break-ins and Thefts
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in vehicle break-ins and “smash and grab” incidents. After busting windows to get into your car or truck, thieves know to check the glove box, under the seat, and the center console. The Headrest Safe provides secure, discrete protection for guns and valuables. With a quick-access biometric reader and keypad, you have rapid access to whatever is securely stored. For more information about The Slide Headrest Safe™ and the less expensive tilt-door headrest safe, visit

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May 13th, 2024

BargainFinder 451: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Midsouth — Lyman Turret Press Reloading Combo Kit, $429.99

lyan turret press sale
Amazing price for 8-station Turret and Reloading Tools

The Brass Smith All-American Turret Press Reloading Kit has a great turret press plus all the key tools you need to get started in hand-loading. Along with the excellent 8-station turret press, this combo contains: Brass Smith Powder Measure, Pocket Touch 1500 Scale, Powder Trickler, Case Prep Multi-Tool, Universal Case Trimmer, Case Lube Kit, Loading Block, Magnum Bullet Puller, Primer Tray, E-ZEE Powder Funnel, and Lyman 50th Reloading Manual. This is a great deal for $429.99, $90 off the normal price.

2. Extreme Store — ZEISS LRP S5 3-18×50 F1 Scope and FREE 15×56 ZEISS Binoculars, $3699.00

Zeiss scope sale
Superb ZEISS FFP Scope with Bonus Binoculars worth $1800

Here’s an amazing deal on top-tier ZEISS Optics. For $3699.00 you get ZEISS LRP S5 3-18×50 F1 scope AND FREE 15×56 Binoculars. You read that right, with the scope purchase through May 15, 2024, you get the ZEISS Conquest 15×56 Binoculars for FREE. That’s an amazing deal — these ZEISS binocs sell separately for $1799.99! NOTE: If you want more magnification, you can get a similar “free binocs” combo deal for $3999.00 with the ZEISS LRP S5 F1 5-25×56 scope. Both the 3-18 and 5-25 LRP S5 models are truly great FFP riflescopes with superb glass and a massive amount of total elevation travel.

3. Amazon — RCBS Rebel Press, $239.99

rcbs rebel press sale
Strong, smooth, quality press at significant discount

The RCBS Rebel Press (#ad) is a great basic single-stage press that can load nearly all popular rifle and pistol cartridges. The press features a large ram and compound leverage system for smooth and consistent operation, making it easy to use and ensuring very consistent case sizing and bullet seating. With the Rebel press spent primers conveniently (and reliably) eject right out of the bottom of the ram where you can place a trash bin. This is better than the older Rockchucker press with its awkward spent primer tray.

4. MidwayUSA — Tipton Gun Vise with Hex/Torx Set, $109.99

tipton gun vise sale
Excellent gun vise with impressive Hex/Torx Driver Set

You need to hold firearms securely while working on or cleaning them. We like the Tipton Best Gun Vise because it features front, center, and rear supports which are independently adjustable to fit virtually any gun. Two adjustable rear clamps accommodate large and small stocks alike, and an L-shaped center support can be used for break-open shotguns, ARs and similar guns. There is a great bonus right now. With this excellent gun vise you get a Wheeler 65-Piece Hex/Torx driver kit, which sells for $44.99 by itself. So that’s like getting the Best Gun Vise for just $65.00 — a steal.

5. Natchez — Weaver Scope Sale

weaver scope sale
Large variety of Weaver scopes at very low prices

If you need a good scope for a starter or backup rifle then consider the Weaver Classic Series scopes on sale now at Natchez. These Classic riflescopes are designed for hunters that demand a simple, lightweight optic with good low light performance at a very reasonable price. With this sale you save $70-$80 on a scope that can work well for deer hunting, varmint hunting, or target work.

6. Creedmoor Sports — High Power Shooting Hats, $21.95

shooting hat sale
High-quality hats with side panels improve vision

Are you tired of the sun being in your eyes while at a match or at the range? Then consider getting a Creedmoor Sports Shooting Hat. Very popular with Palma, Service Rifle, and Smallbore shooters, these hats help you aim with both iron sights and scopes. The adjustable brim flaps let you position either flap at fully open, partially open, or closed positions. That allows you to shade your eyes while still being able to watch conditions and wind flags. Many older shooters tell us these Creedmoor Shooting Hats really help their vision.

7. MidwayUSA — Leupold Mark 4 LR Tactical Scope, $649.99

leupold mark iv 4 tactical FFP scope sale
100 MOA elevation in SFP scope with 1/4 MOA clicks

Here’s a great value on a scope for long-range hunting or tactical use. The $649.99 sale price is $350 off the regular price — a 35% savings. This 4.5-14x56mm scope offers huge 100 MOA of elevation travel. NOTE: This is a Second Focal Plane optic so the reticle looks the same at all magnification levels. Many hunters prefer that as they use a LRF for rangefinding.

8. Amazon — AltitudeCraft Bullet Comparator Kit, $41.99

bullet comparator sale
Very comprehensive set covers huge range of calibers

Successful and safe reloading requires knowing your base to ogive measurement. The AltitudeCraft Bullet Comparator Kit (#ad) allows you to get that key measurement for a huge range of bullet sizes. The AltitudeCraft bullet comparator kit has 14 precision inserts that fit a carrier that attaches easily to your calipers. This allows you to measure calibers from 0.17 to 0.45, so this one kit will cover the vast majority of popular rifle and pistol cartridge types.

9. Graf & Sons — Targets and Target Holders SALE

shooting target sale
Wide selection of targets from 1″ to 12″ diameter

Do you get tired of shooting at standard targets? Check out the Targets and Target Holders at Graf’s. Both standard and splatter-target varieties are offered in a variety of sizes (diameters 1″ to 12″) and configurations. In addition you’ll find reactive targets, steel plates, spinners, and target holders all at attractive prices. Along with dozens of Birchwood Casey targets, there are also Caldwell and MTM targets.

10. Amazon — Hornady One Shot Case Lube, $19.99

hornady one shot sale
One of the best spray-on case lubes available, now 33% off

Lubing brass before sizing can be a labor-intensive process. But with Hornady One Shot spray (#ad) you can do the job faster and easier. Clean and non-sticky, this lubricant is quick and easy to use. With Hornady One Shot spray you can lube an entire block of cases in one quick application. That saves considerable time when loading large quantities of ammunition.

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