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June 9th, 2023

NSSF Report on Recent Gun-Related State Legislation

NSSF bullet points podcast gun laws states MCC merchant code texas florida gun control

In this episode of the NSSF Bullet Points podcast, NSSF’s Managing Director State Affairs Jake McGuigan discusses fending off “woke” corporate agendas and anti-gun policies. Jake explains recent successes in state houses around the U.S. including, addressing financial discrimination against the firearm industry by enacting the Firearm Industry Non-Discrimination (FIND) Act and successful restrictions on credit card processing companies that are attempting to track firearm purchases with new Merchant Category Codes.

Recent Gun Rights Successes in State Legislatures »

0:00 Intro
0:42 Round up of pro-gun bills being passed in state houses
2:03 FIND Act
6:39 Pushing back on “woke” agendas and policies (ESG)
8:59 Restricting credit card processor’s ability to track firearm purchases
13:23 Outlook

1700+ Gun-Related Bills in State Legislature in Past 12 months
More than 1,700 firearm-related bills have been introduced in state legislatures since last May. Ninety-three of those bills were passed by legislatures and signed into law. Of those, 56% “expanded access to firearms or benefited the firearms industry by allowing manufacturing in the state or protecting them from liability lawsuits.” On the flip side, nearly 44% of the bills “restricted access to firearms or supported victims/potential victims in gun-related cases.”

Summary of 2022-2023 Legislative Action by State »

Some states have been tougher than others. Several states like Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut have supermajorities that skew toward gun control. Other states, like Arizona, Nevada and Virginia are slim majorities or split between the parties controlling one side of the legislature or the other. Still, other states like Florida moved aggressively to protect the firearm industry.

Success in Halting Firearms-Related Credit Card Tracking
Several legislatures have passed laws that prohibit the use of a firearm retailer-specific Merchant Category Code (MCC) by credit card companies to track lawful sales. That tracking could lead to backdoor gun control and firearm ownership lists by government agencies. Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed this law, as did Montana’s Gov. Greg Gianforte and North Dakota’s Gov. Doug Burgum. West Virginia’s Gov. Jim Justice, Mississippi’s Gov. Tate Reeves and Idaho’s Gov. Brad Little have signed laws barring the use of a MCC on firearm purchases earlier this year. Similar legislative efforts are ongoing on the federal level.

It is important to halt the use of Merchant Codes to track gun-related purchases, because this data could, potentially, be used to create a national Firearms Registry, something expressly prohibited by Federal law.

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June 9th, 2023

Clean Better with Triangle Patches and Dual-Diameter Brushes

Rigel BoreSmith Brush Patch Jag Pyramid Triangle patches

Product innovation is all about “building a better mousetrap”, or in this case, building a better bore-cleaning patch. A real smart guy, Shane Smith, has invented a triangular patch that earned a patent. The U.S. Patent Office has awarded a utility patent for BoreSmith’s Triangle Patch™. This unique cleaning patch was designed by Shane Smith, a mathematician/physicist who employed his scientific and firearms knowledge to create innovative bore-cleaning products.

BoreSmith’s clever Triangle Patch™ (aka Pyramid Patch) presents more cleaning surface area to the bore wall than does a conventional square or round patch (of equivalent size). At the same time, the unique geometry makes Triangle Patches much less likely to jam in the barrel. This is because the notches in the sides of the triangle allow the patch to sit more uniformly on the jag (without bunching up). In addition, the Pyramid patch is must less likely to jam due to pleating. One reason conventional patches get stuck is unwanted 5-layer pleating. The special notches in the Pyramid patch remove all or most 5-layer pleating. As a result the patch does not bunch up and this also reduces rod bowing. SEE Triangle Patches HERE on Amazon.

The Triangle patch can be used with a standard jag but works best when paired with BoreSmith’s patented dual-diameter JagBrush. There are FOUR sizes: 17-20 Caliber, 22-27 Caliber, 27-35 Caliber, and 35-58 Caliber.

» Combo Kits with Triangle Patches and Dual-Diameter Brushes

Triangle Patch Function and Geometry Explained (See 1:18 time-mark):

NOTE: Despite what you may see in this video, you should ALWAYS insert brushes and patches from the chamber end first, using a fitted cleaning rod bore guide. With bolt-action rifles, NEVER insert a cleaning rod (with brush or jag) in through the muzzle. This may damage the delicate crown of your barrel.

The Triangle Patches work great with Boresmith’s patented dual-diameter bore brushes:

Triangle triangular patches boresmith
Triangle triangular patches boresmith
Triangle triangular patches boresmith

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June 9th, 2023

Reloading on the Road — Loading Station inside “Toy-Hauler” RV

Smart Car Toy Hauler

It’s summer time. That means many of our readers are on the road (attending major shooting matches or enjoying summer vacations). How do you do your reloading chores while living like a gypsy for a few weeks? Here’s a solution from Forum member Dave Gray (U.S. Army Retired).

Dave is a self-declared “full-time RVer” who spends most of his time on the road. Behind his Ram 3500 pickup, Dave tows a huge 41-foot Heartland Cyclone toy hauler featuring a 12X8 foot garage in the rear. In the rear garage area, which holds a compact Smart Car, Dave has set up a removable reloading bench complete with RCBS Rockchucker single stage press and Dillon progressive press.

Smart Car Toy Hauler

Smart Car Toy HaulerReloading Bench Mounts to RV Wall with Brackets
Dave explains: “I used a 2″X6″X5′ board for the bench. It’s perfect for my needs, and is easy to disassemble. I made it this small so that I can park my Smart Car in the garage during travel to my destinations. The bench, attached to the wall frames, is very solid. The presses’ centers are 3″ and 6.5″ from the brackets. [There are] four bolts on the wall into aluminum wall frame and 3 bolts in the bench. If I ever have to replace the current board, I’ll do so with oak or birch or hickory. When I’m not reloading, I remove the presses and store them in a protected space. I can easily attach other equipment to the bench by using C-Clamps.” Dave’s “rolling reloading room” looks very well thought-out. We commend Dave for his inventiveness.

Smart Car Toy Hauler

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June 8th, 2023

Burris Optics Team Challenge Runs June 22-25 in Wyoming

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

How’d you like to go to a beautiful 17,000-acre ranch in Wyoming this month, with a chance to win major prize money and valuable shooting gear? That’s the lure of the Burris Optics Team Challenge, a 3-day shooting competition scheduled for June 22-25, 2023, at a private 17,000+ acre ranch in Douglas, Wyoming. CLICK HERE to Register.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

The Burris Optics Team Challenge is a unique event with two-person teams competing in multiple shooting disciplines — long-range rifle shooting, pistol shooting, and shotgun shooting. The competition is designed to test participants’ marksmanship skills, as well as their ability to work together as a team. In partnership with Competition Dynamics, this match offers a world-class, cutting-edge competitive practical shooting experience is a beautiful, backcountry environment.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

The match takes place on a huge range located just outside Douglas, Wyoming. The terrain combines rolling hills and gradual inclines mixed with mountainous zones.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

Athlon Outdoors posted an interesting article about a young couple, Tyler Hughes and Rei Hong, who competed in this event a few seasons back, finishing 8th overall. Taylor said their experience was very positive: “Our focus was to go as hard as we could, improving our plan each day based on what we learned from each other. Most importantly, we never lost sight of having fun together.”

Participants in the Burris Optics Team Challenge will have the chance to win a variety of prizes, including optics, cash, and other shooting-related gear. In addition, the top-performing team will be crowned the Burris Optics Team Challenge Champions and awarded a grand prize.

Burris Optics Team Challenge Match Overview
Stages: 3 Field Hike (long); 2 Long Assault (timed, multi-gun style); 1 standards
The 3 Field Hike stages will involve significant movement on foot while engaging multiple targets
Rugged desert / mountainous terrain with natural hazards — Local altitude of 5200′
Targets — rifles to 1000 yards, carbine to 600 yards, and pistols to 60 nominal
Locate, range, and engage targets under strict time constraints
Competitors carry all gear used during the courses of fire
Almost all targets will be reactive armor steel plate
Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes

Registration for the Burris Optics Team Challenge is now open, and spaces are limited. Interested participants can learn more and register online at the event website.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

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June 8th, 2023

Access 14 Years of Shooting Sports USA Articles for FREE

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA

Enjoy the Shooting Sports USA Archives
As we head into summer, many Americans will be spending more time at the range. And competitors will be shooting in rimfire and centerfire rifle matches throughout the country. Here’s an opportunity to learn competition skills, gun tuning methods, and reloading techniques from leading experts. A vast resource of great gun-related content available online for FREE. Check out the Shooting Sports USA Articles Archive. SSUSA maintains a vast digital library with hundreds of articles going back to June 2009.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSAIt’s easy to find back issues of Shooting Sports USA magazine. Here’s how: First, navigate to the current SSUSA Online Issue. Then click on the “ARCHIVES” icon in the upper right area (indicated with red arrow). When you click on “ARCHIVES”, a window will open with a selection of Shooting Sports USA magazine covers/dates in a vertical column. The most recent issue (June 2023) will appear at the top. You can then scroll down — use the vertical scroll bar to go from September 2022 (the latest issue) all the way back to June 2009. Click any issue cover to read.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA
The June 2020 issue features a Palma rifle built with Eliseo Tubegun Chassis System.

How to Find and Save Articles
To search back issues, select “MORE OPTIONS” from the toolbar (top left). Then click the “SEARCH” button. When that opens, select either “Search Archives” for ALL back issues or “Search Only this Issue”. When you’ve made your choice, enter your search term(s). For example, you can search for “Camp Perry” or “Palma” or “F-Class Championship”. You can also save any archived issue as a PDF for viewing offline. Just click “SAVE” to download the article you’re currently viewing/reading.

Shooting Sports USA competitive shooting high power marksmanship archive SSUSA

Read Sample Articles
Here are a couple of our favorite SSUSA feature stories from recent years. There are hundreds of other informative articles worth reading.

Wind-Reading Tips from Champion Shooters »

Shooting Sports USA Wind Reading tips

How to Clean and Maintain Match Barrels »

Shooting Sports USA Barrel Maintenance Clean Bore Scope

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June 8th, 2023

Shoot Dime-Sized Groups “All Day Long” — Here’s the Trick

Dime size meme humor joke accuracy

We’ve all encountered those boastful guys at the range — you know, the ones who say their factory rifle will shoot “dime-sized groups all day long.” Well maybe they were actually telling the truth — it all depends on the size of the ten-cent piece. With the huge dime shown above, we think we could shoot “dime-sized groups all day long” — even with a pistol. After seeing this, one reader commented: “That’s great. So this means my groups are only around Quarter-sized!”

Credit Forum member DKhunt14 who started a thread with this humorous image in our Shooters’ Forum. Other Forum members gave examples of similar accuracy claims they’ve heard:

I ran into a local tactical guru a few years ago that topped any story I’ve ever heard yet. He claimed he could shoot a quarter-inch group every time at 300 yards — like no problem whatsoever. — IMMike

I had a guy tell me he dropped a doe at 420 yards with a M1 carbine, open sights. Never took a step. I’ll bet he also shot those dime-sized groups!– DJ Porter

Seems like we could substitute 1000-yard prairie dog (other small varmint) hits for dime-sized groups. They both happen “all day long”. — Dsandfort

Many folks come into my shop… and feel compelled to regale me with their life history with firearms. Head-shooting squirrels at 100 yards with a .22 short and iron sights, deer dropped at 500 yards with a .35 Rem, ground hogs taken with one shot across vast distances, etc. — and it would appear that every former SEAL, Marine or SF sniper lives in the general area. My Dad used to tell me that sometimes you just have to smile and nod a lot. Not always, but a lot.

I’m not a huge fan of Bass Pro Shop, but I DO appreciate Bass Pro’s motto: “Welcome hunters, fishermen and other liars.” Human nature can be so entertaining. — JLT

GET Your Own Giant DIME

By the way, if you want your own jumbo dime, offers 3″-diameter Roosevelt dimes for ten bucks. These would be good for range accuracy challenges. You could tell a buddy you can “put five shots on a dime at 200 yards”. Then whip out this slightly oversize 3-incher and see his face.

These could also serve as “gag prizes” at club shooting matches — giveaways for folks who want to say they shot a group at 200 or 300 yards that could be “covered with a dime” … a 3″ dime that is!

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June 7th, 2023

How Ammo Temperature Affects Velocity, Pressure, and POI

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot F-Class Ammo cold
In this .308 Win test, 70° F ammo shot 96 FPS slower than ammo heated to 130.5° F. And the 130.5° ammunition was 145 fps faster than ammo taken right out of the freezer (at 25.5° F). That’s a huge difference…

summer heat ammunition temperature velocitySummer Solstice is just two weeks away, so most parts of the country will soon be encountering peak summer heat. Some ranges in the Western states have already recorded temperatures well over 100 degrees F during matches. When dealing with extreme summer heat, you should make a serious effort to keep your ammo at reasonable temperatures. When possible, keep ammo in a cooler in the shade.

Never leave boxes of ammo out in the hot sun. Even with powders advertised as “temp stable” you can see significant velocity increases when ambient temps reach 90 degrees and above. This article explains how temperature extremes (both hot and cold) can alter bullet velocities. The velocity differences between very cold ammo and very hot ammo can be very large, as this article explains.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The Sierra tester does not reveal the brand of powder tested here. Some powders are much more temp sensitive than others. Accordingly, you cannot extrapolate test results from one propellant to another. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see the actual recorded velocity shift with ammo temperature variations in a .308 Win.

Written by Sierra Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd
This story originally appeared in the Sierra Bullets Blog
A few weeks ago I was attending the Missouri State F-Class Match. This was a two-day event during the summer and temperatures were hot one day and hotter the next. I shot next to a gentleman who was relatively new to the sport. He was shooting a basically factory rifle and was enjoying himself with the exception that his scores were not as good as he hoped they would be and he was experiencing pressure issues with his ammunition. I noticed that he was having to force the bolt open on a couple of rounds. During a break, I visited with him and offered a couple of suggestions which helped his situation somewhat and he was able to finish the match without major issues.

He was shooting factory ammunition, which is normally loaded to upper levels of allowable pressures. While this ammunition showed no problems during “normal” testing, it was definitely showing issues during a 20-round string of fire in the temperatures we were competing in. My first suggestion was that he keep his ammunition out of the direct sun and shade it as much as possible. My second suggestion was to not close the bolt on a cartridge until he was ready to fire. He had his ammo in the direct sunlight and was chambering a round while waiting on the target to be pulled and scored which can take from a few seconds to almost a minute sometimes.

This time frame allowed the bullet and powder to absorb chamber [heat] and build pressure/velocity above normal conditions. Making my recommended changes lowered the pressures enough for the rifle and cartridge to function normally.

Testing Effects of Ammunition Temperature on Velocity and POI
After thinking about this situation, I decided to perform a test in the Sierra Bullets underground range to see what temperature changes will do to a rifle/cartridge combination. I acquired thirty consecutive .30 caliber 175 grain MatchKing bullets #2275 right off one of our bullet assembly presses and loaded them into .308 Winchester ammunition. I utilized an unnamed powder manufacturer’s product that is appropriate for the .308 Winchester cartridge. This load is not at the maximum for this cartridge, but it gives consistent velocities and accuracy for testing.

I took ten of the cartridges and placed them in a freezer to condition.

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot F-Class Ammo cold

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot F-Class Ammo cold

I set ten of them on my loading bench, and since it was cool and cloudy the day I performed this test I utilized a floodlight and stand to simulate ammunition being heated in the sun.

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot F-Class Ammo cold

I kept track of the temperatures of the three ammunition samples with a non-contact laser thermometer.

The rifle was fired at room temperature (70 degrees) with all three sets of ammunition. I fired this test at 200 yards out of a return-to-battery machine rest. The aiming point was a leveled line drawn on a sheet of paper. I fired one group with the scope aimed at the line and then moved the aiming point across the paper from left to right for the subsequent groups.

NOTE that the velocity increased as the temperature of the ammunition did.

The ammunition from the freezer shot at 2451 fps.

Frozen FPS

The room temperature ammunition shot at 2500 fps.

Room Temperature FPS

The heated ammunition shot at 2596 fps.

Hot 130 degree ammo

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot cold

The tune window of the particular rifle is fairly wide as is shown by the accuracy of the three pressure/velocity levels and good accuracy was achieved across the board. However, notice the point of impact shift with the third group? There is enough shift at 200 yards to cause a miss if you were shooting a target or animal at longer ranges. While the pressure and velocities changed this load was far enough from maximum that perceived over pressure issues such as flattened primer, ejector marks on the case head, or sticky extraction did not appear. If you load to maximum and then subject your ammunition to this test your results will probably be magnified in comparison.

Sierra Bullets Ammunition Ammo temperature temp test hot cold

This test showed that pressures, velocities, and point-of-impact can be affected by temperatures of your ammunition at the time of firing. It’s really not a bad idea to test in the conditions that you plan on utilizing the ammo/firearm in if at all possible. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to also test to see what condition changes do to your particular gun and ammunition combination so that you can make allowances as needed. Any personal testing along these lines should be done with caution as some powder and cartridge combination could become unsafe with relatively small changes in conditions.

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June 7th, 2023

The Rifle That Shot 3000 Bullseyes — Sam Moore’s Win Model 52

Samuel Sam Moore Calvin Coolidge 3000 Bullseye NRA Museums

Here’s a rifle that earned a Presidential medal and a visit to the White House. This rifle has a unique heritage, having been used to shoot 3000 consecutive bulleyes in a single day. The year was 1926 and a high school shooter named Sam Moore hoped to set a record. With his trusty Winchester Model 52 rifle in hand, Moore fired 3,000 rounds downrange, only stopping when his rifle became too hot to hold and daylight was fading fast. But he had fired 3,000 consecutive bullseyes in NRA Junior Rifle competition (target at 50 feet). The event, which set a world record, received national attention.

Samuel Sam Moore Calvin Coolidge 3000 Bullseye NRA MuseumsMoore was summoned to Washington, DC on April 26, 1926 to meet President Calvin Coolidge. At the White House, President Coolidge met the young marksman and presented Moore with a gold medal. The engraving on the back reads: “Presented to L.S. Moore by the President of the United States [on] behalf of the National Rifle Association. Junior Rifle Corps World Record — 3000 — consecutive bullseyes.”

Editor: Consider how times have changed. In 1931 the U.S. President was proud to honor a junior marksman for a great achievement. Today the White House condemns everything gun related. And the State of California has passed legislation imposing $25,000.00 fines for promoting youth marksmanship (AB 2571).

Marksman Moore Went to the U.S. Naval Academy and Served in WW II
After high school, Sam Moore earned admission to the U.S. Naval Academy, and graduated in 1931. Later, Moore helped develop the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, served in WW II as a USMC aviator, and maintained his interest in shooting until his passing in 1982. Moore’s rifle and engraved gold medal were donated to the National Firearms Museum by his son David.

Photos and story from NRA Museums Facebook Page

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June 6th, 2023

Choosing a Handgun — Smart Tips for Pistol Purchasers

Winchester Blog Becky Yackley pistol purchase handgun training

Are you in the market for your first handgun, for target use or for self-defense? The Winchester Blog has a good article for handgun buyers. This story, “Things You Should Know When Purchasing Your First Pistol”, provides many smart tips that can help you choose the right handgun, and save money in the process. In addition, the article explains how to train with your new pistol and handle it safely. READ Full Article.

If possible, you should test a variety of different pistols, to determine which works best for you. Check the feel, the ergonomics, the sight picture, and the controls. And, if possible, test the pistols with live-fire at a range which rents samples.

How do you know if your choice is right for you?
Once you’ve narrowed down choices, try to get time shooting the pistol(s) you are considering. You can usually rent guns at commercial ranges. This is an excellent way to “try before you buy.” NSSF has a list of places to shoot[.] When looking for a range that rents firearms, an online search and then a phone call to confirm what options are available is a solid plan. If you have friends and family who own a model you are interested in, ask if they will go to the range with you so that you can try it.

Take pistols for a test drive
First, dry-fire and manipulate the pistol. Can you easily lock the slide open? Are the sights suited to your vision? Then, fire a magazine or two of ammo [in a supervised range facility]. — Winchester Blog

The Winchester Blog article lists techniques that can help you get the “feel” for a particular firearm:

1. Practice the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety and make sure the gun is empty.

2. [After confirming the gun is empty] manipulate the slide, safety, magazine release, and dry-fire.

3. Perform a dry or empty magazine change — make sure you can hit the release and also reload a new magazine easily.

4. Perform a draw, or if you’re at a range where that is not allowed, simply pick the pistol up off the table and bring it up to your eye level and align the sights. Do this a few times. Can you acquire the sights quickly?

5. How does the backstrap fit your hand? Can you get both hands on the gun with enough “purchase” that you can really grip it well?

READ Full Winchester Blog Pistol Purchase Article »

This Winchester Blog article is by Becky Yackley. Becky has competed in 3-Gun, Bianchi pistol, Service Rifle, NCAA air rifle, smallbore and air pistol events around the world since 1989.

Smith wesson model 617 .22 LR revolver 22LR

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June 6th, 2023

Handgun Marksmanship Training Videos from SIG Sauer

Shooter's Edge handgun training Sig Sauer Academy

Do you know someone who recently purchased his/her first handgun and is getting started in the shooting sports? Or do you need to brush up your own pistol skills? Then check out a new FREE video training series from the SIG Sauer Academy: Shooter’s Edge — Learning to Shoot.

Here is the Second Video from the Shooter’ Edge series, covering Basic Rules of Firearms Safety:

This video series features foundational handgun classes at the SIG Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. The ten-episode series takes viewers into the classroom and onto the range as the instructors walk through the fundamentals of handgun safety, shooting techniques, practice and training exercises, along with instruction in equipment options and handgun selection. The series was shot on location during several of the Academy’s introductory classes.

Click Below to Access Full Video Series on

Shooter's Edge handgun training Sig Sauer Academy

The Shooter’ Edge Series includes the following episodes: Learn to Shoot at SIG Sauer Academy; Basic Rules of Safety; Types of Handguns and Ammunition; Foundational Shooting Techniques; How to Practice and Train Effectively; Choosing the Right Gun; Equipment and Its Purpose; Holsters — Presentation and Recovery; Magazines — Loading and Unloading; and What Happens After Learning to Shoot.

The entire 10-episode series is available on the SIG Sauer Academy YouTube Channel and the SIG Sauer Academy Website.

Shooter's Edge handgun training Sig Sauer Academy

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June 6th, 2023

Remember D-Day — June 6, 1944 — 79 years ago today

D-Day DDay 1944 Normandy WW II

Back in 2014, Forum member Robert Chombart posted this message from his home in Normandy, France: “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, I … salute the memory of the thousands of American soldiers who sacrificed their youth to liberate France, with … particular [respect] for those who rest in Normandy ground.” Today, 79 years after that historic day, it is important we never forget the sacrifice of those who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy.

wwii d-day normandy beach invasion freedom 1944 WW II

Today we should remember those who crossed the Channel to begin the liberation of Europe. Thousands of soldiers, sailors, and aviators gave their lives on June 6, 1944. Their sacrifice on “The Longest Day”, allowed people throughout Europe to enjoy freedom. We should remember those brave warriors, and never forget that freedom is not free — it requires continuing vigilance and sacrifice.

wwii d-day normandy beach invasion freedom

CLICK HERE for Many More Stunning Photos from D-Day, 1944.

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June 5th, 2023

BargainFinder 402: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Sportsman’s Warehouse — Father’s Day Sale

father's day sale
Sale through June 18 — deal on guns, optics, gear

Save on all your hunting and target shooting needs over at Sportsman’s Warehouse during their Father’s Day sale. With big discounts on optics, rifles, pistols, ammo, gun safes, and shooting gear, you’ll find plenty of bargains for both yourself and your father.

2. EuroOptic — Trijicon Tenmile Scope SALE with Huge Savings

trijicon scope sale
Precise powder scale/dispenser with advanced features

Trijicon makes some great scopes for a variety of applications. Grab a high-quality Trijicon Tenmile scope with a massive discount (up to 51%) during the Trijicon Riflescope Closeout SALE at Choose from Tenmile scopes with 6X magnification ranges 3-18X, 4-24X, or 4.5-30X — all well suited for both varmint work and competition. Don’t delay, with these prices, these Trijicon Tenmile 6x zoom range optics should sell out quickly.

3. CDNN Sports — HK VP9 Father’s Day $200 Gear Credit Promo

heckler koch vp9 9mm pistol $200 gear rebate
Get $200 credit for mags and accessories with HKVP9 Special

Heckler & Koch (HK) makes outstanding defensive pistols. This Editor has owned four HK pistols in three calibers and they were all exceptionally accurate and ultra-reliable. Right now you’ll earn a $200 gear credit with the purchase of an HK VP9 pistol from CDNN Sports. Various color and sight options are available. With this Father’s Day Loadout Special you’ll get a $200 credit for the HK webshop. That $200 credit can be used for magazines and a variety of accessories.

4. Creedmoor Sports — Powder Measuring Pro-Combo, $469.95

powder scale sale
Precise powder scale/dispenser with advanced features

This combo kit features four top-tier reloading tools. The Powder Measuring Pro-Combo Special includes the superb Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 Precision Scale, TRX-925 Scale Caddy, Redding Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure, and Redding Model No. 5 Powder Trickler. The TRX-925 is a class-leading precision scale that reads in grains. To do better you’d have to spent more than twice as much for a Force Restoration scale. And right now you SAVE $200 with this Creedmoor Sports Pro-Combo Special.

5. Palmetto SA — Norma ECO Speed .22 LR Ammo, $3.49/50rd

22lr rimfire ammo sale
Unique, ultra-fast .22 LR ammo with lead-free bullets

Here’s unique, extremely fast .22 LR ammo for varminting and target shooing. This Norma ECO Speed ammo features a lead-free 25gr bullet running at a blistering 1706 FPS. That rivals the 17 Mach 2, but you can shoot this from any .22 LR rifle. This high-velocity Norma ECO Speed .22 LR ammo, is now just $3.49 on sale (50rd Box). Norma’s lead-free ECO Speed ammo boast a muzzle velocity exceeding all other .22 LR on the market. The cartridge is 100% lead-free, including the primer, making it quite unique. NOTE: This ammo works best in bolt-action rifles.

6. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Precision Case Trimmer, $79.99

rifle brass trimmer sale
Versatile kit allows you to trim nearly any neck diameter shouldered brass

The Frankford Arsenal Universal Precision Trimmer is a versatile tool that can work with most popular cartridge types. This case-trimming system indexes on case shoulders for precise trimming. The adjustable collet system works with shouldered cases from .17 Remington to .460 Weatherby and fits most power drills. The built-in depth micrometer allows for micro-adjustments and the brass shaving ejection port ensures a clean trim. NOTE, this tool is NOT compatible with straight-wall cartridges.

7. Midsouth — Winchester 9mm Luger Ammo, 500rds $144.99

9mm ammo sale
Very low price on quality USA-made 9mm ammo plus free shipping

Here’s a great deal on quality USA-made 9x19mm (9mm Luger) ammo. Midsouth is offering a 500-round case of Winchester Service Grade 9mm 115gr ammo for just $144.99 with FREE SHIPPING. This FMJ ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in reloadable brass. Winchester Service Grade is an excellent choice for competitive and recreational shooting applications.

8. Amazon — PROHEAR Earmuffs 2-Pack, $33.95

shooting ear protection sale
Muffs Duo with very good 26dB Noise Reduction Rating

shooting ear protection saleAll shooters should use quality hearing protection whenever at the range. This 2-Pack of PROHEAR earmuffs, provides excellent 26 dB NRR (SNR 31dB) protection for yourself and a shooting buddy. These PROHEAR muffs, just $33.95 for the pair, offer quality foam combined with a sound-dampening composite housing. That provides a very good 26 dB Noise Reduction Rating, better than most muffs in this price range.

Available in black or olive green colors, these PROHEAR muffs have a reduced width at the bottom to provide less interference when shouldering a rifle or shotgun. The 2-packs are offered in Black & Green (see above), Black & Brown, Black & Black, Brown & Green, or Black and Hi-Viz Pink — a cool set for a guy and his wife.

9. Midsouth — Varmint X-Treme .22 Cal 55gr, $39.99/250

shooting ear protection sale
Amazing deal on varmint bullets — just $0.16 each in 250 pack

Planning a varmint safari this summer? If you shoot a .22-caliber rifle, check out this hot deal on Varmint Nightmare X-Treme FBHP bullets. Get 250 bullets for $39.99 — just $16 per hundred! Crafted by a major bullet-maker, these .22 Caliber, 55 grain projectiles feature a quality jacket, and a 0.218 BC. With their hollow point design, these Varmint Nightmare bullets have an explosive effect on P-dogs and Groundhogs.

10. Amazon — Reloading Data Book, $5.99

reloading book sale
Handy low cost 120-page book keep vital reloading data at hand

All handloaders should keep detailed reloading notes with all essential load data. The Reloading Data Book provides a handy hard copy of your load data in an organized format. This 8.5″ x 11″ book Data Book has 120 log pages with printed entry boxes for date, cartridge, powder, grains, bullet type, bullet weight, and many more variables. At just $5.99, this a great resource to keep in your loading room.

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June 5th, 2023

SSUSA Report on 2023 F-Class World Championships

F-Class World Championships south africa f-open f-tr

There’s a good report on the F-Class World Championships, held earlier this year in South Africa. The current issue of Shooting Sports USA (SSUSA), available for free online, features a detailed 6-page report on the F-Class Worlds. This major event features individual and team competitions. F-Open Team USA, shown above, won the F-Open World Championship, while the American F-TR team finished second to F-TR Team South Africa.

CLICK Image Below to Read F-Class World Championships Report:
F-Class World Championships south africa f-open f-tr

F-Class World Championships south africa f-open f-trTeam USA won Gold and Silver at the 2023 F-Class World Championships in South Africa. With a strong, come-from-behind performance on the last day of the team match, The U.S.A. F-Open Team topped South Africa to win the F-Open Team Championship with a 3540-366V score (South Africa finished with 3535-374V — a “V” is like an “X” in the USA).

SSUSA Editor John Parker notes: “In March for this year’s F-Class World Championships held in Bloemfontein, South Africa, the United States sent a united F-T/R and F-Open team, shooting different guns, but with the shared goal of returning to America with as many team medals as possible. Our F-Open rifle shooters defeated South Africa on its home range for the first time in over two decades, capturing the F-Open Team Aggregate gold medal in a historic victory. Preceding the F-Class World Championships in Bloemfontein was the 2023 South African National Championship, where U.S. rifle shooter Erik Cortina [led] the F-Open leaderboard with a score of 687-65V. See Cortina, along with his 7mm PRCW rifle, on the cover.”

F-Class World Championships south africa f-open f-tr

CLICK HERE for World Championship F-Open Team Results »

CLICK HERE for World Championship F-TR Team Results »

The F-Class World Championships were held March 26 – April 1, 2023 at the Genl De Wet Shooting Range outside Bloemfontein, South Africa. The multi-day individual matches had some tough conditions with strong, twitchy winds and rain delays. And the winds were challenging for the team matches as well.

Both F-Open and F-TR team matches were shot at multiple metric distances: 700m, 800m, 900m. The high-scoring American F-Open shooter was B. Kolodziej with 448-50V. His team-mate Todd Hendricks (444-53V) had the most Vs with 53.

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June 5th, 2023

Bruce Piatt Wins His 7th Bianchi Cup Championship

bruce piatt bianchi cup

bruce piatt bianchi cupTeam Vihtavuori member Bruce Piatt shot a superb match to win the 2023 CMP Bianchi Cup Pistol Championship. Piatt recorded a remarkable 1920 – 178X score to secure his seventh Bianchi Cup championship title. To shoot 1920-178X, Bruce had to hit every target in the match — a very impressive accomplishment.

The 2023 CMP Bianchi Cup was hosted by Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club in Hallsville, Missouri on May 23-26, 2023. The Bianchi Cup, the second longest-running action pistol championship, has a 40+ years history and attracts top pistol shooters from around the world. Shooters compete in multiple events including the Barricade, Falling Plate, Practical, and Moving Target.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) now oversees the Bianchi Cup competition, previously run by the National Rifle Association.

bruce piatt bianchi cup

The talented Piatt, who competes with the .38 Super cartridge powered by Vihtavuori N320 powder, also brought home the Law Enforcement Championship title. With near perfect shooting conditions, Piatt was in a tight race with Australian Shooter Mark Blake who placed second. Fellow Team Vihtavuori member Doug Koenig finished third overall.

Vihtavuori N320 pistol powderEditor’s Note: Vihtavuori N320 is our favorite powder for .45 ACP target loads. It is very accurate and burns cleaner, with fewer sparks, than any other brand of powder we have tried for the .45 ACP. We highly recommend N320 and the slightly faster N310.

Here are Bruce Piatt’s Scores for Each Event Round:


Round 1 – 120-11X
Round 2 – 120-10X
Round 3 – 120-11X
Round 4 – 120-12X
3rd overall


Round 1 – 120-12
Round 2 – 120-12
Round 3 – 120-12
Round 4 – 120-12
3rd overall


Round 1 – 120-11
Round 2 – 120-8
Round 3 – 120-11
Round 4 – 120-8
2nd overall

Falling Plates

Round 1 – 120-12
Round 2 – 120-12
Round 3 – 120-12
Round 4 – 120-12
Overall Champion

About Vihtavuori
Vihtavuori is renowned its clean burning and temperature stable smokeless powders that have great lot-to-lot consistency. Vihtavuori is imported by Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

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June 4th, 2023

Sunday GunDay: Alabama Arsenal Rifles — Centerfire and Rimfire

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Barrett Savage CZ 457 suppressors

With over 240 shooting-related videos, the Alabama Arsenal YouTube Channel is a remarkable resource. This video channel provides detailed field tests of tactical-type rifles, ARs, and pistols. The testers have access to some very impressive ranges, and many of the tests are far more thorough than you’ll typically find with most gun magazines and gun-centric YouTube channels. For example, Alabama Arsenal (AA) has a series of 1000+ round pistol test videos. These are well worth watching if you are considering purchase of a defensive handgun.

Today we showcase multiple rifle videos covering two centerfire rifles, and three precision rimfire rigs. After these field test videos, you’ll find an interesting technical video which investigates how suppressors can affect muzzle velocity.

Barrett MRAD .300 PRC at 2200 Yards — Extreme Long Range

Here’s a rugged tactical rifle put to the test at Extreme Long Range. This video, featuring a Barrett MRAD chambered for the .300 PRC cartridges, features accuracy testing out to 2200 yards (1.25 miles). There is some good drone footage covering the long path to the target. The shooter noted that the bullets fired from his .300 PRC “go sub-sonic somewhere between 1800 and 1900 yards”, creating additional ballistics challenges at this yardage.

Savage 110 Elite Precision for PRS Production Class

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Elite Precision 110 Savage PRS NRL suppressor

In this video AA’s team reviews the Savage Elite Precision Rifle with MDT ACC Chassis. Retailing for about $1810.00 in 6mm Creedmoor, this is one of the better production class options for PRS and NRL competition. Starting at the 3:10 time-mark, the video shows how all the adjustments function on the MDC ACC Chassis. Guns America Digest did a full review of this rifle, and was quite impressed.

Rimfire .22 LR Bergara B-14R in WOOX Furiosa Hybrid Chassis

Alabama Arsenal recently tested a .22 LR Bergara B-14R rimfire rifle fitted with the WOOX Furiosa hybrid chassis system, an Italian-made product featuring wood sections over a strong aluminum core chassis. The bolt operation and ergonomics of the B-14R simulate a Remington 700 very closely, making this rifle good for rimfire cross-training. The B14-R model tested was the version with carbon-wrapped barrel.

Bergara B-14R rimfire rifle woox furiosa chassis alabama arsenal

The WOOX Furiosa is an innovative, unique aftermarket replacement chassis. This high-tech hybrid stock/chassis combines wood sections over a full-length, aerospace-grade aluminum skeleton chassis, giving it the “feel” of a wood stock with the strength and stability of a metal stock. We like the way the stock feels on the trigger hand in particular and the smooth wood cheekpiece is also very nice. Made in Italy, the Furiosa is offered in three versions all with wood sections on the forearm, grip area, and cheekpiece. Choose natural Walnut Brown, Micarta Black, or Midnight Grey. Alabama Arsenal tested a B14-R fitted with the Micarta Black version. Below are photos of a centerfire rifle in a WOOX Furiosa hybrid chassis, with the Brown Walnut elements.

woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal
woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal
woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal

CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer and Chassis

In this video, Alabama Arsenal compares two higher-end versions of the popular CZ 457 rimfire rifle, a great choice for the NRL22 and PRS 22 disciplines. The test compares the CZ 457 in a Manners composite stock with a CZ 457 version in a Varmint Precision aluminum chassis. Right now basic CZ 457 rifles start at about $540.00, with the Varmint Precision models running $930 for the metal chassis version and $1130 for the Manners carbon-fiber composite stock model.

CZ 457 test rifle video chassis

Informational Video about Rifle and Pistol Suppressors

Alabama Arsenal regularly tests its firearms with suppressors. Over time, the testing team has leaned much about modern sound moderators, comparing features and learning how to install and maintain quality suppressors. Here is an interesting video that shows how suppressors affect shot velocities.

Field Testing — Do Suppressors Change Bullet Velocity

Want to see more content like this? Here are LINKS…

Alabama Arsenal has nearly 300 videos on its YouTube channel. In addition, you’ll find dozens of firearms photos and other shooting-related content on Alabama Arsenal’s social media pages: Facebook; Instagram; and Twitter. You can support the Arsenal’s gun testing by subscribing to the Alabama Arsenal’s PATREON Page.

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