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November 27th, 2023

Checking the Uniformity of Neck Bushings — Some Surprises

bushing neck die run-out concentricity

Do you use bushings to size your case-necks? Are you assuming that your bushings are actually round on the inside, with a hole that’s centered-up properly? Well you may be in for an unpleasant surprise, based on what our friend Jim de Kort recently discovered. Jim was concerned about the run-out on his brass. His cases went into his bushing-equipped FL die pretty straight, but came out of the die with up to .004″ run-out. “What gives?”, Jim wondered. “Could the problem be the bushings themselves?”

To answer that question, Jim decided to examine his bushings. Using an Accuracy One Wheel-drive concentricity gauge, Jim checked out some of his neck bushings. What he discovered may surprise you…

Neck Bushing Flaws Revealed

Trust no one… — Jim de Kort

Jim writes: “I measured the concentricity of my 6BR rounds today. I noticed they went into the neck-bushing equipped full-length sizing die with less than .001″ deviation but came out with .003-.004″. The culprit, it appears, was the bushing itself. Without it the cases stayed within .0005″ to .001″ deviation, so something was happening with the bushing.

One bushing had .00025″ deviation on the outside, yet almost .003″ on the inside, so it is crooked. But even when using a bushing that is within .001″ I still get .003″ runout after sizing. I repeated the same procedure for my 6×47 and got the same results. When using the bushing, concentricity suffers a lot.”

Before we bash the bushing-makers, we must acknowledge that many different things can contribute to excessive run-out and/or mis-alignment of case-necks. We don’t have all the answers here, and Jim would be the first to say that some mysteries remain. Still, these are interesting results that give all precision hand-loaders something to think about.

Jim Borden of Borden Accuracy also offers this tip: “Check the trueness of the face of the die cap. That has more to do with trueness than the bushing. Also check perpendicularity of hole in bushing to top surface. When I was making dies, the cap was made by threading and facing the threaded tenon in same setup.”

Editor’s Comment: Many people have great results with neck-bushing dies, but Jim isn’t the only fellow who has seen some very odd results. I personally employ honed, non-bushing dies for many of my chamberings. These non-bushing dies (with the necks honed for .002-.003″ neck tension) produce extremely straight ammo, with run-out consistently under .0015″.

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November 26th, 2023

CCI Now Producing Catalyst Lead-Free Primers in Idaho

cci speer federal ammunition catalyst unleaded no-lead primer priming ammunition

CCI is now producing Catalyst lead-free primers and Catalyst-primed CCI and Speer ammunition at the CCI factory in Lewiston, Idaho. The proprietary Catalyst lead-free primer was first developed in 2016 by Federal Ammunition, a CCI/Speer partner company. The advanced lead-free Catalyst primers have been used in CCI- and Speer-brand pistol ammo, and are featured in Federal’s Syntech Range ammo and American Eagle lead-free ammo. Eventually, CCI may eventually offer lead-free primers for the reloading market.

Writing for the MagLife Blog, Kat Ainsworth described Catalyst lead-free primers: “Many manufacturers use lead styphnate mixtures in the production of primers, but Federal Ammunition states the proprietary design utilized in the Catalyst is not only lead-free but outperforms those other methods. The company also says the Catalyst primers are safer to manufacture and provide a host of benefits over lead designs. For example, the Catalyst primers deliver greater compatibility with modern powders, produce less pressure from the gases generated during live fire, and don’t cause degradation in the powder they touch.

The company says these primers are extremely clean-burning which helps them perform more uniform and complete propellant combustion. Even better, the Catalyst has minimal velocity variation[.] These primers are also non-hydrophilic, meaning they don’t attract water molecules like DDNP-based mixes that are found in other brands[.]”

cci speer federal ammunition catalyst unleaded no-lead primer priming ammunition

Catalyst Primers Promise Best-in-Class Performance
“We are extremely proud of this new production capability which continues the rollout of an incredible primer technology” said Federal/CCI/Speer President Jason Vanderbrink. “This product has proven to be the best in its class after nearly seven years of continuous production. Its consistent performance has been tested over hundreds of millions of rounds. Most notably, the product is featured in Federal’s innovative Syntech Range ammo and American Eagle Lead-Free.”

The extremely clean-burning Catalyst primer creates more uniform and complete propellant combustion, yielding minimal velocity variation and consistent bullet launch for improved accuracy. It is also non-hydrophilic, so it does not attract water molecules like DDNP-based mixes found in most lead-free primers, resulting in better reliability.

“Catalyst lead-free priming technology provides the cleanest, most consistent ignition possible. We are excited that our Lewiston plant is now set up to run Catalyst priming in our target pistol products”, said Speer and CCI’s Director of Factory Operations Mike Overberg. “The Anoka facility has proven this to be the best lead-free priming technology available. Our staff here has done a fantastic job of working across factories to extend this product into Speer and CCI Blazer ammunition products made in Lewiston, Idaho.”

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November 23rd, 2023

Black Friday 2023 Sales and Discounts — Part One

Black Friday Deals bargain sale discount

Black Friday Deals bargain sale discountHappy Thanksgiving folks. Major gun and optics makers, tool crafters, and large outdoor gear vendors are offering great bargains for Black Friday week. Expect discounts from 10% to 30% on a wide range of quality products.

While some sales are set for Friday, November 24th only, most of the featured Black Friday Sales have already started. And some of these promotions run through Cyber Monday (11/27/2023). Find other sales at Gun.Deals.

Most of the showcased vendors offer discounts on a large inventory selection — in some cases, everything in stock is discounted 10%, 15%, 20% or more. For other sellers, only specific items are on sale, so we’ve identified those particular deals. In addition to the ten sellers showcased below, Brownells is offering big Discount Code savings on nearly all products. Get 15% OFF your Brownells orders with Code BF15.

Come back tomorrow for Part Two of our Black Friday Sales Showcase!

21st Century Innovation 20% Off One-Day Sale

Black Friday Sale discount 20% 21st Century innovation

21st Century Innovation makes some of the very best tools and hardware for precision handloaders. 21st Century’s Arbor Presses, Neck-turning lathes, Concentricity Gauges, and other tools rank at the very top. And now you can get these superb products at a huge 20% discount. Virtually all 21st Century hardware (except the Hybrid-X Shooting Rest) will be 20% OFF for ONE DAY ONLY, Friday November 23, 2023. Use Coupon Code 20BFRI2023 at checkout to save 20%.

Annealing Made Perfect (AMP) — $200 Off MK II Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale discount $200 Off AMP mark 3 MK II annealer annealing machine Thanksgiving

AMP Annealers are the most advanced annealing system on the planet. With such high demand for these products, you’ll rarely see a discount on AMP Annealing machines. But this year, for Black Friday, AMP will offer a U.S. $200.00 discount on the advanced MK II (MK2) Annealer “while stocks last”. AMP will will run a countdown clock which will hit zero at 12:00 noon USA Pacific time / 3.00 pm USA Eastern on Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving day 2023). At that point, AMP MK II Annealers will be added to stock at $1,395.00, a $200 discount off regular $1,595.00 price. NOTE: This sale is limited “while stocks last”.

F-Class Products Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale discount 10% F-Class Products FCG Paragon actions F-TR

The biggest F-Class Products (FCP) sale ever conducted is happening this week. Sale items include the new Paragon actions, 7 FCP Bundle Kit, two in-stock F-TR complete rifles ready to go, and much more! Save 10% off sitewide with discount code BLACKFRIDAY.

Graf’s Black Friday Promotions and Savings

Black Friday Sale discount graf's free hazmat graf sons Thanksgiving

If you need ammo, bullets, powder, or primers, head over to this week. Graf’s is running a series of promotions. For example you can get 7 lbs. of tumbling media for FREE with a $200 purchase of the excellent Peterson brass. In addition, you can get FREE Hazmat if you buy $150 or more of powder and/or primers. Note: The Free Hazmat offer ends Saturday 11/25/2023 at 11:59 pm CT.

Palmetto State Armory Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale discount 20% Palmetto State Armory Thanksgiving

Need an AR Upper/Lower or a carry pistol? Then definitely check out the Black Friday Sale at Palmetto State Armory. Save 20% or more on AR components, handguns, optics, accessories and more. There are also excellent deals on ammunition, such as CCI Blazer 9mm for just $13.99/box.

Area 419 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday Sale discount 20% 21st Century innovation

Area419 is running a great extended Black Friday Promo for the next few days. You’ll find significant discounts on most Area 419 products, including tools, scope mounts, muzzle brakes, and Arcalock products. In addition, the superb Area419 Zero Press goes on sale 11/27/2023, and a variety of reloading products will be discounted for Cyber Monday.

Precision Reloading Early Black Friday Sale

Black friday sale precision reloading berger hornady

Precision Reloading has been running an early Black Friday Sale, with items discounted starting Monday, 11/20/23. New items are added daily through 11/27/2023. Some of the hot deals are: Berger Bullets and Ammo, Hornady Products (including tools, dies, ammo), and Starline Brass. With the full Black Friday Sale, for orders over $79.00, you can get 10% Off Sitewide with code BLACK23. That code should work through 11/26/23 at 11:59 pm.

EuroOptic — 10% Off Black Friday Nightforce Sale

Black friday sale eurooptic nightforce atacr sales tax rebate

This week you can save big bucks on Nightforce scopes which are rarely discounted this much. With the EuroOptic Black Friday Sale you save 10% on Nightforce NX8 and ATACR scopes. This 10% discount can be worth $175 to $395 in savings! In addition, EuroOptic is offering some sales tax rebates.

Weatherby 15% Off Rifles, 20% Off Ammo, 15-25% Off Gear

Black friday sale weatherby mark v vanguard ammo sale

Right now, through an extended Black Friday Sale, Weatherby is running its “biggest rifle discount of the year”, with 15% Off Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard rifles. Plus ammunition and and brass is discounted 20%. In addition, Weatherby is offering up to 25% off accessories, hunting gear, clothing, gun cases, and other products sold through the Weatherby online store.

Springfield Armory 20% Off Black Friday Week Sale

Black friday sale springfield armory

You can save 20% sitewide now at the Springfield Armory online store. NOTE: Springfield Armory rifles and handguns are NOT sold direct through the website, so this sale applies to AR Uppers, airguns, pistol slide assemblies, optics, magazines, holsters, apparel, and other accessories.

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November 22nd, 2023

6.5 Grendel Load Data from Sierra Bullets

6.5 Grendel load data Sierra Bullets

CLICK HERE for Sierra Bullets 6.5 Grendel LOAD DATA PDF »

Sierra Bullets has released load data for the 6.5 Grendel, a popular cartridge that works equally well in bolt guns and AR15-platform gas guns. Sierra published comprehensive 6.5 Grendel load data, covering 19 powders and eight (8) different bullets from 85 to 130 grains. NOTE: Hornady-brand brass (see below) was used for Sierra’s 6.5 Grendel tests, not the stronger Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass. Hand-loaders using Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass may need to adjust their loads. Also Winchester WSR primers were used. We imagine most precision hand-loaders will prefer CCI or Federal primers.

Sierra Bullets Tested for 6.5 Grendel Load Data
85gr HP (#1700)
100gr HP (#1710)
107gr HPBT (#1715)
120gr Spitzer (#1720)
120gr HPBT (#1725)
123gr HPBT (#1727)
130gr HPBT (#1728)
130gr TMK (# 7430)

In developing its 6.5 Grendel load data, Sierra tested a very wide selection of propellants, 19 in all. For the 85gr to 100gr varmint bullets, modern powders such as XMR 2230, Power Pro Varmint, and Ramshot TAC offered the best velocity in the 24″ test barrel. For the heavier 120gr to 130gr match bullets, Sierra tested a selection of powders. Highest velocities came with Power Pro Varmint and TAC. If you’re looking for best accuracy, consider the slower burn-rate powders such as IMR 8208 XBR and Varget — but you’ll sacrifice some speed. Overall, Sierra’s latest 6.5 Grendel load data is an excellent addition to the 6.5 Grendel knowledge base. Thanks Sierra!

Here are Sierra’s 6.5 Grendel Load Data Charts for Sierra’s 123gr HPBT, 130gr HPBT, and 130gr TMK. There are a five other tables for lighter-weight Sierra bullets.

6.5 Grendel load data Sierra Bullets

6.5 Grendel load data Sierra Bullets

6.5 Grendel load data Sierra Bullets

History of the 6.5 Grendel Cartridge
The 6.5 Grendel originated as a 6mm PPC necked up to 6.5 mm. After Alexander Arms relinquished the “6.5 Grendel” Trademark, the 6.5 Grendel was standardized as an official SAAMI cartridge. It has become popular with target shooters and hunters alike because it is accurate, efficient, and offers modest recoil. Good for small to medium game, the 6.5 Grendel is available in lightweight hunting rifles, such as the Howa Mini Action Rifle. And the 6.5 Grendel is one of the most accurate cartridges suitable for modern AR-15 platform rifles.

6.5 Grendel Saami Hornady Brass

CLICK HERE for 6.5 Grendel Cartridge History (Wikipedia entry).

Sierra Bullets Load Data 6mm Creedmoor reloading tips

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November 21st, 2023

Print Reloading Manuals — Great Resources for Handloaders

reloading hand-loading reload data manual sierra berger hornady lyman

It’s great to be able to access online load data for your cartridges. You can quickly get load data for a particular powder and bullet weight. However, there are times when we prefer to consult old-fashioned printed/bound load manuals. The primary reason is that manuals produced by bullet- and tool-makers will, for a particular cartridge, include data for powders from multiple manufacturers. Having a single source can save you time and trouble. For example, if you want to find 6.5 Creedmoor loads using H4350 (Hodgdon), Reloder 16 (Alliant), and N150 (Vihtavuori) you would have to visit three different powder-maker websites, one after another. OR you can pick up a modern load manual and find everything in one place.

There are many excellent printed load manuals on the market. We have used the Berger Manual, Sierra Manual, Nosler Manual, Lyman Manual, and Hornady Manual. We like the Berger and Sierra manuals for match rifle cartridges, and the Nosler, Lyman, and Hornady manuals for hunting loads and pistol cartridges.

The Lyman Reloading Manuals have earn praise over the years:
“Every other reloading book I’ve used favors their own bullets over every other manufacturers. With Lyman you get an honest representation of a wide variety of different… manufacturers. [Lyman has] a ton of reloading data on just about any bullet style you can imagine. I’ve tried a wide range of their recipes and everyone I’ve tried has been spot on. The overall breadth of information this book covers is impressive.” Review by

reloading hand-loading reload data manual Nosler 9 guide sierra berger hornady lymanNosler #9 Manual Features New Cartridges
If you are looking for fairly recent cartridge/bullet/powder information, in late 2020 Nosler released the Nosler Reloading Guide #9, the latest in a respected series of Nosler load manuals.

This 800-page guide covers 101 cartridge types. New in this edition you’ll find the popular 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm XC, 6.5 PRC, and 7.62×39, along with 20 Nosler, 22 Nosler, 24 Nosler, 27 Nosler and 33 Nosler. This manual is a good resource for PRS shooters and hunters. The Nosler #9 book draws from thousands of hours in the Nosler Ballistic Lab, along with the experience of many respected experts.

The book is available for $31.99 at Midsouth or $29.95 on Amazon. Keep in mind that much of the book’s latest load data is available for free on the online LOAD DATA Center. But to get ALL the data, PLUS all the technical articles, you’ll need to buy the book.

Along with the Nosler #9 Manual (above), here are four other recommended Reloading Manuals:

Here Are Four General Instructional Books That Cover Reloading Procedures:


Here is the most recent powder burn rate chart from Hodgdon/IMR that we could find. Click links below to access printable PDF. Note, some readers have suggested a couple powder ranking issues in the table. However, this is the latest official version from the Hodgdon website, released in October 2022.


Hodgdon IMR Winchester Burn Rate Powder speed table relative table chart

CLICK HERE to Download Chart as PDF File »

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November 20th, 2023

BargainFinder 426: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Midsouth — Hodgdon and Vihtavuori Powders in Stock

powder valley hodgond varget h4831 h4350 sale in stock
Ultra-popular Hodgdon and VV powders now available at good prices

Many super-popular Hodgdon and Vihtavuori (“VV”) powders are in stock right now at Midsouth. That’s right, you can order Hodgdon Varget, H4350, and H4831SC right now for $50.99/lb (or $43.62/lb for 8-lb H4350, H4831sc). And other Hodgdon powders are available starting at $36.99/lb. Plus many popular Vihtavuori powders are in stock at Midsouth including VV N133, N150, N310, N550, N560 and more.

2. Sportsman’s WH — Savage Axis Rifle/Scope Combo, $369.99

Savage Axis Rifle sale
Truly great deal for hunting rifle with Bushnell 4-12X Scope

Here’s a shockingly good deal on a scoped Savage hunting rifle. The Sportsman’s Warehouse exclusive Savage AXIS XP rifle features a black synthetic stock paired with a carbon steel, button-rifled sporter barrel, plus a Bushnell scope. Right now this rig is offered in many chamberings for just $369.99 with optic: .223 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .270 Win, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, and .350 Legend. This package rifle is ready to go hunting, thanks to a mounted and bore-sighted Bushnell 4-12x40mm scope.

3. Sportsman’s Guide — Tipton Best Gun Vise + Wheeler Gunsmithing Kit, both for $99.98

tipton best gun vise wheeler gunsmithing screwdriver set
Outstanding gun vise PLUS a 72-piece gunsmithing driver set

This is a great $99.98 combo kit for working on rifles and shotguns. This is a super deal — the same gun vise with a lesser 43-piece tool kit costs $139.99 at MidwayUSA and the 72-bit kit sells for $64.99 by itself. The Tipton Best Gun Vise is stable with plenty of storage for solvents, patches, small tools and parts. The vise can adapt to hold a variety of long guns, including ARs. Along with the Gun Vise, you get a 72-piece Wheeler screwdriver kit with two driver handles and 70 bits (Standard, Phillips, Allen, and Torx).

4. Palmetto SA — Beretta Tomcat Pistol, $249.99 w/ Mfg. Rebate

beretta tomcat bobcat .32 ACP concealed pistol sale rebate $150
Great deal on covert carry gun after $150 Rebate

Beretta Tomcats are slim, compact, metal-framed .32 ACP semi-auto pistols. These are good “deep concealment” guns that can be carried in a pocket or purse. Currently Beretta Tomcat Pistols are on sale at Palmetto State Armory. Choose from a wide variety of finishes and colors for $399.99. But right now there is a $150 Beretta Rebate good through 12/31/2023. With the $150 factory rebate, your net cost for a Tomcat pistol is just $249.99.

5. Sportsman’s Guide — Homak Steel Security Cabinet, $179.99

sightron scope sale
Versatile storage cabinet at very reasonable price

If you already have a good gun safe, but need a rugged security cabinet to hold optics, tools, stocks, and other valuables, consider this. The Homak First Watch Steel Security Cabinet is made from thick steel and features a pry-resistant door frame and heavy-duty locking plate. Choose either 8-gun or 10-gun capacity for the same $179.99 sale price (or $161.99 for Sportsman’s Guide members). This Homak Security Cabinet includes a fixed metal shelf and plastic barrel rest kit.

6. MidwayUSA — Vortex 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope, $249.99

vortex scope sale
Great spotting scope for the price with rock-solid warranty

Having a quality spotting scope can help when in the field, at matches, or just having fun at the range. We found a great deal on the Vortex Diamondback 20-60x60mm spotting scope, now just $249.99 at MidwayUSA with FREE Shipping. This spotting scope has good light transmission throughout the magnification range. Sharpness is good, and this spotter is protected by Vortex’s VIP Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. If you need a bigger objective, MidwayUSA also has the 20-60x80mm version for $324.99.

7. Brownell’s — LEE Breechlock Kit, $161.99 with Discount Codes

lee press sale
Get a complete reloading kit for less than the cost of a single-stage press

Would you like to grab a complete reloading setup for under $175.00? Brownells offers the Lee Breechlock Press Package for a low $174.99 price. But it gets better — enter Brownells 10% Off codes TA10, TTB10, or WLS10 at checkout to bring the price down to a crazy low $161.99 (before tax/shipping). This is a great deal on a complete reloading package with all the essentials — Press, Powder Measure, Scale, Priming Tool, Chamfer Tool, Shellholders, and more.

8. MidwayUSA — Bushnell Rangefinder + Binoculars, $189.99

bushnell 1300 combo laser rangefinder binocs binoculars
Good budget-priced laser rangefinder plus binoculars combo set

If you need affordable optics for a late-fall hunt, consider the Bushnell Prime Rangefinder/Binoculars combo. For just $189.99 you get a compact, 1300-yd-rated bright-lens laser rangefinder plus Prime 10×42 binoculars with EXO Barrier lens coating. This combo is a great bargain. The Bushnell Prime 1300 LRF by itself is $164.99 on Amazon. So you effectively get the 10×42 Bushnell binoculars for just $25.00.

9. Amazon — Tac-Force Folding Tactical Bowie Knife, $9.35

amazon knife combat folding SAWBACK BOWIE Tactical Rescue Pocket bargain
Amazing price on good knife with very solid reviews

Everyone can use a good, handy folding knife to carry in the field or use at home. This rugged, spring-assist Tac-Force Folding Bowie Knife has a 3.5″ stainless spearpoint blade and measures about 9″ when folded. The inboard part of the blade has serrations for cutting ropes and tubing. Priced under ten bucks, this Tac-Force knife has earned excellent reviews (71% 5-star, 15% 4-star) from verified purchasers. Watch Amazon’s customer videos to see how the blade opens rapidly with spring assist.

10. Amazon — 400 Splatterburst 4″-diameter Targets, $25.99

Splatterburst Targets
Easy to see hits at distance, convenient 200-target roll

When shooting plain paper targets, it can be hard to see impacts. With these handy 4″ Splatterburst Targets your hits instantly display in bright yellow upon impact. Spend more time shooting and less time looking for shots. These adhesive targets peel off the 200-ct roll and then stick firmly to your target backer. Get a roll of 200 adhesive targets for $25.99 on Amazon. That works out to just 13 cents per target.

As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases.

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November 18th, 2023

Load Powder More Consistently by Reducing Static Charges

Powder measure weight static charge electricity powder dryer sheet anti-static spray

In the wintertime, it’s common to encounter problems with static electricity when throwing your powder charges. The static can cause powder kernels to cling to the surface of reloading components, and can cause powder clumping. Clumped or sticky powder may make your measure bind or grab in the middle of the cycle, which can throw off your charge weight. Here are a couple simple ways you can minimize the effects of static electricity and improve the consistency of your powder measuring.

Ground Your Powder Measure — If you’re throwing powder charges in the fall or winter and have problems with bridging or sticking powder, use a ground wire. Bullet-smith Victor Johnson (Johnson Precision Bullets) tells us: “I have a 25-foot piece of real small wire with alligator clips on each end. It’s that long so I can run it down the hall to a water pipe. Use the wire tie from a bread bag to hold it in a small roll to put in the range box. When using it at the range use a 6″ nail from the co-op or Lowe’s / Home Depot and just push it into the ground.”

Use Bounce Dryer Sheets — A quick pass with the thin sheets used in dryers will eliminate “static cling” on your plastic reloading parts like powder throwers, powder funnels, and reloading press guides. Thanks to Doc76251 for this tip.

Reduce Electronic Scales’ Drift with Anti-Static Spray

Very sadly, GS Arizona, the creator of the Rifleman’s Journal website, passed away unexpectedly in June of 2022. Here is one of the many great tips he provided to handloaders through that website.

Digital Scale Static Guard Static ElectricityApparently reducing static charges on and around electronic scales can reduce their propensity to drift, lessening the problem of “wandering zero”. Just how and why static charges interfere with scale performance is unclear, but many shooters have noticed that static electricity can cause electronic scales to behave strangely. So how do you reduce static charges around your digital balance? GS Arizona has found a very simple solution — an anti-static aerosol spray — that, by all indications, actually works. When this “spray-can solution” was suggested by a fellow shooter, GS was skeptical. However, he tried the stuff and he says that it really does help the scale maintain zero over time, with much less observed drift.

GS explains that the use of “Static Guard” spray helped mitigate the problem of a drifting zero on his Ohaus electronic scale: “My electronic scale… suffers from drifting zero (as they all seem to). I’ve read dozens of forum posts about drift and how to minimize its occurrence, so I know this problem isn’t limited to my scale or my workshop. Sometime last year, John Lowther mentioned the use of anti-static spray as a solution to the drift problem. John stated that the spray had virtually eliminated drift for him.”

Digital Scale Static Guard Static Electricity

GS found that the Static Guard actually worked: “The spray works great, just as John said it would. I spray all surfaces that I touch with my hands and arms as well as the pan (top and bottom), the metal tray on which the pan rests and the table under the scale. In six months or so of using the spray I’ve re-applied it about two or three times; it certainly isn’t something that you need to do each time you sit down to load. Before using the spray, it was not uncommon for me to re-zero the scale 10 times in the course of loading 72 rounds; now it might need it once during a session.”

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November 17th, 2023

Team Lapua Brux Borden Wins 2023 F-Open LR National Title

F-Class 2023 F-Open Lapua brux borden National Championship Champion Erik Cortina

Congratulations to Team Lapua-Brux-Borden (“Team Lapua”) winning the F-Open Grand Aggregate Team Award at the 2023 F-Class Long-Range Championships with a superb score of 1593-95X. Team Lapua members are Tod Hendricks, Ted Wedell, Jeremy Smith, David Christian, and Jay Christopherson, with Bob Sebold as coach and Erik Cortina as Team Captain.

In Match 1 of the F-Open Team Championship, Team Lapua also set a new National record of 800-53X, breaking the previous record by 11 Xs (set by Team Long Shots in 2014). In the 2023 Match 1 four Team Lapua members fired 20 rounds for record at 1000 yards, not dropping a single point.

F-Class 2023 F-Open Lapua brux borden National Championship Champion Erik Cortina

“We noticed in the forecast that the wind conditions were going to be mild, and there was a chance to set a new National record”, commented Team Captain Erik Cortina. “The previous record was an 800-42X, so we knew we all had to shoot perfect scores to claim the record. It felt great when the 80th shot came up an X! We managed to score 800-53X, beating the old record by 11 Xs.”

Additionally, team members Jay Christopherson, David Christian, and Erik Cortina finished in the top 10 of the individual F-Open LR championship. Along with its record-breaking Long Range 2023 win, Team Lapua finished 3rd place overall in the Mid-Range F-Open team championships, adding an exclamation point to Lapua’s dominating results.

The 2023 United States F-Class Long Range National Championships were hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters and held November 1-5, 2023 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The Long Range National Team Championship consists of eight (8) 20-shot strings fired at 1000 yards. There are 160 shots total with a max score of 10-1X per shot.

LR F-Class Nationals

About Lapua

For 100 years, Lapua has been producing superb small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

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November 17th, 2023

Bullet Sectional Density — What You Need to Know

Bullet projectile sectional density formula Sierra Bullets

by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box
All of us who have been in reloading and shooting for any period of time have read how sectional density has been regarded as a bullet’s ability to penetrate. Back before high velocity came along and modern bullet design, the easiest way to get more “power” and penetration was by increasing the diameter and mass. After all, a bowling ball will hurt more than a golf ball, right?

Let’s take a closer look at sectional density.

The formula for calculating sectional density is pretty simple and straight forward. Take the bullet weight and divide by 7000. This number is then divided by the bullet diameter squared. Two bullets of equal weight and the same diameter will have equal sectional sectional density. No regard is given to the bullet construction. This is where the fly hits the soup in considering sectional density as far as penetration is concerned.

Section Density Formula: (Bullet Weight divided by 7000) divided by Bullet Diameter squared.

Bullet construction is the biggest factor in how it is able to penetrate. The best example I can think of here is to look at the Sierra .224 55 Gr. FMJBT GameKing #1355 compared to the 55 Gr. BlitzKing #1455. Both are .224 and weigh 55 grs. Both have a sectional density of .157. But there is a huge difference in their construction. The FMJ has a thick jacket and is designed to penetrate. The BlitzKing is designed for fast and rapid expansion with little concern for how deep they will penetrate.

The next time you’re choosing a bullet, look at the construction and less at the sectional density number. It’s all about the construction anyway. If you have any questions or would like to discuss sectional density or bullet penetration further, please give us a call at 800-223-8799 or shoot us an email at

Sierra Bullets reloading tips

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November 16th, 2023

Key Reloading Methods Covered in Sinclair Int’l Video Series

free reloading videos sinclair international

Sinclair International has created a series of instructional videos illustrating the basics of metallic cartridge reloading. The 8-Part series starts with reloading basics and provides step-by-step, how-to instructions that will help new reloaders get started. Detailed, animated illustrations show you what happens inside the chamber when shooting, and inside the dies during each step of reloading. The videos can be viewed on Sinclair International’s YouTube channel. Shown below is the first video in the series:

Each of the Sinclair videos is hosted by then Sinclair Int’l President Bill Gravatt (now with Creedmoor Sports). Bill doesn’t just show you “how”, he tells you “why”. The how-to segments cover case inspection, proper die set up, case sizing, primer installation, powder measuring, bullet seating, crimping, and even goes into the record keeping needed for the handloader. “We wanted to give shooters who haven’t reloaded a look at all the advantages of creating your own ammo and how easy it is to get started,” said Gravatt, “without telling them they had to have any certain brand or type of equipment to do the job.”

The Eight Video Topics Are:

Part 1 — Intro to Video Series
Part 2 — Intro to Reloading Safety
Part 3 — Metallic Cartridge Components
Part 4 — The Firing Sequence
Part 5 — Tools for Reloading
Part 6 — Loading Bottle-Neck Cartridges (2 videos)
Part 7 — Loading Straight Wall Cartridges
Part 8 — Reloading Series Conclusion

CLICK HERE to Watch all Sinclair Reloading Series Videos »

Reloading Tools
Shown below is Part 5 of the video series, covering the tools used for precision reloading.

Sinclair International Reloading Videos

We also strongly recommend the Part 4 Video to readers who are getting started in reloading. This “How Things Work” segment covers the sequence of events inside the chamber (and barrel) when the cartridge is fired. The video includes helpful graphics that show what happens to the primer, powder, cartridge, and bullet when the round is fired. The video also illustrates “headspace” and explains how this can change after firing. We think this video answers many common questions and will help reloaders understand the forces at work on their brass during the firing process.

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November 15th, 2023

Consider Side-Spiking Your Bore Cleaning Patches

patch side spike perforation wrap cotton square circle creedmoor sports

When shooting targets, the closer to the center the better the result. But this is not necessarily true when it comes to using jags and patches. There are some good reasons to try spiking your patches away from the center. This Creedmoor Sports Tech Tip explains why you may want to spike (puncture) your patch away from the center. CLICK HERE to order patches and Swab-Its cleaning bore tips from Creedmoor Sports.

creedmoor sports

You begin to push your first patch down the barrel and you notice it is extremely tight and then it jams! How can this be? A commonly overlooked solution to remedy the frustrating occurrences of overly tight or jammed patches is what we like to call “Side-Spiking”. Side-Spiking is super simple and works!

patch side spike perforation wrap cotton square circle creedmoor sports“Side-Spiking”, as the words suggest, refers to moving your patch spiking position from the center of the patch towards the corner of a square patch or the edge of a round patch.

Moving From Center-Spiking
To Side-Spiking

The closer toward the edge of the patch you spike your jag, the looser the patch will be when pushed down the bore.

Important: Be careful to not go to the very edge of the patch. Leave enough patch material to fully cover the first set of rings on your jag as this insures your jag is properly centered in the bore and that no contact with the rifling will occur.

Proper Side-Spiking Location
Creedmoor Sports recommends side spiking all wet patches. This allows for a looser patch in the bore which removes gross powder fouling and leaves more cleaning solution behind to start working on the remaining fouling.

patch side spike perforation wrap cotton square circle creedmoor sports

When a tighter patch is needed, simply move your spike closer toward the center of the patch. The closer to the center of the patch you get, the tighter the patch will become in the bore. The objective is to have a snug-fitting patch that allows you to smoothly push your rod down the bore. Remember you do not need to end up in the center of the patch!

Bore-Tech Patch Size Selection Chart Recommends Patch Sizes by Caliber:
patch side spike perforation wrap cotton square circle creedmoor sports

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November 14th, 2023

Save Money Shooting ARs — .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kits

.22 LR 22LR rimfire AR AR15 AR-15 conversion kit bolt magazine savings ammo ammunition

With inflation, the increased cost of .223 Rem centerfire ammo has driven more folks to shooting .22 LR rimfire ammo, both for fun and practice. Thankfully, handy conversion kits will let you shoot .22 LR ammo from your existing .223/5.56 AR-15 platform rifle. This allows low-cost training with no change in rifle balance, ergonomics, and/or optics.

The CMMG Bravo .22 LR Conversion Kit provides a replacement bolt/bolt carrier along with three 25-round magazines with special .22 LR-fitted followers and ammo slots. This allows you to shoot rimfire ammo from any AR-15 chambered for the .223 Rem (5.56×45). The CMMG Bravo has an integrated extension that fits into your current chamber. The rimfire bullet passes through this extension and then enters the barrel. This conversion kit is now on sale at Brownells for $179.99 with three 25-rd mags.

.22 LR 22LR rimfire AR AR15 AR-15 conversion kit bolt magazine savings ammo ammunition
The CMMG Bravo conversion Kit comes with blowback-operated .22 LR bolt carrier, rubber protector for bolt carrier tip, and three 25-round polymer magazines. To use, simply replace the rifle’s .223 Rem bolt and carrier with the Bravo .22 LR conversion unit and load up the included magazine(s) with rimfire ammo.

To use the CMMG Kit, simply remove the centerfire bolt/bolt carrier, and replace it with the CMMG silver colored bolt shown above. CMMG states: “For best performance use a round-style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues.” Testers have stated that high-velocity .22 LR ammo works best, and CMMG notes that “36gr plated-nose bullets have proven to be the best choice for function.” The copper-plated bullets help reduce fouling.

Ultimate Reloader Tests CMMG .22 LR Conversion Kit

Our friend Gavin Gear of recently tested the CMMG .22 LR AR Conversion Kit. He observed that installation was very straight-forward and the CMMG magazines worked well. He and fellow tester Travis Fox shot the unit both slow-fire and rapid-fire successfully.

Gavin and Travis found the CMMG Kit easy to install and fun to use. With an AR that can shoot both .223 Rem and .22 LR, it’s like having “two guns in one”. Travis was impressed with the ease of use: “It is so simple to change over to the CMMG .22 LR AR kit! It took me about 68 seconds the very first time I tried. Each time after that it took me about 40 seconds — it’s that simple. It takes longer to fully load one of the mags than it does to switch over from .223/5.56 to .22 LR and back.”

The AR shot very well with the higher-velocity ammo types. 100% functioning was achieved with both 40gr Federal Game Shok ammo and American Eagle High Velocity 38gr Copper-plated HP ammo. NOTE: CMMG does recommend high-velocity Copper-plated rimfire ammunition.

Maintenance Tip — After converting back to your centerfire .223 Rem (5.56), Travis says “make sure to clean the gas tube and components as .22 LR tends to run dirty”. READ Full Test on

CMMG Bravo Conversion Kit Gets Thumbs Up from Gavin and Travis
“Does this conversion kit get the Ultimate Reloader stamp of approval? Absolutely! In these times of ammunition/component scarcity this gives options to shooters. Finding bulk .22 LR can sometimes be easier than 223/5.56. This kit gives that option at a great price. Any chance to keep skills up and familiarize new shooters to a platform is a good thing. Basically two rifles for a lot less than another rifle.”

.22 LR 22LR rimfire AR AR15 AR-15 conversion kit bolt magazine savings ammo ammunition

How to Install CMMG Bravo .22 LR Conversion Kit

The Brownells video below shows the installation process step-by-step:

In this instructional video, a Brownells gunsmith demonstrates (step by step) how to install, disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble the CMMG AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kits. Clear the rifle and make safe before you start the conversion. Separate the upper and lower, remove the standard bolt carrier group. You then install the conversion bolt and connect the upper and lower as normal.

Details of CMMG .22 LR Conversion Kit

.22 LR 22LR rimfire AR AR15 AR-15 conversion kit bolt magazine savings ammo ammunition

“For years I’ve had a CMMG conversion kit. It’s a drop-in system that’s … very reliable and it’s accurate. The [CMMG conversion] has lower recoil [and is] great for training. Even though ammo prices have gone through the roof, .22 LR is still cheaper to shoot than anything else.” — SootchGear

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November 13th, 2023

BargainFinder 425: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Graf & Sons — Major Sightron Sale, Save 25%

sightron scope sale
SAVE big bucks on competition and hunting scopes

If you’re looking for new optics consider the Sightron Optics Sale at Graf’s. You can find everything from red dots to hunting scopes to high-magnification competition scopes at huge discounts, mostly 25% off the regular price. Long-Range Benchrest and F-Class shooters should check out the Sightron SIII 10-50x56mm Long Range Scope, now just $997.49, a $332.50 savings!

2. Powder Valley — Hodgdon and IMR Powders in Stock

powder valley hodgond varget h4831 h4350 sale in stock
Ultra-popular Hodgdon powders now available at good prices

This is your lucky day — the super-popular Hodgdon powders are in stock right now at Powder Valley. That’s right, you can order Hodgdon Varget, H4350, and H4831SC right now for $48.99/lb. And other Hodgdon powders are available starting at $27.99/lb. Plus many popular IMR powders are in stock at Powder Valley including IMR 8208 XBR, IMR 4064, and IMR 4350. NOTE: If your favorite powder sells out, Midsouth also has Varget, H4350, and other top choices at $50.99/lb.

3. Precision Reloading — Hornady Powder Dispenser, $319.99

hornady powder measure sale
Best price on excellent electronic scale/dispenser

The Hornady Auto Charge Pro provides precise, customizable powder dispensing in an easy-to-use, space-saving unit. Precise to within 0.1 grain, the Auto Charge Pro offers customizable trickle speeds for various powders, as well as custom time settings. Store settings for up to four custom loads or use the factory setting. The backlit touch screen is easy to read, while a large knob on the side simplifies powder emptying.

4. Sportsman’s WH — Maverick Arms Mossy Oak 12ga, $219.99

12ga shotgun sale
Get a 12ga shotgun for crazy low price — under $220

For shooting sporting clays or duck hunting, it’s nice to have a classic long-barrel pump shotgun. One very affordable option is the Maverick Arms 88 Mossy Oak 12 gauge shotgun, right now just $219.99 on sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse (19% off). This shotgun features dual extractors, twin action bars, positive lock-up, and an anti-jam elevator for trouble-free operation.

5. Brownells — LabRadar Chronograph, $499.95

labradar sale
Major price reduction on proven Radar Chronograph

LabRadar Doppler Chronographs are now on sale at Brownells. The LabRadar has been favored for many years by top benchrest, F-Class, and Long Range competitors. This radar chrono provides extremely accurate velocity data and the unit runs at your shooting station so you don’t have to place a tripod downrange. Brownell’s $499.95 price represents a significant discount on the LabRadar system. The LabRadar is now $100 less than the new Garmin Xero C1 PRO Chrono.

6. Bruno’s — PT&G Chamber Reamers, $159.95 and up

reamer sale
Great selection of quality reamers for 30+ cartridge types

To have a custom barrel crafted, you may need a chamber reamer for your gunsmith. However, good reamers can take months to get. But right now Bruno’s has a wide selection of quality PT&G reamers in stock. These are available for $159.95 (and up) in a wide assortment of chamberings including: .223 Rem, 22-250, 6 PPC, 6mmBR, 6 Dasher, 6GT, 6XC, 6.5×47, 6.5 PRC, .284 Win, .284 Shehane, 7 RSAUM, 7 PRC, 7mm WSM, 30 BR, .308 Win, 300 WSM, .338 Lapua and many more.

7. Gloryfire — Electronic Silencer Earbuds 26dB NRR, $135.99

ear protection sale
Popular modern Earbuds with good Noise Reduction Rating

Electronic earbuds provide hearing protection while still allowing you to hear range commands. And earbuds are more convenient than large, bulky ear muffs. Currently, Gloryfire Electronic Silencer Earbuds with a 26dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) are on sale for $135.99. These feature two noise level functions, indoor and outdoor mode, and the 26dB rating is better than some thin muffs. NOTE: Gloryfire also sells 26dB NRR Silencer Earbuds with BlueTooth capability for $169.99.

8. Creedmoor Sports — Creedmoor 30mm Scope Mount, $59.95

scope mount sale
Quality forward-set mount for Service Rifles and ARs

If you shoot service rifle or have an AR that needs a forward-mounted scope check out the Creedmoor 30mm scope mount, now on sale for $59.95, a 47% savings off the regular $104.99 price. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this light-weight but durable mount offers generous 2.5″ forward offset. That allows optimal scope placement for correct eye relief and proper arm/head position.

9. Amazon — MTM R-100 Ammo Box, $17.99

ammo box sale
Best 100-round ammo box on the market, now on sale

For transporting ammo to the range, we like the MTM R-100 Deluxe ammo box (#ad). These durable R-100 flip-top ammo boxes provide excellent protection for your ammo. When rounds are in the nose-down position special fingers in each hole prevent bullets from hitting the bottom of the box, thereby preventing tip damage. You can also pick up a semi-transparent blue version for $16.99 at MidwayUSA. We like being able to see the cartridges inside the box.

10. Amazon — Ditron Waterproof Calipers, $39.99

calipers sale
Versatile calipers with waterproof feature

You can’t reload quality ammo without calipers to measure many key dimensions. A good, affordable option is the DITRON 6″ Electronic Caliper (#ad). The calipers’ components are made of hardened stainless steel for durability and rust resistance. There is a a handy thumb roller and the caliper shell is dustproof and waterproof, which helps ensure longevity.

As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases.

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November 13th, 2023

NO-LEAD Cleaner is Effective and Great for Rimfire Rifles

Suhl Rimfire Benchrest indoor cleaning
We have used NO-LEAD Cleaner in rimfire benchrest rifles similar to this modified Suhl 150-1. It helped restore accuracy with minimal brushing.

NO-lead brushless lead remover Wipe-out Sharp Shoot-rMade by the same smart folks that created Wipe-Out™, and Carb-Out™, NO-LEAD Brushless Lead Remover™ really works. Honest. If you are an active rimfire shooter, or if you shoot cast lead-alloy bullets in centerfire rifles and pistols, you should try this product. We now use NO-LEAD in our rimfire benchrest rifles, and in some centerfire guns that receive a steady diet of soft-alloy cast bullets (90%+ lead). (With rimfire guns, you don’t need to use NO-LEAD very often — maybe every 300-400 rounds unless you have a real fouler of a barrel.)

If you’ve got stubborn lead fouling in a rimfire barrel, or on a pistol’s muzzle brake/compensator, you should definitely give this stuff a try. We don’t know how but it does soften lead deposits. The manufacturer says you don’t need brushes, but we found that a bit of brushing (after NO-LEAD application) can help remove more serious lead build-up.

Yes we were surprised to find a lead remover that really works. We tried a half-dozen other lead “cleaners” that promised to dissolve lead and most of them, we discovered, are nearly useless. There’s a reason for that, as the lead alloys used in bullets don’t react to typical petrochemical-based solvents. It took the Wipe-Out chemists over five years to perfect this water-based solution that really does dissolve lead.

NO-LEAD Cleaning Procedure — Read Carefully
NO-LEAD Lead Remover is a clear, red gel that is easy to apply. Just swab it in your bore (or on muzzle brakes) with wet patches or bore mop and let it sit for a few minutes. (The manufacturer says you can leave the NO-LEAD for up to 20 minutes, but that long of a dwell time does not seem necessary with our rimfire barrels.) When it contacts lead it will start to foam and you’ll see that the NO-LEAD solvent turns a pastel pink when it dissolves lead. The pink comes from the formation of lead oxide. After the recommended dwell time, simply patch out the dissolved lead deposits (you can also use a nylon brush for stubborn lead build-up).

NOTE: After cleaning, it is very important that you get all the NO-LEAD out of your barrel, and neutralize it. We recommend following the application of NO-Lead with Wipe-out or Patch-Out to neutralize the NO-LEAD, clear the bore, and remove residual carbon and copper fouling. If you don’t have Wipe-Out or Patch-out, flush the barrel thoroughly with Rubbing Alcohol or even a solution of Dawn dish detergent — then re-oil the bore.

Be Sure to Neutralize NO-LEAD After Use
Remember that N0-LEAD is a strong, slightly acidic chemical that needs to be neutralized after use. If you leave it on a nice, blued barrel for too long, it can harm the bluing. NO-LEAD will remove all the surface oils from the barrel bore. For this reason it is recommended that you neutralize NO-LEAD with Wipe-Out, or Patch-Out, which both contain effective corrosion inhibitors. If you don’t have those products, once you’ve flushed the NO-LEAD with something like rubbing alcohol, then follow with a gun oil. Caution: A petroleum-based gun oil will NOT, by itself, neutralize NO-LEAD. You need to neutralize first, then apply the corrosion inhibitor (or do it all in one step with Wipe-Out or Patch-Out).

Where to Buy NO-LEAD Lead Remover
NO-LEAD Lead Remover costs $18.55 for an 8 oz. squeeze bottle with a flip-top spout. This product is sold directly by Sharp Shoot-R Precision Products through, or you can purchase NO-LEAD through many other online vendors. For more information, send an email via the Sharp Shoot-R Contact Form or or contact SharpShoot-R at (785) 883-4444. You can ask for Terry Paul, Sharp Shoot-R’s owner and the master chemist who developed the NO-LEAD formula.

View Price List for all SharpShootr products »

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November 12th, 2023

How to Wet-Clean Cartridge Brass with Rotary Tumblers

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series wet liquid horizontal rotary tumbler

More and more shooters are “wet-tumbling” their brass (in liquid) with reusable polishing media, rather than using dry media in a vibratory tumbler. The “wet-cleaning” method works best with a rotary tumbler fitted with a water-tight, horizontal drum to hold your brass, cleaning solution, and stainless, pin-type media. The rotary tumbler of choice has been the Thumler’s Tumbler Model B Heavy-Duty. That is a great, sturdy machine, but now you have a more affordable option.

Frankford Arsenal offers “Platinum Series” rotary tumblers designed to clean cartridge brass with liquid and stainless media. The watertight, polymer drum rides on four rollers which rotate the drum around its horizontal axis. Two filters are provided so you can quickly separate your brass and media. A built-in timer allows you to set tumbling sessions up to three hours. There is a large, 7-liter unit and a smaller, 3.3-liter tumbler. Frankford Arsenal says the big version will clean up to 1000 cases of .223 Rem brass. That’s impressive capacity.

Rotary Tumbler Sources Online
The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series rotary tumblers are sold by major retailers including, Midsouth, and MidwayUSA. Shop multiple vendors to find the best current pricing.

Amazon often has very competitive pricing on the Frankford Arsenal Tumblers, both the 7-liter unit and the smaller, 3.3-liter tumbler.

How to Wet-Clean Your Brass in a Rotary Tumbler
On our main website, you’ll find a comprehensive review of the STM system for cleaning cartridge brass with stainless media. To clean brass with stainless media, start with five pounds of small stainless pins sold by Place these along with a gallon of water, a little liquid cleaner, and two pounds of cartridge brass in a rotary tumbler, and run the machine for one to four hours. After cleaning be sure to inspect all your primer holes. CLICK HERE for Brass Cleaning System Review.

Forum Member Tests STM System
Our reviewer, Forum member Jason Koplin, purchased the STM media and a new Thumler’s Tumbler. He then tested the STM cleaning procedure on his own brass, including some extremely dirty and tarnished “range pick-up” brass. Jason was thoroughly impressed with how well the STM process worked — as you can see from the “before and after” photos below. Brass which looked like it was ready for the scrap heap was restored to “like-new” appearance. The process works equally well on both rifle brass and pistol brass. Jason observed that one surprise benefit of the STM cleaning procedure is a big reduction in noise. Jason said the water-filled rotary tumbler was much quieter than his vibratory tumblers. One tip though — you should always inspect every cartridge carefully after wet-tumbling with stainless media. With large-flash-hole brass it is possible to have a pin stuck in a flash hole. This is rare, but it CAN happen.

stainless tumbling Media

stainless tumbling Media

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