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April 8th, 2024

BargainFinder 446: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. MidwayUSA — Razor Slim Electronic Muffs, $69.99

bartlein barrel sale
Good rechargeable electronic muffs with handy USB charging

Electronic Muffs let you hear range commands while providing vital hearing protection. These NRR21 Walker’s Razor Slim muffs are rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries — just charge using any USB port at home or in your vehicle. Now on sale for $69.99 at MidwayUSA, these muffs feature 40 hours rechargeable battery life, full dynamic range HD Speakers for clear and balanced sound, and 3.5mm audio jack (listen to radio or music). These muffs earned 85% 5-star ratings from verified MidwayUSA buyers. NOTE: If you spend at least $99 with MidwayUSA, these muffs SHIP FREE.

2. Palmetto SA — PSA Complete AR 5.56 Rifle, $579.99

 AR15 AR black rifle upper lowers triggers MLOK MOE EPT sale discount
Very good deal on complete 5.56 AR rifle with top rail

If you think it’s time to finally get that Black Rifle before ARs are outlawed in your jurisdiction, here’s a great deal from Palmetto State Armory. Get a complete modern PSA AR with 16″ barrel for $579.99, $420 off the regular price. This includes an adjustable stock plus flip-up MBUS sights. And you even get FREE Shipping to your FFL. This sale may expire soon, so grab this .223 Rem AR-platform rifle while you can.

3. Creedmoor Sports — 45th Anniversary Sales

creedmoor sports 45th anniversary sale discount
45 Days of discounts in April and May — major savings

Now through mid-May, Creedmoor Sports is running a major sale to celebrate its 45th year in business. You’ll find daily featured specials plus more sale items on the Creedmoor Sports Sale Page. Here are some of the best deals we found: Lapua 167gr .30 Cal Bullet, $139.95 ($40 Off); Sightron SIII 10-50x50mm Scope, $1179.99 ($670 Off); Berger 6mm 105gr BTHP Bullets, $49.95 (10% Off); Kowa TSN-601 Spotting Scope Angled Body, $399.95 ($100 Off). In addition to these sale items, you’ll find a bunch of bullet and brass bargains on Creedmoor’s Bargain Bunker page.

4. Amazon — Padded Gun Case, 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, 55″ from $49.99

savior equipment gun case padded five sizes
Five sizes, discrete look, nice shoulder strap, 4 color choices

No matter what your rifle length, there is a Savior Equipment case to fit. Five different lengths are offered: 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, and 55″. The big 55″ (price $84.99) is long enough to fit a long tactical rifle or F-Class rig. There are internal straps, three large internal pockets, and a handy shoulder strap. The 36″ case is $49.99 while the 42″ is $54.99. All sizes are offered in four colors: Gray, Black, OD Green, and Dark FDE.

5. Palmetto SA — SwissP 9mm 124gr Ammo, 1500 Rds, $399.99

swissp 9mm blackround 9x19 ammo can sale palmetto armory
Very good 9mm Luger ammo at $0.27 per round including metal box

Nearly everyone can use a good supply of 9mm ammo. Here’s a great deal on 124gr 9mm pistol ammo made by SwissP Defense AG in Switzerland. This quality, military-spec BlackRound 9x19mm FMJ ammo has cases with sealed case mouth and sealed primer. For $399.99, you get 1500 rounds plus a sturdy metal can. Buyer reviews are very positive: “Great ammo at a great price”; “So far it has been flawless”; “Everything you would expect from Swiss manufacturing — consistent and high quality ammunition”.

6. CDNN Sports — Walther PPQ .22 LR Pistol, $269.99

cdnn walther rimfire .22 LR 22lr pistol sale NRL22
Save $260 on very good rimfire pistol

We like Walther pistols — they have good ergonomics (better than Glock), nice standard triggers, and handy controls. It makes sense to have a rimfire pistol — .22 LR rimfire ammo is a small fraction of the cost of centerfire ammo. And rimfire matches are fun and popular. Right now you can get the excellent target model Walther PPQ M2 .22 LR Pistol for $269.99. That’s $279 OFF the regular price!

7. Academy Sports — Sports Afield 64-Gun Safe, $699.99

large sports afield safe gunsafe vault 64 gun pistol pocket sale
Excellent deal on big, 40″-wide safe with six looking bolts

Here’s an excellent, large gunsafe with good user reviews, priced at $699.99. That’s 42% OFF the regular $1199.99 price, a great deal. Rated for 64 guns, this Sports Afield safe measures 55″ high x 40″ wide and comes with a door organizer with 6 handgun pockets and long gun holder. Weighing 374 pounds, this safe rivals other safes costing $1400 or more. It is waterproof and has a 30-minute fire resistance rating.

8. Amazon — Deyace Extra Large Shooting Mat, $37.99

shooting mat sale
Nice, relatively big shooting mat with good padding

When shooting prone, you need a good shooting mat. The Deyace Extra Large padded shooting mat is a great value for just $37.99. Measuring a generous 78″x28.5″, this XL mat has nice padding for elbows and knees, and the mat folds up nicely for transport. This mat is offered in four colors: Green, Tan, Tan Camo, and Black. For transport, we like this mat’s integral straps and carry handle.

9. Amazon — Scope Turret Magnifying Glass with Level, $12.99

scope magnifier sale
Great, low-cost add-on allows confident elevation clicks

Making rapid, yet precise scope turret adjustments can be challenging, especially during fast, timed stages. Most scope turrets have small, thin markings that can be tough to see (particularly with older eyes). To see your elevation turret markings better, try the Monstrum Scope Turret Magnifying Glass with Level (#ad). This simple but effective tool places a magnifier on the shooter’s side of the turret allowing easy viewing. In addition, this handy unit includes a built-in bubble level to help the shooter avoid canting his rifle.

10. Amazon — 50-Pack Bullseye 17″x17″ Targets, $14.99

shooting targets sale
Colorful bullseye targets work for indoor pistol and long-range rifles

Here’s a good, highly-visible target for close-range pistol practice or longer-range rifle shooting. The colors stand out for indoor pistol shooting, while the rings are good for competition rifle shooters. This 50-Pack of Bullseye Paper Targets (#ad) features a 5-color, 10-ring bullseye target with scoring values from 1 to 10. The targets measure an ample 17″x17″ square and include a log box for name, scores, and distance.

As an Amazon affiliate, this site can earn revenues through sales commissions.

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April 2nd, 2024

Six Ways Shooters Can Save Money This Spring

Money Saving Discount Codes Shooters Shopping Demo Optics

For many Americans, real incomes have stayed flat in recent years, while inflation has increased the cost of living very significantly in the past four years. Accordingly, it’s important to save money whenever possible. Prices are going up, but wages aren’t following (for most of us). Here are six ways shooters can save money on gear purchases and other shooting-related expenses.

1. Watch for Our Deals of the Week. Every Monday, in our Daily Bulletin, offers some of the best deals to be found. We search the web to find great deals on ammo, reloading components, optics, tools, firearms, gun safes, electronics and more. It’s not unusual to find savings of 20-35% through our Deals of the Week. And many of our vendors are now offering special deals just for readers.

AccurateShooter deals of the week

2. Check Out the Forum Classifieds. There are great deals to be found every day in the AccurateShooter Shooters’ Forum. The latest deals are displayed in the right column of every Forum page. To see all the listings, browse through the Forum MarketPlace section which has four main categories:

  • Guns, Actions, Stocks, & Barrels
  • Tools, Dies, Rests, Reloading Components & Misc
  • Scopes, Optics, Sights, Rings, Bases Etc.
  • Commercial Sales by Paid Sponsors

3. Share a Ride to Matches. Fuel prices are on the rise — regular-grade gasoline is $5.13 per gallon in California now and around $3.54/gallon nationwide. With many shooters living 30-100 miles from the nearest range, fuel remains a big part of a shooter’s hobby budget. We’d say 90% of shooters drive solo to matches, often in large, gas-guzzling trucks. If you drive 200 miles round-trip to attend a match in a 20-mpg vehicle, you’ll burn over $35.40 worth of gasoline on your trip. That adds up. By simply sharing the ride with one fellow shooter you cut your fuel expenditures in half. And, if you alternate vehicles with a buddy from one match to the next, you save on vehicle wear and tear. At $0.58/mile (overall operating costs) consider the savings.

4. Use Discount Codes to Save. It’s always smart to check for discount codes before you buy. In the Daily Bulletin, we feature “Deals of the Week” every Monday morning, and we provide discount Coupon Codes when available. These can reduce the price substantially or lower shipping costs. Search codes for Brownells, Creedmoor Sports, EuroOptic, Graf’s, Midsouth, Powder Valley, Sportsman’s Warehouse, KYGUNCO, MidwayUSA, and Precision Reloading. Check your email also — some discount codes are only announced in email newsletters. If you can’t find a Coupon Code for your preferred vendor, visit and/or Both those sites list current coupon codes, and covers thousands of vendors.

5. Shop for “Demo” Optics. Modern high-quality optics can easily cost $1500.00 or more, often exceeding the value of the rifle on which they are mounted. However, you can often save 20-30% by purchasing demo optics. These are normally display units used at trade shows. They may have slight ringmarks, but otherwise they are “as new”, having never been carried in the field or used on a rifle that has fired live ammo. When purchasing demo scopes, you should always ask about the warranty before consummating the sale. However, most demo scopes from name-brand manufacturers come with full factory warranties. and are two respected vendors that offer a good selection of demo optics.

6. Train with Rimfire Rifles. Good match-grade centerfire, hand-loaded ammo, counting premium bullets, powder, primers, and brass (figuring 10X loads), can now exceed $1.50 per round. And if your $600 (as chambered and fitted) competition barrel is toast after 1500 rounds, add $0.40 for barrel deprecation per shot. So you’re approaching two bucks a round total! By contrast, you can get quite good .22 LR target ammo for under $0.18 per round. Good rimfire barrels last a long, long time, so you don’t have to be concerned about wearing out your barrel quickly. A quality rimfire barrel can retain its accuracy for 7,000 rounds or more. If you run the ballistics, a .22 LR round at 100 yards can emulate the wind drift experienced by a centerfire cartridge at long range. This allows for effective cross-training with much less expensive ammo.

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April 1st, 2024

BargainFinder 445: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Bullet Central — Bartlein Barrels In Stock

bartlein barrel sale
Avoid the wait — top-tier Bartlein barrels in stock

Getting competition-grade barrels typically requires long waits when ordering from the barrel-makers. But here’s good news — Bartlein Barrels are in stock now at Bullet Central in a wide variety of calibers and profiles. From straight 1.25″ profile to slim tapers there’s a quality Bartlein for most applications.

2. Midsouth — Peterson Brass in Stock with Savings

peterson brass sale
Great brass for popular cartridges including magnums

Midsouth now has a large selection of Peterson Brass in stock. Known for consistent quality and wide range of cartridge types, Peterson brass is very popular with hunters, PRS/NRL shooters, and high power competitors. Currently, 20 Peterson brass cartridge types are in stock now at Midsouth including 22 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem, 7mm-08, 7mm PRC, 28 Nosler, and a wide selection of magnums.

3. Powder Valley — Barnes Bullet Sale

barnes bullet sale
Save 10% on excellent all-copper varmint and hunting bullets

Whether for hunting or target shooting, Barnes Bullets are quite popular, particularly where lead-containing ammo is prohibited. From all-copper hunting bullets to polymer-tipped competition bullets there’s something for everyone on sale now at Powder Valley. Barnes all-copper TSX bullets are a good option for game hunters who need non-lead bullets.

4. Creedmoor Sports — Redding Boss ProPak Kit, $284.95

rcbs boss press sale
Big discount on single-stage press and tools, 50% Off MSRP

This Boss ProPak combo combines popular Redding products into one neat, money-saving package for reloaders. The Redding Boss ProPak Kit combines a single-stage Redding Boss Press, Beam Scale, Powder Trickler, Case Prep Kit (with brushes), Deburring tool, Powder Funnel, and Case Lube Kit. Get all this for just $284.95, half the MSRP. Just add dies and start reloading.

5. Graf & Sons — Cutting Edge Bullets

cutting edge bullet sale
Superb consistency and quality — great for ELR comps and LR hunting

Are you looking for NO-LEAD solids for hunting and ELR? Check out Cutting Edge Bullets at These are machined from lead-free solid copper bar stock on a CNC swiss lathe. These are high-BC, solid bullets designed for target and hunting use. A unique feature of Cutting Edge Bullets is the patented SealTite™ band — a band slightly larger than caliber diameter around the bullet which was designed to eliminate fliers by preventing gas blow-by.

6. Amazon — Lyman Case Prep Xpress, $159.99

brass prep station
Great price on excellent 5-station case prep center

The popular Lyman Case Prep Xpress has five stations (with a high torque gear motor) so you can run multiple case prep tools on one machine. This allows you to chamfer cases inside and out, brush case-necks, clean/uniform primer pockets, and ream military crimps. The Case Prep Xpress ships with case neck brushes and multiple tool heads. Included with the machine are: Inside Deburr (VLD) Tool, Primer Pocket Uniformers (Sm/Lg), Primer Pocket Reamers (Sm/Lg), Primer Pocket Cleaners (Sm/Lg), Case Neck Brushes (.25, .30, .38, .45 Cal), and Clean-up Brush. A dump pan provides easy clean up of brass shavings.

7. Natchez — Burris Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope 3-9x50mm, $99.99

burris scope sale
Save $229 on solid hunting optic with good reviews

Need a very affordable yet reliable scope for your hunting rifle? Consider the Burris Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope 3-9x50mm, a real steal for $99.99 ($229 off). This has a handy Ballistic Plex E1 reticle with hold-over marks. The latest Burris Fullfield II riflescopes have upgraded windage/elevation knobs, a new integrated power ring, and an eyepiece that accepts flip-up lens caps.

8. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Depriming Tool, $39.99

frankford arsenal decapping sale
Convenient tool — no press needed to deprime anywhere

Decapping fired brass can be tedious when using a reloading press and decapping die. Make things easier with the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool. You can deprime cases while watching TV. This handheld unit features an easily removable spent primer catch tube and an assisted-ejection case holder for easy removal of deprimed cases. The handle is spring-loaded to return the deprimer to the start position automatically.

9. Palmetto SA — CMMG Bravo .22 LR Conversion Kit, $169.99

22 AR conversion kit sale
Save big buck$ by shooting .22 LR ammo in your AR15

Do you own an AR but want to shoot low-cost .22 LR ammo? A good, proven solution is the CMMG Bravo .22 LR AR Conversion Kit. With this kit you can use your AR15 in rimfire tactical matches. The Conversion Kit offers a bolt replacement and comes with three magazines that hold small rimfire rounds while fitting securely in a standard AR15 magwell. This kit is compatible with MIL-STD AR upper receivers.

10. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Hinged Ammo Box, $2.95 and up

ammo box sale
Compact, durable box with lid that lays flat when open

Frankford Arsenal Hinge-Top Ammo Boxes are now discounted. These see-through boxes are well-made with a good mechanical hinge and secure closure. The hinge design allows the lid to lie flat when open — it doesn’t spring back like some other ammo boxes. These boxes are made from durable, high-density polymer and the boxes can be stacked vertically in your loading room or during transport. NOTE: The $2.95 #509 box holds FIFTY (50) rifle rounds. The Amazon description incorrectly refers to Frankford’s larger #1009 100-rd capacity hinged box which costs $5.99.

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March 27th, 2024

Burris Eliminator 6 Wins Ballistic’s “Best Hunting Optic”

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

The Burris Eliminator 6 Rangefinder scope has earned Ballistic Magazine’s award for “Best Hunting Optic”. Even at $3000.00 MSRP, this is a pretty amazing optic. It incorporates a laser rangefinder plus a set of environmental sensors. Plus it communicates, via BlueTooth, with the Burris Connect App which holds ballistics data for multiple loads. Basically, just range your target, and the Eliminator 6 does the rest — the digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.

The Eliminator 6 impressed testers: “[We] had a chance to try out the Burris Eliminator at Athlon Outdoors’ Rendezvous event”, said Linas Cernauskas, Content Director. “The Eliminator made getting on target, every single time, so stupid easy. This is a true game changer scope for the shooting industry, hence why it won Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Awards for Hunting Optic. Congratulations Burris!”

“The Eliminator 6 is, indeed, a game-changer for western game hunters and anyone who demands fast and accurate firing solutions,” said Burris Mktg. Director, Jordan Egli.

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

NEW Burris Eliminator 6 Laser Rangefinder Riflescope

The new, compact 4-20x52mm Burris Eliminator 6 combines a powerful laser rangefinder with multiple environmental sensors. It has easy-to-use turret controls and sharp ED glass. Hunters who are familiar with the previous Burris Eliminators will instantly recognize the Eliminator 6 as “something different,” and they would be correct. It is smaller, and lighter, and it looks like a regular scope.

How does it work? Using the Eliminator 6, simply range your target, hold the illuminated aiming point on your target, and hold wind if necessary using the hold-off points in the reticle. You don’t have to carry around a separate Laser Rangefinder, or dial elevation with knobs.

shot show 2024 laser rangefinder optics eliminator 6 burris

See how the parallax and illumination adjustments are now conveniently located on a conventional turret-style knob that also contains the range activation and brightness button array.

Burris states that the “Eliminator 6 [has] the most comprehensive and advanced integrated technology ever delivered in a hunting riflescope.” Remarkably, this new Eliminator 6 includes multiple sensors, along with the laser rangefinder. The Eliminator 6 features a built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, and it automatically measures density altitude (which can also be manually selected). This allows the Eliminator 6 to provide extremely accurate ballistics solutions. The key features are:

• Integrated laser rangefinder capable of ranging out to 2,000 yards (reflective)
• BurrisConnect App compatible for quick programing and precise ballistics
• X177 Reticle with 177 1/5 MOA illuminated aiming points
• Angle Sensor informs ballistics calculator
• Built-In Environmental Sensors
• HUD with 11 data zones
• Shotcall Marker

To minimize chromatic aberration, Burris uses extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for the Eliminator 6. Other optical features include 4-20X magnification, +2.0 to -3.0 diopter adjustment range, and side focus/parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity. Parallax and illumination adjustments are located on a turret-style knob that also contains the range activation and brightness button array. Key features include:

Laser Ranging – 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide with a press of the ranging button.

Environmental Monitoring – Eliminator 6 has built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, plus density altitude measure.

Ballistic Compensation – Built on the BurrisConnect mobile App and uploaded to the scope, the Eliminator 6 combines ranging, environmental, and ballistic data to achieve the perfect shot.

Precise Aiming Solutions – The digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.

Shot Call Marker – Available for display in the HUD is bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance. Embodying the “Hunt Responsibly” ethic, bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance allow the shooter to recognize when the shot distance may be too far and the velocity/energy too low to ensure an ethical kill.

Burris Eliminator 6 Laser Ranging Riflescope Specifications:

Magnification: 4-20X
Click Values: 1/8 MOA (windage and elevation)
Total Elevation Adjustment Range: 40 MOA
Ranging Distance: ≤ 2000 yards, high reflective,
or 1400 yards, non-reflective brown deer hide
Parallax/Focus Range: 25 yards to infinity
Focal Plane: Rear (SFP)
Eye Relief: 3.4 in

Display Illumination: Push Button
or Auto, 9 Levels
Front Objective Lens: 52mm
Diopter Setting: +2 to -3­­
Length: 14.6 in
Weight: 30 oz.
Reticle: X177
MSRP: $3,000

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March 26th, 2024

Seeing Bullet Holes at 1000 Yards — Yes It IS Possible

Pentax PF 100ED
Coalinga Range in California. At dawn we could clearly see 7mm and .30 Cal bullet holes at 1000 yards.

Pentax smc-xw 10mmWhile attending the CA Long Range Championship a few seasons back, we had the opportunity to test the performance of a high-magnification (63X) spotting scope in near-ideal conditions (maybe the best I’ve ever witnessed). On the event’s last day we arrived at 5:45 am, literally as the sun was cresting the horizon. I quickly deployed our Pentax PF-100ED spotting scope, fitted with a Pentax SMC-XW 10mm fixed-power eyepiece. When used with the 100mm Pentax scope, this 10mm eyepiece yields 63X magnification. Befitting its $299.00 price, this eyepiece is extremely clear and sharp.

At the crack of dawn, viewing conditions were ideal. No mist, no mirage, no wind. The first thing this Editor noticed was that I could see metal nail heads on the target boards. That was astonishing. As soon as the first practice targets went up, to my surprise, I could see 6.5mm, 7mm, and 30-caliber bullet holes in the white at 1000 yards. No lie…

That’s right, I could see bullet holes at 1000. I know many of you folks may not believe that, but there was no mistaking when I saw a 7mm bullet cut the white line separating the Nine Ring and Eight Ring on the target in view. (I was watching that target as the shot was fired and saw the shot-hole form). And when I looked at the 30-cal targets, the bullet holes in the white were quite visible. In these perfect conditions I could also make out 3/8″ bolt heads on the target frames.

The Human Factor — Good Vision Required
When viewing the bullet holes, I was using my left naked eye (no safety glasses or magnification). I also had a contact lens in my right eye (needed for distance vision). To my surprise, while I could see the bullet holes without much difficulty with my left eye, things were fuzzier and slightly more blurry with the right eye, even when I re-focused the scope. That contact lens was degrading the fine resolution.

Pentax smc-xw 10mmThen I invited 3 or 4 shooters to look through the scope. One younger guy, with good eyes, said immediately: “Yeah, I can see the holes — right there at 4 o’clock and seven o’clock. Wow.” Some older guys, who were wearing glasses, could not see the holes at all, no matter what we did to the scope’s main focus and diopter adjustment.

The lesson here — if you have to wear glasses or corrective contact lenses, just that extra bit of optical interference may make a difference in what you can see through the scope. Basically anything that goes between the scope eyepiece and your eyeball can degrade the image somewhat. So… you may be better off removing your glasses if you can still obtain good focus sharpness using the diopter adjustment and focus ring. I did the left vs. right eye test a half dozen times, and I could definitely see small features at 1000 yards with my naked eye that I could not see with my right eye fitted with a contact lens. (I did have to re-focus the scope for each eye, since one had a corrective lens while the other did not.)

Mirage Degrades Image Sharpness and Resolution
The “magic light” prevailed for only an hour or so, and then we started to get some mirage. As soon as the mirage appeared I was no longer able to see raw bullet holes, though I could still easily see black pasters on the black bulls. When the mirage started, the sharpness of the visible image degraded a huge amount. Where I could see bullet holes at dawn, by mid-morning I could barely read the numbers on the scoring rings. Lesson: If you want to test the ultimate resolution of your optics, you need perfect conditions.

Chromatic AberrationChromatic Aberration Revealed
As the light got brighter and the mirage increased I started to see blue and red fringing at the edges of the spotting disk and the large numerals. This was quite noticeable. On one side of the bright, white spotting disc you could see a dark red edge, while on the other side there was a blue edge (harder to see but still present).

The photo below was taken through the Pentax spotter lens using a point and shoot camera held up to the eyepiece. The sharpness of the Pentax was actually much better than this photo shows, but the through-the-lens image does clearly reveal the red and blue fringing. This fringing is caused by chromatic aberration — the failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point. Chromatic aberration, most visible at high magnification, causes different wavelengths of light to have differing focal lengths (see diagram). Chromatic aberration manifests itself as “fringes” of color along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image, because each color in the optical spectrum cannot be focused at a single common point on the optical axis. Keep in mind that the Pentax does have “ED” or low-dispersion glass, so the effect would be even more dramatic with a cheaper spotting scope.

CLICK HERE to view LARGE PHOTO that shows aberration more clearly.

If you wonder why top-of-the-line spotting scopes (such as the $3470 Swarovski ATS-80 ) cost so much, the answer is that they will deliver even LESS chromatic aberration at long range and high magnification. With their exotic apochromatic (APO), ultra-low-dispersion glass, a few ultra-high-end spotting scopes can deliver an image without the color edging you see in the photo above.

The Pentax PF-100ED is a heck of a spotting scope. Any scope that can resolve bullet holes at 1000 yards is impressive. But if you want the ultimate in optical performance, with minimal chromatic aberration, you may need to step up to something like the 88mm Kowa Prominar TSN-88A Prominar with Flourite Crystal lenses ($3699.00 with 25-60X eyepiece), or the 82mm Leica APO ($3598.00 with 25-50X eyepiece).

EDITOR’s NOTE: The purpose of this report is to show what is possible… in IDEAL conditions. With this Pentax 100mm, as well as a Swarovski 80mm, we can often resolve 6mm bullet holes at 600 yards. But again, that performance requires really good viewing conditions. By 10:00 am at my range, even with the 100mm Pentax at 75 power, seeing 6mm bullet holes is “iffy” at best. So don’t go out and mortgage the house to buy a $4000 optic with the hope that you’ll be able to spot your shots at 1000 yards. If conditions are anything less than perfect, you’ll be lucky to see bullet holes at 500 yards.

The real solution for very long-range spotting is to set up a remote target cam that broadcasts a video picture to a screen at your shooting station. Among the target cams on the market, we recommend the LongShot LR-3 2-mile UHD. This modern target cam system boasts excellent resolution and incredible range. The LongShot LR-3 target cam is used in major ELR competitions. The Longshot LR-3 currently sells for $899.00 on Amazon.

longshot target camera lr-3 UHD

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March 25th, 2024

BargainFinder 444: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. ZEISS — FREE $1799 Binoculars with ZEISS LRP S5 Scopes

Zeiss conquest LRP S5 combo sale
Get 15X Binocs worth $1799 Free with LRP S5 Scope

Here’s a great optics deal. Purchase a ZEISS LRP S5 riflescope and get the ZEISS Conquest HD 15×56 binoculars for FREE — a $1799.99 value. Choose either of the two LRP S5 scope versions: 3-18x50mm and 5-25x56mm. Both are FFP with premium Schott glass and 34mm main tubes. These optics boast an impressive 40.7 MRAD or 140 MOA of total elevation with two reticle options, a ZF-MRi or ZF-MOAi. The Conquest HD 15×56 binocular comes with a ZEISS tripod adaptor. American Rifleman says this is a great offer: “With the purchase of an LRP S5, new owners can receive a free Conquest HD 15x56mm binocular. The riflescope is an excellent choice for PRS and NRL competitions or long-range hunting.”

2. Savage Axis II XP with 4-12X Scope, $429.99

savage axis II xp rifle hunting bushnell scope
Nice hunting rifle complete with Bushnell scope

Need a hunting rifle? Here’s a great deal on a Savage Axis II bolt-action rifle, complete with mounted Bushnell 4-12x40mm scope. This has a nice tan/brown stock plus a user-adjustable AccuTrigger. Total price, with scope, is just $429.99. Choose one of six (6) available chamberings: .223 Rem, 22-250, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 350 Legend.

3. Midsouth — Blem Bullets Sale, Save 20-33%

savage axis II xp rifle hunting bushnell scope
Major savings on big-name bullets in many calibers

Need bullets for your varmint, hunting, or tactical rifle? Right now Midsouth has major-brand bullets on sale at huge discounts. Get 100 bullets for as little at $13.99! These bullets may have a small blemish or visual defect or weight inconsistencies. Some are simply “factory seconds”. With all these items you can save 22-33% off the regular price. NOTE: Along with the six featured blem bullet types shown above, there are over 50 other bullet types on sale including pistol and large rifle calibers.

4. MidwayUSA — Lyman Ultimate Reloading Combo Set, $569.99

lyman turret press gen 6 combo tool set sale $100 off
Save $100 on Lyman Combo with Turret Press and Gen 6 Powder Dispenser

This is a great kit if you load many different cartridge types, as the Lyman turret press holds 8 dies. This Lyman Ultimate Reloading System Kit includes ALL the following: 8-Station Turret Press, Electronic Powder Dispenser, Pro 1200 Turbo Tumbler, E-ZEE Prime Hand Priming Tool, Universal Trimmer, Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller, Case Prep Multi Tool, Steel Calipers, Bench wrench, Loading Block, Case Lue, and Lyman Reloading Handbook. You get all that for $569.99 — $100 off the regular price. This is a great Combo Deal — you could pay $240+ for this turret press alone

5. CDNN Sports — Winchester .22 LR Wildcat, $199.99 w/ Rebate

winchester 22LR rimfire .22 LR wildcat reflex optic bargain sale discount CDNN sports
Fun rimfire rifle complete with optic — good owner reviews

Here’s a fun semi-auto .22 LR rifle at a crazy low price — $224.99 complete with a mounted Red Dot Reflex optic. Plus with the Winchester Warm-Up Rebate you get $25 back, lowering your net cost to just $199.99. Offer valid for purchases through March 26, 2024. CLICK HERE to submit Winchester Rebate Form.

The Winchester Wildcat takes Ruger 10/22 mags, and has some great features, such as field-removable lower receiver, ambidextrous controls, integral Picatinny rail, and rear barrel access. It has a good trigger and shoots well. In many respects the Wildcat beats the Ruger 10/22 while costing a lot less. If you don’t need the optic, you can get a basic Wildcat for $199.99 with Strata camo stock or $174.99 after rebate.

6. EuroOptic — Trijicon Close-Out Scope Sale

trijicon closeout scope sale save 57%
Huge discounts on high-quality Trijicon scopes

While supplies last, save up to 57% on these Trijicon Tenmile and Credo closeout riflescopes! User review of these optics have been very positive. Choose the 3-9x40mm Trijicon Huron BDC Hunter for $349.99, the 6-24x50mm Tenmile FFP for $849.99 (great PRS/NRL optics), or the innovative 1-8x28mm Trijicon Credo EX (good for ARs) for $999.99 (over $900 off!).

7. Midsouth — 2000 Rounds Aguila .22 LR ammo, $119.99

.22 LR 22lr ammo aguila sale $3
Good reliable ammo for just six cents a round with FREE shipping

Here is one of the best deals on rimfire ammunition that we’ve seen in years. Right now at Midsouth, you can get 2000 rounds of Aguila .22 LR Super Extra HV ammo for just $119.99 with FREE Shipping. That works out to just $3.00 per box (6 cents per round). This would work great for pistol and rifle plinking.

8. MidwayUSA — Electronic Muffs with Walkie-Talkie, $59.99

walker razor headphones
Dual-function electronic muffs — great for range communications

Electronic earmuffs protect your hearing while allowing you to hear range commands. With these Walkie-Talkie muffs you also get 2-way communication capabilities. The Walker Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 23dB) with Walkie Talkie allows you to communicate with other FRS radios. That lets you give range commands or talk with friends without the need for a second radio. If you don’t need the two-way functionality, MidwayUSA also has the NRR 26 Walker’s Alpha Power Electronic Muffs for $34.99 — a 50% savings off the regular price.

9. Creedmoor Sports — Spring Rifle Cleaning Tools & Supplies

creedmoor sports cleaning patches brush rod sale
Save on cleaning tools, solvents, patches, brushes and more

With the shooting season getting started, it’s time for “spring cleaning”. Creedmoor Sports has a variety of good products for firearms cleaning, including specialty items for ARs. Show above are six of the items we liked, but there are dozens of other tools including brushes, cleaning mats, cleaning rods holder, solvents and more. These and other cleaning tools and supplies can be found on the Creedmoor Sports Cleaning & Maintenance webpage.

10. Midsouth — Lyman Stick-on Target Dots, $3.79/pack

lyman targ-dot adhesive target pack sale orange
Great price on handy Hi-Viz adhesive target dots

Targ-Dots Instant Targets from Lyman work great and come in three sizes. For the same $3.79 price you can get a 100-ct pack of 1″ diameter targets, a 45-ct pack of 2″ targets, or a 25-ct pack of 3″ targets. These stick-on Targ-Dot hi-viz target circles have an adhesive for easy placement on your target backer. User reviews have been very positive.

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March 24th, 2024

Burris Signature Zee Rings — These Work Great and Are Affordable

Burris Signature Zee rings

Burris Signature Zee ringsMore and more folks are using Burris Signature Rings these days. These unique rings feature polymer inserts. That allows you to pre-load some elevation in your scope set-up, or you can center-up the windage. Additionally, the polymer inserts hold your scope securely without leaving marks on the tube. Lastly, some folks believe that Signature rings may offer advantages for benchrest competition. Rodney Wagner shot a world-record 600-yard group using Burris Signature Zee Rings (“Zee” denotes the Weaver-rail model). James O’Hara set multiple IBS 1000-yard records using Burris Signature Zee Rings. James will tell you he thinks “all his guns seem to shoot best with these rings”.

IBS World Record Set with Signature Zee Rings
Are Signature Zees good enough for competition? Absolutely. Some folks scoff at these Burris rings, given their modest price. A set of 1″-diameter Sig Zees cost $40.89 at Midsouth. But consider this, in 2013 Rodney Wagner shot the then-smallest 600-yard group in history, a 0.336″ 5-shot stunner, using Signature Zee Rings on his IBS Light Gun. It took five years for a smaller 600-yard group to be shot, a 0.311″ by bullet-maker Bart Sauter, using his IBS Heavy Gun. (See IBS 600-yard Records.) Here’s Rodney with his record-setting rifle, fitted with affordable Signature Zee 30mm rings.

Signature Zee Rings Burris

Vendors Have Burris Signature Rings in Stock Now
Various models of Burris Signature Rings are available from many online vendors. NOTE: You may have to check with more than one seller to get the exact size, height, and model you prefer. But right now these vendors have pretty good selections of Signature Zees in stock now, including the popular 30mm High and 30mm Extra High models (each currently $56.36 at Midsouth). If you check all three sellers, you’ll probably find what you need.

Midsouth Shooters MidwayUSA

Signature Zee Rings Burris

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March 19th, 2024

How to View Mirage and Bullet Trace with Spotting Scope

Nikon MEP-30 Reticle Eyepiec
Nikon offers eyepieces with reticles for its flagship Monarch Fieldscopes. Eyepiece reticles help spotters call shot corrections with precise click values (MOA or Mils).

Spotting Scope Video mirage tipsUsing a spotting scope seems simple. Just point it at the target and focus, right? Well, actually, it’s not that simple. Sometimes you want to watch mirage or trace, and that involves different focus and viewing priorities. Along with resolving bullet holes (or seeing other features on the target itself), you can use your spotting scope to monitor mirage. When watching mirage, you actually want to focus the spotting scope not on the target, but, typically, about two-thirds of the distance downrange. When spotting for another shooter, you can also use the spotting scope to watch the bullet trace, i.e. the vapor trail of the bullet. This will help you determine where the bullet is actually landing, even if it does not impact on the target backer.

In this video, SFC L.D. Lewis explains how to use a spotting scope to monitor mirage, and to watch trace. SFC Lewis is a former Army Marksmanship Unit member, U.S. Army Sniper School instructor, and current U.S. Army Reserve Service Rifle Shooting Team member. In discussing how precision shooters can employ spotting scopes, Lewis compares the use of a spotting scope for competition shooters vs. military snipers. NOTE: You may wish to turn up the audio volume, during the actual interview segment of this video.

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March 18th, 2024

BargainFinder 443: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Graf & Sons — Sightron Scope Sale — Save 20-22%

scope sale
Big savings on Sightron Scopes for competition and hunting

Graf’s is running a major Sightron Scope Sale this month with 20-22% savings on many excellent optics. Get a 10-50x60mm SIII for $1179.99 or the amazing 5-40×56 SVIII ED for $2579.99, a $649.00 savings! Hunters can get the rugged 4-12x40mm S1 AO Scope for just $249.99 (20% off), and AR shooters will like the compact 1-6x24mm STAC AR1 scope for $399.99 (20% off). Note: Grab these bargains soon as sale inventory is limited.

2. Natchez — Frankford Arsenal SALE, up to 27% Off

frankford arsenal sale
Great prices on reloading kits, powder dispensers, tumblers and more

Frankford Arsenal makes some very effective and affordable products. Right now Frankford Arsenal products are on sale up to 27% off at Natchez. We recommend the Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit ($299.99, $110 off), which has the excellent F-1 press, manual powder dispenser, priming tool, compact scale and more. We also recommend the Intelli-Dropper Powder Dispenser ($169.99, $60 off), the Case Prep Center ($114.99), and the Platinum Rotary Tumbler System ($149.99).

3. Midsouth — Hornady L-N-L Classis Reloading Kit, $389.99

hornady class reloading kit midsouth sale
Major $170 savings plus free Sonic Cleaner and 500 free bulleta

Right now Midsouth is offering Hornady’s L-N-L Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit for $389.99, a $170.00 discount. This Kit includes a nice press, manual powder dispenser, electronic scale, priming tool, powder trickler, chamfer/debur tool, case lube, shell block and more. As a special promo, this week Midsouth is including a FREE Sonic Cleaner, a $159.99 value. Plus, as an added bonus Hornady will provide 500 FREE Bullets with Kit purchase.

4. Creedmoor Sports — Starline Rifle Brass IN STOCK on SALE

starline brass sale
Good American-made cartridge brass at attractive prices

Starline Brass is quality, American-made cartridge brass that offers good consistency and useful life at a much lower price than some other leading brands. If you shoot PRS/NRL matches or run a varmint rifle, Starline may meet your expectations. At Creedmoor Sports you can save on popular cartridge types such as 6mm Creedmoor — now $69.95 for 100 cases. You could pay $120 or more for other brands of brass.

5. Amazon — Pegboard Wall Organizer, $119.79

pegboard wall board sale
Very effective wall-mounted tool and parts storage solution

Here’s a great option for your reloading room or garage. There’s only so much space on the bench to store tools so why not take advantage of your wall space? The well-designed Ultrawall Pegboard Wall Organizer provides 48″ x 36″ of pegboard complete with buckets, hooks, and more ensuring that your tools and parts are organized, yet easy to access.

6. Amazon — RCBS Universal Priming Tool, $64.99

rcbs primer sale
Recommended tool that adapts to multiple case rim sizes

The RCBS Universal Hand Primer tool can handle both large rim and small rim cases without any parts change. Leverage is good and the primer feeding tray is very reliable. This is a recommended tool for both beginning handloaders and expert-level reloaders. Another good feature of this tool is a patented safety gate that isolates the primer seating operation from the primer supply, lowering risk of tray detonation.

7. Amazon — 54″ Bulldog Rifle Case, $92.45`

bulldog rifle case
Popular case for long-barreled F-Class, Palma, and Long Range rifles

Most rifle cases won’t fit long-barreled competition rifles. This oversize, 54″-long Bulldog 54″ Rifle Case does have the ability to hold long Palma, Benchrest, F-Class, and ELR rigs. This case has a tough 600 denier water-resistant outer shell with lockable zippers and handy large pockets for tools, ammo, and accessories (yes a Garmin GPS will fit in the outside pocket). Inside the case is a plush, heat-resistant quilted inner lining with adjustable Velcro tie downs.

8. Bullet Central — ThorroClean 20% OFF

Thorroclean sale
Tests show this new cleaning product is very effective

Bullet Central has the advanced, new ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System. This cutting-edge cleaning product, developed in partnership with Iosso, is designed to provide shooters with a quick and thorough cleaning solution for their rifle bores. ThorroClean is engineered to completely eliminate copper and carbon fouling with no wear to the bore. NOTE: For a limited time you can get 20% OFF all ThorroCLean products at Bullet Central with code CLEAN20.

9. Amazon — BOG Switcheroo Tripod, $109.54

scope bipod sale
Multi-purpose lightweight tripod for rifles and optics

This BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Tripod is a great choice as a rifle shooting support AND an optics platform. It can support your PRS rifle, and then adapt to support binoculars or spotting scope. Engineered for portability, this tripod can be used in the sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. The head rotates 360 degrees and has a handy v-shaped support. There is also a plain black BOG Switcheroo tripod version with the same features for just $88.04 on Amazon.

10. Amazon — BESTNULE Punch Kit, $29.99

punch tool kit
Bargain price on very complete punch set for common pin sizes

All gun owners can use a quality set of precision punches for assembly and disassembly tasks. The impressive BESTNULE Punch Kit features 18 punches (both metal and plastic), plus hammer (with detachable head), bench block, and other components — all for just $29.99 at Amazon. The tools fit in a handy plastic carry case that holds hammer and pins securely.

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March 15th, 2024

Minute of Angle (MOA) Explained by Experts in Videos

one minute of angle

This popular video, viewed 3.6 million times on YouTube, provides a clear explanation of Minute of Angle (MOA) and how that angular measurement is used. Among novice shooters, there is much confusion over this term. In this NSSF Video, Ryan Cleckner, a former Sniper Instructor for the 1st Ranger Battalion, defines the term, “Minute of Angle” (MOA) and explains how you can adjust for windage and elevation using 1/4 or 1/8 MOA clicks on your scope. This allows you to sight-in precisely and compensate for bullet drop at various distances.

For starters, Ryan explains that, when talking about angular degrees, a “minute” is simply 1/60th. So a “Minute of Angle” is simply 1/60th of one degree of a central angle, measured either up and down (for elevation) or side to side (for windage). At 100 yards, 1 MOA equals 1.047″ on the target. This is often rounded to one inch for simplicity. Say, for example, you click up 1 MOA. That is roughly 1 inch at 100 yards, or roughly 4 inches at 400 yards, since the target area measured by 1 MOA increases in linear fashion with the distance.

More Minute of Angle (MOA) Explanatory Videos

This Gunwerks video explains that Minute of Angle subtends approximately 1″ for each 100 yards (well, 1.047″ to be more precise). That means a Minute of Angle increases in actual measured size the greater the distance of the target from the shooter.

This lengthy (24-minute) video defines Minute of Angle, and uses multiple diagrams to illustrate how MOA angular measurements works. The video also how MOA-based click values translate to point-of-impact changes at various distances.

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March 11th, 2024

BargainFinder 442: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Palmetto State Armory — Semi-Auto 12ga Shotgun, $199.99

palmetto GF99 12 gauge shotgun black g-force semi-auto
Great owner reports on versatile, sub-$200 shotgun

This might just be the shotgun deal of the decade. Right now you can get a reliable, optics-ready 12ga semi-auto shotgun for just $199.99. The 8-pound G-Force GF99 DLX Shotgun features a 20″ barrel, full Picatinny rail, and ships with a 5+1 magazine. Weight, unloaded, is 8 pounds. Read the very positive reviews from verified buyers: “Won’t find a better gun for the money… reliability [and] usability 5 stars”; “Cycles perfect. No jamming… go for it”; “Not one malfunction… I’m 100% happy with the purchase.”

2. MidwayUSA — BOG Tripod + Electronic Muffs Combo, $139.99

BOG tripod deathgrips e-max electronic muffs sale combo free shipping
Save $70 on outstanding tripod and electronic muffs combo

Here’s a great combo for PRS/NRL shooters and/or hunters. You get the excellent BOG Deathgrip Tripod AND Caldwell E-Max Electronic Muffs for just $139.99 total. Plus you get free shipping this week from MidwayUSA. The BOG DeathGrip Tripod has rugged aluminum legs and a patented hands-free clamp. The bipod head pans 360 degrees with cant adjustment. The 3-position leg angle lock allows bipod use in standing, kneeling, and prone positions. The comfortable, low-profile E-Max Pro electronic muffs have a 23dB noise reduction rating (NRR).

3. Powder Valley — Hodgdon and Alliant Powders in Stock

powder valley hodgdon varget h4831 h4350 sale in stock
Ultra-popular Hodgdon powders now available at good prices

This is your lucky day — many super-popular Hodgdon powders are in stock right now at Powder Valley. That’s right, you can order Hodgdon Varget, H4350, and H4831SC right now. And other Hodgdon powders are available starting at $32.99/lb. Plus many popular Alliant and IMR powders are in stock at Powder Valley including the outstanding Alliant Reloder 16. NOTE: If your favorite powder sells out, Midsouth also has Varget, RL16, H4350, and other top choices in stock including 8-lb jugs of H4350 and H4831sc for $390.99 ($48.87/lb).

4. CDNN Sports — Walther .22LR Pistol + TrekLite Safe, $289.99

walther p22 target .22 LR handgun pistol sale free hornady lockbox gunsafe
Combo Deal — rimfire pistol with Hornady compact LockBox safe

Everyone should have a good .22 LR rimfire pistol for training and fun shooting. We really like the Walther P22 Target Model. This has excellent ergonomics and a nice trigger. With its forward compensator, this pistol has almost no muzzle flip, allowing very rapid shot strings. Currently you can get this P22 pistol plus a Hornady TrekLite Lockbox XXL portable gun safe — all for just $289.99 at CDNN Sports. Get the Lockbox via Walther mail-in rebate. CLICK HERE for Rebate INFO. NOTE: If you already have a .22 LR Pistol, CDNN has the gun+safe combo offer with other Walther 9mm and .380 ACP handguns.

5. Creedmoor Sports — Canvas Shooter Coat, $120.00

creedmoor sports canvas shooting coat sale
Save 20% ($29.95) on very good canvas shooting coat

Creedmoor Sports makes some of the best shooting coats you can buy. Right now the popular Deluxe Canvas Shooting Coat is 20% off. Regularly $149.99, this is now on sale for $120.00, a $29.99 savings. This coat is very popular with High Power shooters, and Garand/Vintage military rifle shooters. Act soon as this discount ends on Tuesday 3/12/2024 at noon CST.

6. GunZoneDeals — MTM GV-30 CaseGard Gun Vise, $35.99

MTM casegard gun vise
Great price on versatile, well-designed gun vise

Here’s an excellent gun vise on sale for just $35.99. The versatile MTM GV-30 CaseGard Gun Vise supports rifles and shotguns for cleaning/maintenance. High and low forks allow level or angled gun placement. The rubber-padded rotating stock clamp provides a firm hold. The base has 14 different compartments for tools/solvents, plus 11 slots for jags, brushes, and screwdrivers. On the side are tabs for two cleaning rods. This GV-20 vise is made from rugged, solvent-resistant polypropylene plastic. If this sells out on GunZoneDeals, Midsouth has the GV-30 Vise for $38.00.

7. Locked&Loaded — CCI Blazer 9mm Ammo, $219.99 1000 rds

target sports use ammo+ discount membership contest giveaway free shipping ammo plus
Quality 9mm brass-cased ammo at a super-low price — $0.22/round

CCI makes very reliable pistol ammo with reloadable brass cases. Right now you can get 1000 rounds of CCI Blazer 9mm FMJ ammo for just $219.99 at That price works out to just $11.00 per 50-round box — a fantastic price. This very affordable 115gr Blazer 9mm ammo is excellent for practice/training, and it is more reliable than commercial reloads.

8. Amazon — Caldwell Pistolero Handgun Shooting Rest, $22.39

caldwell rest sale
Handy adjustable rest fits nearly all types of pistols and revolvers

A small compact rest definitely helps with handgun load development and accuracy testing. A good choice (at a great price) is the Caldwell Pistolero shooting rest (#ad), now just $22.39 on sale at Amazon. The Caldwell Pistolero rest is durable, and the support surfaces will not mark your pistols. The hand support is comfortable to use. With 5 inches of rear pad movement and and 3 inches of vertical adjustment in the front, the Pistolero rest accommodates virtually all handguns, providing a stable shooting surface.

9. Amazon — GuardTech Plus Gun Cleaning Kit, $43.50

guardtech rifle pistol shotgun cleaning kit jags brushes calibers
Excellent full-featured cleaning kit for all types of guns

This big GuardTech Plus Cleaning Kit will work for rifles, pistols, and even shotguns. You get a big selection of brushes, jags, and mops that fit calibers .17 to .50. In addition, there are picks and tooth-brush-style brushes for cleaning your action, plus a pull-through cleaning rope. You get all this, in a nice fitted hard case, for just $43.50 on Amazon. Choose green case (as shown), or black case.

10. MidwayUSA — Wheeler Bore Lapping Kit, $21.89

barrel clean lap lapping kit wheeler sale
Simple, inexpensive method to enhance factory barrels — Save 54%

This kit can help polish a rifle bore to remove factory machining marks and reduce fouling. With this kit you coat bullets so they can perform a lapping function as they are fired through the barrel. This Wheeler Lapping Kit consists of three 1 oz. jars of silicon carbide abrasive pastes (220 Cutting Grit, 320 Smoothing Grit, and 600 Polishing Grit) and two steel application plates. NOTE: We do NOT recommend using this kit with high-quality, hand-lapped barrels from makers such as Bartlein, Brux, Krieger, and Shilen.

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March 9th, 2024

Saturday Movies: New Product Features by Ultimate Reloader

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products offers some of the most thorough firearms and reloading tool tests on the internet. And UltimateReloader’s YouTube Channel has over 1040 great videos that showcase reloading tools, accurate firearms, precision optics, gunsmithing methods, and top-tier reloading components. For today’s Saturday at the Movies feature, we showcase five videos recently created by Gavin Gear and his UltimateReloader team. These videos highlight a superb Long-Range Target Camera, the remarkable AMP Press, the new Hornady PRC cartridges, and other interesting topics.

Since starting his channel in 2007, Gavin has released over 1040 videos showcasing reloading products, gunsmithing, and gun testing. Thanks to Gavin’s movie-making skills and hard work, his YouTube Channel now has 335,000+ subscribers. And over the years Gavin’s videos have received over 73.8 million views. Gavin’s videos have benefited shooting enthusiasts and hand-loaders around the globe.

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products

Multiple Muzzle Brake Performance with .224 Bullets

This video includes some serious testing of muzzle brakes in three bore sizes. One each designed for .224 caliber, 6.5mm caliber, and .308 caliber. The goal of the project was to see how brake bore affected recoil reduction, and accuracy. Gavin’s team uses two rifles, one AR and one 22-250 bolt action. Gavin’s testing equipment allows him to plot recoil force with great precision. What did they find: “With optimized clearance [.224 brake] we got the lowest recoil”.

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products

New LongShot Ranger and Ranger Plus Target Cameras

Longshot offers superb, reliable, high-resolution target cameras favored by top shooters around the world. Now LongShot is introducing a new Ranger series of target cameras starting at just $199.00 for the basic Ranger which runs at 100 yards. For those who regularly shot at longer distances, the new Ranger Plus reaches out to 1000 yards. Right now you can get the impressive Ranger Plus for a $299.00 “Pre-Order” sale price. The features of these two systems are compared in the graphic below:

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products longshot ranger plus target cameras Long range

Bergara Premier Competition Rifle in 6GT

The 6GT is a popular new cartridge originally developed for the PRS/NRL discipline. It has a case capacity and case length between the 6 Dasher and the 6mm Creedmoor. This allows it to rival the accuracy of the 6 Dasher with less recoil than a 6mm Creedmoor, and potentially longer barrel life because less powder is burned with each shot. In this video Gavin tests the new Bergara factory precision rifle chambered in 6 GT. This rifle is based around the Bergara Premier action with a stainless No. 7 taper 1:7.5″-twist barrel, set in an MPA BA chassis. CLICK HERE for full test article on

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products bergara premier competition 6gt

AMP Mark II DB and RAMP Bipod at SHOT Show 2024

Top Benchrest, F-Class, Palma, ELR, Silhouette, and PRS/NRL shooters use AMP annealers. These impressive, computer-controlled annealing machines allow you to get optimal, consistent neck tension. In addition, regular AMP annealing can significantly extend the life of cartridge brass. With good brass now running $130-$160 per 100 cases, you definitely want your brass to last as long as possible.

Ultimate reloader youtube video channel new products AMP Annealer Mark II Ramp bipod

Shown above is the innovative RAMP Bipod from the New Zealand team that created the revolutionary AMP Annealing machine. This new RAMP Bipod allows easy yet secure elevation changes with the front bipod.

Caldwell Flash Bang Target Impact Indicators

We like reactive targets for the instant gratification that comes with a hit. When shooting steel it’s great to get that rewarding “ping” on impact. But sometimes it’s hard to hear, especially when the targets are far away. Caldwell’s Flash Bang target hit indicators solve this problem, providing visual feedback for the shooter, spotter, and spectators. Gavin notes that: “These small units will mount to any steel target and are incredibly affordable. At $37, replacing them if they are accidentally shot is not a huge loss. In fact, Caldwell is the first company to bring a hit indicator to market that doesn’t eat a hole in your wallet.”

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