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March 22nd, 2023

2023 F-Class World Championships Start Soon in South Africa

F-Class F-TR F-Open world championship South Africa 2023 de Wet Range Blomfontein Berger bullets

The 2023 F-Class World Championships will commence soon in South Africa. The 2023 F-Class World Championships are being held at the General Christiaan de Wet Shooting Range in Blomfontein, South Africa from March 26th through April 1st. Competitors from around the globe will compete in both F-Class Target Rifle (F-TR) and F-Open divisions battling for the prestigious title of World Champion.

Team USA will be competing in both divisions for a full week. The team includes past American champions and Southwest Nationals winners. Berger, manufacturer of high quality bullets and ammunition for competitive long-range shooters and sportsman, is a leading sponsor of the 2023 United States F-Class Team competing at the 2023 F-Class World Championships in South Africa.

F-Class F-TR F-Open world championship South Africa 2023 de Wet Range Blomfontein Berger bullets

The U.S. F-Open and F-TR teams are comprised of over 60 members coming from 25 different states. The team members have spent over five years preparing for this major event. Lead by Captains Dan Bramley and Phil Kelley, the teams are sure to make an impact. Three members of Team Berger — James Crofts, Trudie Fay, and Matt Schwartzkopf — are serving as coaches for US F-TR team. Team Lapua’s own Erik Cortina will be competing as part of the F-Open team.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to support United States F-Class Teams on their quest to be crowned international champions”, commented Geoff Esterline, Director of Marketing at Berger Bullets.

Team USA will also be supported by Lapua, maker of top brass and bullets. “We’re proud to support the United State F-Class Teams as they compete in South Africa at the World Championships”, commented Adam Braverman, V.P. of Sales & Marketing at Capstone. “We’ve watched the team over the last five years come together, practice, make it through delays due to COVID and still remain strong.”

F-Class F-TR F-Open world championship South Africa 2023 de Wet Range Blomfontein Berger bullets

USA F-TR Team Will Use Berger 200.2X Hybrid Target .30-Cal Bullets
F-Class Target Rifle (F-TR) category has strict requirements for a “ready-to-go” rifle weighing no more than 18 pounds. Chambers are required to be unmodified and use a standard .308 Win/7.62 NATO or .223 Rem/5.56 NATO cartridge. For competition, the U.S. F-TR team utilizes Berger’s .30 caliber 200.20X Hybrid Target, and 215 grain Hybrid Target bullets.

USA F-Open Team Will Use Berger 7mm 184gr and 180gr Hybrid Target Bullets
The F-Open category has requirements of a rifle weighing no more than 22 pounds and chambered in any caliber .35 and under. Rifles are fired in the prone position from the shoulder with an adjustable front rest and rear sandbag. Berger’s 7mm 184 grain Hybrid Target bullet is a favorite among F-Open competitors and is the official bullet of the U.S. F-Class F-Open team. The team also competes with Berger’s 7mm 180 Grain Hybrid Target bullet.

This video shows a match at the Genl De Wet Range in South Africa a decade ago:

2023 F-Class World Championships Program »

Genl De Wet Range Information | Travel Information Page | F-Class World Championship Entry Page

About Berger and Lapua
Berger manufactures precision projectiles and match-grade ammunition for Target, Hunting, and Tactical applications in Mesa, AZ. For 100 years, Lapua has been producing the highest-quality cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Berger and Lapua are both part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit and

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March 13th, 2023

Berger Bullets Sale at Precision Reloading — Save up to 20%

Berger bullets 2023 bullet discount sale Precision Reloading VLD hybrid jacketed match

Berger bullets are in high demand. It’s pretty rare to find a large inventory of Berger bullets, and even more rare to find popular Berger bullets at a significant discount. But count your blessings — right now at Precision Reloading, a wide selection of Berger bullets are on sale, with savings up to 20%. There are currently 58 Berger bullet offerings ON Sale now. Check out some of the samples below. CLICK HERE to view ALL the Berger bullets on sale. The available calibers include: .224, .243 (6mm), .257, .264 (6.5mm), .270, .284 (7mm), .308, .338, and .375.

But don’t delay — you need to act quickly. This Berger Bullets Sale concludes at 11:59 PM central time on Thursday, March 16, 2023. So you’ve got three and a half more days to grab the deals. Here are some of the most notable Berger bullet offerings, but there are dozens more deals!

Berger bullets 2023 bullet discount sale Precision Reloading VLD hybrid jacketed match
NOTE: This is a PARTIAL LIST! 49 Other bullet offerings (50, 500, and 1000 ct) are on sale.

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February 7th, 2023

The 22 BR — Versatile, Ultra-Accurate Varmint Cartridge

6mmBR 22BR 22 BR BRA varmint cartridge
6mmBR 22BR 22 BR BRA varmint cartridge

22 BR Dasher 22BRAThe 6mmBR Norma cartridge has spawned many great variants in multiple calibers: 6mm Dasher, 6BRA, 22 BR, 22 Dasher, 30 BR and others. This article is about a handsome 22 BR Rem-action varmint rig.

Richard Franklin (who operated Richard’s Custom Rifles prior to his retirement), has built scores of varmint rifles, in many different calibers. One of Richard’s all-time favorite varmint rifles is a 1:14″-twist, 22 BR built on his Model 11 stock in laminated Black Walnut and fiddleback maple. Richard says the rifle is versatile and deadly accurate out to 400 yards. Richard uses a Leupold 8.5-25x50mm LRT with varmint reticle.

Richard’s 22 BR Varmint Rifle with Lilja Barrel
Richard tells us: “[Shown above] is my light walking varminter. It’s built on a blue-printed Stainless Steel Remington 700 short action and chambered as a no-turn 22 BR for Lapua brass. The bolt handle is a Dave Kiff replacement and I’ve fitted a Jewel BR trigger with bottom safety. The barrel is a Lilja, 1:14″ #6 contour with a muzzle diameter of .750″. I shoot the 40gr V-Max bullets in the rifle at 4000 FPS. It’s tough on hogs if you don’t try them too far. 400 yards is about the max with it.

Accuracy is outstanding and with Roy, Mike, my grandson and myself shooting this rifle I don’t believe it has missed more than three hogs out of over 100 we shot at one summer. This rifle is carried in a ceiling rack in the truck where it’s handy and is used by the first person that grabs it when a hog is sighted if we are moving between setups. The Varmint reticle on the Leupold (shown below) is nice for quick hold-overs as you change distances.”

At right is a another Franklin Model 11 stock in Birdseye maple. That photo shows the details of the thumbhole stock.

Editor’s Note: We have shot a 1:8″-twist 22 BR in varmint matches and it was very accurate with 80gr bullets. It actually shot flatter out to 500 yards than our 6mmBR running 105-grainers. If we were to build a new long-range, bolt-action varmint rifle it would probably be a 22 BRA, essentially a 22 BR with 40° shoulder. That gives you a very stable cartridge with a bit more capacity. The 22 BRA retains a longer neck compare to the 22 Dasher, which is also an excellent cartridge — versatile and accurate.

22 BR Rivals 22-250 Performance
With bullets in the 40gr to 60gr weight range, the 22 BR gives up very little in velocity to a 22-250, despite burning quite a bit less powder (30-32 grains for the 22 BR vs. 35-38 grains for the 22-250). With a match-quality chamber, the 22 BR will probably have an edge in accuracy over a 22-250, and you should experience longer barrel life. Here are some recommended 22 BR loads for 40-60gr bullets:

For more info on the 22 BR for varminting, read our 22BR Cartridge Guide

This article is copyright 2023 Any site republishing this article agrees to pay royalties and/or liquidated damages.

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February 5th, 2023

G1 vs. G7 Ballistic Coefficients — What You Need to Know

G1 G7 BC drag models

Over the past 12 months, this article was one of the TOP 20 most-read Daily Bulletin features. We’re reprising it today for those who may have missed it the first time. The above diagram comes from a TiborasurasRex YouTube Video comparing G1 and G7 BC models. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

The better, up-to-date ballistics programs let you select either G1 or G7 Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values when calculating a trajectory. The ballistic coefficient (BC) of a body is a measure of its ability to overcome air resistance in flight. You’ve probably seen that G7 values are numerically lower than G1 values for the same bullet (typically). But that doesn’t mean you should select a G1 value simply because it is higher.

Some readers are not quite sure about the difference between G1 and G7 models. One forum member wrote us: “I went on the JBM Ballistics website to use the web-based Trajectory Calculator and when I got to the part that gives you a choice to choose between G1 and G7 BC, I was stumped. What determines how, or which one to use?”

The simple answer is the G1 value normally works better for shorter flat-based bullets, while the G7 value should work better for longer, boat-tailed bullets.

G1 vs. G7 Ballistic Coefficients — Which Is Right for You?
G1 and G7 refer both refer to aerodynamic drag models based on particular “standard projectile” shapes. The G1 shape looks like a flat-based bullet. The G7 shape is quite different, and better approximates the geometry of a modern long-range bullet. So, when choosing your drag model, G1 is preferable for flat-based bullets, while G7 is ordinarily a “better fit” for longer, boat-tailed bullets.

G1 G7 Ballistic coefficients

Drag Models — G7 is better than G1 for Long-Range Bullets
Many ballistics programs still offer only the default G1 drag model. Bryan Litz, author of Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting, believes the G7 standard is preferrable for long-range, low-drag bullets: “Part of the reason there is so much ‘slop’ in advertised BCs is because they’re referenced to the G1 standard which is very speed sensitive. The G7 standard is more appropriate for long range bullets. Here’s the results of my testing on two low-drag, long-range boat-tail bullets, so you can see how the G1 and G7 Ballistic coefficients compare:

G1 BCs, averaged between 1500 fps and 3000 fps:
Berger 180 VLD: 0.659 lb/in²
JLK 180: 0.645 lb/in²

The reason the BC for the JLK is less is mostly because the meplat was significantly larger on the particular lot that I tested (0.075″ vs 0.059″; see attached drawings).

For bullets like these, it’s much better to use the G7 standard. The following BCs are referenced to the G7 standard, and are constant for all speeds.

G7 BCs:
Berger 180 VLD: 0.337 lb/in²
JLK 180: 0.330 lb/in²

Many modern ballistics programs, including the free online JBM Ballistics Program, are able to use BCs referenced to G7 standards. When available, these BCs are more appropriate for long range bullets, according to Bryan.

[Editor’s NOTE: BCs are normally reported simply as an 0.XXX number. The lb/in² tag applies to all BCs, but is commonly left off for simplicity.]
This article is copyright 2023 No 3rd Party republication of this article is allowed without advance approval and payment of licensing fees.

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February 2nd, 2023

Western Hunting EXPO February 2-5 in Salt Lake City

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk

The 2023 Western Hunting and Conservation EXPO opens today at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo is the largest hunting convention open to the public in the Western USA. The EXPO features daily seminars, waterfowl and elk calling championships, auctions, drawings and more. Exhibit halls open 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. A partnership between the Mule Deer Foundation, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, and Utah Office of Tourism. With over 400 hunting and outdoor business vendors, this year’s event should attract over 55,000 attendees.

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk
CLICK HERE to register for the EXPO. Various packages are offered. There is a basic 4-day Hall Pass, and other deluxe packages including banquets and entertainment.

western hunting expo salt lake utah deer sheep elk

New Elite Hunter Bullets from Berger
Berger Bullets will attend the 2023 Western Hunting EXPO this year in Utah. Berger’s hunting bullets — VLD Hunting, Elite Hunter, and Classic Hunter –are designed for controlled expansion and extreme hydrostatic shock at both short- and long-range distances. These bullets are available for handloaders, and these bullet options are also offered used in quality factory ammo.

New for 2023, Berger has expanded its successful Elite Hunter ammunition with the following offerings: 6mm Creedmoor 108 Grain Elite Hunter, 6.5 Creedmoor 140 Grain Elite Hunter, 6.5 PRC 140 Grain Elite Hunter, and 300 PRC 245 Grain Elite Hunter.

This article, as published in, contains copyrighted content. It shall not be republished in whole or in part without advanced permission in writing. The act of republishing constitutes legal consent to licensing fees.

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December 6th, 2022

Read the Wind Like a Pro — Smart Advice from Emil Praslick III

Berger Bullets Applied Ballistics Wind Reading Zero direction speed windy

Emil Praslick III is widely recognized as one of the greatest wind wizards on the planet — a master at identifying wind value and direction, and predicting wind cycles. As coach of the USAMU and top civilian teams, Emil has helped win many high-level championships. In the three videos we feature today, Emil, who works with Capstone Precision Group (Berger, Lapua, SK, Vihtavuori) and Team Applied Ballistics, explains how to determine wind direction and velocity using a variety of indicators. Praslick, now retired from the U.S. Army, was an 18-time National and 2-time World Champion coach with the USAMU.

Video ONE: Wind Theory Basics — Understanding “Wind Values”

In this video from, Emil explains the basics of modern wind theory. To properly understand the effect of the wind you need to know both the velocity of the wind and its angle. The combination of those variables translates to the wind value. Emil also explains that the wind value may not be constant — it can cycle both in speed and velocity. Emil also explains some of the environmental conditions such as mirage that can reveal wind conditions.

Emil Praslick III Berger SWN Wind calling reading

Video TWO: Determining the Direction of the Wind

Key Point in Video — Find the Boil
Emil explains how to determine wind direction using optic. The method is to use spotting scope, riflescope, or binoculars to look for the “Boil” — the condition in mirage when the light waves rising straight up. The wind will generate that straight-up, vertical boil in your optics when it is blowing directly at you, or directly from your rear. To identify this, traverse your scope or optics until you see the boil running straight up. When you see that vertical boil, the direction your optic is pointing is aligned with the wind flow (either blowing towards you or from directly behind you).

Video THREE: The No Wind Zero Setting

In this second video, Emil defines the “No-Wind Zero”, and explains why competitive shooters must understand the no-wind zero and have their sights or optics set for a no-wind zero starting point before heading to a match. In order to hit your target, after determining wind speed and direction, says Emil, “you have to have your scope setting dialed to ‘no wind zero’ first.”

Emil Praslick III KO2M

Coach of Champions — Emil Praslick III
SFC Emil Praslick III, (U.S. Army, retired) works with Berger Bullets and Applied Ballistics. Emil served as the Head Coach of the U.S. National Long Range Rifle Team and Head Coach of the USAMU for several years. Teams coached by Emil have won 33 Inter-Service Rifle Championships. On top of that, teams he coached set 18 National records and 2 World Records. Overall, in the role of coach, Praslick can be credited with the most team wins of any coach in U.S. Military history.

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October 31st, 2022

Berger 6mm Match Bullets IN STOCK Now with 10% Off Codes

Berger 6mm bullets precision reloading sale discount codes

Here’s a late-breaking deal. If you need high-BC 6mm match bullets for benchrest, F-Class, PRS/NRL, or silhouette matches, head over to Precision Reloading. While Berger bullets have been in very high demand lately, Precision Reloading has a large inventory of Berger 6mm match bullets IN STOCK now. Chose from 90gr, 95gr, 105gr, 108gr, and 115gr 6mm bullets. PLUS there are Coupon CODES good today to save $10 Off $100, $25 Off $250, and $50 Off $500. But you better act soon, these bullets may sell out quickly, and those Coupon CODES expire tonight, 10/31/2022 at 11:59 PM CST.

Berger 6mm bullets precision reloading sale discount codes

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August 24th, 2022

Team USA Dominates Precision Rifle World Championship

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets
IPRF Open Division champion Austin Buschman of Team USA.

The first-ever International Precision Rifle Federation (IPRF) World Championship was held in France in mid-August. The inaugural IPRF event drew 250 shooters from 26 nations to France’s Militaire Camp de Bitche. Hosted by the French Precision Rifle Association (FRPRA), this 7-day event featured 5 days of competition. Team USA dominated the match, taking first place in Open, Limited, and Ladies divisions. Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland took first place in Factory division. Team South Africa won the Senior division, while Team Norway claimed the Military & Law Enforcement division. At the end of the event the World Champion Trophy was awarded to highest scoring shooter, Austin Buschman of Team USA.

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

The inaugural Precision Rifle World Championship was held August 6-12, 2022 in Bitche, France, at the Bitche Military Camp. Team USA and 25 other national squads competed in Open, Limited, and Factory classes, which included Ladies, Junior, Senior, and Mil/LE divisions.

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

We hail Austin Buschman as the first IPRF World Champion. And we congratulate the USA Precision Rifle Team for winning the first-ever Precision Rifle Team World Championship. American competitors shooting Berger Bullets won the Open, Limited, and Senior Open classes.

Team USA Members Win Big with Berger Bullets
Team USA’s Austin Buschman won gold in the Open Class with 158 impacts. Austin used Berger 6mm 109gr Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets. Fellow American and Team Berger member Morgun King took second in Open Class with 157 impacts. And Team USA member Coulter Mariott took first place in the Limited Class.

1st Place Open – Austin Buschman, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT
2nd Place Open – Morgun King, Berger 6.5mm 156gr Elite Hunter
1st Place Limited – Coulter Mariott, Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target
1st Place Senior Open – Rusty Ulmer, Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target
2nd Place Senior Open – Paul Higley, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT
3rd Place Ladies Open – Allison Zane, Berger 6mm 109gr LRHT

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Open class Champion Austin Bushman noted: “Berger 105 grain Hybrid Target and 109 grain LRHT bullets are what I’ve used exclusively in PRS style competitions for three years. I find these 6mm Berger bullets to be very consistent over many different charge weights and seating depths. This has allowed me to focus on developing my shooting skills rather than spend hours on load development”.

Berger Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets — Bryan Litz Explains Features

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Team Great Britain & Northern Ireland Wins Factory Division

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

The Great Britain and Northern Ireland IPRF Team (aka Team GB), won the Factory Division title at the IPRF Championships. Team GB members place 1st, 3rd, 5th and 25th place in the factory division. The combined score earn Team GB 1st place overall in the factory division.

On Facebook, Team GB shooter Tom Rice posted: “Huge congratulations to [class winner] Lawrence Barnes for showing us all how it should be done right from the first stage. Benjamin Mcilwaine rounded out the podium in 3rd place with an exceptional performance. A huge thank you goes out to Accuracy International Ltd. for supporting all four of us as we were all using their AT-X rifles.”

IPRF international precision rifle federation championship frame Camp de Bitche Team USA berger bullets

Team GB’s Tom Rice added: “Another massive thank-you must go out to ZEISS Hunting, Andy Simpson, and Precision Rifle Series UK for supplying me with the absolutely awesome new ZEISS LRP rifle scope. Never before have I seen such impressive glass. It performed flawlessly in some pretty hostile conditions that we’ve had to endure out here.”

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August 21st, 2022

Tangent, Secant, Hybrid — Bullet Geometry Explained by Litz

secant tangent hybrid ogive Bryan Litz Applied ballistics 200X Berger Hybrid bullet, .308 30 Caliber

In discussions of ballistics, you’ll see references to “tangent”, “secant”, and “hybrid” bullet shapes. We know that, for many readers, these terms can be confusing. To add to the confusion, bullet makers don’t always identify their projectiles as secant or tangent designs. This article provides a basic explanation of tangent, secant, and hybrid ogive bullet designs, to help you understand the characteristics of these three basic bullet shapes.

Tangent vs. Secant vs. Hybrid

Most match bullets produced today use a tangent ogive profile, but the modern VLD-style bullets employ a secant profile. To further complicate matters, the latest generation of “Hybrid” projectiles from Berger Bullets feature a blended secant + tangent profile to combine the best qualities of both nose shapes. The secant section provides reduced drag, while the tangent section makes the bullet easier to tune, i.e. less sensitive to bullet seating depth position.

hybrid bullet

Berger Bullets ballistician Bryan Litz explains tangent and secant bullet ogive designs in a glossary section of his Applied Ballistics website, which we reprint below. Bryan then explains how tangent and secant profiles can be combined in a “hybrid” design.

How Bullet Ogive Curves are Defined
While the term “ogive” is often used to describe the particular point on the bullet where the curve reaches full bullet diameter, in fact the “ogive” properly refers to the entire curve of the bullet from the tip to the full-diameter straight section — the shank.

Understanding then, that the ogive is a curve, how is that curve described?

LITZ: The ogive of a bullet is usually characterized by the length of its radius. This radius is often given in calibers instead of inches. For example, an 8 ogive 6mm bullet has an ogive that is a segment of a circular arc with a radius of 8*.243 = 1.952”. A .30-caliber bullet with an 8 ogive will be proportionally the same as the 8 ogive 6mm bullet, but the actual radius will be 2.464” for the .30 caliber bullet.

For a given nose length, if an ogive is perfectly tangent, it will have a very specific radius. Any radius longer than that will cause the ogive to be secant. Secant ogives can range from very mild (short radius) to very aggressive (long radius). The drag of a secant ogive is minimized when its radius is twice as long as a tangent ogive radius. In other words, if a tangent ogive has an 8 caliber radius, then the longest practical secant ogive radius is 16 calibers long for a given nose length.”

Bryan Litz Explains Hybrid Design and Optimal Hybrid Seating Depths

Ogive Metrics and Rt/R Ratio
LITZ: There is a number that’s used to quantify how secant an ogive is. The metric is known as the Rt/R ratio and it’s the ratio of the tangent ogive radius to the actual ogive radius for a given bullet. In the above example, the 16 caliber ogive would have an Rt/R ratio of 0.5. The number 0.5 is therefore the lowest practical value for the Rt/R ratio, and represents the minimum drag ogive for a given length. An ogive that’s perfectly tangent will have an Rt/R ratio of 1.0. Most ogives are in between an Rt/R of 1.0 and 0.5. The dimensioned drawings at the end of my Applied Ballistics book provide the bullets ogive radius in calibers, as well as the Rt/R ratio. In short, the Rt/R ratio is simply a measure of how secant an ogive is. 1.0 is not secant at all, 0.5 is as secant as it gets.

Berger Hybrid bullet, .308 30 CaliberHybrid Bullet Design — Best of Both Worlds?
Bryan Litz has developed a number of modern “Hybrid” design bullets for Berger. The objective of Bryan’s design work has been to achieve a very low drag design that is also “not finicky”. Normal (non-hybrid) secant designs, such as the Berger 105gr VLD, deliver very impressive BC values, but the bullets can be sensitive to seating depth. Montana’s Tom Mousel has set world records with the Berger 105gr VLD in his 6mm Dasher, but he tells us “seating depth is critical to the best accuracy”. Tom says a mere .003″ seating depth change “makes a difference”. In an effort to produce more forgiving high-BC bullets, Bryan Litz developed the hybrid tangent/secant bullet shape.

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August 20th, 2022

Improve Your Shooting Skills with Multi-Discipline Training

Michelle Gallagher Cross Training

Guest Article By Michelle Gallagher, Berger Bullets
Let’s face it. In the world of firearms, there is something for everyone. Do you like to compete? Are you a hunter? Are you more of a shotgun shooter or rifle shooter? Do you enjoy running around between stages of a timed course, or does the thought of shooting one-hole groups appeal to you more? Even though many of us shoot several different firearms and disciplines, chances are very good that we all have a favorite. Are we spreading ourselves too thin by shooting different disciplines, or is it actually beneficial? I have found that participating in multiple disciplines can actually improve your performance. Every style of shooting is different; therefore, they each develop different skills that benefit each other.

How can cross-training in other disciplines help you? For example, I am most familiar with long-range prone shooting, so let’s start there. To be a successful long-range shooter, you must have a stable position, accurate ammunition, and good wind-reading skills. You can improve all of these areas through time and effort, but there are other ways to improve more efficiently. Spend some time practicing smallbore. Smallbore rifles and targets are much less forgiving when it comes to position and shot execution. Long-range targets are very large, so you can get away with accepting less than perfect shots. Shooting smallbore will make you focus more on shooting perfectly center shots every time. Another way to do this with your High Power rifle is to shoot on reduced targets at long ranges. This will also force you to accept nothing less than perfect. Shoot at an F-Class target with your iron sights. At 1000 yards, the X-Ring on a long range target is 10 inches; it is 5 inches on an F-Class target. Because of this, you will have to focus harder on sight alignment to hit a center shot. When you go back to the conventional target, you will be amazed at how large the ten ring looks.

Michelle Gallagher Cross Training

Also, most prone rifles can be fitted with a bipod. Put a bipod and scope on your rifle, and shoot F-TR. Shooting with a scope and bipod eliminates position and eyesight factors, and will allow you to concentrate on learning how to more accurately read the wind. The smaller target will force you to be more aggressive on your wind calls. It will also help encourage you to use better loading techniques. Nothing is more frustrating than making a correct wind call on that tiny target, only to lose the point out the top or bottom due to inferior ammunition. If you put in the effort to shoot good scores on the F-Class target, you will be amazed how much easier the long-range target looks when you return to your sling and iron sights. By the same token, F-Class shooters sometimes prefer to shoot fast and chase the spotter. Shooting prone can help teach patience in choosing a wind condition to shoot in, and waiting for that condition to return if it changes.

Benchrest shooters are arguably among the most knowledgeable about reloading. If you want to learn better techniques about loading ammunition, you might want to spend some time at benchrest matches. You might not be in contention to win, but you will certainly learn a lot about reloading and gun handling. Shooting F-Open can also teach you these skills, as it is closely related to benchrest. Benchrest shooters may learn new wind-reading techniques by shooting mid- or long-range F-Class matches.

Michelle Gallagher Cross TrainingPosition shooters can also improve their skills by shooting different disciplines. High Power Across-the-Course shooters benefit from shooting smallbore and air rifle. Again, these targets are very small, which will encourage competitors to be more critical of their shot placement. Hunters may benefit from shooting silhouette matches, which will give them practice when shooting standing with a scoped rifle. Tactical matches may also be good, as tactical matches involve improvising shots from various positions and distances. [Editor: Many tactical matches also involve hiking or moving from position to position — this can motivate a shooter to maintain a good level of general fitness.]

These are just a few ways that you can benefit from branching out into other shooting disciplines. Talk to the other shooters. There is a wealth of knowledge in every discipline, and the other shooters will be more than happy to share what they have learned. Try something new. You may be surprised what you get out of it. You will certainly learn new skills and improve the ones you already have. You might develop a deeper appreciation for the discipline you started off with, or you may just discover a new passion.

This article originally appeared in the Berger Blog. The Berger Blog contains the latest info on Berger products, along with informative articles on target shooting and hunting.

Article Find by EdLongrange.

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August 15th, 2022

BargainFinder 360: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Bruno Shooters Supply — Berger Bullets SuperSale

Berger Bullet Blowout
Excellent discounted prices on great Berger match and hunting bullets

Been searching for competition-grade bullets but can’t seem to find them anywhere? Head over to Bruno Shooters Supply which is running a big Berger Bullets SuperSale. You’ll find just about every caliber in stock with very attractive prices. But don’t delay — the most popular calibers/weights may sell out soon. There are some great values. For example, you can get 500 105gr 6mm VLD target bullets for just $198.74. That works out to just $39.75 per hundred, a great deal!

2. Graf’s — Peterson Brass In Stock

Peterson Brass In Stock
Peterson brass is strong, consistent, and long-lasting

Now that you found Berger bullets you need high-quality brass to go with them. Graf’s has a wide selection of Peterson Brass in a variety of popular cartridge types, in stock and ready to ship. Note — the excellent 7mmBR brass can be necked up to 30 BR or necked down to 6mmBR. Graf’s also has great Peterson brass in hard-to-find 30 Nosler, 33 Nosler, and 33 XC types, as well as big brass such as .338 Lapua Magnum.

3. Precision Reloading — Whidden Die Sets 10% Off Sale

lyman turret press sale
Superior sizing and seating dies in stock and ON SALE now 10% Off

John Whidden has won multiple national rifle championships, and his company produces some of the best sizing and seating dies you can buy. This editor uses Whidden dies for his benchrest rifles. Right now Precision Reloading has Whidden sizing and seating dies IN STOCK for a wide variety of popular cartridges, including 6mm Dasher, 6mm BRA, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .284 Win, 30 BR, .308 Win, .300 PRC and many other chamberings — all at 10% Off discounts. Save money and avoid the wait for really excellent dies from a great company.

4. Midsouth — Lyman All American Turret Press Kit, $439.99

lyman turret press sale
Good value in complete set-up with quality 8-station Turret Press

Those who load a variety of cartridges can definitely use a good turret press such as the Lyman 8-Station Turret Press. And right now Midsouth has the Brass Smith All-American Turret Press Reloading Kit for $439.99 ($40 off). You get the turret press itself plus Brass Smith Powder Measure, Lyman 50th Reloading Manual, Pocket Touch 1500, Loading Block, Case Prep Multi-Tool, Magnum Bullet Puller, Primer Tray, E-ZEE Powder Funnel, Case Lube Kit, Powder Trickler, and a Universal Trimmer.

5. Natchez — Save Up To 35% On Ammo

ammunition sale
Ammo is becoming more available and prices are good

Natchez is offering a wide selection of pistol and rifle ammunition at very attractive prices — up to 35% off. With the current Natchez Ammunition Sale you’ll find great prices on 9mm, 40sw, .223 Rem ammo as well as a variety of rimfire types.

6. Amazon — Tactical Backpack Rifle Case, $69.99-$79.99

Good case with comfortable shoulder straps — three sizes offered

PRS/NRL competitors and hunters need to carry their rifles securely in the field. This DSLEAF Backpack Rifle Case can hold one or two medium-length rifles and lots of gear. The pack has comfortable shoulder straps and three large external pockets, one with 10 magazine slots. For the $69.99 28″ unit, internal length is actually 29.8″, so this will fit many NRL22 rifles. Choose khaki as shown or matte black. NOTE: If you need more length, there is also a 32″ case for $72.50 (34.5″ internal) and a 36″ version for $79.99. The 36″ model actually has a 37.5″ internal length — ample for many hunting rifles.

7. Sportsman’s Warehouse — Vortex Viper 4-16×50, $339.99

Vortex Viper 4-16x50 sale
Good choice for hunting rifle — big discount, great value

Hunting season is coming soon. Here’s a great deal on the Vortex Viper 4-16x50mm riflescope for your deer or varmint rifle. Given the price, just $339.99 (37% off), the glass is surprisingly good. The forgiving eye box with increased eye relief gets shooters on target quickly. With a 30mm main tube, the Viper HS offers 50 MOA windage and elevation travel. This SFP scope has 1/4-MOA clicks with a V-Plex MOA reticle.

8. Sportsman’s WHSE — Vortex HD 20-60x85mm Spotter, $799.99

vortex razor scope
Very good spotter for the price with outstanding warranty

Vortex has updated its top-of-the-line Razor HD spotting scope, changing from a small-knob focus system to a single large focus ring. Now get the previous model Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85mm Spotting Scope at a huge discount. The $799.99 sale price is $800 less than the current 27-60x85mm Razor HD ($1599.00 on Amazon) — that’s HALF the price! This two-tone $799.99 spotter features premium High Definition (HD) glass for excellent sharpness/resolution with minimal chromatic aberration (color fringing). Verified purchaser reviews have been very positive: “Great spotting scope at a great price”.

9. Midway USA — Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit, $75.53

Franford Arsenal Tumbler Kit
Complete kit with quality tumbler — great value

How would you like to buy a complete brass tumbling setup for under $80? Check out the Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler Master Kit. This kit includes quality vibratory tumbler, brass separator, media, and polish liquid, all for just $75.53. This is a very good deal — other similar tumbling kits with media separators cost over $100 elsewhere.

10. Graf & Sons — Hornady Ammo Sale & FREE TARGETS

ammunition sale
Good prices on large selection of ammo, with free targets deal

Over at Graf’s they’re having an ammunition sale. They have discounted rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo in a wide variety of calibers so you can stock up now. Plus, if you purchase at least $50 worth of Hornady handgun ammunition you get a nice set of 10 Grid Targets for FREE.

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August 1st, 2022

BargainFinder 358: AcccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Bruno’s — Large Selection of McMillan Stocks 10% OFF

mcmillan stock sale
Great savings on quality McMillan fiberglass stocks

McMillan stocks are world-renowned for competition, tactical/precision, benchrest, and hunting applications. We found a rare deal on McMillan stocks at Bruno Shooters Supply. Find one for your next rifle project and save 10% instantly during checkout. Bruno’s has 60+ McMillan stocks available now for 10% OFF. There are many stock varieties — benchrest, hunting, tactical, F-Class. Some of these stocks may also qualify for FREE Shipping.

2. Midsouth — Berger Bullets In Stock!

berger bullet sale
Grab these great Berger Bullets before they sell out

Berger makes top-tier competition bullets but the most popular calibers have been in short supply lately. The good news is that Midsouth Shooters Supply just got a huge shipment of Berger bullets in many calibers and grain weights. This is one of the biggest Berger bullet drops we’ve seen in the past year, so don’t hesitate if you need good match bullets.

3. Graf & Sons — Ammo Sale with FREE TRI-Can Carrier

ammo sale
Good prices with excellent three-compartment ammo carrier

Here’s a great chance to stock up on quality .223 Rem ammunition. Right now is running a big sale on .223 Remington Ammo from leading makers such as Federal, Norma, Nosler, Barnes, and Winchester. As an additional incentive, if you spend $150 or more on in-stock ammo, you get the excellent Berry Tri-Can ammo carrier for free.

4. Amazon — Teslong Rigid Borescope with Monitor, $135.99

teslong borescope sale
Excellent borescope complete with monitor — everything you need

Teslong borescopes let you evaluate barrel fouling and gauge the effectiveness of your cleaning regimen. We recommend the $135.99 Teslong Borescope with rigid shaft and Teslong monitor. This can use either the included monitor or your mobile device. There are other good Teslong models. We also like the rigid shaft no monitor version for $99.99 which plugs into your smartphone or tablet. There is also a less expensive flexible unit with monitor for $76.28. This uses a flexible cord rather than a metal shaft.

5. Natchez — Major Rifle and Pistol Ammunition Sale

ammunition sale
Excellent prices, large selection of pistol and rifle ammunition

If you’re in the market for ammunition, check out the giant Natchez Ammo Mix Sale. You’ll find an great assortment of brands and calibers all at prices up to 35% off. This is a great time to stock up with quality ammo for pistols and rifles.

6. Midway — Magpul Bipod Sale

magpul bipod sale
Strong high-quality bipods at significant savings, good for PRS

Whether you’re a hunter, plinker, or target shooter, a sturdy bipod is a must. And, right now, the excellent Magpul Bipods are available at significant discounts — up to 20% off normal retail prices. NOTE: You must add the bipod to your MidwayUSA shopping cart to see the near 20% Off prices: $89.99 for Magpul 933 M-Lok, $89.99 for 933 Picatinny Rail, and $104.99 for Magpul Sling Stud QD.

7. Midsouth — Lyman Tac-Mat Shooting Mat, $56.31

lyman tac-mat padded long range shooting mat
Thick padded mat offers more comfort with good length and carry handle

Comfort counts when you’re on the ground for hours. We like this Lyman Tac-Mat 71″ x 36″ shooting mat. It has more padding than most mats, providing significantly better comfort. Midsouth is currently offering these excellent Lyman mats for $56.31 in tan or $56.31 in black. That’s a great deal. This same Lyman shooting mat currently costs $75.19 on Amazon.

8. Amazon — OTIS Elite Cleaning Kit, $99.99

otis cleaning kit sale
Very complete universal kit for all firearms

All firearms owners need quality tools for cleaning their pistols, rifles, and shotguns. A good choice is the Otis Elite Cleaning Kit. This universal gun cleaning kit comes complete with over 60 components for all rifles, pistols, shotguns and inline muzzleloaders, including a full tactical cleaning kit all contained in a lightweight, portable case and the best part is that it’s made in the USA.

9. Amazon — Crosman Legacy Air Rifle, $47.25

crosman airgun sale

Here’s a great bargain in a basic airgun. This works for short-range plinking and can be a good training rig for someone new to shooting. The .177 Caliber Crosman Legacy air rifle which weighs just under five pounds boasts an all-weather synthetic stock and forearm. This Crosman Legacy can shoot .177 pellets or BBs with a built-in 850 BB reservoir. This inexpensive, little air rifle comes complete with 4x15mm scope and fiber optic front/rear blade sights.

10. Amazon — Tactical Pistol Light, $30.99

tactical pistol light
Good price on rugged lamp that fits pistol front rails

Do you own a Glock, Sig, HK, CZ, or Walther pistol with a standard under-barrel frame rail? A useful accessory is the 600 Lumen AUCLAYTEC Tactical Pistol Light. Get the unit with one battery for $30.99, or (as shown) with two batteries for $32.99. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, this pistol light comes with rechargeable battery and charger.

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July 8th, 2022

Berger Twist Rate Stability Calculator — Optimize Bullet RPM

Berger twist rate calculator

Berger Twist-Rate Stability Calculator
Berger twist rate calculatorOn the Berger Bullets website you’ll find a handy Twist-Rate Stability Calculator that predicts your gyroscopic stability factor (SG) based on mulitiple variables: velocity, bullet length, bullet weight, barrel twist rate, ambient temperature, and altitude. This cool tool tells you if your chosen bullet will really stabilize in your barrel.


How to Use Berger’s Twist Rate Calculator
Using the Twist Rate Calculator is simple. Just enter the bullet DIAMETER (e.g. .264), bullet WEIGHT (in grains), and bullet overall LENGTH (in inches). On its website, Berger conveniently provides this info for all its bullet types. For other brands, we suggest you weigh three examples of your chosen bullet, and also measure the length on three samples. Then use the average weight and length of the three. To calculate bullet stability, simply enter your bullet data (along with observed Muzzle Velocity, outside Temperature, and Altitude) and click “Calculate SG”. Try different twist rate numbers (and recalculate) until you get an SG value of 1.4 (or higher).

Gyroscopic Stability (SG) and Twist Rate
Berger’s Twist Rate Calculator provides a predicted stability value called “SG” (for “Gyroscopic Stability”). This indicates the Gyroscopic Stability applied to the bullet by spin. This number is derived from the basic equation: SG = (rigidity of the spinning mass)/(overturning aerodynamic torque).

Berger twist rate calculator

If you have an SG under 1.0, your bullet is predicted not to stabilize. If you have between 1.0 and 1.1 SG, your bullet may or may not stabilize. If you have an SG greater than 1.1, your bullet should stabilize under optimal conditions, but stabilization might not be adequate when temperature, altitude, or other variables are less-than-optimal. That’s why Berger normally recommends at least 1.5 SG to get out of the “Marginal Stability” zone.

In his book Applied Ballistics For Long-Range Shooting (3rd Ed.), Bryan Litz (Berger Ballistician) recommends at least a 1.4 SG rating when selecting a barrel twist for a particular bullet. This gives you a safety margin for shooting under various conditions, such as higher or lower altitudes or temperatures.

Story idea from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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June 11th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Inside Berger, Vihtavuori, Remington, Norma, Federal, and Hornady Factories

ammunition ammo production video movies berger norma vihtavuori federal hornady bullet

Ever wondered how factory ammunition is produced, from start to finish? How are brass cases made, how are bullets created, and how are finished cartridges produced on automated assembly lines? Today’s video showcase features six major factories that, collectively, produce bullets, powder, and finished ammo. We start with the Berger Bullet plant, follow by Vihtavuori powder production in Europe. Then we show the Remington (now Vista Outdoor) ammo plant in Utah, along with a Federal plant that produces rimfire ammunition. Last but not least, there’s an excellent, very informative video from the Norma ammo factory, plus a Hornady ammo plant video.

hornady factory video tour
Bullets being seating at Hornady ammo factory.

Berger Bullets Factory Tour — Made in USA

In this video, Recoil TV takes a behind-the-scenes look at Berger Bullets, and how the outstanding, match-winning Berger bullets are created. The video covers the entire process — from raw materials, to the placement of bullet cores inside jackets, to the final ultra-consistent and uniform projectiles. To see the complete line of Berger Bullets, with full Ballistic data, visit

Vihtavuori Powder Production in Europe

ammunition ammo production video movies berger norma vihtavuori federal hornady bullet Vihtavuori produces some of the most consistent, high-quality powder on the planet. Vihtavuori powders have been used to set world records and win countless championships in multiple disciplines. This excellent video goes inside Vihtavuori’s European production centers. It is really fascinating — you see how extruded powder starts with long spaghetti-like strings, before being finalized into the tiny sticks that we load.

Along with the powder production process, this video includes the entire VV production line, so you see how powder bottles are filled with powder and the tops of the bottles are secured by automated machines.

Remington Ammo Factory (Now Operated by Vista Outdoor)

This SHWATteam video visits the Remington ammunition plant in Arkansas. Vista Outdoor, the company that produces Federal, Speer and CCI ammo, purchased Remington’s ammunition business in Lonoke, Arkansas. Including the new high-tech plant in the back, this facility has the equivalent of 13+ football fields (1200 acres) under roof at its ammo plant, with over 1100 employees. Production capacity is impressive. When running at maximum output, this Remington ammo plant can crank out a staggering 7,000,000+ rounds every day. To produce that volume of ammunition, the facility needs a huge amount of resources: one million pounds of copper per month and 124,000 pounds of lead per day. Remington started manufacturing ammunition at this Lonoke facility in 1970, but some of the machines have been churning out ammo since long before.

Norma Factory Tour

Guys — honestly, if you do anything today on this site, watch this video. You won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed. This is a very informative (and surprisingly entertaining) video. Every serious hand-loader should watch this video to see how cartridge cases are made. The camera work and editing are excellent — there are many close-ups revealing key processes such as annealing and head-stamping.

VERY Informative Video Show Cartridge Brass and Ammunition Production:

Norma has released a fascinating video showing how bullets, brass, and ammunition are produced at the Norma Precision AB factory which opened in 1902. You can see how cartridges are made starting with brass disks, then formed into shape through a series of processes, including “hitting [the cup] with a 30-ton hammer”. After annealing (shown at 0:08″), samples from every batch of brass are analyzed to check metal grain structure and hardness. Before packing, each case is visually inspected by a human being (3:27″ time-mark).

Federal Rimfire Ammunition Production

Field & Stream Tours Federal Ammo Plant in Minnesota
A reporter for Field & Stream recently got a chance to tour the Federal ammunition production facility in Anoka, Minnesota. This large plant produces both rimfire and centerfire ammunition. While touring the plant, the reporter was allowed to capture video showing the creation of .22 LR rounds from start to finish. This is a fascinating video, well worth watching. Watch and learn how rimfire ammo is made.

Note to Viewers — After Starting Video, Click Speaker Icon to HEAR audio!

This revealing video shows all phases of .22 LR ammo production including cupping, drawing, annealing, washing, drying, head-stamping, priming, powder charging, bullet seating, crimping, waxing, inspection, and final packaging. We recommend you watch the video from start to finish. You’ll definitely learn some new things about rimfire ammo.

Hornady Ammunition Factory

Hornady ManufacturingIf you wonder how ammo is made, starting with raw metal, check out this video from Hornady. It shows how bullet jackets are formed from copper, followed by insertion of a lead core. The jacket is then closed up over the core with the bullet taking its final shape in a die (a cannelure is applied on some bullet types). Next the video shows how cartridge brass is formed, starting with small cups of brass. The last part of the video shows how cases are primed and filled with powder, and how bullets are seated into the cases, using an automated process on a giant assembly-line.

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May 22nd, 2022

Sunday GunDay: .284 Shehanes for F-Open Competition

7mm .285 shehane improved f-class f-open caliber cartridge chambering

High-BC 7mm Bullets7mm (.284) remains the caliber to beat in F-Class Open Division (though some shooters have had success with .30-Cal short magnums.) With a standard .284 Winchester, or better yet, a .284 Improved, you can drive the high-BC Berger 180gr and 184gr bullets to competitive velocities.

The straight .284 Win is an excellent cartridge, quite capable of winning F-class matches. However, in most barrels, it can’t push the 180s at 2900-2950 fps velocity levels*. A lot of barrels will top out at about 2850 fps. That’s where the .284 Shehane comes into play.

The .284 Shehane is a slightly modified wildcat that retains the same 35° shoulder as the parent case. However, by blowing the sidewalls out 0.010″, the .284 Shehane picks up about 3.3 grains of extra case capacity. That enhancement makes a BIG difference. The extra boiler room is enough to drive the 180s at 2900-2950 fps with 30-32″ barrels using H4831sc, Vihtavuori N560, or Alliant Reloder 16. (That’s with a reasonably fast barrel. Some barrels are faster than others.)

Norm Harrold Won 2018 F-Class Open Division Nationals with .284 Shehane Rifle
F-Class Open F-Open Norm Norman Harrold Champion Championship 2018 Raton NM New Mexico 284 Shehane Berger Bullets

Norm Harrold (above) won the 2018 USA F-Class Nationals shooting a .284 Shehane. Norm’s F-Open rig features a McMillan Kestros ZR stock and Bartlein barrel chambered for the .284 Shehane, which has a bit more case capacity than a standard .284 Winchester. Norm loaded Berger 184gr 7mm bullets in Lapua brass. Norm revealed his load in an Erik Cortina YouTube Video.

F-Class shooter Erik Cortina notes that the .284 Shehane has a velocity edge over the straight .284 Win because it holds more powder: “The Shehane has more capacity than the .284 Winchester. Ryan is using 54.0 grains simply as a fire-forming load. Typical load for a Shehane is around 57.0 grains of Hodgdon H4831 SC.” By blowing the sidewalls out 0.010″, the .284 Shehane picks up about 3.3 grains of extra case capacity. That enhancement makes a BIG difference. The extra boiler room is enough to drive the 180s at 2900-2950 fps with H4831sc, with long barrels.

Forum member Jim Hardy has shot the .284 with great success. He tells us: “In my humble opinion, the .284 Shehane is the best balanced long-range round there is — bar none. Here is why:

You have to shoot a 30 Cal Magnum with a 240gr bullet to equal the performance of most 7mm chamberings with the 180 Berger VLD. With the .284 Shehane, you have a .308 bolt face, medium action, and Lapua brass. You use less powder than the 7 mags, and have great accuracy and ballistics even while fire-forming. The .284 Shehane shoots inside the 6.5 AND the straight .284, the .300 WSM, and the .300 Win Mag with less recoil. What is not to love about the 284 Shehane? It is a no-brainer for long range — F-Class or Prone or 1000-yard Benchrest.”

Amazing Accuracy When Fire-Forming .284 Shehane

7mm .285 shehane improved f-class f-open caliber cartridge chambering

If you look at that 5-round group you might think it was shot with a 6 PPC or maybe a 6mmBR. But no, this was done with heavy 180gr Berger Hybrid bullets and the .284 Shehane. In fact, this impressive sub-quarter MOA group was shot while fire-forming with a very well-worn barrel! Gun builder Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles explains: “Here’s a 5-shot 0.191″ group at 100 yards with my .284 Shehane fireforming loads. This barrel has 2200 rounds through it. It had 2000 as a straight .284 Win and then I set it back to .284 Shehane to form brass with. [The load was] 180 Hybrids with 54.0 grains of H4831 SC.”

Scotland’s Grant Taylor. who used the .284 Shehane to finish third at the 2009 F-Class Worlds in England says the .284 Shehane is “very accurate with superb vertical spreads at 1000 yards. [This] caliber… has awesome accuracy. I’m getting 2930-2950 fps with spreads in the 3-5 fps range. I use Hodgdon H4831sc powder, CCI BR2 primers, and pointed 180gr Bergers.”

.284 Shehane Showcase — Two Special F-Open Rifles

.284 Winchester Shehane F-Open F-Class 7mm Berger Panda F-Class Blake Machine
Jason Cohen’s “We the People” patriotic .284 Shehane F-Class rifle. This rig scored second place in its very first match, a 3×20 at 1000 yards in Wyoming.

Here’s another handsome .284 Shehane F-Open rifle. Owner Jason Cohen explained why he chose the .284 Shehane chambering: “The .284 Shehane has a proven record of accomplishments and that is why I have chosen it. I use Lapua brass (6.5-284 necked-up), CCI BR-2 primers, Hodgdon H4350 powder, and Berger 184gr bullets. All these components have been a successful combination that has worked flawlessly[.]”

The barrel is a Blake Machine 1:8″-twist finished at 32 inches. It was fitted to my action by Dale Woolum of Woolum Accuracy. Dale also threaded the barrel for a Woolum Accuracy tuner. This has proven to be a valuable tool in my load development.

The rifle began its life as a Will McClosky Cerus stock. This was sent that to Bryan Blake at Blake Machine. Jason noticed that Bryan had been adding aluminum rails to the front of Cerus stocks to lower the center of gravity and improve tracking. Jason asked Bryan to fit the stock with forearm rails, shown in the photo below. Bryan did all the stock work and fitted the action, rails, and RAD recoil pad.

.284 Winchester Shehane F-Open F-Class 7mm Berger Panda F-Class Blake Machine
.284 Winchester Shehane F-Open F-Class 7mm Berger Panda F-Class Blake Machine

The .284 Shehane — Accurate and Forgiving Wildcat
Jason explains why he selected the .284 Shehane chambering: “The .284 Shehane is amazing, very forgiving and not temperamental. Straight .284 or Shehane — you cannot go wrong. I run a 184gr Berger at about 2850 FPS and get great brass life in my other rifles. I usually start to consider tossing the brass around 15 firings. Primer pockets start to get a little looser and the brass seems to need more sizing than the newer brass with less firings.”

.284 Shehane Load Development
Load development for me starts with each new barrel. I screw on the new barrel, fire 25 rounds of whatever I have left over and then clean it. I push out to 600 yards and do a ladder test in round-robin format. I start 0.6 grains lower than my last charge that worked. I work up from that reduced charge weight in increments of 0.3 grains. The paper tells the rest of the story. Once I get something that works well at 600 yards I go back in work around that by 0.1 grains. After that I play a little with seating depth and look for a change. I will occasionally mess with the tuner and tighten things up if possible.

.284 Shehane Raffle Prize Rifle for Team USA

Blake machine Team USA Under-25 Katie Blakenship F-Class F-Open prize raffle rifle tickets Borden action

This stunning .284 Shehane rifle was constructed as a raffle prize to benefit Team USA members preparing for the F-Class World Championship. This eye-catching F-Open rifle was crafted by Blake Barrel and Rifle in Arizona. This prize rifle features all top-of-the-line components: Borden BRMXD Action, Cerus multi-laminate stock with forearm extension, R.A.D. recoil reduction system (hydraulic-damped buttpad), Bix ‘N Andy trigger, and Nightforce Competition scope. The stainless Blake barrel is chambered for the .284 Shehane wildcat, and sports an F-Class Products tuner on the end.

Blake machine Team USA Under-25 Katie Blakenship F-Class F-Open prize raffle rifle tickets Borden action

.284 Shehane Also Shines in 1K Benchrest Competition

The .284 Shehane has won in Benchrest as well as F-Class competition. In 2013, Henry Pasquet won the IBS 1000-Yard Nationals shooting a .284 Shehane. Henry’s Championship-winning rig is shown below. Note the 5″-wide fore-end which is not legal for F-Class. Henry also runs a combo tuner/muzzle-brake.

.284 Shehane Henry Pasquet ibs 1000 yard championship

.284 Shehane Henry Pasquet ibs 1000 yard championship

.284 Shehane Henry Pasquet ibs 1000 yard championship

*Some exceptional barrels chambered in straight .284 Win can reach 2900 fps with the 180s. Ryan Pierce has a 32″ Brux barrel that is delivering 2900 fps with the straight .284. However, Ryan acknowledges that his velocities are not typical: “A lot of .284 Win barrels top out at around 2850 fps with the 180s”.

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