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May 16th, 2022

BargainFinder 347: Accurateshooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Brownells — RCBS Rebel Master Reloading Kit, $399.99

RCBS Rebel Master Reloading kit Press uniflow measure primer tool brownells
Good press, quality measure, and very complete set of tools

This fine RCBS Rebel Reloading Kit contains all one needs to get started in reloading. This Kit includes: Rebel Single-Stage Reloading Press, Uniflow-III Powder Measure, 1500gr digital scale, hand priming tool, deburring tool, case loading block, powder funnel, hex key set, accessory handle with neck brushes, primer pocket brush, spray case lube, and Speer #15 manual. Currently $399.99 at Brownells, this Kit is a good deal. The exact same Rebel Kit is $439.99 at MidwayUSA and Cabela’s.

2. KYGUNCO — Citadel 12ga Semi-Auto Shotgun, $209.99

shotgun 12 ga semi-auto defense tactical discount kyguncoAmazing deal for under $210 — Sights, good ergos, action and forearm rails

Looking for a semi-auto defensive 12 gauge? This Citadel Warthog offers reliable function, nice ergonomics, and the features you want, all for just a crazy-low $209.99 cash price ($216.29 Credit Card). This nice scattergun boasts a black metal finish and black synthetic stock with black pistol grip. It comes standard with raised tactical rear sight and ghost ring front sight plus a Picatinny rail on the action and on the forearm (for lights etc.). This shotgun includes 3 extended choke tubes. A recent buyer was pleased: “Reliable, great ergonomics, will cycle everything”.

3. Midsouth — SALE on all LEE Presses and Reloading Kits

midsouth LEE tool kit press reloading sale discount
Big savings on all LEE presses, ACP, APP, and reloading kits

LEE makes good basic presses, and the LEE quick-change bushing system for dies is a real time-saver. LEE’s new ACP and APP systems work great for bulk priming and case prep functions. Some top F-Class shooters are now priming with the LEE ACP unit which is very efficient and consistent. Right now all LEE press products and Press kits are on sale at Midsouth. You can save 10-25% on dozens of LEE products. CLICK HERE for all LEE products on sale at Midsouth.

4. Brownells — Magpul PRS Lite Stock for ARs, $99.99

Magpul prs lite stock bag-rider varmint rifle
Excellent AR buttstock that rides bags well, with nice cheekpiece

We like this Magpul PRS Lite Stock for target and varmint work with ARs. The long, straight section on the lower part of the buttstock, with its shallow angle, rides a sandbag WAY better than a typical AR buttstock. This PRS Lite buttstock provides plenty of cheek-height adjustment, as well as 1.4 inches in length-of-pull adjustment. This buttstock, now $99.99 at Brownells, sells elsewhere for $114 or more. We would put this stock (or something similar) on any AR rifle shot from a bench or used with a rear bag. This buttstock is offered in three colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, or OD Green.

5. Graf & Sons — $70 Rebate on Leupold SX-2 Spotting Scope

leupold alpine sx-2 spotting scope sale instant rebate
Save $70 on quality HD Leupold Spotters now through June 5, 2022

The Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD (High Definition) spotting scope provides exceptionally clear glass and high light transmission. Now through June 5, 2022 you can get a $70 instant rebate when you purchase Leupold SX-2 spotters. Choose the 20-60x60mm SX-2 for $329.99 at Graf’s, or the bigger 20-60x80mm SX-2 for $429.99 at Graf’s. These sale prices include the $70 discount. Savings are automatically applied to the purchase of the following SX-2 Alpine HD models at participating retailers.

6. Natchez — ChargeMaster Combo Dispenser/Scale, $309.99

leupold alpine sx-2 spotting scope sale instant rebate
Effective, very reliable dispenser with detachable scale

The RCBS ChargeMaster was a game-changer for reloaders. And this original-style unit is still preferred by many users because it is very fast and the scale section can be detached and used separately. The ChargeMaster Combo features the ChargeMaster 1500 Scale and ChargeMaster Dispenser. Average dispensing time is less than 30 seconds for a 60gr powder charge. Priced at $309.99 at Natchez on sale, this is a real bargain. The same unit sells for $409.99 on Amazon (100 bucks more). NOTE: If you want to control your scale/dispenser via a Mobile App, we recommend the newer model ChargeMaster Supreme, $408.49 at Precision Reloading.

7. KYGUNCO — .22 LR, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 SW Ammo Deals

kygunco pistol ammo ammunition sale .380 .40sw 9mm .22 LR
Great deals on quality USA-made pistol and rimfire ammo

KYGUNCO is running a great Ammo Sale right now. Save on popular pistol ammo types. Federal 115gr 9mm is just $16.49 for 50rds. And CCI Blazer .40 SW is $23.70 (50 rds), while Winchester .380 ACP is $20.99 (50 rds). And rimfire ammo is on sale as well — get 333 rounds of Winchester .22 LR ammo for just $24.18 (a mere $0.07/rd).

8. Palmetto State Armory — Norma TAC-22 Ammo, $4.19/box

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Excellent rimfire ammo at a GREAT price — .22 LR Deal of the Year

We’re repeating this deal because we’ve found no other .22 LR ammo that rivals Norma TAC-22 at anywhere near the price — just over 8 cents per round ($4.19/box). If you shoot NRL22 or just practice for fun, grab some Norma TAC22 .22 LR ammo at Palmetto State Armory. On sale at just $4.19 per 50-round box, this TAC-22 ammo is a truly spectacular bargain. In our test, it out-shot some ammo that costs $8 per box. During testing with a CZ 457, one of our Editors had multiple 5-shot groups at 50 yards that were typically one ragged hole (all shots touching). He observed “It’s amazingly good ammo for the money”.

9. Midsouth — Lyman 51st Ed. Reloading Manual, $26.99/$28.99

lyman reloading manual handbook cartridge load data
Good, comprehensive, many powder options, with color illustrations

Everyone should have a good hard copy reloading manual. With a print manual, you can bookmark key pages, quickly compare various powder/bullet combos, and you don’t need a computer in your loading room. We like the Lyman Reloading Manual because it includes all major powder makers. New cartridges in this 51st Edition include 224 Valkyrie, 22 Nosler, 24 Nosler, 6mm ARC, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Weatherby RPM, 6.8 Western, 300 PRC, and more. Choose Hard Cover for $28.99 or Soft Cover for $26.99. Both are good deals — the softcover Lyman 51st Reloading Handbook costs $44.97 on Amazon.

10. MidwayUSA — Hoppes Universal Cleaning Kit, $9.99

hoppes black universal gun cleaning kit brushes mop jag patches
Everything you need to clean pistols, rifles, and shotguns — super-low price

This versatile cleaning kit originally retailed for $39.99. Now just $9.99 on sale, this Hoppes Black Universal Cleaning Kit includes 2 oz. of Hoppe’s High-Performance Gun Cleaner, 2 oz. of Hoppes Precision Gun Oil, a 3-piece aluminum cleaning rod, 5 bronze brushes, 3 nylon jags, 2 cotton mops, one nylon shotgun slotted tip, one shotgun adapter, and cleaning patches, all packaged in a reusable storage case. Killer deal — you could pay $9.99 just for the five brushes.

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May 14th, 2022

Can’t Find Bullets? Try American Bullet Company and Save Money

Factory seconds american bullet company .22 6mm .243 .308 discount bullets creedmoor sports

We’ve been hearing that top-name bullets are in short supply right now, particularly in popular .224, 6mm and .308 calibers. Here’s a new option for HPBT bullets that can serve for practice and local club matches. Creedmoor Sports now offers American Bullet Company bullets. These are “seconds” from a major bullet-maker, but they can be a good choice for competitors who want to spend more time on the range perfecting their position, trigger pull, and wind-reading skills.

Creedmoor Sports states: “American Bullet Company bullets technically are factory seconds, and are priced accordingly to provide more range time without breaking the bank. But, since Distinguished Rifleman Scott Young recently shot scores of 597 and 600 out of 600, with very high X counts, it’s easy to see they do not sacrifice on performance.” You can buy these bullets and save up to 50% compared to first-run offerings. Then you may want to sort the bullets by weight and/or base-to ogive measurement.

We think these are a good choice for service rifle shooters as well as M1 Garand, M1A, and 1903 Springfield shooters running .30-06 or .308 Win chamberings. And, at just $22.95 per 100 and $104.95 per 500, the 52gr and 55gr .224 bullets will also work well for high-volume varmint shooters.

These bullets are available in a .224, .243 (6mm), and .308 calibers in a variety of bullet weights. Choose 100-ct, 250-ct, or 500-ct boxes.

.224 Caliber: 52gr, 55gr, 69gr, 77gr
.243 (6mm) Caliber: 107gr
.308 Caliber: 125gr, 168gr, 175gr

Factory seconds american bullet company .22 6mm .243 .308 discount bullets creedmoor sports

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May 11th, 2022

Brownells Contest — $9999 Prize SIG .277 Fury MCX-Spear

.277 Sig Fury MCX-Spear rifle

So, are you feeling lucky? Then you may want to head over to Right now Brownells and SIG SAUER are running a cool contest, with an impressive Grand Prize valued at $9,999.00.

PRIZE PACKAGE: Brownells customers will get a chance to win a SIG MCX-Spear chambered in .277 Fury, along with a training class hosted at the SIG SAUER Academy, airfare to the class and lodging, and an SLX suppressor. The hardware and the Academy training trip have a combined value of $9,999.00.

The contest runs through May 15, 2022. Get more INFO or enter via the Brownells SIG MCX-Spear & Training Sweepstakes page. No purchase is necessary. However, the winner must be legally eligible to own the SIG MCX-Spear, and must be from a state where Suppressors and Short Barreled Rifles are legal with the ATF tax stamp.

.277 Sig Fury MCX-Spear rifle

.277 Fury — Modern Hybrid Cartridge That Delivers Amazing Velocities
The .277 Fury cartridge (shown below) is the same length as the .308 Winchester and has a unique hybrid three-piece cartridge case allowing for increased pressures that drive bullets at high velocities. The MCX-Spear is the civilian version of the SIG rifle recently chosen by the US Army as the new Next Generation Squad Weapons System.

.277 Sig Fury MCX-Spear rifle

“Right now, civilian variants of the MCX-Spear are very limited in number and almost impossible to find,” said Brownells Marketing V.P. Ryan Repp. “This giveaway is a great chance for somebody to win one, and we’re very happy we can partner with a great company like SIG SAUER to offer this fantastic prize.”

MCX-Spear Rifle Features Short Barrel and Suppressor
The MCX-Spear Prize Rifle is a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with a 13″ barrel and SLX suppressor optimized for this and its special ammunition. Both the rifle and suppressor are subject to Federal paperwork and rules under the ATF. Brownells will cover the $400 for the two required tax stamps. Obviously, the winner will need to live in a state that permits suppressors and short-barreled rifles.

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May 9th, 2022

Bargain Finder 346: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

WARNING re CZ Rifle Sales: There was a previous link to a purported sale of blemished CZ Rifles. Do NOT purchase anything from the listed seller which called itself CZ USA Firearms. There are multiple issues.

1. Creedmoor Sports — Sightron Scope Sale

sightron scope sale
Save $200 on highly-rated Sightron Scopes now through June 30, 2022

If you’re looking for a great deal on a solid, competition-worthy optic, check out the Sightron Sale at Creedmoor Sports. They have a large selection of the most popular scopes in the Sightron lineup all at prices you can’t pass up. You can save $200 on the SIII 8-32x56mm and save $200 on the SIII 10-50x56mm model. Both are great choices for benchrest or F-Class Competition. Varminters should consider the S-TAC 4-20x560mm, now discounted from $529.99 to $449.99.

2. Midsouth — Berger Match Grade .223 Rem Ammo, $34.99

berger .223 ammo
Match-quality loaded ammo with Berger bullets, Lapua brass

Are you looking to compete but don’t want the hassle of hand-loading ammo? Then consider Berger Match Grade Long Range .223 ammo, now $34.99 per 20-rd box at Midsouth. This is very high quality ammo employing the best components — Lapua brass and Berger bullets. This ammo should work great for service rifle shooters and Palma shooters who run a .223 Rem. Two bullet options are offered: 73gr BT target bullet or the 77gr OTM Tactical bullet.

3. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Hand Deprimer Tool, $26.81

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool
Very good, effective depriming tool that retains spent primers

Decapping brass can be a time-consuming and messy chore. Simplify the task (and avoid messing up your loading area) with the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool. This device lets you remove spent primers anywhere — no press needed and all the mess (cups/anvils/residue) stays in the capture chamber. You can deprime cases while watching TV. This tool features a Universal collet that works with all case types. With good leverage, this tool is easy on the hands too. This is a great deal at just $26.81!

4. Grizzly — Bald Eagle 45″ Soft Rifle Case, $24.97

rifle case sale
Excellent case with shoulder straps and four side pockets

If you need a soft carry case for a rifle under 45″ OAL, here is an exceptional deal. Grizzly Industrial has the Bald Eagle 45″ Soft Rifle Case on sale now for just $24.97 — a steal. These are great cases for the money. They are no longer in production, so you may want to grab a couple while you can at this price.

5. Graf & Sons — Caldwell Hydrosled, $179.95

lead sled sale
Fill lower tank with water for added stability

Looking for a solid rest that’s not oppressively heavy? Check out the Caldwell Hydrosled. The unique design lets you fill a lower tank with water at the range for added weight and stability. Then when you’re done, simply dump the water out and you’ve got a much lighter product to load in your vehicle. When filled, this Hydrosled handles heavy-recoiling cartridges very well, so it’s good for sighting-in hunting rifles.

6. Amazon — Real Avid Toolkit, $80.42

real avid tool sale
Great 90-piece tool kit performs many functions

Real Avid offers high quality tools in convenient packages. Here is a very complete 90-piece Gunsmithing Tool Kit. The kit includes Hex, Phillips, and Torx Bits, plus long bit driver, small bit driver, complete bit set, scope turret adjustment tool and storage case. This is a high quality tool kit with extras like an LED light, integrated hammer, and more. We can recommend this set for gun-owners who work on their firearms.

7. MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat, $35.99

midwayusa pro series competition shooting mag roll-up sale
Excellent mat — good size with nice padding and carry handle

MidwayUSA’s Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat is on sale for just $35.99 — 40% off the regular $59.99 price. This mat is bigger and better than MidwayUSA’s basic shooting mat. The Pro Series mat measures a full 73.5″ x 35.5″ and the padding is thicker. A zippered pocket on the front extension flap holds ammo or log book. There are pockets for bipod feet so you can pre-load your bipod. At $35.99 on sale this Pro Series mat is an excellent deal. Choose either OD green as shown, or Coyote Tan.

8. Amazon — TufForce Shooting Rest Bag, $12.99

rifle rest bag
Good basic support sandbag at exceptionally low price

Whether varmint hunting, target shooting, or attending a precision match, having a versatile bag for front or rear rifle support is important. This nice little TufForce Shooting Rest Bag is on sale now for $12.99 on Amazon. Sized 4″ x 7″ x 9″, the bag offers different heights with different orientations. The bag ships UNFILLED but has a convenient fill hole for rice, sand, or other media. Filled with rice the bag weighs about 5.5 pounds, while filled with sand it weighs about 11 pounds.

9. Amazon — Caldwell Rock Jr., $33.59

caldwell rock rest
Low-cost basic front rest — keep as extra for training new shooters

Here is a basic, adjustable front rest you can use for sighting in a hunting rifle, testing handguns, or varminting. No it won’t suffice for benchrest competition, but it is inexpensive and relatively lightweight so it can be useful at the range or when varminting. This is also a good “spare” rest for shooting sessions with a young family member. On sale now, the Caldwell Rock Jr. Rest is now just $33.59 on Amazon, a very good price for simple yet effective basic shooting rest.

Notice re CZ-USA Firearms: CZ firearms are distributed in the USA by CZ-USA headquartered in Kansas City, MO. For a few hours the Bulletin had a link to a different enterprise calling itself CZ USA Firearms. Do NOT do business with CZ USA Firearms. Stay Away.

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May 3rd, 2022

Sightron Instant Savings ($80-$200) Now through June 30th

Sightron summer 2022 sale discount save

Sightron is now offering big discounts on popular scopes with its Summer Instant Savings Promotion. You can save up to $200.00 on select premium riflescopes: the S-TAC, SIII PLR, and S30 RDS. With Father’s Day and graduation just around the corner, now is a great time to save hundreds on some of Sightron’s most popular models. This instant rebate promotion kicked off May 1st and runs through June 30, 2022.

You can get these Sightron deals through an an authorized Sightron retailer, such as Creedmoor Sports, or you can order direct from Sightron, via the Summer Instant Savings Page.

Sightron summer 2022 sale discount save

SIGHTRON is offering up to $200 in savings on select premium riflescopes:

Save $200 on SIII PLR (Precision Long Range) — Designed for long-range target and competition shooting, the PLR series offers 6-24x50mm, 8-32x56mm, and 10-50x60mm models (shown below). All models employ a new optical design, Zact-7 Plus Revcoat multicoating technology, internal zero-stop, and illuminated reticles. Sightron SIII PLR scopes offer premium performance at an unbeatable price.

Sightron summer 2022 sale discount save

Save up to $120 on S-TAC — Excellent choice for hunting or competitive shooting, the S-TAC 3-16×42 and 4-12×50 riflescopes have the features you need to get on target and stay there. Available in SFP and FFP models, the S-TAC series features Zact-7 Revcoat multicoating technology applied to high-quality Japanese precision-ground glass for excellent, crisp, and clear color-corrected images.

Lifetime Warranty on All Sightron Scopes
All Sightron riflescopes are backed by a Lifetime Performance Guarantee that protects buyers. If you ever have an issue, Sightron’s skilled technicians will fix your scope or Sightron will replace it.

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May 2nd, 2022

Bargain Finder 345: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Bullet Central — Krieger and Bartlein Pre-Fit Barrels

pre fit barrels
Great quality pre-fit barrels, ready to mount to your rifle

Do you own a Kelbly, BAT, or Impact action and need a new barrel but don’t want the hassle (and cost) of having a smith chamber and headspace the barrel? Consider a Krieger or Bartlein Pre-Fit Barrel from Bullet Central. On you’ll find a wide range of barrels in various calibers for multiple action types. Place your order for professionally-chambered, custom-grade barrels that you can install yourself.

2. Precision Reloading — All L.E. Wilson Products SALE

Precision Reloading L.E. Wilson die trimmer bushing sale
Very good prices on L.E. Wilson dies, case trimmers, and tools

Right now, Precision Reloading is running a good promotion with all in-stock L.E. Wilson products on SALE. This sale currently includes the popular Wilson inline seating dies, FL sizing dies, case trimmers, expanding die (with mandrel), bushings, case gages, deburrers, and other tools.

3. EuroOptic — Vortex Venom 5-25x56mm FFP scope, $499.99

sk lapua eley rimfire ammunition ammo .22 LR WMR .17 Mach2 17 HMR
Great starting choice for tactical and PRS/NRL disciplines

Interested in PRS/NRL and other tactical disciplines, but don’t want to spend a fortune on optics? The Vortex Venom 5-25x56mm FFP (First Focal Plane) optic is a smart choice. Offered in both MOA and MIL versions, the Vortex Venom ($699.99 MSRP) can be purchased right now for $499.99 from Choose either the MOA model or MRAD version. Vortex claims the new Venom allows new tactical shooters to “get into the game at an affordable price without compromising optical quality”. The Venom boasts a 34mm main tube with 85 MOA elevation for the MOA version, or 25 MRAD elevation for the MIL version.

4. CDNN/LNL — EAA Girsan 9mm Pistols, $429.99 or $485.26

EAA girsan 9mm MC9 handgun pistol sale discount
Choose 4.2″ bbl MC9BX or 4.6″ bbl ported slide MC9 model

CDNN Sports has a great deal on the EAA Girsan MC9BX pistol — just $429.99 complete with installed Red Dot optic and threaded muzzle (for a suppressor). This is a good 9mm defensive pistol with 4.2″ barrel and 17-round magazine. If you compete in IDPA or action pistol matches, you may prefer the deluxe EAA Girsan MC9 Model. This features a longer, ported slide, 4.6″ barrel, and flared mag well. The makes the MC9 better for competition. It is offered for $485.26 at Locked & Loaded, a $195+ savings over the regular $681.00 pistol price.

5. Midsouth — Hornady Bulk Bullets, 50gr V-Max $21/100

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Get ready for varmint season with 500-count packs of V-Max bullets

Do you have a favorite varmint rifle chambered in .223 Rem, 22 BR, or 22-250? If you’re planning to load hundreds of rounds for an upcoming varmint safari, you can save big right now at Midsouth. Buy in bulk for super savings. Get 500 50gr .224 V-Max bullets for just $102.99 — that works out to just $21.60 per hundred. Or if you want a little higher BC, order 500 60gr .224 V-Max for $105.49. Both are great deals. These V-Max bullets are ideal for varmint work. Midsouth also has 110gr .270 Caliber V-Maxs on sale.

6. Amazon — Birchwood Casey Xtreme Shooting Bench, $160.99

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Sturdy bench has large top, comfy seat, and swivels 360 degrees.

Here’s a great portable bench you can use in the field while shooting prairie dogs or other varmints. Or use this when practicing on a undeveloped shooting range. Now $160.99 on Amazon, Birchwood Casey Xtreme Shooting bench swivels 360 degrees and has a large, comfortable seat with removeable backrest. Weighing a moderate 46 pounds, this shooting bench boasts a large, 29″ square top with a removable rifle support. This bench, which sells for $180 elsewhere, has earned many positive reviews: “Hands down and far away the sturdiest portable shooting bench I have ever used. It is portable but not exactly light but that is why I bought it. The light benches feel cheap and are not sturdy…”, “It doesn’t feel flimsy or wobble like similarly-priced benches. Overall it’s a great bench!”. The bench includes cup-holder and gear basket.

7. Palmetto State Armory — Norma TAC-22 Ammo, $4.50/box

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Excellent rimfire ammo at a GREAT price — .22 LR Deal of the Year

We are repeating this deal from last week because it’s quality .22 LR ammo at a GREAT price, and it could sell out soon. If you shoot NRL22 or just practice for fun, grab some Norma TAC22 .22 LR ammo at Palmetto State Armory. On sale at just $4.50 per 50-round box (just $0.09/rd), this TAC-22 ammo is a truly spectacular bargain.

Norma Precision Ammunition .22 LR rimfire
Norma TAC-22 accuracy with an older lot from 2017. Photo from Champion Shooters Supply.

Norma TAC-22 is good quality ammo that has shown excellent accuracy in tests (see photo). You’ll have to pay twice as much (or more) to get more accurate rimfire ammo.

8. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Tumbler Kit, $75.53

Master tumbler reloading kit Frankford Arsenal
Great price on complete kit with tumbler, separator, and media

This Quick-N-EZ Master Tumbler Kit contains everything you need to tumble rifle or pistol brass. Now on sale for $75.53, this Kit contains: Vibratory Tumbler, Rotary Media Separator, Plastic Bucket, 3 lbs. Cleaning Media, and 4 oz. Brass Polish. At $75.53 this is a fine deal — you could easily pay more than that for a decent vibratory tumbler alone. Other vendors are charging $100 (or more) for this full kit.

9. Amazon — Smart Weigh Gem20 Digital Scale, $21.99

gem 20 powder scale

Great little accurate, repeatable scale at amazing price — Watch the VIDEO!

The Smart Weigh Gem20 scale is an excellent option for those looking to reduce velocity Extreme Spread by weighing powder precisely to the kernel, without having to spend $1000 on a laboratory grade scale. At this low price (under $22 currently), this is also great option as a back-up or travel scale used at the range. Verified purchasers, including the maker of the video above, have praised the scale. Watch the video to see how precise it is — the scale can measure kernel by kernel. Use the “mode” button to select grains. The scale can also weight in grams, ounces, and other modes. Use the tare function to zero with powder pan. This scale ships with two 10g calibration weights.

10. Midsouth — Forster Accu-Ring, $14.99

Forster sizing die lock ring accu-ring accuring laser markings
Unique precision-marked lock ring helps quickly set shoulder “bump”.

The new Forster Accu-Ring has precise markings so you can set your sizing dies with extreme precision. The Accu-Ring makes setting up your sizing die easier by providing laser-etched precision markings in one-thousandth of an inch increments (.001″). This allows you to more easily set the amount of sizing and shoulder “bump” you get when you move a die up or down in your press. In addition, if you have a conventional seating die without a micrometer adjustment, this new Forster Accu-Ring can help you achieve more precise bullet seating. SEE Ultimate Reloader Review.

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April 25th, 2022

Bargain Finder 344: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Bruno Shooters Supply — Good Selection of Powders IN STOCK

christensen rifle sale
Many Hodgdon, VihtaVuori, Alliant, Accurate, IMR & Winch Powders

As of 4/24/2022 we found these popular powders (and many others) at Bruno Shooters Supply: Accurate LT30, Hodgdon Titegroup, Hodgdon CFE223, Hodgdon Superformance, IMR 4198, VV N120, VV N135, VV N530, VV 3N35, Alliant Reloder 10-X, Accurate 2230, Accurate 5744. But that is just a partial list. Sorry no Varget, H4350, Reloder 16, or VV N133 — but there are many other good propellants. Head over to Bruno’s and see what’s in stock. FYI, we also recommend checking with Powder Valley and Midsouth, as they received some significant powder shipments recently.

2. EuroOptic — Christensen Arms Sale

christensen rifle sale
BIG Savings — get $300-$500 off normal price for MPR and hunting rifles

EuroOptic is running a remarkable sale on Christensen Arms Rifles. When you add one of these rifles to your shopping cart, BINGO you’ll get HUGE savings over normal prices. For example, a $2399.99 Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle (MPR) is $1899.99 in the shopping cart — that’s a FIVE HUNDRED dollar savings! And the price on the Ridgeline hunting rifle is $1599.99 in the cart, FOUR HUNDRED bucks less than the regular $1999.99 price. Plus if you purchase a Christensen Arms MPR on or before 4/30/22 you qualify for a $300.00 Christensen Arms GIFT CARD.

3. Midsouth — Redding T7 Turret Press with Primer Arm, $359.99

Redding t7 kit
Good deal on quality Turret Press and add Creedmoor Upgrade

Are you looking to upgrade from a single stage but don’t need a full progressive press? Consider a turret press such as the Redding T7. The Redding T-7 Turret Press features a 7-station turret head that is easily turned to switch from one die to another. Cast iron construction and compound linkage handle allow for reloading magnum cartridges with ease. The TZ can also be easily upgraded with a $19.95 Creedmoor Redding T7 Turret Press Upgrade Kit. By reducing play/slop, this kit can improve loaded case concentricity and bullet seating consistency. The Upgrade Kit includes all the shims, rings, and pads needed to improve T7 tolerances.

4. Natchez — Major Ammo Sale with Significant Savings

ammo sale
Up to 32% discounts on rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition

Supplies of quality factory ammunition are growing, but prices are still high at most vendors. If you’re looking for good deals on ammo check out the Natchez April Ammunition Sale. You’ll find rimfire ammo, pistol ammo, rifle ammo, and shotgun ammo on sale, all at some of the lowest prices we’ve seen this year. For example, the Federal FX2 12ga shotshells are discounted 32%!

5. Amazon — CHDN Quick-Release Bipod, $28.95

rifle bipod sale
Nice rail-mounted bipod is sturdy and easy to deploy and retract

Here’ss a great alternative to a spring-loaded Harris-type bipod. The CHDN Tactical Quick Release Rifle Bipod features a quick-release clamp that fits Picatinny rails. Made of hardened steel and aluminum, non-rust black anodized finish, the rifle bipod is duty and light weight. With the leg release button, the central height of the bipod can be adjusted from 7.5 to 9 inches. One of our Editors, who has this bipod, confirms it is a very functional unit for under $30.00.

6. Palmetto State Armory — Norma TAC-22 Ammo, $4.50/box

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Excellent rimfire ammo at a GREAT price — .22 LR Deal of the Year

Do you shoot NRL22 or want to plink with much better ammo than bulk box loads? We found a truly great deal on Norma TAC22 .22 LR ammo at Palmetto State Armory. On sale at just $4.50 per 50-round box (just $0.09/rd), this TAC-22 ammo is a total steal. Norma TAC-22 is good quality ammo that has shown excellent accuracy in tests. You’ll have to pay twice as much (or more) to get more accurate rimfire ammo.

7. Amazon — Vortex Impact 1000 Laser Rangefinder, $198.98

vortex rangefinder sale
Good value LRF for hunters, varminters and tactical shooters

Whether hunting or shooting PRS, knowing the precise distance to your target is critical to a first shot hit. If you’re looking for an effective yet very affordable Laser Rangefinder (LRF), check out the Vortex Impact 1000 Rangefinder The Impact 1000 features 6-power magnification, convenient angle compensation, and easy-to-use controls. This LRF can range targets from 5 yards out to 1000 yards. At under $200, it’s a great value.

8. Amazon — PRS-Style Shooting Bag, $48.99

prs rifle bag rest
Very effective, versatile bag for PRS and NRL matches

Shooting a PRS or NRL22 match requires stabilizing your rifle on all kinds of barricades. This means using a portable support bag. If you’re just getting into the sport and want a cost-effective bag, check out the versatile S2Delta PRS Large Shooting Bag. Featuring a crescent shape that fits everything from T-Traps to ladders, this is a great bag to help you enjoy tactical shooting competitions.

9. Amazon — Birchwood Casey Spinner Targets

spinner targets
Rimfire reactive targets are fun to shoot — multiple options

Reactive targets are fun because you get instant gratification for a hit. For rimfire rounds and handgun cartridges we like Birchwood Casey reactive spinner targets. There are many affordably-priced target types including singles, doubles, triples, and quads. And for a bit more money, Birchwood Casey even offers shot-resettable Quad Gallery Targets (hit the top plate to reset the bottom four). These are offered in multiple configurations for rimfire guns and centerfire pistols. NOTE: These BC reactive targets are NOT for centerfire rifles — you’ll need heavier AR500 steal for that.

10. Amazon — Bronze Bore Brush Ten-Pack, $14.99

rifle cleaning brush sale
Get ten bronze brushes, you choice of caliber, for just $1.50 each

Cleaning rifles properly often requires a brush but they do wear out. And buying one brush at a time isn’t cost effective. If you need fresh brushes consider this 10-Pack of bronze brushes. You get ten 8/32-threaded brushes in your choice of caliber. Choose .22, .243, .25, .270, .30, .35, or .375 Calibers.

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April 24th, 2022

Budget Co-Axial Rest — The $220.99 Caldwell (Plus Upgrade)

fire control rest conversion

Available for under $230.00 including front bag, the Caldwell Fire Control front rest is a very good value. It makes the co-axial, joystick design more affordable than ever. We used the Fire Control front rest when testing our Ultimate Varminter 20 Practical AR. Once we removed some sand from the tri-lobe front bag, the rest worked quite well.

Get a Fire Control Rest for $220.99

Right now you can get the Caldwell Fire Control Front Rest for just $220.99, an 18% savings off the regular price. The $220.99 Amazon price is a great deal for guys on a tight budget who want a modern joystick-style front rest (this same Caldwell rest sells for up to $269.99 elsewhere).

With the conversion described in this article, you can put together a system that works pretty darn well, and is more than adequate for many applications, including prairie-dog hunting (from a bench). Put the money saved into a nice custom, hand-lapped barrel or some bullets for your varminter.

fire control rest conversion

Upgrading Fire Control Front Rest with Sinclair Top

While most Fire Control owners are happy with the product, many have wanted to replace the tri-lobe front bag with a more conventional front bag from Protektor or Edgewood. This isn’t as easy as it looks because the width of the Fire Control top is too narrow for most standard 3″-wide front bags. On a “special order” basis, Protektor has crafted some narrower leather front bags that fit pretty well, but some shooters have decided to “upgrade” the entire front assembly.

Forum member Doug M. (aka DrJeckyl), has come up with an elegant solution that allows a Sinclair Int’l Benchrest Rest Top to be fitted to the Fire Control Rest. Doug notes: “The Caldwell Fire Control is a nice rest for the money, but it comes up short in the rest top department. The Sinclair RT-3 [or its replacement, the Gen II B/R top] fits perfect with minor modifications.” Shown below are the main components:

fire control rest conversion

To adapt the Sinclair RT-3 or Gen II B/R top, Doug merely had to drill a couple holes in the RT-3 baseplate, and adapt a spacer to get the height correct: “The Caldwell factory top has a raised mounting portion so a 1/8″ piece of stock will be needed as a spacer to the flat-bottom RT-3. The spacer needs to be cut to the same length as the movable portion on the rest. And you should plan the mounting accordingly so the left thumbscrew clears the vertical height column at full left position (there is a cutaway in the rest under the thumbscrew that allows for easy access to the screw).” We labeled the photo with dimensions, but Doug cautions you should measure your own original plate to insure the drill locations are correct for your unit.

fire control rest conversion

The completed installation, with the RT-3 installed on the Fire Control rest, is shown at the top of this article. Doug says it works very well. To learn more about this conversion, with Doug’s measurements for the hole-spacing and his specs on the fasteners, go to the original thread in our Shooter’s Forum. NOTE: Sinclair no longer sells the RT-3 top, but Sinclair’s $89.99 Gen II B/R top can be converted just as easily. LINK to Fire Control Rest Top Conversion Forum Thread.

fire control rest conversion

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April 20th, 2022

Save Money On Ammunition with

Ammoseek search engine ammuntion reloading supplies

We are finally seeing prices drop a bit on loaded ammo, and there are some notable ammunition sales right now at Natchez and Palmetto State Armory. However, certain types of ammunition are in short supply — particularly 12ga shotshells and large-caliber hunting rifle ammunition.

Thankfully, if you shop around aggressively, you can still find most types of ammunition at reasonable prices. Everything from .22 Shorts to big hunting cartridges. For example, there’s a great deal right now on Norma Tac-22 .22 LR rimfire ammo at Palmetto State Armory. A good option for NRL22 training, this Norma ammo has shot very well in tests and is a steal at $4.50/per box ($0.09 per round).

If you haven’t sourced ammo online before, note that, for nearly all jurisdictions, it legal to order ammunition online and have it delivered to you at home in most states. But check your state and local laws! California, for example, has prohibited direct ammo shipments to ordinary customers. monitors more than a dozen online vendors — checking current pricing and available inventory, for pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition. Looking for .22 LR ammo for your rimfire trainer or .45 acp ammo for your 1911? Just select the cartridge type from the “Quick Seek” list on the right. Likewise you can find .223 Rem and .308 Win Rifle ammo with one click.

Ammoseek search engine ammunition reloading supplies skagit arms WA
Got Ammo? Here’s just part of the vast inventory at Skagit Arms in Washington State.

Use to Find Reloading Components Too also lets you search for reloading components, including powder, primers, brass, and bullets. This is a huge time-saver. You can instantly check a dozen or more vendors to see if a particular type of powder is in stock. Likewise, you can quickly check for primer availability. If you have a big match coming up and are short on primers — this could solve the problem. To search for components, from the AmmoSeek home page, click the gray “Reloading” Tab (see below), then select Bullets, Brass, Primers, or Powder from the pull-down menu.

Ammoseek search engine ammunition reloading supplies
Ammoseek search engine ammunition reloading supplies

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April 18th, 2022

Bargain Finder 343: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

Today is Tax Day 2022
Today, April 18, 2022, is the deadline for individuals to file Federal and (most) state tax returns. April 15 is the typical deadline, but the the 2022 IRS deadline was moved to April 18, due to the Emancipation Day Holiday observed in DC. If you are anticipating getting a tax refund, here are some great deals to make the most out of that IRS refund check.

1. Graf & Sons, Hornady L-N-L Classic Reloading Kit, $359.99

Very good value for a quality press with all needed tools

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Hornady Classic Kit Reloading Press saleThis Hornady reloading kit is quite a bargain at $359.99. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Kit includes all this hardware: L-N-L Classic Single-Stage Press, L-N-L Powder Measure, Digital Scale, Powder Trickler, Powder Funnel, 3 Die Bushings, Hand Priming Tool, Chamfer & Deburr Tool, Reloading Handbook, Positive Priming System with primer catcher, Universal Reloading Block, and Aerosol One Shot® Case Lube. Considering you can easily pay $240+ for a good single-stage press by itself, this very complete Classic Kit is a great value. The regular price is $445.99.

2. CDNN Sports — GFORCE Arms GF3T 12ga Shotgun, $179.99

12ga gforce gf3t pump shotgun sights pistol grip
Complete, well-equipped tactical 12ga pump shotgun for under $180!

A pump 12ga with iron sights is a great choice for a home defense weapon. And here is one of the best shotgun deals we’ve found. No that $179.99 price is not a mis-print. This GFORCE Arms GF3T features 19.5″ barrel with 3″ chamber. There is a nice fiber optic front sight and large ghost ring rear sight. Overall weight is 7 pounds. The stock is impact-resistant synthetic stock with pistol grip. There is a rail on top of the action for mounting optics, plus a short rail on the underside of the fore-end to mount lights and/or lasers. The same shotgun sells for $379.99 elsewhere and it has earned great reviews on from verified buyers (who paid $323.99): “Great home defense shotgun for the price!”

3. EuroOptic — Nikon Spring Sale on Spotting Scopes and Binocs

12ga gforce gf3t pump shotgun sights pistol grip
Save hundreds on high-quality spotting scopes and binoculars

Nikon is a legendary brand in optics. Nikon’s premium spotting scopes rival elite European brands costing 50-70% more. Right now you can save big on Nikon spotters and binoculars with the Nikon Spring Sale running April 11, 2022 through May 8th, 2022. Check out the Monarch 20-60x82mm ED, a great spotter with outstanding glass and sharpness. Save $200 with EuroOptic’s $1399.95 sale price. You’ll have to pay a LOT more to get a better 80mm-class spotting scope.

4. Amazon, Dragon AR600 Steel Gongs, $16.99-$76.99

Dragon steel AR500 gong targets reactive Amazon
High-quality 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ AR500 steel gongs

Shooting steel is fun — you get instant gratification from hearing the “clang” and seeing the gong swing. Shooting steel is also good practice for PRS/NRL events and ground-hog matches. Right now, you can get some great deals on quality AR500 steel targets. These Dragon Target Gongs start at just $16.99 for a 4″-diameter, 3/8″-thick gong. Larger 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ gongs are offered in 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses, and a 3-pack of 8″ gongs is available. A 6″-diameter gong is $25.99 (3/8″ thick) or $32.99 (1/2″ thick). The largest 12″-diameter gong in the heavy 1/2″ thickness is $76.99. NOTE: All these Dragon gongs have a center hole allowing more hanging options.

5. Sportsman’s — Nikon Monarch Stabilized Laser RF, $319.97

Nikon monarch 3000 stablized laser rangefinder
Save $100 on good rangefinder for hunting with effective stabilization

This Monarch 3000 Stabilized laser rangefinder, now $319.97 on sale ($100 off), is a great value in a big-name laser rangefinder. This unit can range faster than typical LRFs because the Monarch 3000 instantly stabilizes the image you see in the 6X monocular. This makes one-handed ranging much easier — vibrations in the viewfinder caused by wind or hand movements are dramatically reduced. Nikon says vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movement (sinusoidal waves) are reduced to one-fifth or less. This Monarch 3000 also has Incline Correction, providing the true horizontal distance to the target. The Monarch 3000 Stabilized LRF is also fully waterproof and fogproof, important for hunters.

6. Midsouth — Rimfire Ammo Sale, as low as $4.59 50/rd

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

Midsouth Shooters Supply now has a large selection of .22 LR and .17 HMR rimfire ammunition. For the best value, get 50 rounds of CCI 40gr .22 LR Std. Velocity Ammo for just $4.59 ($0.09 per round), or get 500 rounds of Aguila Super Extra 40gr HV ammo for $42.99 ($0.09 per round). There are many other types of rimfire ammo in stock as well.

7. Amazon — Midland Walkie-Talkie Set, $69.99

Midland walkie talkie handheld radio par set pack charger FRS GMRS VHF
Highly-rated units with impressive range and 50 channel

Walkie-Talkies are “must-have” items for long-range hunting and ELR shooting. They are also great for communicating with a buddy who is down-range setting or recovering targets. The 50-CH Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio set is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller among FRS/GMRS Handheld Radios. Priced at $69.99, this Midland two-unit kit includes earbuds plus both 12V and 120V chargers. This Midland set features 50 Channels with impressive range plus “whisper mode”, so they’re good for hunting. These units include Vibrate Alert and VOX for hands-free operation. These units even offer NOAA Weather Scan capability.

8. MidwayUSA — Caldwell NRR 23 dB Youth Earmuffs, $12.74

MidwayUsa caldwell youth passive muffs earmuffs sale
Very good price on earmuffs sized to fit youngsters and teens

It’s vital to protect the hearing of young persons whenever they go to a shooting range or are exposed to loud noises. But the full-sized earmuffs designed for adults may not fit younger heads and ears so well, reducing muff effectiveness. These NRR 23-rated Caldwell Youth Earmuffs are designed to properly fit younger persons. Right now these NRR 23 muffs are just $12.74 in a choice of three bright colors: Hot Coral Orange (shown), Neo Blue, and Neon Green.

9. Amazon — 12″ x 12″ Splatter Grid Targets, 10 for $10.99

Sight-in 12

This 12″x12″ Splatterburst Target combines splatter shot marking with a grid background, with five aiming points. The bright neon shot circles make it easy to see your shots. And the handy grid lets you quickly estimate your group size. Get a 10-pack for $10.99, or a 25-pack for $19.99 (better deal). This particular target has earned rave reviews — 87% of verified buyers gave this a FIVE-Star rating.

10. Amazon — Bore-Snake Two-Pack, $9.99 (or $5.99 Single)

Bore-Snake stocking stuffer two kit
Very positive user reviews, good selection of diameters

While bore cleaning should be done with a good cleaning rod and fitted bore guide, there are times when Bore-Snakes can be handy, such as when cleaning pistols, ARs, and 10/22s. Now on Amazon you can get two (2) Gogoku Bore-Snakes for just $9.99. You can get a twin-pack for .223 (5.56) rifles, a combo for .223 and .308 caliber rifles, or a pair with big and small diameters for .223 rifle plus 12ga shotguns. There are also single Huntsen Bore-Snakes for $5.99 in a wide variety of calibers and shotgun bore sizes.

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April 16th, 2022

Get Good CCI Rimfire Ammo for $4.99 per Box

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

Powder and primers are still very pricey but (thankfully) we are starting to see the price of factory-loaded ammunition slide down a bit. Here is a great deal for rimfire shooters. You can now get CCI .22 LR Standard Velocity 40gr Target Ammo for just $4.99 per box, with flat-rate shipping. This is good, reliable ammo for plinking, practice, and rimfire pistol work. And it will probably be good enough for NRL22 competition if the targets are not too far out.

Save $1.40 per Round or More by Training/Competing with Rimfire
The ammo price differential is why many PRS/NRL competitors are now doing more rimfire matches than centerfire matches. At $4.99 per 50-round box, this CCI ammo runs just $0.10 (ten cents) per round. Compare that to handloaded 6mm Creedmoor ammo. These days, you might pay close to $1.00 per round just for bullet, powder, and primer. And then you must figure in brass costs and barrel depreciation. A good 6mm barrel may lose its competitive edge after 1500 rounds. That means each centerfire shot could cost you $0.40 (forty cents) or more just in barrel depreciation, assuming the cost of your new chambered/fitted barrel is $600. So you see why rimfire makes sense from a budget standpoint.

rimfire tactical NRL22 ELR KO2M

Other Rimfire Bargains at Midsouth Shooters

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

In addition to KYGUNCO’s CCI rimfire ammo bargain listed above, Midsouth Shooters Supply now has a large selection of .22 LR rimfire ammunition starting at just $4.29 for a 50-rd box of Aguila Super Extra 40gr HV ammo.

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April 16th, 2022

FREE Fun Targets for Rimfire Precision and Tactical Training

Dots Target
AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL: At 25 yards, this is a fun rimfire plinking target. At longer distances it can be a great training target for precision centerfire shooters.

With NRL22 and the new PRS Rimfire Series, interest in rimfire tactical competition is growing fast. There is also great interest in .22 LR rimfire tactical cross-training. With a rimfire rig, you can practice regularly for a fraction of the cost of centerfire training. That way you can build your skill set without breaking the bank. Decent rimfire ammo can be had for five cents a round. Compare that to fifty cents (or more) for handloads and maybe $1.20 per round for factory ammo.

To help with rimfire cross-training, here are some of our favorite rimfire tactical targets, all in easy-to-print PDF format. Click each target image to download the FREE target. You’ll find more free targets for load development, precision practice, and fun shooting on our AccurateShooter FREE Targets Page

Targets for Rimfire Training and Fun Matches

Here’s a rimfire training target with “big to small” target circles. Start with the largest circles, then move to the smaller ones in sequence. This systematic drill provides increasing challenge shot-by-shot. Novices often are quite surprised to see their accuracy improve as they move from bigger to smaller aiming points. That provides positive feedback — always a good thing.

Right Click and “Save as” to download printable PDF versions of target.

Rimfire Practice Targets

SPECIAL BONUS–Rimfire Tactical Precision Targets

These FREE targets by DesertFrog are offered in Adobe Acrobat format for easy printing.
CLICK HERE to download all six targets as a .ZIP archive.

More Free Targets…

These and many other free targets are available at

free targets grid red circles small circle targets Grid dot target
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April 11th, 2022

Bargain Finder 342: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Midsouth — LEE Challenger Single-Stage Press, $72.99

lee challenger press
Good basic or back-up press at really low price — great bargain

New to reloading and nee a simple but effective single-stage press? Or perhaps you wan to add a secondary press for repetitive chores such as primer decapping. Then the LEE Challenger Breech Lock Press. This LEE Press has a large opening for easy Case access while loading. The smart primer ejections system drops removed primers through a tube straight down into your trash big — that’s smart. The Challenger Breech Lock Press comes is fully compatible with LEE’s Breech Lock Quick Change die system. That allows you to swap dies in seconds.

2. — Hornady Ultrasonic Cleaner, $109.99

hornady ultrasonic cleaner
Very good price on a major mfg. ultrasonic cleaning machine

Using ultrasonic technology to clean your brass is a fast and effective way to get both the case outside/inside plus the primer pockets clean. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Case Cleaner is on sale now at Graf & Sons for just $109.99, a 26% savings. This machine features a one quart stainless steel tank that removes carbon residue from the inside and outside of cartridge cases with high-frequency ultrasonic energy and a cleaning solution. The L-N-L Sonic Cleaner™ effectively cleans the inner surfaces of cartridge cases as well as the primer pockets.

3. Titan Reloading — LEE Load-Master Progressive Press, $214.99

lee loadmaster press
Solid 5-station progressive — add powder measure + other features later

Are you looking to upgrade from a single stage to an affordable progressive press? The LEE Load-Master offers great performance for the price — just $214.99 on sale (less that you’d pay for some single-stage presses). Start with the basic auto-indexing unit with five stations. Then, as your budget permits, you can add a LEE Powder measure, Bullet Feeder, Case Feeder, Primer Feeder, and other Lee accessories. This is a solid starter set-up that you can upgrade over time. For pistol reloaders in particular the LEE Load-Master offers good performance for the price.

4. Taurus G3c 9mm Pistol, $209.99 after Mfg. Rebate

Taurus g3c pistol sale rebate kygunco
Good 9mm carry pistol for under $210 with Rebate that ends 4/15/22

Looking for a slim, compact carry pistol but have a tight budget? Here’s one of the best deals we’ve seen in many months. The compact 9mm Taurus G3c is on sale now for just $234.99 at Plus this Taurus 63c pistol qualifies for a $25 Taurus factory rebate through 4/15/2022. That lowers your net cost to a crazy-low $209.99! This pistol features a tough Tenifer-finish slide plus Teflon coatings on all operational controls. Buyer reviews have been positive: “The pistol is easy to operate, clear, and the re-strike capability is nice. Great gun and not just for the money.”

5. Amazon — Quality Clamp for ARCA Rail Attachments, $23.99

arca rail adapter
Use to clamp rifle ARCA rails to bipods, tripods, and bagriders

Need an inexpensive way to fit accessories to a rifle’s forearm ARCA Rail? We found this 70mm Quick Release ARCA Swiss Clamp for only $23.99 — much cheaper than high-end ARCA Swiss clamps. This can be used to fit a benchrest bag-rider, or PRS accessory bag. Or, you can clamp Atlas-type bipods. And yes, you can mount your rifle to a tripod with this clamping unit (which secures to the top of the tripod). One of our Editors uses this model and finds it’s a solid mount with two handy built-in levels. NOTE: This is not a true “quick release” clamp. It takes nearly a full rotation on the knob to loosen the clamp, so this may not be ideal for rapid accessory-swapping in tactical competitions.

6. KYGUNCO — Savage .22 LR Mark II FV-SR Rifle, $259.99

savage 22lr rifle
Inexpensive rifle has shown good accuracy for NRL22

Looking for a fun .22 LR rifle that offers good accuracy for a very affordable price? Grab the Savage Mark II FV-SR. A good starter for NRL22 work, this rifle boasts a multi-Cam synthetic stock plus 5-round detachable box magazine. This Mark II FV-SR includes a one-piece scope rail, plus user-adjustable AccuTrigger for crisp trigger pulls. The heavy, button-rifled, 16.5″ barrel is fluted, and is threaded at the muzzle.

7. EuroOptic — Athlon Talos 20-60x80mm Spotter, $139.99

spotting scope sale
Amazing value for a good 80mm objective spotting scope

Need a spotting scope but have a very tight budget? Consider the Athlon Talos Spotting scopes. These are now on sale at EuroOptic for just $139.99, 53% off the regular $299.99 price. These Athlon Talos spotters feature a large, 80mm objective lens with multi-coating treatment for excellent light transmission. Buyers report that the general clarity and sharpness are surprisingly good for the money. The Athlon Talos features a rotating ring, so you can easily adjust the viewing angle when mounted on a tripod.

8. Amazon — Wheeler Engineering FAT Stix Kit with Case, $91.79

wheeler fat stiks
Very good set of Torque control fastener tools now on sale

For many years Wheeler’s FAT Wrench has been a popular tool for working on firearms. Now Wheeler Engineering has introduced the excellent Wheeler FAT Stix set. This includes 12 Screwdriver Bits, 5 Torque Limiters, and fitted Storage Case. Use this FAST Stix set for for firearm assembly, maintenance, and installing accessories. Along with the bits and torque limiters, Wheeler includes a comfortable T-handle all wrapped up in a convenient case. With the FAT Stix kit you can ensure your actions and scope rings are attached properly.

9. Amazon — Caldwell Steady Rest, $24.64

caldwell steady rest sale
Works as front/rear rifle support or detach to use as separate pistol rest

The Caldwell Steady Rest is a sturdy yet inexpensive modular rest design. At $24.64 on Amazon you can’t go wrong with this Caldwell Steady Rest, even if you use it just for pistols, or sighting in hunting rifles. Use the front section by itself as a pistol rest, or connect both units for rifle use. We’ve used this for pistols and it worked very well — the design provides a nice handrest below the pistol grip. Lightweight yet stable, the Caldwell Steady Rest is easy to store, easy to transport, and ultra-affordable.

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April 7th, 2022

Tax Deadline April 18th — NRA Members Save 25% on Tax Prep

Tax Act nra discount online tax calculation program software

The 2022 Federal Tax Deadline is coming very soon. This year, Federal and (most) State tax returns must be filed on or before Monday, April 18, 2022. That’s a few days later than usual, because this year April 15, the normal deadline, is recognized as Emancipation Day, a holiday in the nation’s capital.

If you haven’t finished your taxes yet, and could use some help maximizing your deductions and following all the rules, you may want to consider using the Tax Act Program. This is certainly NOT the only good online tax program available, and you may want to go to a tax specialist. However, Tax Act is currently offering 25% Off Savings for NRA Members.

Tax Act nra discount online tax calculation program software

So as an NRA member, and a patriotic supporter of the Second Amendment, you can enjoy significant savings on expert tax guidance and filing support. For example, the most popular DELUXE Plan is $35.21 for NRA Members, instead of the regular $46.95 price. And there is even a FREE program for basic filers with simple returns. NOTE: State tax prep fees are separate.

Tax Act nra discount online tax calculation program software

* Check to determine the exact deadline for state tax filing. Some states have filing deadlines AFTER 4/18/2022. Click here for a list of deadlines for ALL 50 States: 2022 STATE Income Tax Filing Deadlines.

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April 4th, 2022

Bargain Finder 341: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Palmetto SA — S&W M&P15-22 Sport Rimfire Package, $449.99

smith wesson NRL22 .22 LR rimfire AR smallbore rifle discount palmetto
Good, reliable rimfire AR clone for NRL22 and cross-training

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2. Midsouth — Lapua Brass in Stock, Many Types

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3. Precision Reloading — Hornady Auto Charge, $299.99

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10. Amazon — Large Digital Display Timer, $12.95

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April 3rd, 2022

Sunday GunDay: The Art of Stress-Free Pillar Bedding

richard franklin pillar bedding stress rifle mounting
Richard Franklin’s Step-by-Step Guide to Pillar Bedding

The Art of Stress-Free Stock Bedding

by Richard Franklin
Richard Franklin prepared this article for our readers. Richard tells us: “I’m happy to do pillar-bedding work, but this is a job which many shooters can do themselves, with some practice and the right components. I do suggest you practice first on an old ‘beater stock’. When done right, you end up with a perfect fit of receiver to action, with no twisting, stretching, or compression forces being applied to the receiver through mis-alignment. That’s what I mean by ‘stress-free’.”

This article covers all the steps in the process. If you want to see more, Richard has a 200-minute DVD, Stress-Free Pillar Bedding, that shows the entire job–from start to finish–and contains many tips to help you achieve perfect results. Richard shows how to properly relieve the bedding area, how to make pillars, how to set up the barreled action, and how to test your work to ensure it is truly “stress-free”. In the DVD, Richard does a complete pillar bedding job on both a finished custom stock and a Remington stock. You can order the Pillar Bedding DVD by visiting the Instructional Video page on

[Editor’s Note: This article was first published a decade ago. So, some of the listed bedding materials may have been enhanced slightly, or the product names may have changed. But the procedures described by Richard are still valid and still achieve great results.]

Before You Begin — Some Comments About Inletting
Richard told us: “You can’t do a great bedding job unless you start with really good inletting. Unfortunately, many ‘inletted stocks’ really require quite a lot of work to get the inletting right. You cannot inlet a stock 100% correctly just using a stock duplicator. That’s one reason I do bedding jobs only on the stocks I make. If the inletting isn’t right, you can have a myriad of problems–such as the holes for the action bolts being in the wrong place, or the stock not having enough clearance for the barrel or the trigger hanger. So, BEFORE you start your bedding job, make sure the inletting is really right. Don’t assume the inletting is really complete (and correct) just because the manufacturer claims that to be the case. This applies to both wood and fiberglass stocks.”

Pillars For Bedding
The BAT action featured in this article has three pillars, with the middle pillar sitting under the front of the trigger guard, and the third pillar at the rear of the guard. More typical installations will use two pillars. For either system, the installation procedures are the same.

In Photo 1, you will see part A, the bottom part of the front pillar which we call the “escutcheon”. Part B, which is a 1/4″ X 28 action bolt that is slightly longer than part C which is the top part of the front pillar. The two parts of the front pillar were machined as one piece and then the escutcheon was cut off just below the shoulder that is inside. This shoulder is for the head of the action bolt to tighten up against. I’ve found that a two-piece pillar has many advantages, particularly for hunting stocks where the underside of the stock is angled (i.e. not parallel with bore axis). I make the pillars I use, machining them from cut-off stainless barrel stubs.

Part D is a 1/4″ X 28 hex-head bolt with the head turned down to 1/4″ which permits the insertion of a hex-head driver to tighten and remove the bolt. This headless bolt will be inserted in the rear tang hole of the action and part E, the rear pillar will be placed on it.

STEP ONE — Getting Started
Photo 2 shows tape on recoil lug, pillars bolted in place and putty in voids. Release agent is polished to a very thin layer. The top half of the front pillar (part C) is placed on the action receiver ring and the bolt (part B) is inserted thru the pillar and tightened against the action. This bolt must have a tapered head on the underside so that, when it is tightened, it will center the top half of the front pillar around the action bolt hole. (This is also true for the middle pillar if the action has a middle bolt.)


The headless bolt is inserted into the rear tang hole of the action and the rear pillar is slipped down on it. You will notice in Photo 3, below, that the pillars have the hole drilled oversize so that a 1/4″ bolt has a little space around it. (I like to drill the pillars with a .260″ bit inside.)

The above scenario is the placement of the pillars prior to applying the bedding compound, which I call “Mud”. Devcon 10110 is my bedding compound of choice (and the only product I use) as the mud must set up as hard as concrete and most other epoxies will not do this. Also Devcon shrinks very little if at all. My comments on other bedding compounds are in the sidebar below.

STEP TWO — Relieving the Stock Before Bedding
Relieving the right amount of wood in the area to be bedded–not too much, not too little–is very important to achieving the best results. You need to create some space for the mud to fill around the action, but you don’t want to alter the inletting too much.


Photo 3 shows the wood removed from the inside of the stock bedding area. Remove enough wood everywhere except along the top sides of the stock to allow at least 1/8″ to 3/16″ of room for the mud. Remove 1/4″ of wood behind the recoil lug. I like about .012″ clearance on the top inside edges.

NOTE: Leave a small area of original wood just behind the rear tang bolt hole as this wood will determine the elevation of the bedded action in the stock.

Photo 4 shows the tang area of the stock. Note the elevation wood left at tang. Be sure to leave some original wood for the action tang to sit on. This is very important.

STEP THREE — Wrapping Tape on the Barrel
Photo 5 shows the barreled action in the vise. It also shows black electrical tape wrapped around the barrel just behind the front of the stock forearm. Wrap enough tape to hold the front of the barreled action at the proper elevation in the stock.

The idea is that the barreled action does not touch anything except the bit of original “elevation” wood left at the rear tang (behind the pillar) and the forearm resting on the electrical tape. This is very important to obtain 100% stress-free bedding. You want the bore of the barrel to be parallel with the top edge of the stock so wrap just the right amount of tape to ensure this. The tape also centers the barrel in the fore-arm. Done right, the barreled action will be contacting just at two points (tape in front, tang in rear) and the barrel’s bore will be parallel with the top of the fore-arm’s sidewalls.

Comments on Alternative Components and Methods

Bedding Compounds
There are at least a dozen popular products used for rifle bedding. At one time or another, Richard has tried most of them. Devcon 10110 “Plastic Steel® Putty” is the only compound he currently uses and the only product he endorses whole-heartedly. “The Devcon 10110 is expensive, but it is the best bedding product I’ve found. First, it sets up extremely hard. That is very important to the performance and longevity of the bedding job. You want it to get it as hard as concrete. You need it really hard so when you tension the action screws it doesn’t squish down or migrate. Some of the brown stuff other folks use is way too soft. Marine Tex is also too soft. Many products will shrink. Any compound that shrinks is useless in my book. Devcon has absolutely near-zero shrinkage. Acra-Glass I keep in my shop, as it is useful for stock repairs. However I would never bed with Acra-Glass.

Devcon also has just the right consistency — about that of peanut butter. So, it is easy to apply but not runny. It stays in place when I turn the stock upside-down. Devcon is also relatively forgiving to mix–the proportions of the two elements are not super-critical like some other products. I know Marine-Tex can give real problems if you don’t use just the right amount of catalyst. Overall, Devcon does everything you need it to do, and does it exceptionally well. Some other smiths think it’s too expensive–and yes I’ll use $10-$15 worth of Devcon in doing a typical bedding job. But I think the customer deserves the best possible, longest-lasting bedding, and that means Devcon. Among the products I’ve used, Bisonite is my second choice, but I think Devcon will last longer.”

Release Compounds
Richard tells us: “People use all sorts of release compounds and I’ve tried many. I strongly prefer Kiwi shoe polish (neutral color). With the Kiwi, I’ve never had an action stick in the stock. It goes on easy, and you can use a paper towel to polish it very thin and that’s a big benefit. If you have a thin layer of release compound the finished bedding is that much closer to the exact dimensions of the action. I’ve heard of guys using PAM spray. I don’t trust that stuff. The Brownells release compound goes on too thick. Car wax is not a great choice either because it can separate and it gets dusty as it dries. Go with the Kiwi stuff–a little can will last for years. But be sure to use the clear (neutral) kind so you don’t stain your stock or action.”

Clamping and Tension Materials
Read a few articles on pillar bedding and you’ll see many different systems for holding the barreled action to the stock when the bedding compound cures. We’ve seen surgical tubing used, or strips of bicycle inner tube. Some writers have even advocated using mechanical clamps (a bad idea). Richard has tried various tensioning set-ups over the years, and electrical tape is his strong recommendation: “First, let me say it’s crazy to use a C-Clamp or something like that. The clamp will cause a point-load where it attaches and that is just the opposite of what you want.”

Richard has tried many materials: “Surgical tubing I’ve found to be cumbersome to use, and it tends to loosen up during the curing time. Same thing with strips of inner tube. That’s bad news because any loosening or stretching will allow the action to shift. It’s absolutely critical that the action not move one bit while the bedding cures. Once you’ve bedded the action if it dries the wrong way you’ve screwed everything up. Using the electrical tape that isn’t an issue. The tape goes on very tight, doesn’t stretch (if you use enough turns) and I have no fears that the action will shift while curing. Just follow my advice and put a strip of paper towel under the electrical tape so you don’t mar the finish of the barrel or stock.”

Contoured vs. Straight (Flat-top) Pillars
Many factory rifles come with contoured (radiused) pillars, and many gunsmiths prefer to use these. The idea is that the contour provides a better fit with the bottom of round actions. Richard has tried contoured pillars and doesn’t recommend them. He explains: “Most of the contoured pillars don’t really match the contour of the action anyway. And every action is slightly different. Even some of the most favored custom actions aren’t exactly the same from one unit to another. What happens when the contour or curve of the pillar is too narrow is that the action touches just the extended top edges of the pillar (left and right of center). That is not as solid as when the action contacts the center of the pillar where the action screw runs. (And those sharp sides of curved pillars tend to point-load and dig into your action.) Also I feel you get a better match of the Devcon to the action with flat-top pillars. What you want is the bedding compound to cradle the action all the way around. I’ve found this works best with flat-top pillars and a very strong, hard compound like Devcon that doesn’t squish down or shrink.”

STEP FOUR–Applying Release Agent and Plumbers Putty
Failure to apply release agent (and putty) properly is a recipe for disaster. One of the most common mistakes novices make when doing bedding jobs is locking in the action. This happens by not covering enough of the action with release agent, not taping off the lug correctly, and not adding putty to plug any slots or spaces into which the mud can migrate. Remember, you are doing a bedding job, not a glue-in job! When you’ve completed the process, you want to be able to pop the action loose without difficulty.

PHOTO 6 — Showing putty and release agent before polishing, tape on lug.

First, remove the trigger, bolt release and spring, and anything else from the bottom of the action. Then, clean the action and recoil lug area with brake cleaner or parts degreaser. Apply plumbers’ putty to any hole or crevice that you don’t want the mud to get into. Wrap two layers of masking tape on the outside edges of the lug and trim with a razor blade. Do not apply tape to the front or back of the lug. (Apply tape to the front of the lug only if you do not have a way to remove the hardened mud). Let this tape go right around to the top of the action. Wipe the putty smooth with the brake parts cleaner. I highly recommend neutral Kiwi shoe polish as release agent. Apply liberally to the entire action using a Q-tip to get in around the lug (including front and rear of lug), bolt handle slot and loading port edges. Let the shoe polish dry for 10 minutes and then use a paper towel and buff and polish the release agent as thin as possible. You want any release agent to be as thin as possible so as to let the action set as close as possible to your bedding. You also want to apply release agent to the rear (headless) bolt.

STEP FIVE — Installing the Pillars
Now is the time to place the pillars. Screw the top half of the front pillar and middle pillar (if the action has a middle bolt) to the action with the tapered head bolt. Screw in the headless bolt and slip the pillar down around it. Apply release agent to the area of the guard around the rear bolt hole (and to the rear headless bolt). Apply top and bottom and from the inside out. We don’t want the guard stuck to the bedding. (This guard sits on the bolt head that is secures the middle pillar to the action. We need the guard in place to align the action in the stock.)

Install the trigger guard back in place on the stock as the guard is used to align the barreled action in the stock. Now is the time to make a trial run to ensure that everything fits properly. Slip the upside-down stock down over the pillars with the headless bolt coming up through the rear bolt hole in the guard. See Photo 7. Ensure that the stock is resting on two spots only–the tape you’ve wrapped around the barrel, and the little bit of wood you left behind the tang bolt. Ensure there is room everywhere around the action to accept the mud. The barreled action cannot be touching anywhere except the tape and the tang. Not even on the top edges of the stock.

STEP SIX — Applying the Mud
Mix up a generous portion of the Devcon 10110 Mud and apply to the pillars as shown in Photo 8. Do not get mud on top of the bolt head and front pillar(s). Do apply a little mud on top of the rear pillar and if a little gets on the headless bolt that is OK as you should have applied release agent to this bolt. This will properly bed the guard to the rear pillar. The front bolt that holds the front pillar need not have release agent applied to it. Note, as shown in Photo 8, each pillar has a bolt inserted.

PHOTO 8 — Showing mud on the pillars.

You cannot use too much mud as the hydraulic action of pressing the stock down on the barreled action is going to squeeze the mud everywhere it need to go and the excess will be forced out (falling on the floor for you to step in).

PHOTO 9 — Showing mud applied to stock.

Now apply the mud very generously to the stock as shown in Photo 9 above. If I am not bedding any portion of the barrel shank I will only apply a little mud behind the recoil lug area.

STEP SEVEN — Assembly and Compression
Now slip the upside-down stock down over the pillars as you did in the trial run. Ensure the stock is bottomed-out on the tape at the front end. Squeeze slowly, pressing the rear of the stock down and squeeze out the excess mud. After pressing the stock down, the action area should appear as in Photo 10. During the compression stage, stop a few times and use Q-tips to clean off the excess mud that is squeezing out between action and stock.

PHOTO 10 — Rifle right side up, with the mud squeezed out.

Cut a piece of paper towel about two inches wide by the length of the towel. Lay this on the stock 1.5″ in front of the action. Wrap black electrical tape around the stock and barrel, running the tape over the strip of paper towel. (The towel is to protect the stock finish.) Squeeze the stock and action together while taking wraps with the tape. If you have a skinny, pencil-thin barrel don’t apply too much pressure with the tape as the weak barrel can be curved slightly. That can cause the barrel to touch the stock when everything is done (not good). If you have a big, fat barrel don’t worry about deflection. With a heavy contour tube, whatever bend you put in the barrel will spring back when the tape is removed.

STEP EIGHT — Mud Removal and Curing Time
Using Q-tips, clean up very thoroughly around the front pillar and the bolt head. You need to be able to unscrew the bolt to separate the stock from the rifle and you do not want the bedding protruding above the pillar. (The escutcheon still has to have room to fit in there without touching the end of the pillar.) Before turning the rifle right-side-up, reach under with a few Q-tips and clean off the mud hanging there as it may get inside the action.

Turn the rifle right side up in the vise and, using lots of Q-tips, clean all of the mud off of everything. Remove the excess mud every place you can see it. Use a paper towel to wipe the stock as there could be some invisible mud hiding somewhere on the stock or action. After using Q-tips, I sometimes use Butch’s Bore Shine solvent. It does a good job of removing the mud residue (other solvents with ammonia would work well also).

When you’ve cleaned off all the excess mud. It’s time to let the bedding cure. Lie the rifle upside down with the weight on the rear of the action and about where the tape is on the barrel. Let the gun sit for about 8 to 10 hours or overnight. IMPORTANT, you should remove ALL the excess mud around the action before you let the rifle cure for this time period. Photo 11 shows the rifle upside down, but you want to have the excess mud cleaned off before curing.

PHOTO 11 — Position for curing the mud–but excess should be removed first.

IMPORTANT: Avoiding Mechanical Lock During Bedding
One major problem that can arise when novices bed their own stocks is mechanical lock. This occurs when some part of the action or barrel is trapped below the bedding. Effectively, the barreled action becomes anchored in the stock and can be very difficult to remove. Richard says avoiding mechanical lock is not that difficult, but you must be careful: “Locks usually occur because the bedding is applied too far up. Never, and I repeat, never, bed above the centerline of the action (bore axis), or the widest point of the action (whichever is lower). You need to leave the edge of the bedding at least 1/16″ below the centerline of the action and centerline of the bore axis. I normally leave about 1/8th of vertical clearance. If the widest point of the action is BELOW the bore axis, you have to keep the bedding below that. The other thing to watch out for are projections and holes in the sides of the action. All holes must be filled with plumbers’ putty. All projections–anything that sticks out–need to be removed. If some little part or fixture sticks out, even if you tape it over, and it is below the top of the bedding, it can lock the action in.”

STEP NINE — Popping the Barreled Action Loose
After the required curing time, you need to remove the barreled action to check the beading and fit the pillar escutcheons. If you cleaned away all the excess mud and there are no mechanical locks in the bedding, it should not be difficult to pop the stock loose. You can see how this is done in the short Video Clip from my DVD (Right-Click and “Save As” to download). Here is the procedure.

After the mud has set up and hardened, clamp the barrel in a vise with the gun upside down. The vise should camp just ahead of the forearm. Remove the bolt in the front pillar (and middle pillar) and the headless bolt. Remove the trigger guard.

With the left hand, apply upward pressure to the forearm and then with the right hand slap upward on the forearm. You will hear a crack like you might have busted the stock. Not to worry, that is just the bedding popping free. Now wiggle the stock up off the recoil lug as it is the only thing holding the stock down. [Editors Note: Here’s an older video clip that shows Richard “popping” the stock loose from the barreled action. CLICK HERE to download a 6 Meg Windows media file, or click these links for MPEG (2.3 megs), and Real Media (2.3 megs) versions.]

Remove the tape from the barrel and recoil lug and clean up the putty. Wipe the action down with brake parts cleaner. On the stock, remove the squeezed mud that went into the trigger and bolt release area. Relieve the lug area on both sides and the front. Lay the stock back on the barreled action. Be sure to check under the trigger guard to see if any cleanup of mud is required there. Then re-install the guard and insert the rear action bolt just snug (not tight).

STEP TEN — Installing the Pillar Escutcheons
Pillar escutcheons are a nice extra feature I add to my custom rifles. These are stainless, made from barrel stubs. The two-part front pillar is originally machined as one piece. I believe front pillars with the escutcheons (or outer ring) offer advantages over conventional pillars in terms of strength and alignment.

Before you actually install the escutcheons, you need to do some fit testing. Have a trial run at setting the front bolt to the proper length by placing the escutcheon in the hole and screwing in the bolt. Loosen off the back bolt to see if the bolt that is thru the escutcheon is holding the stock firmly in place. Retighten the rear bolt a wee bit.

Apply release agent to the front bolt, being careful to not get it on the escutcheon. Insert an Allen wrench into the head of the bolt so you can hold it easily. Slip the escutcheon over the bolt. Apply mud to the escutcheon and around the bolt. Photo 12 shows how much mud to put on the escutcheon. You want enough so when you tighten the bolt it will force the mud everywhere it needs to go, even though a bit will be squeezed in around the bolt. Photo 13 shows how the escutcheon should look installed, with the bolt tightened. Photo 14 (below right) shows the escutcheon after the mud has been removed–be sure to remove the excess while the Devcon is still soft.

PHOTOS 13 and 14 — Showing escutcheon before (left) and after mud clean-up (right).

Clean up the excess mud with Q-tips and paper towels. You need to do this before the mud hardens. I used Butch’s Bore Shine as a solvent, once I have removed the excess mud with Q-tips and towels. When the escutcheons are cleaned up, you’ve finished working with the mud. Now let the stock lay for another 8 hours or so to allow the escutcheons to become.

After the mud has hardened around the escutcheon clamp the rifle back in the vise. Remove the back tang bolt first then the front bolt that is through the escutcheon. The bolt will be tight in the hole and sometimes may need to be punched out with a punch unless it has threads right to the head in which case it will screw out. Go in the hole with a .260” bit and clean the mud out of the front pillar. Let the bedding harden for a day or two and then torque the bolts with about 35 inch-lbs of torque on the front bolt and maybe 25 on the tang bolt.

The finished result is an even coat of Devcon with no voids, air pockets, fissures, and perfect stress-free support for the action, as shown in Photo 15.

PHOTO 15 — Completed pillar-bedding job

Photos and text Copyright © 2010 Richard Franklin and, All Rights Reserved.
No reproduction without advanced permission in writing.

Topics: Gunstock, stocks, stocking, laminated stock, wood, pillar bedding, piller, pillars, aluminum pillar, Devcon, putty, stockmaking, Richard Franklin, Richards custom rifles, 10110 Devcon, Acra glass, Brownells, glass bedding, fiberglass, stock bedding, bed, escutcheon, Butch’s Bore Shine.

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March 28th, 2022

Bargain Finder 340: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. KYGUNCO — RemArms 700 Magpul Rifle starting at $988.99

remington rifle sale

Modern Magpul stock, versatile long-range target and hunting rig

Looking for a serious long-range rifle for under $1100? Check out these RemArms 700 Magpul rifles. Starting at just $988.99 for the 6.5 Creedmoor 22″ bbl version (without bipod), these are well-made, reliable, and accurate rifles with a nice modern Magpul stock. For $1054.99 ($66 more), you can get bipod-equipped versions in .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor, both with fluted 20″ heavy barrels. Currently out of stock is a .300 Win Magnum version with 24″ heavy barrel and bipod ($1054.99). When it becomes available again, we think the .300 Win Mag model would be a great long-range hunting rig for large game.

2. Midsouth — Hornady 168gr BTHP Match, $164.99 for 500

hornady bullet sale
Great price for quality 168gr .30-Caliber bullets

Do you need affordable .30-cal bullets for an M1 Garand or 1903 Springfield? Or perhaps you want to get started in F-TR with lower cost projectiles? If so, you can now grab 500 168gr BTHP Match grade .30-cal bullets for just $165.99. That works out to just $33 per hundred — a great deal. You could easily pay twice as much (or more) for some other brands. This is a good option if you don’t need the Heavy 185-220 grain bullets. These bullets have a good BC for their weight class.

3. Graf’s — Hornady Ammo Plant Progressive Press, $1299.99

hornady press sale
Excellent progressive press with case feeder and bullet feeder

Do you reload large quantities of pistol ammo, or .223 rifle ammo? Then you can save significant time with a quality progressive press. Right now you can save over $200 on the Hornady L-N-L Ammo Plant Progressive Reloading Press Kit. This is a complete loading system with a 5-station, auto-indexing press plus a brass feeder and bullet feeder. The system uses a precise and easily-adjusted powder measure that we prefer to the Dillon powder system. NOTE: After buying the press kit, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate shell plate and dies for your choice of cartrdige(s). Guys, this is a good deal — the same Hornady Ammo Plant system is currently $1525.99 at MidwayUSA.

4. Sportsman’s WHSE — Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide Spotting Scopes

vortex spotting scope sale
Good values on 20-60X and 15-45X Leupold Spotters

Looking for a quality spotting scope at a great price? Then check out the Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD spotting scopes on sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Chose the 15-45x65mm spotter for $699.99 or the bigger 20-60x85mm spotter for $899.99. Fully waterproof and fogproof, these Leupold spotters feature a rugged magnesium body plus an oversized eyepiece for all-day comfort. Both spotters offer Leupold’s Twilight Max HD Light Management System, which helps in low light conditions, while reducing glare in direct light. The 15-45x65mm SX-4 spotter is hard to beat at that $699.99 price.

5. Amazon — Tipton Compact Range Vise, $24.99

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradle
Good, transportable product for working on hunting/varmint rifles

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradleHere’s a very handy gun cradle that helps you clean and maintain rifles while at the range or at home. The Compact Range Vise folds and collapses to 11-1/4″, so it is easily transported. Two padded “V” brackets hold the rifle while protecting the finish during cleaning/maintenance operations. Made from solvent-resistant polymer, Tipton’s Compact Range Vise is durable and should last for years. NOTE: For typical hunting and varmint rifles this Range Vise works well, though it is not suited for wide-forearm benchrest or F-Open rigs.

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradle

6. Creedmoor — Deluxe Fold-Up Shooting Mat, $99.99

shooting mat sale
Very comfortable mat — worth the money if you shoot often

If you do a lot of prone shooting you NEED a quality, comfortable mat. One of the best mats on the market today is the Creedmoor Deluxe Folding Mat. This offers double-thick jute padding under the textured elbow pad sections. Carrying handles are provided so equipment can be carried within the fold of the mat. The mat features a waterproof vinyl bottom and a marine finished top. The combination of these materials makes a comfortable and durable mat. NOTE: These mats are custom made by Creedmoor, so, for a modest extra fee, you can order extra knee-zone rubber, or additional padding in the top third.

7. Amazon — Torque-Controllable Screwdriver, $29.99

torque wrench sale
Everyone needs a tool like this to set fasteners correctly

When mounting a scope or installing an action, you need to set torque correctly or you risk damaging things. For basic tasks requiring precise torque levels, consider the Sanliang Torque Screwdriver Set. With a range of 10-70 inch pounds, this will perform a multitude of gunsmithing jobs. It’s easy to preset the torque —- simply pull down to unlock, then set the torque you need and push to lock. Includes a set of 10, 1/4’’ bits with convenient storage case.

8. Natchez — Bushnell Banner Rifle Scope – 3-9x40mm, $29.99

bushnell scope sale
Crazy-low price on basic hunting scope with good warranty

Here’s a VERY affordable optic that could be good choice for a youngster’s first rifle, or serve as a back-up for a hunting gun. Right now Natchez offers the Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm scope for just $29.99. You read that right — $29.99. You could pay more than that for a set of rings. Fitted with a Multi-X Reticle, this scope has a good 3-9X magnification range for hunting. It features Bushnell’s Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) lens coating for enhanced low-light performance.

Midsouth — .22 Caliber Aguila FMJ Bullets, 1000 for $99.99

bushnell scope sale
Great deal on bulk .224 and 9mm bullets

Need a large supply of budget-priced bullets for your AR15 or varmint rifle? Here’s an amazing deal — get 1000 55gr or 1000 62gr .224-caliber bullets for just $99.99. That’s right, 1000 bullets for under 100 bucks. These won’t rival high-quality Berger or Sierra bullets, but they will be adequate for varmint work, 3-gun practice, or plinking with your AR. If you load 9mm, you can also get 1000 115gr 9mm bullets for $99.99.

10. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Trickler, $17.99

powder trickler sale
Inexpensive, works well, stable, tall enough

Every handloader can use a good powder trickler. However many tricklers are light and unstable, making them frustrating to use. We’ve been impressed with the Frankford Arsenal Trickler . This is a solid unit with some heft, with a hard rubber base. The mass and good design make this easy to use, allowing simple, accurate trickling.

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March 28th, 2022

Rossi RS22 — Exceptional Bargain Rimfire Rifle for $129.99

Rossi rs22 RS 22 .22 LR training rifle Mossberg

Looking for a very affordable first rifle for a young family member? Or maybe you’re equipping a Scout troop with rimfires for marksmanship traning. Here’s one of the best low-cost options you can find among .22 LR rimfire rigs. The Rossi RS22 is a reliable, semi-auto rifle that comes equipped with barrel-mounted iron/fiber optic sights. There are also dovetails on the receiver for mounting scope rings. The RS22 also takes most Mossberg 702 magazines.

The Rossi RS22 features an 18″ free-floating barrel, adjustable fiber optic sights and a synthetic Monte Carlo stock. For added accuracy, 3/8″ dovetail mounts allow the mounting of a scope or other optic.

Rossi RS22 Specifications:

Model: RS22 Semi-Auto, .22 LR
Barrel: 18″ Free-floating
Stock: Black Monte Carlo Synthetic Stock
Overall Length: 36.25″
Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Scope Mount: 3/8″ Dovetail
Sights: Fiber Optic Front & Rear
Safety: Manual Cross-Bolt Safety
Magazine: 10-rd Detachable Box Mag

NOTE: The Rossi RS22 on sale has a matte black stock.

Rossi rs22 RS 22 .22 LR training rifle MossbergTwo Video Reviews of Rossi RS22
The above video review of the Rossi RS22 confirms its reliability and build quality. The reviewer praised the fiber-optic iron sights and liked the magazines. After fitting a scope to the rifle’s built-in dove-tail, the tester got excellent accuracy with CCI ammo at 25 yards. Ten shots basically formed one half-inch hole. (See video 8:24 – 8:50 and target at right.) That’s good enough for an NRL22 match. Pretty impressive for a $110 rifle! also tested the Rossi RS22. This “dandy little rifle” performed great, with flawless semi-auto feeding and cycling for hundreds of rounds. Accuracy was quite good. The tester praised the fit and feel of the stock and noted it has sling swivel studs and well-protected sights. The RS22 can also use 25-round Mossberg magazines.

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March 23rd, 2022

Organize Your Rifles in Gun Safes with Rifle Rods

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Running out of space in your gun safe? Here’s a clever product that will allow you to store more long guns in your current vault. The plastic Rifle Rods from Gun Storage Solutions slip in long-gun barrels and then grip the shelf above using Velcro pads. This allows you to nestle your rifles and shotguns much closer together than with the conventional racks provided with most gunsafes.

The handy Rifle Rods are offered in bright orange or basic black. We prefer the orange rods (shown above with the Velcro “receiver” shelf liner provided with the Rod Kit).

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Rifles with narrow furniture (such as lever guns) can be placed very close together, saving lots of space. For benchrest or varmint rifles with wider fore-ends, you won’t benefit as much. Note that, in the photo above, all of the guns are fairly slim — none have wide fore-ends. Still we think these Rifle Rods could open up 12″ or more horizontal clearance in a medium-sized safe — that could easily allow you to store six (6) more guns in two rows, as shown.

Rifle Rod Kits Starting at $21.95
A kit with 5 Rifle Rods and loop fabric shelf liner costs $21.95 on, while the 10-Rod Kit with liner costs around $34.95. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a new safe. A six-pack of additional Rifle Rods costs $17.95 on Amazon. You can also purchases rods and fabric directly from Gun Storage Solutions.

WARNING: Always REMOVE Rod from barrel before taking gun to the range. Never place live ammunition in a gun with storage Rod in the barrel!

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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March 18th, 2022

Early Season Rebates on Rifles, Pistols, Optics and More

Factory Rebate Savage Thompson Center T/C rifle gunsafe winchester hornady ammo ammunition

Spring is here and that means that a number of companies are offering noteworthy REBATES on products. Here are some good promotions that can save you up to $300 on a rifle, $50 on a pistol, and $75 on optics. You can find other current rebates on the Rebate Page.

1. Christensen Arms — Modern Precision Rifle/Pistol Promotion

Factory Rebate Savage Thompson Center T/C rifle Prey Predators hunting

CHRISTENSEN ARMS REBATE good through April 30, 2022
DEADLINE for online submission: Activates with MPR/MPP warranty registration

Buy a Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle (MPR) or Modern Precision Pistol (MPP) between March 11th and April 30th and you will receive a $300 Gift Card to spend at the Christensen Arms webstore. This $300 card can be used to purchase another rifle, barrels, stocks, optics, or accessories. We would consider using the $300 credit for a second factory barrel. That would let you should two calibers with one rifle.

2. Bushnell Red Dot Optic Rebate up to $75

Bushnell Red Dot Savings rebate

BUSHNELL REBATE good through March 31, 2022
DEADLINE for mail-in or online submission: 4/30/20222

Bushnell is now offering attractive rebates on a variety of Red Dot optics. Savings range from $30 to a maximum of $75 based on the Optic Model. The max $75 rebate is for the AR71XRD Model, while you can get $50 off the AR731306 model.

3. Smith & Wesson $50 Rebate on S&W M&P Shield Plus Pistols

S&W m&p shield plus pistol savings rebate 2022

SMITH & WESSON REBATE good through May 16, 2022
DEADLINE for mail-in or online submission: 6/16/2022

Now through May 16, 2022 you can get a $50 S&W factory rebate with the purchase of a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus handgun. Purchasers get a $50.00 USD prepaid card for each eligible pistol. The M&P Shields have good ergonomics (better than Glock for most folks), and are very reliable. S&W’s Shield Plus pistols are offered in a variety of sizes with or without external manual safeties. There are even models fitted with Crimson Trace Red Dot optics. For more info, visit

4. Leupold Promo — Free Duffle with DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot

leupold deltapoint red dot promotion free duffle

LEUPOLD DeltaPoint Red Dot DEAL good through April 10, 2022
DEADLINE for mail-in or online submission: 4/10/2022

Purchase any Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot optic and receive a free Leupold Go Gear Duffle, a claimed $150 value. This offer applies to new DeltaPoint Pro purchases made February 28, 2022 – April 10, 2022 in the USA. NOTE: The promo closes on April 10, 2022 and all claims must be submitted no later than that date. Allow 8-10 weeks for shipping.

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