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April 19th, 2024

NRA World Shooting Championship Match Report 2024

2024 NRA multi-gun championship world rifle pistol shotgun 3-gun

The 2024 NRA World Shooting Championship took place April 3-6 at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana. This major 12-stage, multi-gun event offered over $250,000 in cash and prizes. All firearms, ammunition, optics, and equipment were supplied by the NRA, Walther, and additional industry sponsors.

We congratulate this year’s winners: Brian Shanholtz, Nils Jonasson, and Gregory Jordan. Congratulations are also extended to Lanny Barnes for capturing the High Lady title, and to Cole Shanholtz for winning the High Junior title to complement his father Brian Shanholtz.

2024 NRA multi-gun championship world rifle pistol shotgun 3-gun

“We offer our congratulations to not only the winners, but to everyone who competed in the NRA World Shooting Championship this year,” said Jens Krogh, V.P. of marketing and product development for Walther Arms. “To witness such talent, determination, and marksmanship from each participant at each stage of the competition was impressive, especially given the elements everyone had to deal with.”

The NRA World Shooting Championship
This championship is designed to test individuals through multiple different disciplines over a period of three days of shooting. Competitors compete in Professional and Amateur categories for cash and prizes of over $250,000. Walther and other sponsors supplied ALL firearms equipment and ammunition required for the 12 stages of competition.

To do well, competitors must be highly proficient in all shooting skills — rifle, pistol, shotgun, both rapid fire and precision. The stages were: Sporting Clays, Precision Standing Air Gun, NRA Americas Rifle Challenge, NRA Precision Pistol, FITASC, 3-Gun, Mid-Range AR-Tactical, Biathlon, SASS (Cowboy Action), PRS, Scholastic Action Shooting, and USPSA.

SEE 2024 World Shooting Championship Program »

2024 NRA multi-gun championship world rifle pistol shotgun 3-gun

2024 NRA multi-gun championship world rifle pistol shotgun 3-gun

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April 13th, 2024

GET FREE MIL or MOA Precision Targets Plus Rimfire Fun Targets

AccurateShooter Free downloadable tactical storm print targets shooting paper PDF

AccurateShooter’s Target Page provides over 50 FREE downloadable targets. You’ll find all types of targets — sight-in targets, varmint targets, rimfire targets, bullseye targets, tactical targets, load development targets and more. CLICK HERE for all our free targets, including our popular LOAD DEV target.

FREE Accuracy Precision Rifle Shooting Target

On this load development target, all your load data fits neatly in the boxes under each target. The diamonds have 1/2″ sides and you can align your cross-hairs on the horizontal and vertical lines. When we test, we crank in a little elevation, setting the point-of-impact higher. That way our shots fall in the gray circles, leaving the red diamonds intact for precise aiming.

Storm Tactical Targets — Hundreds of FREE, Printable Targets

AccurateShooter Free downloadable tactical storm print targets shooting paper PDFIf you want an even greater selection of targets, specialized for PRS and NRL shooters, Storm Tactical offers a vast collection of tactical targets, available in three different versions: MOA, MIL Yards, and MIL Meters. These target sets were created with input from Sniper’s Hide. Storm Tactical also created a great rimfire target set. This includes side-by-side target blocks for fun, one-on-one competition. If you shoot NRL22 or just enjoy shooting with a buddy, we highly recommend the rimfire target set.

Overall there are 299 Storm Tactical Targets in four sets.

CLICK links to launch each Storm Tactical target collection. Then you can click the download icon to save to your hard drive. OR, you can scroll up and down to select the target(s) you like which you can tell your printer to print. We do recommend downloading the complete archives. File sizes are listed.

Storm Tactical MOA TARGET PACK, 62 Targets, 28 MB PDF file.

Storm Tactical MILRAD Target Pack — YARDS, 174 Targets, 96 MB PDF file.

Storm Tactical MILRAD Target Pack — METERS, 57 Targets, 31 MB PDF file.

Storm Tactical RIMFIRE Target Pack, 6 Targets, 4.6 MB PDF file.

AccurateShooter Free downloadable tactical storm print targets shooting paper PDF

AccurateShooter Free downloadable tactical storm print targets shooting paper PDF

tikka t3 tactical
Here’s a Tikka T3 in Third Eye Tactical cerakoted chassis.

Rimfire Twin Target, for One-on-One Shooter Challenges

AccurateShooter Free downloadable tactical storm print targets shooting paper PDF

You’ll find this fun target on the third page of the Rimfire Target Pack. Just download the PDF file and instruct your printer to deliver page three. Or print out all six (6) rimfire targets if you like.

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April 6th, 2024

Saturday Movies: Precision Rifle Showcase from Alabama Arsenal

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Barrett Savage CZ 457 suppressors

With over 340 shooting-related videos, the Alabama Arsenal YouTube Channel is a remarkable resource. This video channel provides detailed field tests of tactical-type rifles, ARs, and pistols. The testers have access to some very impressive ranges, and many of the tests are far more thorough than you’ll typically find with most gun magazines and gun-centric YouTube channels. For example, Alabama Arsenal (AA) has a series of 1000+ round pistol test videos. These are well worth watching if you are considering purchase of a defensive handgun.

Today we showcase multiple rifle videos covering two centerfire rifles, and three precision rimfire rigs. After these field test videos, you’ll find an interesting technical video which investigates how suppressors can affect muzzle velocity.

Barrett MRAD .300 PRC at 2200 Yards — Extreme Long Range

Here’s a rugged tactical rifle put to the test at Extreme Long Range. This video, featuring a Barrett MRAD chambered for the .300 PRC cartridges, features accuracy testing out to 2200 yards (1.25 miles). There is some good drone footage covering the long path to the target. The shooter noted that the bullets fired from his .300 PRC “go sub-sonic somewhere between 1800 and 1900 yards”, creating additional ballistics challenges at this yardage.

Savage 110 Elite Precision for PRS Production Class

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Elite Precision 110 Savage PRS NRL suppressor

In this video AA’s team reviews the Savage Elite Precision Rifle with MDT ACC Chassis. Retailing for about $1810.00 in 6mm Creedmoor, this is one of the better production class options for PRS and NRL competition. Starting at the 3:10 time-mark, the video shows how all the adjustments function on the MDC ACC Chassis. Guns America Digest did a full review of this rifle, and was quite impressed.

Rimfire .22 LR Bergara B-14R in WOOX Furiosa Hybrid Chassis

Alabama Arsenal recently tested a .22 LR Bergara B-14R rimfire rifle fitted with the WOOX Furiosa hybrid chassis system, an Italian-made product featuring wood sections over a strong aluminum core chassis. The bolt operation and ergonomics of the B-14R simulate a Remington 700 very closely, making this rifle good for rimfire cross-training. The B14-R model tested was the version with carbon-wrapped barrel.

Bergara B-14R rimfire rifle woox furiosa chassis alabama arsenal

The WOOX Furiosa is an innovative, unique aftermarket replacement chassis. This high-tech hybrid stock/chassis combines wood sections over a full-length, aerospace-grade aluminum skeleton chassis, giving it the “feel” of a wood stock with the strength and stability of a metal stock. We like the way the stock feels on the trigger hand in particular and the smooth wood cheekpiece is also very nice. Made in Italy, the Furiosa is offered in three versions all with wood sections on the forearm, grip area, and cheekpiece. Choose natural Walnut Brown, Micarta Black, or Midnight Grey. Alabama Arsenal tested a B14-R fitted with the Micarta Black version. Below are photos of a centerfire rifle in a WOOX Furiosa hybrid chassis, with the Brown Walnut elements.

woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal
woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal
woox walnut hybrid skeleton furiosa chassis alabama arsenal

CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer and Chassis

In this video, Alabama Arsenal compares two higher-end versions of the popular CZ 457 rimfire rifle, a great choice for the NRL22 and PRS 22 disciplines. The test compares the CZ 457 in a Manners composite stock with a CZ 457 version in a Varmint Precision aluminum chassis. Right now basic CZ 457 rifles start at about $540.00, with the Varmint Precision models running $930 for the metal chassis version and $1130 for the Manners carbon-fiber composite stock model.

CZ 457 test rifle video chassis

Informational Video about Rifle and Pistol Suppressors

Alabama Arsenal regularly tests its firearms with suppressors. Over time, the testing team has leaned much about modern sound moderators, comparing features and learning how to install and maintain quality suppressors. Here is an interesting video that shows how suppressors affect shot velocities.

Field Testing — Do Suppressors Change Bullet Velocity

Want to see more content like this? Here are LINKS…

Alabama Arsenal has nearly 300 videos on its YouTube channel. In addition, you’ll find dozens of firearms photos and other shooting-related content on Alabama Arsenal’s social media pages: Facebook; Instagram; and Twitter. You can support the Arsenal’s gun testing by subscribing to the Alabama Arsenal’s PATREON Page.

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April 4th, 2024

Good Videos for Tactical Marksmen and PRS/NRL Competitors

practical PRS NRL shooting tactical rifle videos ryan cleckner

Former Army Ranger sniper instructor Ryan Cleckner is the author of the best-selling Long Range Shooting Handbook. Cleckner hosts a series of videos that cover shooting techniques appropriate for tactical and PRS-type disciplines. Here are five short videos that cover various aspects of shooting techniques and rifle set-up. We think PRS/NRL competitors (and long-range hunters) can benefit from these videos.

“Consistency is the key to accuracy.

You need to think about a system of how you’re going to shoot that is not only comfortable, but [is] repeatable when you’re shooting.” — Ryan Cleckner

In this first video, Cleckner explains proper scope position. Ryan finds that some shooters place the scope too far forward or too far rearward. If the scope is too far back you may have issues with eye relief and stock reach to shoulder. If it is too far forward, you may have cheek-weld problems or get neck strain.

Cleckner offers a simple method to check your scope position: “To see if your scope is set up properly … close your eyes, lay your head on your gun, get completely comfortable, and only when you are set-up, then open your eyes. If you can’t see clearly through your scope, CHANGE something [such as comb height or scope position]”. “When you open your eyes, if you see some scope shadow [i.e. the black ring around the edge of the scope picture], figure out which way you need to move your head to get rid of that shadow, and then make adjustments to either your position, the rifle, or the scope.”

Cleckner prefers shooting off a bag when in the prone position, when that is practical. The bag provides a more stable support than a small Harris-type bipod, doesn’t require pre-loading the rifle, and there is less bounce or hop on recoil.

Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner explains how important it is to keep your rifle straight up and down when long-range precision shooting. Cleckner demonstrates with an AR-10 modern sporting rifle how slight cant to your rifle can cause a miss over long distances.

Here Cleckner covers some of the basic points of trigger control on tactical-style rifles. These basic principles apply to both single-stage and two-stage triggers. NOTE: For benchrest rigs, with ultra-light pull weights, more refined techniques may be appropriate.

In tactical events, when you’re shooting on the clock and loading from a detachable magazine, you should manipulate the bolt smoothly but strongly. Here Cleckner demonstrates how to cycle a tactical-type rifle. He says, “You should be running the bolt on your rifle with authority. Run it like you mean it!” NOTE: Completely different techniques are appropriate for custom benchrest rifles that manually feed.

Long Range Shooting Handbook — A Good Resource
Cleckner’s Long Range Shooting Handbook covers a wide range of topics important for precision marksmanship — both shooting skills and technical matters. You can view Sample Chapters from Ryan’s Book on Cleckner’s book is designed as an intro to key concepts such as MOA vs. Mils, External Ballistics, and Environmental Effects. Included are personal tips and advice based on Cleckner’s years of experience as a sniper instructor and special operations sniper.

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is divided into three main categories: What It Is/How It Works, Fundamentals, and How to Use It. “What It Is/How It Works” covers equipment, terminology, and basic principles. “Fundamentals” covers the theory of long range shooting. “How to Use It” gives practical advice on implementing what you’ve learned, so you can progress as a skilled, long range shooter. Overall, this is one of the best resources available for tactical shooters and PRS/NRL competitors.

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April 1st, 2024

NIH Warns of Condition Affecting Tactical Shooters — PRSD

prs nrl tactical april range shooting disorder

With the growing popularity of tactical shooting competitions, unfortunately more and more young males are now suffering from psychological issues, some of which are quite serious. For this reason, the National Institute of Healthe (NIH) recently published an advisory stating that health professionals should watch for worrisome issues that commonly arise with participants in PRS and NRL competitions:

“Notice: Individuals who compete in PRS/NRL activities may exhibit multiple mental and emotional issues. This is related primarily to competition stress and financial anxiety over excessive costs of PRS/NRL participation. We recommend immediate intervention, particularly if the individual is married.”

These PRS/NRL shooters may exhibit “anger, anxiety, and inability to control emotions” warned the NIH. This typically happens after a poor shooting performance or when the individual contemplates the vast sums of money he has spent on PRS/NRL guns, gear, optics and ammo. The anger and anxiety can be most extreme when a competitor is soundly defeated at the range by other shooters with very inexpensive rifles. This can create anger and even lead to violence or worse, suicidal thoughts.

Compulsive Spending Behavior Among PRS/NRL Participants
In addition, the NIH warned that the initial “rush” and thrill of PRS/NRL competition has lead to compulsive spending behavior, similar to a “gambling addiction”. The individual spends more and more money on gear and equipment when there is no good reason to do so and no performance gain. Analysts explain that the very act of shopping and spending provides an addictive brain reaction which can cause PRS/NRL participants to spend more and more money even after they stop shooting matches. The spending becomes compulsive.

Post Range Shooting Disorder — PRSD

Analyzing the behavior and emotions of precision shooters, psychotherapists have adopted a new terminology for the mix of troublesome issues that PRS/NRL competitors exhibit in great numbers. The disturbed condition has been deemed “PRSD” which stands for Post Range Shooting Disorder (PRSD).

prs nrl tactical april range shooting disorder

PRSD is most acute with PRS/NRL competitors who spend huge sums of money yet perform poorly at matches. The anxiety is increased with young married men who cannot reveal to their spouses the true costs of their precision shooting hobby. That in turn leads to guilt, conflict, and higher rates of divorce.

Psychotherapists have observed multiple symptoms of PRSD among competitive shooters, particularly those who have spent over $5000 on their shooting gear yet regularly get beaten by others with cheap factory rifles. That leads to anger, frustration, and other negative emotions.

Do you know someone with PRSD? Look for these common symptoms and behavior patterns:

1. Lack of control over purchasing and spending
2. Challenged relationships (esp. Wife issues)
3. Inability to control emotions
4. Lack of focus during working hours
5. Negative self-perception and self-loathing
6. Avoidance of certain places (such as ranges where scores were poor)
7. Sleep disturbances and nightmares
8. Making grumpy posts on social media
9. Boredom in reloading room
10. Increased beer consumption

prs nrl tactical april range shooting disorder

How to Cope with PRSD

Psychotherapists and counselors have found that PRSD can be significantly lessened with conscious, sustained effort over the course of many weeks. They recommend a five-stage plan:

1. Stop buying new tactical rifles and optics, and maxing out your credit cards.
2. If married, give $3 to your wife for every $1 you spend on your gun hobby.
3. Limit monthly PRS/NRL spending to one-half of your rent/mortgage.
4. Stop keeping score at PRS/NRL matches — chill and relax.
5. Get another hobby.

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March 27th, 2024

2023 AG Cup Match on Shooting USA TV Today

Armageddon Gear AG Cup Invitational Shooting USA

Precision Rifle fans should watch Shooting USA this week. On Wednesday, March 27, 2024 Shooting USA offers a special edition devoted to the 2023 Armageddon Gear (AG) Cup Invitational. The AG Cup posts the biggest cash money match in Precision Rifle Competition. It’s an elimination format shot over three days of challenging competition on stages of fire created at K and M Precision’s ranges in West Tennessee. On the final day, the top competitors face ten courses of fire to determine who will claim the Armageddon Gear AG Cup. This is the fifth year of the invitation-only match for America’s top Precision Rifle shooters, with the potential reward of huge cash prizes.

Armageddon Gear AG Cup Invitational Shooting USA
Armageddon Gear AG Cup Invitational Shooting USA

This 2023 AG Cup video has good footage of the stages and views downrange.

It’s the fifth year for the richest rifle tournament in the world. The AG Cup is the brainchild of Tom Fuller, the owner of Armageddon Gear, and to say it’s a success is a bit of an understatement. Over $70,000 in prize money was up for grabs, with a huge cash prize for the overall match winner.

Armageddon Gear AG Cup Invitational Shooting USA

Shooting USA runs on the Outdoor Channel Wednesdays 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central.
No Outdoor Channel on cable? Then you can subscribe to Stream the Broadcast on the internet

Armageddon Gear Website | Arena Training Facility Website

Armageddon Gear AG Cup Invitational Shooting USA

This video shows highlights from the 2022 AG Cup, with many stages illustrated.

Arena Training Facility — 2300 Acres
The 2300-acre Arena Training Facility is a premier shooting facility with multiple shooting ranges from 50m to 2100m. Arena’s 1000-yard covered Known Distance range offers multiple benches, steel and paper targets out to 1000 yards. On Arena’s UKD (unknown distance) range shooters can engage steel out to 2300 yards. This 2100m UKD range boasts a 3-Story Shooting Tower, Air-Conditioned Shoot House, and multiple Positional

arena training facility Georgia

Armaggedon Gear — Tactical Accessories
Armageddon Gear, founded by former U.S. Army Ranger Tom Fuller, sells support bags, gun cases, slings, suppressor covers, scope covers, and a wide variety of other accessories popular with the PRS/NRL crowd. Armageddon Gear now provides products to the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, as well as PRS/NRL competitors.

Armageddon Gear Game-Changer Bag
Game Changer PRS bag

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March 13th, 2024

Team Savage’s Matt Alwine Wins Multiple NRL and PRS Matches

savage elite precision ultralite custom 6mm creedmoor 25 caliber hunter match

With custom rifles growing more and more expensive each year it is great to see that factory-built “precision” rifles can be fully competitive in PRS/NRL competition.

A Savage ace recently won matches in both the NRL Hunter Series and the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Team Savage shooter Matt Alwine kicked off March with a first-place triumph in the NRL Hunter Series at the Mason Valley Steel Hunter match. This marks the third consecutive win in the 2024 NRL Hunter Series for the team and Alwine. The following weekend, Matt Alwine obtained an additional first-place win at the Central Coast Chaos match in the Precision Rifle Series in California.

Alwine topped the field at the Mason Valley Steel Hunter match in Julian, California using a Savage 110 Ultralite Elite custom chambered in 25 Creedmoor. Alwine secured first in Open Heavy, and first overall in the Open Light division. At the Central Coast Chaos match in San Luis Obispo, California Alwine secured top marks with a 110 Elite Precision in 6mm Creedmoor, where Alwine placed first in Production Class.

The NRL Hunter Match Series challenges skilled marksmen and women, testing their ability in a variety of shooting scenarios. For future match dates and details on the NRLH Hunter Match Series visit Additional match details, as well as up-to-date scoreboards upcoming matches, can be found at

Video Reviews of the Savage 110 Elite Precision:

This Alabama Arsenal video shows the Savage 110 Elite Precision on PRS Match stages using bags, tripods, and bipods, firing from stone barriers, field frames, and wood platform supports. If you are in the market for a PRS rifle, this video, which now has 346,000 views, is well worth watching. It covers specific features including trigger, chassis, magazines, and Atlas attachment.

savage elite precision ultralite custom 6mm creedmoor 25 caliber hunter match
savage elite precision ultralite custom 6mm creedmoor 25 caliber hunter match

With these most recent wins, Team Savage continues to move through the 2024 shooting season triumphantly. Visit for Savage Team updates and more information on Savage’s NRL/PRS chassis rifles.

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February 23rd, 2024

Good Guide for NRL22 Competitors — Rimfire Revolution Book

17 HM2 Mach 2 rimfire

Do you shoot NRL22 matches, or are you thinking of getting started in that rapidly-growing discipline? Then grab a copy of Rimfire Revolution: A Complete Guide to Modern .22 Rifles. Released in summer 2021, this book covers rimfire rifles and shooting disciplines. Order the print version for $20.99 from Gun Digest, $30.29 from Amazon Direct or $26.29 from Amazon Third Parties. Or get a digital Kindle Edition for $17.99 from Amazon.

This Gun Digest book has become a “go-to” resource for NRL22 and PRS Rimfire shooters. Key topics included in this 2021 Edition full-color Gun Digest book include: rimfire semi-autos and how they work; bolt-action accuracy; match shooting skills; DIY precision gunsmithing; hunting with rimfires; and the future of the rimfire market.

With the growth of rimfire tactical competition, the .22-Caliber rimfire rifle is more popular than ever. Every major gun manufacturer has brought at least one new .22 LR rimfire rifle to the market in the last two years. Gun Digest’s Rimfire Revolution has extensive coverage of new models from major manufacturers.

The .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR) is the planet’s most popular ammunition type and firearm chambering. The .22 LR is used in the Olympics by 3P marksmen, but it also serves benchrest competitors, NRL22 shooters, backyard plinkers, small-game hunters, and tactical trainers. With the expansion of NRL22 matches (and the PRS equivalent), the humble .22 LR is undergoing a major resurgence in the USA. And with centerfire reloading components being so costly and difficult to find, many folks are shooting less centerfire, but way more rimfire.

This 272-page book also covers .17-caliber rimfire cartridges: 17 HM2 (Mach 2), 17 HMR, and 17 WSM. These are all excellent varmint rounds, with the 17 WSM effective out to 250 yards. The 17 HM2 will run in a normal .22 LR action and feed from standard .22 LR magazines. So, for most rifles, all you need to do a .22 LR to 17 HM2 conversion is a barrel switch. That gives your rimfire rig twice the versatility. Shoot .22s and .17s with the same gun.

17 HM2 Mach 2 rimfire

NRL22 — Challenging Practical Competition with .22 LR Rifles

The USA has seen a big growth in rimfire tactical matches over the last five years. Right now there are probably ten times as many rimfire tactical matches as sanctioned PRS and NRL centerfire matches. The reason is simple — rimfire ammo is much less costly, and clubs can run challenging rimfire tactical matches at nearly any outdoor gun range that allows shooting out to 200+ yards.

NRL22 Competition — Tactical Rimfire Matches
The NRL22 match format is a great shooting discipline. NRL22 offers a high fun factor at relatively low cost. You don’t have to reload match ammo. A couple of 50-round boxes of .22 LR ammo will get you through the match. While some people bring lots of gear to matches, that’s by choice and not by necessity. You can keep it simple and still be competitive (and win).

jonathan Ocab v-22 vudoo action MPA BA Comp chassis rimfire tactical NRL22 sunday gunday Center-X 6mm creedmoor PRS

Tips for NRL22 Competitors
by Jonathan Ocab
I am a match director at my gun club and run our local NRL22 matches. People often ask me for tips for competing in NRL22. First, I recommend getting the course of fire for the month in advance and practicing those stages at the range. Here are other specific tips that should help NRL22 competitors improve their gun-handling and match results.

1. Dry Fire Practice — If you are not able to do live fire practice at the range, I encourage shooters to practice their shooting positions at home via dry fire. Setup props or barricades with pasters or other faux targets on a wall in the garage or inside the house and run through each stage.

2. Scope Magnification Level — The most common issue I see with newer shooters in NRL22 is the tendency to maximize their scope magnification. The timer will start, and the shooter gets into position on a target, but the scope is set to 15x or higher and the shooter can’t find the target. The shooter lowers the magnification, locates the target, and then increases the magnification again, takes the shot, transitions to another target, and repeats the process of decreasing magnification, locating target, etc. Novice NRL22 shooters should try using the mid-range magnification. Try shooting 7x-12x and learn to balance field of view and target image.

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February 14th, 2024

Hornady Becomes Precision Rifle Series Title Sponsor for 2024

hornady a-tip match ammunition title sponsor Precision Rifle Series PRS

Hornady is now the official Title Sponsor of the Precision Rifle Series. This is a major step up in sponsorship levels for Hornady. Previously Hornady sponsored special events such as the Precision Rifle Challenge. Now Hornady will be the lead sponsor of all PRS centerfire events. Hornady Marketing Director Neil Davies stated: “We are excited for the opportunity to be the Title Sponsor of the Precision Rifle Series. Being the Official Bullet and Official Ammunition of the PRS and becoming the Title Sponsor solidifies our commitment to the sport and the PRS as an organization.”

Ken Wheeler, PRS Director, stated: “We are beyond thrilled to officially announce our 2024 partnership with Hornady as our Title Sponsor and the Official Bullet and Ammunition of the Precision Rifle Series. Hornady is an industry leader and very involved in the PRS community, their … award-winning match bullets and ammunition make them exceptional partners of the largest precision rifle organization[.]”

hornady a-tip match ammunition title sponsor Precision Rifle Series PRSHornady A-Tip Match Is Official Bullet of PRS
In connection with Hornady’s sponsorship, the Hornady A-Tip® Match has been named the official bullet of the PRS centerfire series. And Hornady MATCH ammo has been listed as the official PRS factory ammunition. NOTE: This does not make the use of A-Tips or Hornady Ammo mandatory in any respect, but these products will be promoted in connection with Hornady’s PRS sponsorship efforts.

We have shot Hornady A-Tip bullets in various platforms and have been impressed. The BCs are very good and A-Tips are capable of excellent accuracy if you inspect the tips for imperfections and sort the bullets by weight and base-to-ogive measurement. These A-Tips represent a significant design effort by Hornady: “Years of research and testing by the Hornady Ballistic Development Group, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and quality control measures, have led to the creation of the ultimate low-drag, high-performance A-Tip® Match bullet.”

hornady a-tip match ammunition title sponsor Precision Rifle Series PRS
In recent seasons, Hornady has sponsored PRS events such as the Precision Rifle Challenge.

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned business based in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly selling Made-in-USA products, Hornady Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool, accessory, and security product design and manufacturing.

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January 14th, 2024

Sunday GunDay: Hot Rod Ruger — Customized Purple RPR

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod
Check out that bolt assembly. It features a fluted stainless bolt body, laser-engraved Titanium shroud, and Titanium dragon-scale bolt knob with polished stainless handle.

You haven’t seen a Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) like this before. Forum member TerryH has customized his Second-Gen 6.5 Creedmoor RPR with a wicked purple finish, snazzy stainless/titanium bolt, and slick HDPE (polymer) bag-riders front and rear. The mods on this Hot Rod Ruger don’t stop there. Terry added a Seekins hand rail, Timney trigger, ergonomic grip, and more…

For his Hot Rod Ruger, Terry has the right skill set, learned on the job: “I work in a body shop and have pretty much custom-painted all my stuff for many years. For this 6.5 CM RPR, colors of choice are House of Kolor PBC-65 Passion Purple and black covered with Cerakote MC-161 matte clear.” Terry even painted his Bald Eagle rest purple to match his Hot Rod RPR.

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

Terry reports: “I’m shooting an RPR in 6.5 CM. It has a Patriot Valley Arms 26″ barrel. Josh at PVA is making a thread protector for me so I can remove the Mad Scientist brake. The butt stock has a V-Tab adjustable butt plate and Wiebad check rest pad. Glass is a currently a Vortex Gen I PST 6-24x50mm but I have a Golden Eagle on layaway”. To learn more about this rifle or ask TerryH questions about the build, visit this AccurateShooter FORUM THREAD.

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

Ruger Precision Rifle Modifications:
Chassis and Handguards Painted Passion Purple
Patriot Valley Arms 26″ Barrel with Brake
Timney Trigger with Ambi Safety
Custom HDPE (Polymer) Bag-Riders front and Rear
V-Tab adjustable butt plate and Wiebad cheek-pad
Seekins Rail

Good Accuracy with Factory Ammunition
Terry reports: “The RPR is shooting .3 MOA @ 100 with factory Fed American Eagle 140s.” Terry plans to start handloading for the rifle with the goal of shooting F-Class matches next year: “I’ve successfully shot steel out to 1140 yards on the range but [I don’t know] if that will actually translate well in a match. I’m committed to practicing as much as I can and starting to shoot some matches in 2018.”

Front and Rear Bag-Riders with Protektor Rear Bag and Upgraded Bald Eagle Rest
Terry has engineered a slick set-up for F-Open competition and load testing. Up front is a Bald Eagle rest upgraded with windage knob mod, stainless F-Class feet, and longer adjusters. Terry also “changed the hardware to all stainless and added a couple of levels”. In the rear, Terry runs a Protektor Doctor rear bag with 1″ ear spacing.

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

Impressive additions are the custom HDPE bag-riders Terry crafted himself: “I realized that the butt stock wasn’t going to cut it on the rear bag and even though I got the 2 1/4″ front bag and the Seekins rail is 2″ wide and flat that it wasn’t as stable or smooth as I’d like.” So Terry made his own front and rear bag-riders from HDPE, a material similar to Delrin. Currently the front unit is 2.25″ wide, but Terry will be changing that to a 3″-wide front sled: “I decided that I’d get a 3″-wide front bag and mill a new front bag-rider. I’m going to recess the center to fit around the hand guard and I’ll mill a recess on the bottom of that one.”

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

Shown below is the Hot Rod Ruger before Terry added the HPDE Bag-Riders front and rear. Terry says the rifle now handles much better with the bag riders, and he plans to upsize the front sled to 3″ width.

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

Bling’s the Thing. Below is the Hot Rod Ruger’s bolt assembly. It features a custom flat-fluted bolt shaft, laser-engraved Titanium shroud and Titanium dragon-scale knob with polished stainless handle. Terry confesses: “I simply can’t resist anything shiny!”

Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Purple Hot Rod

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January 10th, 2024

Gear Guide — Getting Started in PRS and NRL Competition

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list

Report by Craig Arnzen,
It’s easy to think about shooting your first precision rifle match and worry about all of the gear and trinkets that you may need to make it through. In reality, the old rules apply — keep it simple.

We wanted to put together for you a no-nonsense list of the Top Five Gear Items you need for your first match. This list focuses on the “must-have” items you’ll need for PRS-Style competitions.

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list support bag dope scope

1. A Rifle (That is Reliable and Sub-MOA Accurate)

Your rifle is the most obvious piece of kit, but we can give you a little more information. Most of the guys you’ll find out there are shooting 6.5 Creedmoor. Yeah, there are guys using .308 Wins and 6mm Dashers, but the 6.5 Creedmoor makes up more than half of the rounds shot in PRS competition, when looking at both national and club matches. Your comp rig needs to be mag-fed and shoot better than 1 MOA. It DOESN’T need to be better than 0.5 MOA (half-MOA). With most targets being 2-3 MOA in size, a half-MOA gun will do just fine. More accuracy is better of course, but you don’t need an exotic quarter-MOA rig to win.

[Editor’s NOTE: PRS does offer a Gas Gun division, but most guys start out with a bolt-action rifle, which will be less maintenance-intensive than an AR-platform rig.]

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list support bag dope scope

Muzzle brakes, like our Area 419 Hellfire, are also very popular as much of the PRS game is recoil management. If you can’t see your misses, you’re sure to have more of them.

The rifle also needs an optic with repeatable clicks and a reticle with Mil- or MOA-based hashmarks. The clicks can be either Mil system or MOA system (Mil is more common), so long as the click values match the reticle (i.e. you don’t want 1/4-moa clicks with a Mil-marked reticle). How much power do you need? Anything that zooms in the mid-teens will suffice. I could shoot a match with a fixed 12X scope and not feel disadvantaged. We love the Kahles K624i, if you’re looking for a suggestion.

Oh, and you’ll want a bipod — but the choice in bipod deserves a whole separate article by itself. Nothing wrong with starting out with a Harris swivel. Then you might look at different bipods on other competitors’ rifles for comparison.

2. Ammunition — Factory Ammo and Hand-loads

Good ammo is important, but as we discuss above, 0.5 MOA is good enough. Also, speed is great but it matters FAR less than you’d think. Drop can be calculated with precision, and distances are normally known, so a slightly flatter trajectory doesn’t really matter. Wind matters, but the difference you’ll find when eeking out that last 50 fps is very, very small.

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list support bag dope ammo ammunition
Federal, Hornady, and Prime all make quality ammo that is widely used by shooters from local to national matches. Facebook photo by CReece.

Precision Handloads
If you want to run down the rabbit hole of finding that perfect ammo that shoots in the “twos” (0.2 MOA), get yourself an AutoTrickler and some of our billet aluminum accessories — you’ll love the setup.

3. A Versatile Support Bag

There are countless bag options. But there is ONE bag you’ll see everywhere, and for good reason. The Game-Changer from Armageddon Gear is aptly named. Many shooters use it as a barricade bag as well as a rear bag, meaning a guy could get away with using only this bag for an entire match. If you need another bag when you get there, ask someone in your squad, they’ll share. I promise.

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list support bag Gamechanger Game-changer Armageddon Gear dope scope

4. Ballistics Calculator APP

All PRS/NRL shooters need reliable and accurate ballistic solutions. The software-enabled Kestrel is a very common item on the range, but you’ll also see lots of guys using mobile Apps such as Shooter or Applied Ballistics Mobile, and they have great results.

It’s also handy to have an armband or an item like the Hawk Hill data card holder for stages with various targets at differing ranges. Once the RO says “engage” and your mind stops working, you’ll appreciate having it written down.

5. Hearing Protection

PRS Competitors shoot with brakes and sometimes in enclosed spaces. That’s why you need serious hearing protection. We recommend NRR 33 earplugs, doubled up with Electronic Muffs to hear range commands. I have used the 33 dB NRR Mack’s foamies at matches for most of the last year, and the Howard Leight NRR 33 Max-1s are also very effective. The budget-priced (under $55) Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic muffs work well, but premium electronic muffs may be more comfortable.

PRS Precison Rifle Series getting started equipment list support bag Gamechanger Game-changer Armageddon Gear dope scope

Growing in popularity are high-tech, in-ear digital units like the ESP Stealth. I have a set of linked ESP Steaths on the way and hope to evaluate them soon. These are supposed to be very good, but the ESP Stealths cost $2100.00 per pair!

Think we missed something? Have more questions? Let us know.


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December 23rd, 2023

Tactical Titles — Four Good Books for PRS/NRL Competitors

PRS NRL precision rifle training book print resource manual gun handling instruction

Are you looking to get started in PRS and NRL practical precision rifle competition? Or perhaps you’d like to advance your skill set so you can place higher in big matches (and get your hands on those prize table items)? Of course there is no substitute for trigger time in the field, but there ARE some great print resources. These four books can help you select the right equipment, improve your shooting skills, make better wind calls, increase your fitness, and develop a more efficient between-match training program.

Tactical Practical PRS Precision Rifle Series NRL NRL22 good books

1. Precision Rifle Marksmanship: The Fundamentals

Frank Galli, $26.03 Paperback, $15.99 Kindle

Frank Galli rifle marksmanship PRS NRL precision rifle training book print resource manual gun handling instruction

Frank Galli (aka “LowLight”) is the founder/head honcho of, the most active tactical community on the internet. Galli is also a retired USMC scout-sniper. Practical Precision Rifle shooting is one of the hottest trends in competitive shooting today. PRS and NRL matches draw big turn-outs and boast impressive prize tables. Galli’s Precision Rifle Marksmanship (#ad) book covers the fundamentals of precision marksmanship with easy-to-understand methodology. The book uses the same instruction process that Galli uses in his live marksmanship classes.

As Sniper’s Hide guru Frank Galli explains, there is no voodoo when it comes to precision rifle marksmanship, but there are techniques that, when practiced, make the difference between good marksmanship and great marksmanship. Understanding the reasons that a bullet hits or doesn’t hit its intended target at ultra-long distances is a crucial element to learning. Galli’s explanations of how to understand and compensate for wind speed and direction are excellent — Galli offers great wind-reading advice.

Published in 2020, this 272-page well-illustrated book covers the latest equipment (scopes, LRFs, chassis systems, mags, bags, bipods, tripods) favored by tactical competitors in PRS/NRL type matches.

2. Long Range Shooting Handbook

Ryan Cleckner, $22.46 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle

Ryan Cleckner’s Long Range Shooting Handbook (#ad) is the best-selling modern book on practical rifle skills. A former U.S. Army sniper instructor, Cleckner is knowledgeable, and his text is well-organized and chock full of good information. You can view Sample Chapters on

Ryan Cleckner’s highly-regarded Long Range Shooting Handbook is designed as an intro to important fundamental concepts such as MOA vs. Mils, External Ballistics, and Environmental Effects. Included are personal tips and advice based on Cleckner’s years of experience as a sniper instructor and special operations sniper.

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is divided into three main categories: What It Is/How It Works, Fundamentals, and How to Use It. “What It Is/How It Works” covers equipment, terminology, and basic principles. “Fundamentals” covers the theory of long range shooting. “How to Use It” gives practical advice on implementing what you’ve learned, so you can progress as a skilled, long range shooter. This book will benefit any long-range shooter, not just PRS/NRL competitors.

3. IMPACT! — Training and Preparing for Precision Rifle Matches

Rodney Maze, $14.99 Paperback, $4.99 Kindle

PRS NRL precision rifle training book print resource manual gun handling instruction

Impact!, by PRS competitor Rodney Maze, is an entry/intermediate level guide to preparing yourself and your equipment to compete in precision rifle type matches. It will also benefit anyone looking to learn about practical-style long range and precision shooting. We recommend you check it out for yourself — there are 20 Pages of free sample content(#ad) on Amazon. Topics covered include:

— Rifle, optic, and equipment selection
— Setting up your rifle, bags, tripods for PRS/NRL matches
— Understanding ballistics and how to record and use ballistic data
— Techniques for using holdovers for multi-target stages
— Gun skills, rapid fire techniques, clearing malfunctions
— Shooting off of barricades, and specialty stages
— Effects of wind and how to improve your wind calls
— Tips for live fire and dry fire practice
— Preparing yourself and your equipment for a match
— Mental strategies and techniques

Impact! is illustrated with plenty of photographs. Topics are divided logically, and concepts are explained in clear language. Also included is an extensive glossary of terms used in precision shooting and a list of additional resources you can use to further pursue your precision shooting knowledge. This book also includes a handy Appendix with formatted pages for recording data about your rifle, scope, and ammunition. There is also a Wind table for recording your rifle “dope” and wind hold-offs. Lastly, Impact! has a useful table of unit conversions.

4. Practical Shooter’s Guide

Marcus Blanchard, $19.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle

Marcus Blanchard Practical Shooter's Guide

Thinking of getting started in the Practical/Tactical shooting game? Looking for ways to be more stable when shooting from unconventional positions? Then you may want to read Marcus Blanchard’s Practical Shooter’s Guide (A How-To Approach for Unconventional Firing Positions and Training) (#ad). Unlike almost every “how to shoot” book on the market, Blanchard’s work focuses on the shooting skills and positions you need to succeed in PRS matches and similar tactical competitions. Blanchard provides clear advice on shooting from barricades, from roof-tops, from steep angles. Blanchard says you need to train for these types of challenges: “I believe the largest factor in the improvement of the average shooter isn’t necessarily the gear; it’s the way the shooter approaches obstacles and how they properly train for them.”

As an Amazon affiliate, this site can earn revenues through sales commissions.

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