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January 24th, 2024

Important Meetings with Governors and State AGs at SHOT Show

shot show 2024 governors forum

Starting at 1:00 pm PST, SHOT Show will host two very important meetings that are key to the defense of Americans’ Second Amendment Rights in this country. First, the Governor’s Forum will be held. Many governors (mostly from “red” states) are expected to attend. This will be followed at 4:00 pm PST with the NSSF State Attorneys General Forum.

governors forumNSSF Governors Forum
NSSF will host several governors to speak about the importance of the firearm industry to their state, efforts to attract firearm- and ammunition-related businesses and the benefits of those businesses to their state economies today. The Governors’ Forum will be held today from 1-2 PM at The Venetian Expo, Palazzo M (5th Floor).

NSSF Attorneys General Forum
Several state attorneys general will gather for a first-ever event involving the top law enforcement agents in several states. “Boots & Badges” will be a laid back and interactive discussion with several state attorneys general fighting the legal battle against the Biden administration and other politically-driven attacks against the firearm and ammunition industry and Second Amendment rights. The event will be held today from 4-5 PM on the Great Outdoors Plaza, right outside Caesars Forum.

Here is a recording from last year’s 2023 Governors Forum:

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January 3rd, 2024

Many State Governors Will Attend SHOT Show 2024

NSSF shot show governors forum las vegas 2024

NSSF shot show governors forum las vegas 2024NSSF — the National Shooting Sports Foundation — will host the 3rd Annual Governors’ Forum at SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas. At least six state governors will attend the Governors’ Forum this year. Key subjects will include: the importance of the firearm industry to their states, Second Amendment rights of their citizens, and challenges for gun rights in the United States.

Confirmed for the Governors’ Forum, in alphabetical order of states, are:

Idaho – Governor Brad Little

Montana – Governor Greg Gianforte

Nebraska – Governor Jim Pillen

Nevada – Governor Joe Lombardo

Oklahoma – Governor Kevin Stitt

Wyoming – Governor Mark Gordon

SHOT Show in Las Vegas runs January 23-26, 2024. The Governors’ Forum, moderated by Keane, will be on Wednesday, Jan. 24 from 1-2 p.m. (local time) Las Vegas time at the Venetian EXPO, Palazzo M (5th Floor). NSSF is hosting governors to discuss the importance of the industry to their state, the legislative landscape and what can and should be done to protect the industry from gun control special interests threatening the firearm and ammunition industry and Second Amendment rights.

“The governors invited to speak at this year’s forum are the leading voices for protecting Second Amendment rights and the firearm and ammunition industry that provides the means for Americans to lawfully exercise those rights,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior VP and General Counsel.

“NSSF’s Governors’ Forum provides a unique opportunity for SHOT Show attendees and industry media to hear directly from those governors, especially as we head into an election year when the Biden administration has squarely taken aim at our industry in an effort to decimate it. [T]his is a truly special chance to gather with these governors in one space to speak about the importance of the firearm industry and Second Amendment freedoms to their states.”

More governors may attend the Forum as schedules permit. The Governors’ Forum is open to all SHOT Show attendees and media. Those interested in attending should register in advance. CLICK HERE to REGISTER.

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December 26th, 2023

SHOT Show 2024 — Floor Tour for Gun Industry Trade Show

las vegas shot show 2024 tour venetian caesars forum map interactive

SHOT Show, the major gun industry trade show of the year, takes place next month in Las Vegas, Nevada. SHOT® stands for “Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade”. The event starts off with the Industry Day at the Range on Monday, January 22, 2024. Then the main show commences on Tuesday, January 23 and runs through Friday, January 26, 2024.

SHOT Show is a huge event, filling two major convention centers — the Venetian Expo and Caesar’s Forum. Over 2,500 companies will attend the event this year, showcasing their products. The 2023 SHOT Show had more than 800,000 net square feet of space reserved by more than 2,500 exhibitors. SHOT Show attracts buyers, retailer reps, and news media from 100+ countries. In years past over 50,000 persons attended SHOT Show, and we expect even more this year. The NSSF, SHOT Show’s organizer, expects this year’s event to draw some “52,000 industry professionals and 2,200 media representatives.”


If you’ll be attending the big event in Las Vegas next month, check out these floor plans. You can CLICK on each level to go to the official SHOT Show website. There you’ll be able to click on specific highlights, such as the New Product Center on Level One or the LE/Tactical Gear Section on Level Two.


las vegas shot show 2024 tour venetian caesars forum map interactive

LEVEL TWO FLOOR TOUR (Caesars Forum & Venetian EXPO)

las vegas shot show 2024 tour venetian caesars forum map interactive


las vegas shot show 2024 tour venetian caesars forum map interactive


las vegas shot show 2024 tour venetian caesars forum map interactive

Book Your Hotel Room Right Away — Don’t Delay
If you plan to attend SHOT Show in Las Vegas next month, be sure to get a hotel booked as soon as possible. Room rates are already jacked up for SHOT Show week, and will get higher the longer you wait. Click the box below to visit hotels and casinos that offer favorable rates for SHOT Show attendees.

las vegas shot show 2024 hotel convention reservations venetian caesars forum map interactive
las vegas shot show 2024 hotel convention reservations venetian caesars forum map interactive

From SHOT Show 2023 — 36 Interesting New Guns

If you’re curious about the SHOT Show experience, check out this video from last year. The popular Backfire YouTube Channel spotlights 36 new firearms featured at last year’s SHOT Show:

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April 9th, 2023

Sunday Showcase: Noteworthy Optics from SHOT Show 2023

ZEISS LRP sightron leupold burris S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show sightron leupold Schmidt bender ffp prs nrl

Over the past 12 months we have seen noteworthy innovations in riflescopes. Some very impressive scopes were showcased at SHOT Show 2023, including the impressive ZEISS LRP S3 FFP optics, and a stunning $5790.00 10-60X Schmidt & Bender. Advanced technology is also being integrated into modern riflescopes, as witnessed by a new Burris optic with a digital display linked to a Ballistic App via Bluetooth.

Gun blogger Jonathan Ocab, a very skilled shooter with both rifles and cameras, visited the booths of numerous optics makers at SHOT Show 2023. In this Sunday Showcase, Jonathan reviews some of the most notable riflescopes seen at SHOT Show. This article features seven optics brands: ZEISS, Sightron, Schmidt & Bender, Leupold, Tangent Theta, Burris, and Bushnell.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scopes — Class-Leading Elevation and Good Value

I stopped by the ZEISS booth to check out the ZEISS LRP S3 scopes that were released in the latter half of 2022. The ZEISS LRP S3 is available in two core models: 4-25x50mm and 6-36x56mm. Both scopes have 34mm main tubes and the minimum parallax distances are 16.4 yards and 10.9 yards for the 4-25X and 6-36X scopes, respectively.


The ZEISS LRP S3 scopes earned attention because the 4-25x50mm version has 46.5 MRAD/160 MOA of elevation travel while the 6-36x56mm has 32 MIL/110 MOA elevation travel. The 32 MIL elevation range of the 6-36X is exceptionally good while the 46.5 MIL elevation travel of the 4-25x50mm is best in class. Nothing else out there really rivals this. The Zeiss LRP S3 turrets and knobs are smooth, with the elevation and windage turrets having tactile clicks with no springy play from click to click.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show ffp prs nrl

Optically, they looked very good and in discussions with people who have LRP S3 scopes, they all indicated the LRP S3 was their favorite scope before stepping into the realm of Kahles, Zero Compromise Optic, and the other very pricey optics.

ZEISS LRP S3 Scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show ffp prs nrl

The ZEISS LRP S3 has an MSRP of $2199.99 and $2499.99 USD for the 5-25x50mm and 6-36x56mm versions, respectively. Given the features and capabilities of the LRP S3 series, I am surprised more people are not using them for NRL22/NRL22X and PRS Rimfire competitions. [Editor: The word is getting out and, and yes, more ZEISS LRP S3s are being used now at NRL22 and PRS rimfire matches.]

Sightron SVIII 5-40×56mm ED FFP

While not new, I needed to check out the Sightron SVIII 5-40x56mm ED FFP which has been out for nearly a year. Sightron’s current flagship scope, the SVIII 4-40x56mm, has a 40mm tube main tube which facilitates the 40 MIL elevation and 20 MIL windage adjustments. The SVIII offers the choice between a traditional crosshair reticle with hashes (LRM reticle) or a tree-style reticle (MH-6).

sightron sviii ed ffp scope ocab 2023 optics SHOT Show sightron leupold Schmidt bender 4-50x56mm

The extra-low dispersion glass in combination with their MC-777 Fully multi-coated optics provides top tier image quality in a package that carries an MSRP of $2899.

Schmidt & Bender 10-60×56mm Scope

Schmidt & Bender showed off its new 10-60x56mm scope. This 10-60x56mm uses a 34mm main tube and I am going to guess that this impacted the elevation travel as the specifications indicate it has only 25 MRAD available. Note that I say ‘only’ because 30 MRAD of elevation travel is becoming a common benchmark in the industry for long range precision rifle scopes.

s&b schmidt bender 10-60x56mm ffp sfp m1FL

The S&B 10-60x56mm is oriented towards competitive rifle shooters including F-Class, benchrest, and (extreme) long range shooters. This is reflected in the M1FL reticle that is used for the 10-60x56mm.

s&b schmidt bender 10-60x56mm ffp sfp m1FL
Schmidt & Bender M1FL reticle (Source: S&B)

Note that the M1FL lacks a tree-style reticle and keeps the field of view clear with a basic crosshair reticle with MIL graduations. It is also important to note that the 10-60x56mm will be available in a Second Focal Plane (SFP) MOA scope with adjustment values of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA.

Schmidt & Bender is supporting either standard 0.1 MIL adjustment turrets or 0.05 MIL using their Multi Turn II turrets. The scope displayed had Mil turrets and was First Focal Plane (FFP). But S&B has posted: “MOA shooters take note: Soon, the 10-60x56mm will be offered with a Second Focal Plane MOA-based reticle and corresponding turret configurations with click values of ¼ or ⅛ MOA. So stay tuned.”

The 10-60x56mm also has the illumination and parallax adjustment on the same turret. While this is not new to scopes in general as many manufacturers do this, many previous S&B scopes have a separate reticle illumination knob which would affect what scope mounts could be used.

Given the reticle choice and the ability to go very fine on the turret adjustments, I feel that this scope will be sought after by F-Class and Benchrest shooters. Not to mention the 60X maximum magnification will turn the rifle scope into a spotting scope as needed (e.g., seeing hit locations when shooting on paper as opposed to electronic targets). The S&B 10-60x56mm is not a scope meant for the NRL/PRS type shooter. shows a starting price of $5790.00 for the the Schmidt & Bender 10-60x56mm. There is also a version priced at $5940.00, making this one of the most expensive optics on the market.

Leupold’s New Mark 5HD 2-10×30mm

I went to the Leupold booth to discover a new Mark 5HD iteration in the form of the 2-10x30mm optic. It is quite apparent, based on the magnification range, that new Mark 5HD 2-10x30mm is meant to compete in the Low Power Variable Optic (LVPO) arena. However, unlike other LVPOs, the Mark 5HD 2-10×30 has adjustable parallax from 40 yards to infinity — thank you Leupold!

leupold mark 5hd LPVO ffp prs nrl

The new Mark 5HD has the typical features found on prior Mark 5HD scopes including a 35mm main tube, locked elevation turret, capped windage turret, and the mini-throw lever on the magnification ring.

The Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30mm will be available in MOA with the PR1 reticle and in MIL with the TMR reticle (either illuminated or non-illuminated), and all are First Focal Plane. The MSRP is $1999.99 for the non-illuminated reticle versions and $2499.99 for the illuminated version.

Tangent Theta TT735P 7-35x56mm

Those who prefer top-tier scopes will be enamored with the new Tangent Theta TT735P scope. Tangent Theta, a Canadian company, produces very exacting scopes that are renowned for their high degree of quality including optics, functional performance, and construction and durability.

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage App

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage AppThe new TT735P from Tangent Theta is a 7-35x56mm zoom scope with a 56mm objective. Unlike the other Tangent Theta models already in production which have a 34mm tube, the TT735P uses a 36mm tube. The TT735P has the same tool-less zeroing turrets which are highly regarded in existing Tangent Theta scopes.

10M Minimum Parallax Distance
The one huge feature in the TT735P is that it has a minimum parallax of 10 meters, which makes it viable for high-end rimfire platforms (e.g. NRL22/PRS). I really do not know how to convey the quality of the TT735P scope to anyone who has not handled a Tangent Theta before. The turrets are superb in tactile feel and the tool-less turret re-zeroing capability is a very exceptional (and useful) feature. This scope also offers a lockable diopter.

The new TT735P scope is one very pricey optic. The Tangent Theta 7-35×56mm is listed on the website as ranging from USD $6,369.00 to USD $6,872.00 depending on reticle.

tangent theta canada 7-35x56mm tt735p tool-less zero windage App
Gen 3 XR reticle is one of the reticle offerings for the TT735P (Source: ATI/TT)

Burris Optics 4-20x50mm Veracity PH with PEK

There is one quite notable new scope that I wanted to bring up that I saw during SHOT Show 2023 and that is the Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App

The Veracity PH is a 4-20x50mm riflescope with a 30mm main tube. It has a MOA reticle with 66 MOA and 37 MOA travel available on 1/4 MOA elevation and windage turrets, respectively. This sounds like a very hunter-oriented scope given the relatively short amount of elevation travel and the fact that it is in MOA. So, given the basic specifications, the Veracity PH is nothing spectacular to behold. That is until you learn more about the Programmable Elevation Knob (PEK) that is featured on the Veracity PH scope.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App

The PEK elevation knob does not have tactile clicks like a normal turret would and freely spins (albeit with tension). The reticle moves up and down mechanically with the erector as it normally should. However, the elevation turret is tied to the PEK system to control a digital display inside the scope’s sight picture. Note: Cant/bubble level is not visible in this photo.

The display shows a distance, the windage hold, and the rifle cant (level). The distance and windage hold values are based on the ballistic profile that will be synced with the scope via the Burris Connect phone App over Bluetooth. Note that you can elect to display the distance (that the elevation knob is set to given the ballistic profile) in yards or meters, or display the MOA dialed on the elevation turret.

burris veracity PH PEK programmable elevation knob windage App
Burris Wind MOA FFP Reticle with PEK. (Source: Burris Optics)

The cant/bubble level in the digital display is probably the highlight feature for me as this gets a level reference in the same plane of vision as the sight picture. No changing focus to the scope rail, scope mount, or the physical scope where a bubble level may be attached. The shooter can stay on target with the sight picture and see the level of the scope (and rifle).

Furthermore, the Burris Optics representative indicated that you can set the zero of the level using the Burris Connect App. The Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm has an MSRP of $1200.00.

Bushnell Optics Match Pro ED 5-30×56mm

Bushnell Optics Match Pro 5-30x56mm ffp sfp $699.99

Bushnell Optics Match Pro 5-30x56mm ffp sfp $699.99Affordable Bushnell 5-30x56mm Match Pro
I made sure to visit Bushnell to see the new Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56mm scope. This scope came out in December 2022 and is getting positive buzz because of its good glass quality and feature set at a $699.99 price point.

The Match Pro ED is a 5-30X magnification scope with a 56mm objective and 34mm main tube. It has locking turrets with a zero-stop for the elevation turret, and 30 MRAD and 14.5 MRAD travel for the elevation and windage, respectively.

The elevation knob has 10 MRAD per revolution for clear, easy to read graduations. The minimum parallax is 15 yards making this suitable for rimfire matches like NRL22. It comes with the Deploy MIL 2reticle, a tree-style illuminated reticle.

SHOT Show exhibition lighting is bad, but the glass looks solid. The fact that this scope is sold out at Bushnell could indicate that consumers are already clamoring for this scope.

About the Reviewer — Jonathan Ocab
Jonathan Ocab publishes various shooting sports articles on his Blog and shooting sports videos on his YouTube channel.

jonathan ocab rimfire photography video firearms ffp prs nrl

A former High Power Service Rifle competitor (Distinguished Rifleman), Jonathan is now primarily a recreational shooter in pistol, rifle, and rimfire, with a heavy emphasis on the latter as he is currently the NRL22 Match Director at his local range. See

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March 24th, 2023

Access Two Years of SHOT Daily Magazines for FREE

SHOT Show 2023 2022 Daily magazines journals free download new products review

If you couldn’t attend SHOT Show 2023, here’s a way to check out hundreds of new products that were on display in Vegas in January. You can now access complete digital editions of the official SHOT Show Daily Magazines provided to SHOT Show attendees and exhibitors. CLICK HERE to access all the SHOT Daily magazines distributed at SHOT Show 2023. In addition, you will find FREE digital issues of the four SHOT Daily issues from 2022.

So that’s eight (8) total issues, each with dozens of new product features…

SHOT daily magazine free digital publications

CLICK Above PHOTOS to Load Page with all Four Magazine Issues from 2023

SHOT daily magazine free digital publications

CLICK Above PHOTOS to Load Page with all Four Magazine Issues from 2022

Each of the eight SHOT Daily issues contains a major product review, and many interesting shorter features. In the 2023 Day 1 Edition, check out the Guns 2023 article starting on page 28. In the 2023 Day 2 Edition, look for the Optics 2023 article starting on page 38 and Ammo 2023 guide on page 22.

SHOT Show 2023 daily magazine new guns rifles pistols
SHOT Show 2023 daily new scopes and optics

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January 19th, 2023

Panel of Ballistics Experts at Kestrel SHOT Show Booth Today

Bryan Litz Applied Ballistics SHOT Show Kestrel booth 2023

Kestrel Ballistics will host a live Q&A session with four leading industry professionals at its SHOT Show exhibitor booth #14856. The expert panel session will take place today January 19th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm MST. The 4-man panel includes respected ballistics and shooting experts: Bryan Litz, Mitchell Fitzpatrick, Todd Hodnett, and Colby Hodnett. These four men will take questions from attendees and share their advanced knowledge of ballistics, ELR competition, and all things shooting related.

Bryan Litz earned his Aerospace Engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2002. For the next six years, he worked for the U.S. Air Force on air-to-air missile design and simulation. In 2008, he left the USAF to become Chief Ballistician for Berger Bullets. Bryan then founded Applied Ballistics and has produced numerous articles, books, and videos related to the science of long-range shooting. Bryan also has notable competition credits including winning the 2015 Mid-Range F-TR National Championship. The author of leading books on ballistics and long-range shooting, Bryan is widely considered the leading rifle ballistics expert on the planet.

Bryan Litz Applied Ballistics SHOT Show Kestrel booth 2023

Mitchell Fitzpatrick is an engineer with Applied Ballistics. Mitch’s shooting accomplishments range from Junior F-TR World Champion in 2013 to winning the 2016 King of 2 Miles ELR shooting competition. He also won the Open Division at the 2019 Nightforce ELR Match. After graduating from Michigan Technological University with a major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Aerospace Engineering, Mitch joined the Applied Ballistics team in 2014. Mitchell is now a full-time engineer with Applied Ballistics.

applied ballistics mitchell fitzpatrick
Mitchell Fitzpatrick shooting .375 EnABELR in an ELR Competition..

Todd Hodnett, President of Accuracy 1st, is considered one of the most respected and sought-after instructors in the entire world. With 20 years of experience, Todd has traveled the world training soldiers in the art of precision shooting. His determination, knowledge, and vision have guided the development of products to improve the accuracy and function of the sniper and precision shooter.

Bryan Litz Applied Ballistics SHOT Show Kestrel booth 2023Colby Hodnett works as a long-range instructor with Accuracy 1st. In addition to being an avid hunter, angler, and outdoor enthusiast, Colby is a Commercial helicopter pilot, certified flight instructor, NRA-certified pistol instructor, and aircraft mechanic. Colby, along with his father Todd, continue to serve the Kestrel community by being a resource for all-things long-range shooting.

Visit the Kestrel Booth Today at 1:00 PM
Don’t miss your shot to talk with these pros! Swing by Booth #14856 January 19th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. The four-man panel also previously held sessions at the Kestrel Booth on January 17th and 18th. But today is the last opportunity for SHOT Show attendees to hear the panel.

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January 16th, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 — Industry Day at the Range

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

Industry Day at the Range is a unique event. Gun industry representatives are able to view, inspect, and shoot scores of new rifles, shotguns, and pistols provided by 200+ manufacturers from around the globe. In addition, new optics and shooting accessories are on display. Hundreds of media members and other gun industry personnel visited the Boulder City, Nevada gun range on 1/16/23 to test a wide variety of new firearms. There were many notable new products, with new rifles, pistols, and optics on display.

Conditions this year at the range were pretty brutal. It was cold, and there were wicked, 20+ mph winds. Still most of the shooting was at targets inside 50 yards so those breezes didn’t stop the show. It did make it more challenging to hit the longer range targets set up on the upper rifle bay.

Wicked Winds at the Range

New Henry Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

industry day at the range

Featured Products for SHOT Show 2023

SIG Sauer MCX-Spear Tactical Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

SIG sauer mcx-spear rifle media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

SIG Sauer’s MCX-Spear will soon be available to purchase. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce was impressed with this advanced tactical rifle, which is a semi-auto version of the full-auto platform that won the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract with the U.S. military. MSRP for the MXC-Spear is $4199.00. It will initially be offered in .308 Winchester, and then 6.5 Creedmoor soon after. A few months later, the new .277 SIG chambering should be available. This looks like an AR, but because it has a gas piston (rather than direct impingement), it needs no AR-type buffer tube. This allows a handy folding stock. The MCX-Spear also has a convenient side charging handle. Watch Pearce shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor MCX-Spear starting at 3:20 time-mark. NOTE: Video and photo from previous SIG Sauer product demo day.

New 2311 Pistol from Oracle Arms — A Thoroughly Modern 1911

The all-new Oracle Arms 2311 has features derived from the classic 1911 platform, but modernized in many ways. Will this be a game changer? Only time will tell. The Hunt Fish Shoot Channel testers state “a completely ambidextrous 2011-style pistol with P320 magazines is something to get excited about!”

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Shotgun

The new Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is an American-made semi-automatic tactical shotgun for under $1000. The A300 series carries forward many features of the popular Beretta 1301, but with a redesigned operating system and lower price tag. This was filmed at the Special Beretta 2023 Range Day.

Henry Homesteader 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol Caliber Carbine

Henry Repeating Arms is known for classically-styled, lever-action rifles, but the new Homesteader is very different. This is a semi-automatic, 9mm Luger-chambered pistol-caliber carbine complete with a two-piece wood stock, open sights, and a 16″ threaded barrel. The design employs a proprietary magazine, though adapters for Glock, SIG Sauer P320, and Smith & Wesson M&P magazines will also be available.

SIG Sauer P320 AXG Comp Legion Pistol

In this TFBTV video, James Reeves tests the new SIG P320 AXG Comp Legion, an aluminum framed, compensated version of the SIG P320, optics ready and in the Legion format. NOTE: This test was done at the SIG Sauer range day which proceeded the full Industry Range Day.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
One of the best things about Industry Day at the Range is the FREE Ammo provided by Federal and other manufacturers. Rifle, pistol, shotgun — the ammo is ALL FREE.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
CLICK IMAGE to load large, printable Exhibitor List PDF file.

REPEAT Performance — Savage Impulse Elite Precision Rifle

Media Day at the Range GunsAmerica Digest 2022

As we recently featured Savage’s straight-pull Impulse Elite Precision rifle in our Daily Bulletin, we are reprising a video from Range Day 2022. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce tested the Impulse Elite Precision at the Savage range booth. Pearce confirmed that the straight-pull action can, with a little practice, definitely increase rifle cycling speed: “It’s much faster to chamber follow-up shots, and stay on target. Even novice shooters can chamber a second shot much faster than with a standard rotating bolt.” Here is his video report:

Watch video at 3:00 time-mark to see bolt cycling. CLICK HERE for more GunsAmerica Range Day videos.

Zeiss Optics industry day range
Impressive Zeiss optics were on display in 2023, as shown here in 2020.

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November 30th, 2022

SHOT Show 2023 New Products — First Look

SHOT Show New product listing archive page

SHOT Show 2023 takes place January 17-20, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can get a sneak peek of new-for-2023 products on the official SHOT Show New Products webpage.

As of this morning November 30, 2022, there are 149 products featured on the New Products site. Here are six notable new items. CLICK HERE to view 143 more.

Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock

SHOT Show New product Bilson Arms pivotal buttstock

The Patent Pending Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is a unique design that allows the rear buttpad section to revolve around its axis. This allows a more comfortable hold in a variety of shooting positions. It also permits a rapid change from primary to secondary sights. For example you can rotate the rifle to move from a top-mount telescopic sight to a side mount red dot. Bilson Arms says: “During tactical shooting, it allows the butt end to stay stationary and not be affected by your protective vest. In competition shooting, it allows the shooter to move through the targets, twisting the gun as you move, but allowing the butt end to stay firm against your shoulder.” The Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Price: $239.00

Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

SHOT Show New product real avid master gun workstation

New from Real Avid, the Master Gun Workstation is a versatile, sturdy, and effective firearm workstation. The workstation secures rifles for cleaning, scope mounting, and basic gunsmithing tasks. The clever design allows one-handed setup for firearms. And there is built-in storage for chemicals, brushes, jags, and cleaning rods. This is not yet on Real Avid website. Price: $199.99

Advantage Arms .22 LR MOD Optics-Ready Glock Conversion Kit

SHOT Show New product real avid master gun workstation

Advantage Arms has been the top-selling .22 LR Conversion Kit for the Glock, XD, and 1911 since 1998. Advantage Arms recently introduced its new MOD kits, all of which come optics-ready with a threaded barrel and 15-rd magazines. MSRP is $395.00. Advantage Arms also has .22 LR conversion kits available for other pistols — XDs, 1911s, and the PSA Dagger.

Otis Technology Shooting Bundle

SHOT Show New product real avid master gun workstation

This $99.99 Shooting Bundle from Otis includes everything you need at the range: Eye protection, 26 dB Ear Shield Ranger passive earmuffs, 10-pack of targets, gun cleaning mat, and a Tactical Cleaning Kit for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning from .17 cal through 12 gauge. Price: $99.99

Target Tacks for Attaching Paper Targets to Various Materials

SHOT Show New product targettack target pins

TargetTack’s patent pending Multi-Use TargetTacks allow paper or scroll targets to be secured to a variety of backers and supports. Available in 1″ and 3″ lengths, TargetTacks work great to attach paper-based targets to a variety of materials including cardboard, styrofoam blocks, polyfusion blocks, poly-wrap bags, foam blocks, and hay bale substrates. The TargetTack multi-use variety pack retails for $27.95.

Non-Lethal 12 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition

SHOT Show New product targettack target pins

The new 12-gauge “less-lethal” shotgun rounds from Byrna Technologies are a significant innovation in shotgun ammo. Designed for self-defense, crowd-control, and training, the Byrna 12-gauge round provides defensive stopping power with non-lethal effect. Effective range is listed as 75 feet (23 meters). These rounds are compatible with most 12-gauge shotguns with standard Cylinder Bore Choke. Byrna also produces “less-lethal” guns and launchers.

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March 4th, 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics (Euro SHOT Show) Opens in Germany

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2015

The IWA Outdoor Classics trade show, aka “Euro SHOT Show”, opened yesterday, March 3rd, in Nuremberg, Germany. For four days (March 3-6, 2022), exhibitors from around the world will show their products at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. IWA Outdoor Classics is Europe’s biggest combined trade show for the hunting, shooting, and civilian/military security industries. CLICK HERE for MORE PHOTOS.

Three long years have passed since the last IWA Outdoor Classics in 2019. In years past this been a hugely popular event, attracting over 45,500 trade visitors from 115 countries. This year 918 exhibitors from a total of 54 countries will present their latest products and services in ten exhibit halls. We are pleased to see the IWA Outdoor Classics return in 2022 after the event was cancelled due to COVID in 2020 and 2021.

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2015
Anschutz straight-pull action Biathlon rifle with interesting skeletonized grips.

European Market for Civilian Firearms is Thriving
While IWA show attendance may be lower this year, Europe’s civilian firearms industries are thriving, based on data from the European Institute of Hunting and Sporting Arms (IEACS). “Global production of civilian firearms has increased in recent years, as has European production, which recorded 3.6 million firearms produced in 2020, of which 2.7 million were pistols and 900,000 were shotguns and rifles. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 34% increase in European firearms production,” said Nicola Perrotti, IEACS president.

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Exhibitor List | IWA Product List | IWA Special Events

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

About the IWA Outdoor Classics Trade Show
What is now the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show began 49 years ago as Germany’s national product show for gunsmiths and gun retailers. That product show started modestly in 1973 with less than 100 exhibitors. Over the past five decades IWA Outdoor Classics has grown into a massive event, drawing the major players in the hunting, security, and shooting sports industries. In the firearm universe, the IWA event is second only to America’s SHOT Show in importance.

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

IWA Live Talks – Long Range Shooting and Hunting
In this IWA-hosted video, Nic Kytlica, Shooting Sports Marketing Manager at Leupold, explains how modern optical and electronic technology has enhanced long-range shooting. Nic also explains key equipment used for long-range shooting and hunting. The video also covers the rise of long-range competition shooting in Europe. To view other IWA Live Talks, CLICK HERE.

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

Parting Shot — Cookies from Germany

IWA Outdoor Classics trade show Nuremberg Germany 2022

Photos courtesy NürnbergMesse.
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January 22nd, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: SHOT Show Selections

Shot show 2022 video showcase accurateshooter logo

SHOT Show, the huge gun industry trade show, returned to Las Vegas this past week, after a COVID-caused hiatus in 2021. Though attendance was down signficantly this year, it was still a major event, with thousands of companies showcasing products in two massive exhibit halls. There were plenty of new handgun offerings, and notably, some of the big AR-platform black rifle builders are now selling bolt guns. Here is the new Aero Precision A700 bolt-action rifle.

Shot show 2022 video showcase accurateshooter logo

SHOT Show Day 2 Highlights — Nine Companies

This video from the Classic Firearms YouTube Channel spotlights a number of interesting products, both at Industry Day at the Range, and inside SHOT Show 2022. Companies covered include: Zastava (1:00), Kalashnikov USA (6:33), LMT Defense (12:21), Geissele (20:35), SureFire (25:12), Foxtrot Mike (32:20), Maxim Defense (34:15), Great Lakes (44:35), and Sylvan Arms (46.20).

Top Five New Guns from Industry Day at the Range

Shot show 2022 video showcase thegunsnob .375 bishop short magnum accurateshooter logo

There were many interesting rifles and handguns on display at the Industry Day at the Range. Savage’s new straight-pull Impulse PRS/NRL rifle attracted considerable attention. Many of the testers at the range were also impressed by the new .44 Auto Mag which is featured in this “Top Five” video from TheGunSnob channel. The tester said this .44 Auto Mag was “by far my favorite [gun] I shot all day.”

Shot show 2022 video showcase thegunsnob .44 auto mag magnum pistol accurateshooter logo

Magpul New Products

 Magpul stock pro lite bipod Shot show 2022 video showcase

TFB TV showcases multiple new products from Magpul for 2022. We liked what we saw, including a new $600 Pro 700 Lite chassis, and a new 8-ounce bipod. Magpul also had its radical FDP-9 “enclosed pistols” on display. Magpul explains: “With recently confirmed classification of the FDP-9 as a handgun, the purchaser can enjoy the firearm as a self-enclosing, large-format pistol. They may also choose to file the appropriate ATF Form 1 and, after approval, purchase a conversion kit to legally assemble it into the FDC-9. It will then be classified as a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and subject to all NFA laws.”

Mantis — Advanced Dry-Fire Training System

Mantis dry fire trigger reset X2 X3 X10

Mantis makes a variety of firearm-arms mounted systems that monitor muzzle movement and display that through a mobile App. These systems allow dry-fire practice at home — a great way to improve your marksmanship without spending big bucks on ammo. Mantis had a display at SHOT Show 2022. A Mantis dry-fire device fitted to an AR-platform rig (with the Mantis Blackbeard trigger reset system) is featured in this video record at the Mantis SHOT Show booth:

Cutting Edge Bullets — Solid, High-BC Bullets for .22 LR Reloaders

cutting edge bullets .22 Lr rimfire lathe-turned

With the growth of long-range rimfire tactical competition, there has been interest in high-BC bullets fitted into the diminutive .22 LR case. This effort has been pioneered by Cutting Edge Bullets, which offers a variety of .22 caliber projectiles created expressly for hand-loaded .22 LR. Cutting Edge also offers dies and special shellholders for reloading the .22 LR case. This video (from 2020) explains how Cutting Edge pioneered long, high-BC lathe-turned solid bullets for the .22 LR cartridge. These bullets and dies were on display at Cutting Edge’s 2022 SHOT Show booth.

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January 19th, 2022

SHOT Daily Day 2 — Read Optics 2022 and Ammo 2022 Features

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

Here is the digital version of the SHOT Daily print magazine provided on site at SHOT Show by the NSSF. You can navigate page by page with the left/right white arrows in the gray box below. To quickly scan through the entire 64-page digital magazine, use the slide bar. When you find content you want to read, use the zoom control or click the FULL SCREEN brackets icon at lower right.

SHOT Daily Day 2 — 1/19/2022

There are two big feature articles you’ll want to read in this SHOT Daily Day 2 edition. On page 36 you’ll find the Optics 2022 Guide which lists notable new riflescopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, and red dot optics. On page 24 you’ll find Ammo 2022, a comprehensive guide to new rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. There are some notable new ammo types being introduced this year including Hornady CX lead-free hunting ammunition. CCI is also offering new lead-free pistol ammo.

IMPORTANT: To read either story, click the full screen (brackets) icon in the gray box above and then zoom to the start page (page 36 for Optics, page 24 for Ammo).

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

NOTE: We will post other SHOT Daily journals as they become available. You can find these posted here on the AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin (SEE DAY 1 HERE). Or you can visit

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January 18th, 2022

SHOT Show Day One — “ALL IN” for 2022

SHOT show 2022 las vegas new products

After Monday’s Media Day at the Range, Tuesday, January 18, 2022 is the official opening of SHOT Show 2022. This is an important “return to normalcy” as SHOT Show 2021 was cancelled due to COVID. While some large companies such as Ruger and SIG Sauer have pulled out of the Show, it will still be a huge event, with over 800,000 square feet of exhibits — an area the size of 14 football fields. Over 50,000 persons are expected to attend the event, which runs through Friday, January 21, 2022.

Download FREE SHOT Show Mobile App
SHOT show mobile app free download

The 2022 SHOT Show Mobile App provides part of the SHOT Show experience even if you can’t be there in Las Vegas. The SHOT Show Mobile App provides SHOT Show video feeds, product-information downloads, real-time show announcements, interactive floor maps, and more. The Mobile App is available for IOS and Android devices, with smartphone and tablet versions. You can also access many of the App’s features from a desktop computer with this WEB LINK to the SHOT Show Desktop Site.

SHOT Week 2022 Preview (23 minutes)

TIP: You can also see SHOT Show photos and video on the SHOT Show Facebook page.

Notable Products in Review for 2022

CZ 600 Series Rifles: Range, Alpha, Lux, Ergo, Trail

cz cz-usa 600 series trail range alpha ergo carbon

CZ recently introduced the new CZ 600 line of centerfire rifles. The series includes four unique models, with a variety of stock types, barrel profiles, action lengths, and chamberings. User-friendly CZ 600 features include 60-degree bolt throw, adjustable triggers, and the ability to swap barrels/chamberings using optional conversion kits. The CZ 600 Series includes four brand new models: Alpha, Lux, Trail, and Range.* These are designed for accuracy, modularity, and smooth cycling. Expect CZ 600s at dealers in early 2022.

Controlled-Feed Action with 60° Throw: CZ 600 Rifles have a 60-degree bolt throw. This cycles faster than a 90-degree bolt, with more clearance between bolt and optic, allowing for larger scopes. All CZ 600 models boast an oversized bolt knob for improved control with gloved hands. And the actions have controlled-round-feed. The 2-position safety allows bolt cycling with the safety engaged.

Bergara Premier MGLite Rifle with Carbon-Wrapped Barrel

This new lightweight chassis rifle, was just revealed by Bergara North America. This 6.8-lb rig features a lightweight suppressor-ready carbon wrapped barrel in a modern alloy/composite chassis. Our friend Gavin Gear got his hands on a 6.5 Creedmoor Bergara’s NEW MGLite rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Gavin was impressed. The rifle shot half-inch 3-shot groups with Hornady factory ammo. The bore looked good and the trigger broke at a crisp 3 pounds. Get more details on

bergara premier series mglite carbon

Featuring CURE Carbon barrel technology, this is a step forward for Spanish gun-maker Bergara, though we were a bit shocked at the $3229.00 MSRP. You can buy a very nice custom rifle for that much money.

SHOT show 2022 las vegas new products

Nosler Model 21 with Carbon Composite Stock

Nosler 21 hunting rifle light weight

Nosler’s new Model 21 rifle boasts a crisp, single-stage TriggerTech Field model trigger, with user-adjustable pull weight of 2.5–5 lbs. and top safety. The new Model 21 features a hand-lapped Shilen match-grade barrel with a threaded muzzle. The stock is a synthetic carbon-fiber composite model that is lightweight yet durable. The Model 21 features a spiral-fluted, one-piece, 4340 chromoly steel bolt that is Nitride-coated for smooth operation and corrosion resistance. The Model 21 is available chambered in 22 Nosler, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 26 Nosler, 27 Nosler, 280 Ackley Improved, 28 Nosler, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, 30 Nosler, 33 Nosler and .375 H&H. With its light weight (under 7 lbs. without optics), Nosler’s new Model 21 should be popular with hunters.

Huskemaw — Dial Elevation AND Windage from Same Turret

huskemaw scope windage turrent shot show 2022

An interesting riflescope was on display during Media Day at the Range on Monday. This 5-20x50mm Huskemaw Blue Diamond scope offers the ability to dial BOTH windage and elevation from the same central turret. Huskemaw says this is a patented feature which makes their optics unique. We can see that the central windage control offers some advantages in the field, and left-handed shooters will certainly appreciate the central control.

Edgewood Bags — Twisted Gator Bag

Shot show 2022 new products Edgewood Twisted Gater

Edgewood offers an innovative rear bag with a unique design that provides arm/hand support. The new Edgewood Twisted Gater Bag has an unusual asymmetrical footprint. This provides support for the shooter while still providing superb rear support for your bench rifles. Bag owner Richard L. posted on Facebook: “I called Edgewood and explained what was going on with my current set up. When I said I used a pad for my hand support this bag made the most sense. Really only a few dollars more.” The Twisted Gator is $250.00 with a choice of Cordura or 3M Slick Ear fabrics. Standard ear spacing options are 3/16″, 3/8″, and 3/4″.

Hornady CX Copper Alloy Lead-Free Bullet

hornady cx copper alloy lead-free bullet

For 2022, Hornady has introduced a new CX™ (Copper alloy eXpanding) hunting projectile. This CX bullet is designed to provide outstanding performance when hunting in areas where solid lead or lead-core bullets are prohibited. Hornady states: “The new CX™ bullet from Hornady represents the most advanced monolithic hunting bullet on the market. Its optimized design offers extended range performance, greater accuracy, high weight retention, and deep penetration.” The CX will be available in a number of calibers/bullet weights: 6mm, .25 Cal, 6.5mm, .270 Cal, 7mm, .308, .338, and .375.

RCBS Electronic Powder Scale/Dispensers — ChargeMaster Link and Supreme

Chargemaster Link Supreme RCBS Shot Show

On display at RCBS are the latest generation ChargeMaster™ Link and ChargeMaster Supreme. The new Link is built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics found in the popular RCBS ChargeMaster Lite, but now offers best-in-class Bluetooth® technology to make reloading easier than ever. The ChargeMaster Supreme also features Bluetooth as well as “Learning Mode” which uses feedback loop algorithms and automatic adjustments to throw accurate charges faster than ever.

DECKED Piecekeeper Firearm Storage Racks for Vehicles

Shot show 2022 new products

Piecekeepers securely transport firearms in a DECKED vehicle drawer system. Designed for traditional rifles and shotguns, these are available in two sizes, with three slots (as shown) or two slot for the narrow DECKED drawer sets. The WIDE Piecekeepers are compatible with ALL full-size truck and cargo van drawers. Both versions contact a pair of brackets and cost $75.00.

CCI — Polymer-Coated .22 LR and Lead-free Blazer 9mm Ammo

cci lead-free 9mm ammo polymer-coated rimfire

CCI has introduced new reduced lead rimfire and centerfire ammo. For .22 LR shooters, the CCI Clean-22 Realtree bottles hold 400 rounds of polymer-coated bullets. The polymer coating reduces copper and lead fouling in the barrel, and cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60-80 percent. Handgun owners will appreciate CCI’s new Blazer Brass Lead-Free Clean-Fire Ammo. The bullets contain no lead and the primers are even lead-free. The lead-free Clean-Fire primer and flat-nose, lead-free projectiles are as safe and accurate as traditional FMJ bullets. This way you can train indoors or outdoors without leaving any lead behind on the range or in the air.

Action Target — New Technologies for Indoor Ranges

Shot show 2022 ACtion target Citadel range stalls
Shot show 2022 ACtion target Citadel range stalls

At SHOT Show Both #12816, Action Target is showcasing some impressive high-tech range equipment, including advanced target retrievers and new Shooting Stalls. The Citadel stalls feature floor-to-ceiling LED lighting and customizable bold materials. This works with Action Target’s smart range AXIS system providing advanced computerized control over lighting levels, color, and target retriever settings.

HunterShield Legal Protection Plan for Hunters (from U.S. LawShield)

huntershield shot shot legal protection plan u.s. lawshield

U.S. LawShield’s new HunterShield program supplements U.S. LawShield’s regular legal defense coverage. Starting at $13.90 per month, the HunterShield add-on protection features a network of attorneys knowledgeable about wildlife laws throughout the nation. U.S. LawShield’s CEO, P.J. Hermosa, notes: “HunterShield recognizes the fine print, red tape, and confusion surrounding wildlife laws. Even the most experienced hunters and anglers find themselves at risk of unintentionally breaking the law. Without proper legal defense, a violation could cost you more than just time and money. It could cost your rights to ever hunt and fish again.” The U.S. LawShield core plan provides coverage for all legal firearms.

huntershield shot shot legal protection plan u.s. lawshield

Here is the Capstone booth on Monday evening — nearly ready for the big opening Tuesday morning. We will have reports on new products from Lapua, Berger Bullets, Vihtavuori, and SK. Stay tuned!

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