June 15th, 2012

Willing Chosen As Director of NRA Competitive Shooting Division

Dennis Denny WillingReplacing the retiring Mike Krei, Dennis L. Willing has been named the new Director of the NRA Competitive Shooting division. Willing is a serious shooter, with decades of experience both as a competitor and shooting sports referee. Willing is a Quadruple Distinguished Shooter in High Power Rifle, Conventional Pistol, Police Combat Revolver, and Police Combat Pistol. Since 1980, Willing has been a Camp Perry regular, either as competitor or referee. He has competed in the Pistol and High Power Championships, sometimes shooting both Championships in the same year. Willing has served as the Chairman of the NRA High Power Committee. Willing is also an expert on Competition Rules, having been a member of the NRA Rules Committee.

Willing Plans to Meet With Competitors at Major Matches
Willing plans to be a “hands on” Director, who will spend much of his time out in the field: “I will attend as many tournaments as I can where I will talk with as many competitors as I can. I want to hear what they have to say then take that information back to the NRA competitive shooting committees and the NRA staff to see where improvements can be made.” In his new position, Willing will lead a 23-person staff, managing over 11,000 NRA-sanctioned tournaments and 40+ national shooting championships. AccurateShooter.com wishes Willing success in his new role as Competitive Shooting Director (which Willing called his “dream job”). It’s great to see that the new Director is an avid shooter with impressive credentials. Here is a “short list” of Willing’s qualifications:

  • Quadruple distinguished shooter in High Power Rifle, Conventional Pistol, Police Combat Revolver, and Police Combat Pistol
  • Holder of Numerous NRA national records
  • NRA referee at Camp Perry and NRA National Police Shooting Championship
  • Former NRA Board member, served on five NRA Competition Committees
  • Chairman of High Power Rifle Committee
  • Three-time Michigan State Pistol Champion
  • Two-time Conventional Pistol, Police Champion
  • Lifelong hunter and Second Amendment activist
  • United States Marine Corps Vietnam veteran

CLICK HERE for more information on the various shooting programs managed by the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division. You’ll find a list of the Division’s personnel on the Competitive Shooting Programs Directory Page.

This report is based on feature story by Lars Dalseide in the NRA Blog.

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