September 22nd, 2013

Californians Seek Vetos of Radical Anti-Gun Legislation

California Jerry Brown legislation Cal GunsIt’s crunch time in Calfornia. Golden State gun owners need to band together and urge Governor Jerry Brown to veto extremely radical anti-gun measures that were recently passed by the California State Legislature. Along party-line votes, California legislators approved a series of bills that will severely restrict Californians’ Second Amendment rights, and curtail hunting statewide.

These bills will do everything from banning ALL semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines (even flush-mount mags in hunting rifles) to outlawing the use of traditional lead ammunition in hunting, the first such statewide ban in the nation. The anti-gun package of legislation was approved over the opposition of law-abiding gun-owners, hunting and shooting sports organizations, as well as many business and labor leaders. NSSF urges all sportsmen, gun owners and retailers to contact Gov. Brown and urge him to veto these these anti-gun/anti-hunting bills. For more info, See the NSSF Legislative Alert.

  • AB 711 (Rendon) Hunting: nonlead ammunition

  • SB 374 (Steinberg) Firearms: assault weapons

  • AB 48 (Skinner) Firearms: ammunition: sales

  • AB 169 (Dickinson) Unsafe handguns

  • AB 180 (Bonta) Registration and licensing of firearms: City of Oakland

  • SB 567 (Jackson) Firearms: shotguns

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