June 2nd, 2020

Improve Shooting Skills with SCATT Electro-Optical Devices

Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

“SCATT” — if you’re an Olympic Class air rifle or smallbore competitor you know what SCATT means. The Russian-made SCATT is a marksmanship training system with an electro-optical sensor that fits on the end of a barrel. The sensor “sees” the target and then tracks your muzzle movement relative to the center of the target, recording a “trace” that can be displayed on a computer. The SCATT MX-02 unit works for live-fire training as well as dry-fire training. There is also a newer SCATT MX-W2 wireless system that works for dry-fire AND live-fire training. To learn more about the SCATT electronic trainers, visit SCATTUSA.com.

Pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss demonstrates the SCATT MX-02 electronic training system:

The system traces and records valuable information such as hold pattern, shot hold duration, follow-through, recoil pattern, and much more. The latest SCATT MX-02 systems can be used both indoors and outdoors up to 300 meters (and possibly more). READ FULL SCATT MX-02 TEST HERE.

SCATT traces reveal muzzle movements during the aiming process.
Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Review Video Electronic Trainging system test

Kirsten Joy Weiss, a top-level competitive position shooter, has tested the latest SCATT MX-02 training systtem. She put the MX-02 through its paces, and then produced an informative video that shows how it works. Click on the video above to see Kirsten use the MX-02 with her Anschütz rifle and other guns.

Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

Kirsten was impressed with the SCATT MX-02 she tested:

“We live with tech woven into our every day, so if you had the chance to work with a computer to make you a better shooter — would you? Can a computer train you as well as your favorite coach or, dare to say, better than a human?”

Weiss says it’s like having a little coach with you recording your every move. “If R2D2 had a cousin who knew how to shoot,” Weiss quips, “his name would be the MX-02″.

The SCATT MX-02 can also be used with target pistols.
Kirsten Joy Weiss SCATT MX-02 Video Trainer demo electronic trace target live fire dry firing

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June 2nd, 2020

Go with the “O” — O-Rings May Reduce Run-Out When Sizing

reloading die O-ring
reloading die O-ring

Here’s an inexpensive procedure that can help you load straighter ammo, with slightly better measured concentricity (i.e. less run-out) on the case necks and bullets. Simply use a Rubber O-Ring on the underside of the die locking ring. This allows the die to self-align itself (slightly) to the case that is being sized. Without the O-Ring, if the flat surface on the top of your press is not perfectly square with the thread axis, your die can end up slightly off-angle. This happens when the bottom of the locking ring butts up tight against the top of the press. The O-Ring allows the die to float slightly, and that may, in turn, reduce the amount of run-out induced during case sizing.

Top prone shooter GSArizona has tried this trick and he says it works: “Go to your local hardware store and get a #17 O-Ring (that’s the designation at Ace Hardware, don’t know if its universal). Slip the O-Ring on the die and re-adjust the lock ring so that the O-Ring is slightly compressed when the die is at the correct height. Size and measure a few more cases. You will probably see a slight improvement in neck concentricity as the die can now float a bit as the case enters and leaves it. This isn’t going to be a dramatic improvement, but it’s a positive one.”

We want to stress that adding O-Rings to sizing dies may help some reloaders, but we don’t offer this as a panacea. Try it — if using the O-Ring reduces measured runout that’s great. If it doesn’t, you’ve only spent a few pennies to experiment.

reloading die O-ring

Lee Precision makes die lock rings with built-in O-Rings. Lee’s distinctive lock ring design allows the same kind of self-alignment, which is good. However, Lee lock rings don’t clamp in place on the die threads, so they can move when you insert or remove the dies — and that can throw off your die setting slightly. By using an O-Ring under a conventional die lock ring (that can be locked in place), you get the advantages of the Lee design, without the risk of the lock ring moving.

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June 2nd, 2020

CMP Offers Affiliate Discount Purchase Program

CMP marksmanship program civilian affiliate affiliated clubs discount purchase program

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) now offers a discount program for Affiliated Clubs and individuals. This program allows discounted purchase of airguns and rimfire match rifles. This can help jump-start programs for schools, junior clubs, teams, and camps. The discounts will be significant. For example a Savage Mark I-FVT .22 LR Rifle can be purchased for just $257.00, a 46% savings over the $480.00 regular price!

To place an order or to learn more, visit the CMP website at thecmp.org/clubs/cmp-affiliate-rifle-purchase/. Or contact the CMP Club Sales Department at (419) 635-2141 x753 or email clubrifle@thecmp.org.

The CMP Affiliate Purchase Program currently offers .22 LR caliber smallbore rifles, .177 caliber sporter air rifles, and a few air pistols. The products are intended for junior athletes in target training and competition preparation at beginning and intermediate levels. Equipment now available includes:

.22 LR Target Rifles

Savage Mark I-FVT, single shot, RH or LH $257.00 each (reg. price $480.00)
Savage Mark II-FVT, 5-round magazine, RH or LH $257.00 each (reg. price $479.00)
(These rifles may be purchased by clubs only, not individuals.)
Anschutz 1903 .22 LR RH rifle in .22 for $1595.00. No discount for CMP clubs or individuals.

Precision .177 Air Rifles

FEINWERKBAU 500 10-meter .177 air rifle – Club and individual price $1275.00 (reg. price $1295.95) from Pyramyd Air.
Air Arms MPR .177 Air Rifle – Club and individual price $850.00 (reg. price $999.49) from Pyramyd Air’
Anschutz 9015 Club Rifle – Club and individual price $1895.95 (reg. price $2199.99) from Pyramyd Air.
Hammerli AR20 Air Rifle – Club sales only $840.00 (reg. price $969.99) from UMAREX/Hammerli.

Sporter .177 Air Rifles

Daisy 599 10 meter competition air rifle, $595.00 (no club or individual discount)
Daisy M887 Gold Medalist CO2 air rifle – Club and individual price, $305.00 (reg. price $499.99)
Daisy Elite 753W pump air rifle, wood stock – Club and individual price $257.00 (reg. price $449.99)
Daisy Elite 753S pump air rifle, black synth. stock. Club and individual price $194.00 (reg. price 449.99)
Air Arms T200, .177 air rifle, for clubs and individuals for $525.00 (regular price $579.99) Pyramyd Air.

.177 Air Pistols

Pyramyd Air offers two air pistols:
Alfa Proj Competition PCP Pistol, .177 for $749.99 (reg. price $799.99)
Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol, .177 for $239.99 (reg. price $264.99)

Long-Term Payment Plans Available
Delayed payment plans (with the exception of the Savage Mark I-FVT and the Savage Mark II-FVT) are available that allow payments for clubs over a two-year span (not open to individuals). Purchaser must have ordered over $500 worth of items in order to qualify for the delayed payment program.

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