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December 5th, 2016

Cerakote Gun Finishing — From Start to Finish

NIC Industries Cerakote Firearms Coatings

NIC Industries Cerakote Firearms CoatingsCerakote is an advanced, highly durable, heat-cured coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance when applied to firearms. Cerakote can be applied to both metals and plastics, and many top firearms manufacturers (and custom gun builders) now offer Cerakote finishes as an option on their shotguns, hunting rifles, and tactical arms.

While Cerakote is not difficult to use, application of Cerakote is not just a simple “spray and bake” process. Best results are achieved when firearms are carefully degreased and surface-prepped prior to application. The video below, produced by NIC Industries, the manufacturer of Cerakote, shows the application process from start to finish. If you watch the video you’ll learn the importance of careful, step-by-step product prep. Metals should be surface-blasted prior to coating, and curing times need to be adjusted to the material type (polymer vs. fiberglass vs. metal). Cerakote is offered in a wide variety of colors. Multi-color finishes, including camouflage, can be applied by a skilled operator.

The video above shows a professional technician applying Cerakote finish to rifles and pistols. All gunsmiths who plan to offer Cerokote finishes should definitely watch this video. NOTE: Cerakote Firearms Coatings are designed for professionals and should be applied by an NIC-trained application specialist or a coating professional with proper training and equipment. NIC Industries stresses that “it is critical to follow all these instructions”.

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May 15th, 2012

Ceramic Transparent Armor May Replace “Bullet-Proof Glass”

“Better living through chemistry”? How about better ballistic protection through a new ceramic-based “Spinel” bullet-proof transparent material. Spinel Ceramic Armor, though transparent like glass, is a completely new compound that starts as a powder. Produced by ArmorLine, the amazing new “Spinel Transparent Ceramic Armor” is HALF the thickness and HALF the weight of conventional, laminated “bullet-proof glass” with similar ballistic protection. Being much lighter than “bullet-proof glass”, the Spinel Transparent Armor is ideal for use in vehicles and aircraft where weight is an important factor. By replacing laminated glass with Spinel Transparent Armor plates, hundreds of pounds could be shaved from the weight of a troop transport vehicle without sacrificing any ballistic protection.

YouTube Preview Image

As shown in the above video, a “Spinel” ceramic plate can survive a direct hit from a .50 BMG round fired at close range. By all indications, this is an important new technology that should find its way into military vehicles in the near future. ArmorLine’s manufacturing facility, scheduled to come on-line in the first quarter of 2011, will supply transparent Spinel ceramic plates to window, lens, and optical system suppliers and end-users.

Spinel Ceramic Armor

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January 7th, 2012

Cerakote Launches New Website with 10% Off Promotion

Cerakote Firearm Coatings has rolled out a new, interactive website, There you’ll find detailed test results of Cerakote durability and corrosion resistance. You’ll also find informative videos that show how to prep products for the coating process, and how to apply Cerakote on plastic and metal products.

Cerakote Tactical Rifle Digital Camo
Digital Camo on Tactical Rifle: H-248 Forest Green, H-199 Desert Sand, and , H-146 Graphite Black.

Get 10% Off Cerakote Products
To celebrate the launch of the Cerakote website, Cerakote is offering 10% OFF any order of $100 or more with the Promo Code TAKE 10. Note: This discount is valid for online orders only, and Promo Code must be applied at checkout.

Click Images Below to View Cerakote Test Results (PDF Files)
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January 17th, 2011

Cerakote Lets You Play Chameleon

The makers of Cerakote have a cool interactive web application that lets you preview various colors and camo finishes on your firearm. Cerakote’s color preview page is similar to what car-makers are doing these days. For example, you can go to the Ford website and click through nine available colors for a 2011 Mustang GT. Hey, if it works for cars, it should work for guns, right?

Cerakote color App

Mix and Match 33 Colors with Virtual Gun Coater
NIC Industries, the company that produces Cerakote ceramic firearms finish, offers an interactive “colorizer” web app. This Cerakote Virtual Gun Coater lets you select from 33 solid and camo colors to “paint” the slide and frame of a Glock pistol. Mix and match slide and frame colors to your heart’s content. Available colors include digital camo, titanium, red orange (law enforcement only), coyote tan, and mil spec green. These are all real colors you can actually order. You can even e-mail your buddy a photo of your favorite color scheme. Give it a try!

Story by Edlongrange, Research Assistant.

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