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June 17th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies — Barrel Coolers in Review

barreling cooler fan riflekuhl DIY barrel cooler saturday movies heat summer

Summer Solstice is just four days away. That means shooters nationwide will soon be dealing with peak summer ambient temperatures. When it’s hot outside your barrels will heat up even faster during use — and that’s not good for barrel longevity or consistency during long strings of fire. If you want a barrel to have maximum useful life you need to keep it from getting very hot. That’s why you should have a barrel cooler. There are many variations, but the most popular models blow cooling air through the bore. This can reduce barrel temps significantly in a relatively short period of time.

For this Saturday Movies feature, we’ve found 7 videos that review commercial barrel coolers or show how to build your own cooler with a hose, small electric fan, and modified case. There are a variety of barrel coolers on the market currently. Three of the most popular coolers are the yellow BarrelCool, $39.99 at MidwayUSA, the red Magnetospeed RifleKuhl, $56.89 on Amazon ($59.99 MSRP), and the black/yellow Chamber Chiller BA PRO, $80.40 on Amazon.

barreling cooler fan riflekuhl DIY barrel cooler saturday movies heat summer

Barrel Coolers — Why You Should Use Them

This video explains why it’s vitally important to keep your barrel cool, particularly when running a suppressor. The host, a long-range shooting instructor, explains: “The best way to extend your barrel life [is using] barrel coolers. We have learned through decades of shooting that keeping the barrel cool and cooling it as fast as possible between relays and strings of fire will return meaningful results in the longevity of your rifle barrel. If you shoot suppressed like we do, this brings the level of importance up to a whole new level. Keeping it cool will keep it running at its best longer than you ever thought possible.” The barrel cooler featured in this video is $65.00 on the Wolf Precision website.

Barrel Cooler Comparison Tests — Four Options

Barrel coolers are vital accessories that let you get more shots downrange with less time waiting. In this excellent, comparison test video LongRangeOnly’s Ryan Furman shows which barrel coolers will remove the most heat with the rate of air flow comparison. Ryan also covers some basic differences and attributes of each unit tested and tests the units with temp gauges. Units tested are the BarrelCool, Magnetospeed RifleKuhl, the blue-bodied Original Barrel Cooler (6:48 time-mark), and a large Coleman rechargeable Quick-Pump (8:12 time-mark). The latter two units provided the most airflow when fitted with an appropriate hose.

Build Your Own Barrel Cooler — New and Improved

air pump barrel cooler f-class john battery powered

Popular YouTube host F-Class John was one of the pioneers in building very affordable, yet very effective do-it-yourself barrel coolers. John initially used a hose fitted to a battery-powered black Rechargeable Mini Air Pump. John then tapered a hose to fit a cartridge case for a perfect fit in the chamber. The case-head was cut off to better fit the hose for maximum airflow.

F-Class John later created an upgraded barrel cooling system using smaller, more compact pumps. He would charge these with a high-capacity battery pack (see above) and a USB charging cord. As shown in the video above, this Gen 2 system proved to be very effective. John notes: “Make sure you watch how long you the pump runs and don’t let it overheat”. One of these USB-port Mini Air Pumps is currently available on Amazon for $29.98, and there are similar compact pumps for a bit less.

Chamber Chiller BA Pro vs. Magnetospeed RifleKuhl

This video compares two compact barrel coolers, the red Magnetospeed RifleKuhl, $56.89 on Amazon and the yellow Chamber Chiller BA PRO, $80.40 on Amazon. Hear the tester’s conclusions starting at the 2:40 time-mark. The tester reports that both the RifleKuhl and the Chamber Chiller fit well in the chambers. The two units cooled down barrels pretty much identically in the field. Measured with a Kestrel, the RifleKuhl had a 12 mph flow vs. 11 mph flow for the Chamber Chiller (3:03 time-mark). The deciding factors for the tester (1:32 time-mark) were the superior battery life of the Chamber Chiller (with an extra USB battery attached) and the quietness of the Chamber Chiller.

Riflekühl Barrel Cooler by MagnetoSpeed

The MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl barrel cooler is designed to get barrel temperatures down to intended operating levels quickly. The turbocharger-inspired impeller is engineered to produce great airflow in a small package. Powered by a single CR123A Lithium battery (included), ambient air is forced through the extendable nozzle down the bore of the rifle. This is pretty efficient and can typically cool a barrel in under 8 minutes. The Riflekühl doubles as a chamber flag and features an exclusive built-in air filter to prevent dust and dirt from being blown into your rifle.

DIY Barrel Cooler Made with Mattress Inflator and Hose

An average gun-owner can build a good barrel cooler relatively easily with low-cost components. In this GunMart.TV video from the UK, the host showcases a very effective barrel cooler he crafted with an electric mattress inflator and a hose. The unit has good flow and can cool a barrel in a couple of minutes (3:10 time-mark). These components can be purchased for under $30.00. The tester purchased his cooler fan for $14.99 on Amazon (3:40 time-mark).

barreling cooler fan riflekuhl DIY barrel cooler saturday movies heat summer

Thanks to Boyd Allen for help finding these videos.
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September 5th, 2021

Beat the Heat — Cool Your Barrels with BarrelCool Device

BarrelCool fan battery cooling safety chamber indicator flag heat pump

The popular BarrelCool is a compact barrel-cooling device that also serves as an empty-chamber safety flag. A small, battery-powered fan drives cooling air through the barrel’s bore. Yes it really works — manufacturer-provided data shows that BarrelCool significantly reduces the time it takes to cool down a hot barrel. Look at the chart above to see what to expect.

In the past, folks have tried various methods to cool barrels: water flushed through the bore, CO2 tanks, even battery-operated fish pumps. BarrelCool is a simpler, less costly, and much handier solution. Priced at $39.99, this small device can definitely save you time at the range. Potentially it can save you money by extending barrel life. To see how Barrelcool works, watch th videos below that show the BarrelCool units in both bolt-action and AR-type rifles.

BarrelCool fan battery cooling safety chamber indicator flag heat pump

BarrelCool Range Reports from Forum Members
Forum members have been impress with the BarrelCool device. Member Comrade Terry said: “At the range, I spend a good bit of time waiting for the barrel to cool between shot strings. I fired my usual 50 rounds today, and (though it was 85° today) I was able to leave the range 30-40 minutes earlier than usual thanks to the BarrelCool. I like it!” Another Forum member, J-Rod, reports “Did some load development on my new rifle. This used to take forever due to the barrel heating up outside in full sun (90° ambient). I’d say this little gem cut about two hours off my normal shooting time. I got home early and the wife was happy — what’s that worth?”

How and Why BarrelCool Was Invented
BarrelCool originated from the idea that cease-fire periods would be a great time to cool a barrel. During cease-fires, most ranges and matches require empty chamber flags in the gun so that the range officer and everyone on the firing line can see visually that the gun is in a safe condition. The BarrelCool does double duty — cooling the barrel while serving as an empty-chamber indicator.

BarrelCool inventor Bryan Sumoba explains: “Previous barrel-cooling methods required additional steps such as running patches down the bore, or a fan that gets in the way of a required empty-chamber flag. BarrelCool now allows the shooter to cool the barrel while having the empty-chamber flag in the firearm.”

BarrelCool fan battery cooling safety chamber indicator flag heat pump

Sumoba says BarrelCool significantly shortens the time needed to cool down a hot barrel: “In controlled testing, it took about half the time to cool the barrel from 140 degrees F to 100 degrees F. Our customers also report significant reductions in the time it takes to cool down a hot barrel. At an F-Class match in Sacramento, one shooter fired 25 shots out of his 7mm RSAUM and got the barrel to the point where it was too hot to touch. We placed BarrelCool in his firearm and within 30 minutes, the barrel was back to near-ambient temperature.”

Using three (3) CR123A batteries, a BarrelCool unit can operate for 7-10+ hours. BarrelCool fits both AR-style rifles as well as most bolt action rifles. The Hi-Viz yellow color stands out on the firing line and BarrelCool is small enough to fit in most range or gun bags. Manufactured in the USA, Barrelcool can benefit competition, precision, or recreational shooters who need to cool down their barrels more rapidly, while displaying “safe condition” on the firing line. For more information, or to order for $34.99, visit

BATTERY TIP: We recommend rechargeable CR123A batteries for use in the BarrelCool. These can last many seasaons and can be charged at home or in a vehicle. Keep a spare set in your range bag. A 4-pack of C123A Lithium Batteries with USB recharger unit is $29.99 on Amazon

DukeDuke says:

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August 18th, 2021

Texas Lady Trains for F-TR Competition

F-TR Tracy Slayton Self F-TR Krieger Barrel Chamber Chiller

Texas action pistol and 3-Gun competitor Tracy Slayton Self has been taking up the F-Class game. On Facebook, she recently posted a nice training session with her Krieger-barreled F-TR rifle. You can watch her shooting video HERE on her Facebook page. She used a battery-powered, Chamber Chiller fan unit to cool the barrel.

F-TR Tracy Slayton Self F-TR Krieger Barrel Chamber Chiller

On August 8th, Tracy posted: “Very, very windy day today but pulled off a 444/450 18X which is a High Master score. My Krieger barrel is the bomb and my Kahles scope allows me to see that target at 600 yards clearly. My Chamber Chiller really cools my barrel down in between matches and my Stiller action is as smooth as butter.”

F-TR Tracy Slayton Self F-TR Krieger Barrel Chamber Chiller

Click Photo for short video of Tracy’s shooting session, with shots called on audio:

F-TR Tracy Slayton Self F-TR Krieger Barrel Chamber Chiller

F-TR Tracy Slayton Self F-TR Krieger Barrel Chamber Chiller

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