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December 20th, 2021

The Guns of Winter — Visions from Snowy Fields

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors
Forum member 1LessDog calling in coyotes in a cold North Dakota winter landscape.

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors
Forum member DNorton posted: “I live way up north where our white sandy beaches look like this!”

There is a nice thread in our Forum appropriately entitled “Winter Time”. You’ll find some great backcountry images taken by our Forum members. Winter is a special time in the outdoors. Forum member JDP explains: “Winter is the best time to shoot! One of the few of life’s ironies that works in my favor. The range is empty and barrels keep cool, no bugs, no waiting on people, no mirage. Yup, this world needs more thin blooded snow birds. This cool weather is terrible and dangerous, tell your friends! Do people get lonely while shooting or something? It’s the true holiday season in multiple ways.”

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors
Winter hunting snow photography outdoors

These two images come from Forum member Bill K on a winter varmint safari. He posted: “This was Varmint Shooter’s truck [showing the outside temperature] when we set up.” Brrrr… that’s cold.

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors

The above photo is from Forum member 1LessDog, who posted: “The mound behind the Coyote is a Indian burial mound. There are six of them within a half mile of this one. I would really like to know how many coyotes I have shot off the mound. I would guess 4-5 a year over 35 years. It is one of my favorite spots to call from… any time I have a South to Southeast wind[.]”

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors

Forum member Bojo posted images of his hunting trip in Northwestern Pennsylvania last week. Bojo wrote: “It was an early winter for us — temps from low 20s to mid 40s through a week’s swing. Our cold hits hard in January/February.”

Winter hunting snow photography outdoors

Parting Shot — Some Folks Are Happier without Snow
While he acknowledged that these “white winter” photos are lovely to look at, Forum member D-4297 prefers warmer climes: “Just lookin at all those pictures of that white stuff makes me get chills. You hearty souls can keep it. I grew up in the ‘Snow-belt’ on the east side of Cleveland. Moved to Phoenix forty years ago, and don’t miss the snow at all. And nobody has tried to sell me a shovel or broom for keeping the sunshine off my driveway, either.”

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June 10th, 2017

Dakota Dogs — Prairie Dog Hunt with Dan Eigen in South Dakota

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

South Dakota Varmint Hunting SafariNever had a chance to hunt prairie dogs in the American west? Then check out this video. Dan Eigen (aka “Walleye Dan”), host of the We Love It Outdoors Television series, head to South Dakota for some varmint hunting. Dan teams up with Varmint Hunter Association President Jeff Rheborg to patrol some South Dakota Dogtowns where things get serious. In the video, you’ll see p-dog hits at distances from 70 yards to roughly 450 yards. The hunters were shooting from portable, wood-topped swivel rests, using AR-platform rifles on X-type sandbag rest. (Rifle zeroing session is shown at the 5:30+ mark.)

Multiple cameras were employed so you can see both the shooter’s POV and close-ups of the prairie dogs downrange. Watch the shooters having fun with a prairie dog cut-out and some Tannerite at the 9:00-minute mark. This guys are having a grand old time sending critters to Prairie Dog Heaven — we think you’ll enjoy the video.

Prairie Dog Hunting Starts at 2:00 Time-Mark in Video:

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

NOTE: This video actually covers three sequences: 1) Three-gun training; 2) Prairie Dog Hunting; and 3) Coyote Hunting. We’ve embedded the video so it plays back the Prairie Dog segment from 2:00 to 15:15. If you wish, you can slide the controls forward or back to watch the other segments.

Video found by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 26th, 2015

Review of New Nightforce 3-10x42mm SHV Hunting Scope

Nightforce coyote hunting review scope SHV Tim Titus recently published a helpful review of the new Nightforce 3-10x42mm SHV scope. If you’re looking for a hunting optic or you are interested in predator hunting, this review is worth a read. Author Tim Titus, an experienced hunting guide from Oregon, tests the little SHV is the field, bagging a coyote in the process.

Tim was impressed with the 3-10 SHV, given it’s price level: “While the SHV performed flawlessly on this hunt, NXS or ATACR owners will notice some subtle differences in form and function when comparing this scope to its more expensive big brothers. The Nightforce SHV won’t replace the 2.5-10X NXS for those who want to turn turrets on a consistent basis or who have the need for specialized or lighted reticles. But … for current Nightforce owners wanting a more affordable alternative … the SHV opens another playing field in what is still a very upscale optic. I’m confident this new scope will find its way onto many big game and predator hunting rifles.”


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