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November 17th, 2014

Sierra Infinity 7 Ballistics Software — Video Shows Features

Sierra Bullets has released Version 7 of its respected Infinity Exterior Ballistics software, available now for $39.95 for Windows computers. Renowned Sierra Ballistic Consultants Ted Almgren and Dr. Bill McDonald, who have written all Sierra Software since 1970, also wrote Infinity Version 7. Both are retired scientists from a major aerospace company. Infinity Exterior Ballistics Software version 7 is a sophisticated solver that can output multiple trajectory charts. A built-in database includes bullets and cartridges offered by 15 manufacturers, both U.S. and foreign.

This 13-minute Video Demonstrates the Many Features of Infinity 7 Ballistics Software:

This sophisticated program computes the effects on the bullet trajectory of variations in firing conditions. For example, you can change altitude of the firing point, target angle (uphill/downhill), wind speeds, or even modify the Ballistic Coefficient. In fact, you can change any inputted firing condition or combination of conditions.

One very handy function is the “back-to-zero” calculation. Infinity 7 software will compute where your gun is zeroed if you know that it shoots high by a measured amount at a known range.

Sierra Infinity software

Compare Trajectories with Five Different Bullets
One very powerful feature of Infinity 7 is its trajectory comparison capability. With most ballistics programs (such as the JBM online ballistics calculator), you can only view one bullet’s trajectory (and associated drop chart) at a time. Not so with Infinity 7. This software handles up to five different bullets at a time. You can compare downrange velocity, energy, drop, bullet path height, or crosswind drift with results shown in bolt tabular and graphical format. That helps you select the best bullet for your gun and application. The ability to compare downrange ballistics of five different bullets at once is particularly helpful for hunters, who can compare the “hitting power” of different projectiles at various distances.

You can purchase Infinity 7 Ballistics Software as a standalone product for $39.99, or you can buy the Infinity 7 Suite for $59.95, which includes the Sierra Bullets 5th Edition Reloading Manual on CD-ROM. If you prefer a printed loading Manual, a combo pack with Infinity 7 software CD-ROM plus published (hard-back) Reloading Manual is offered for $64.95.

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May 10th, 2009

New Windows Wireless-Capable Netbook for $239.99

A small laptop (netbook) has myriad uses for shooters. At home, use the netbook to record your load data, or access the web for factory reloading recipes. At the range, a small laptop can run a ballistics program, connect to your chronograph, provide weather data, or even display video from a target cam. Light and compact, the latest-generation netbooks are easy to carry in a range kit. And if you install GPS software (sold separately), you can even use a netbook for vehicle navigation!

Acer One Netbook Ballistics

5/11/09 UPDATE: We told you this was a great deal, and it looks like Amazon SOLD OUT at the $239.99 price. However they have similar deals starting at $259.99. CLICK HERE for current Acer Aspire One deals.

If you’re looking for a very inexpensive compact netbook, Amazon has a great deal. Right now, for just $239.99, you can purchase an Acer Aspire One AOA150-1029, 8.9″ Netbook with Windows XP Home, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, and a 120 GB Hard Drive. Weighing just 2.19 lbs. (one kilogram) this unit comes with WiFi connectivity, a memory card reader, and a Webcam. This machine can run all your favorite shooting software — ExBal, Excel, OnTarget, QuickLOAD — and you can even install GPS software. (NOTE: ALL software must be purchased separately). To get this special $239.99 price, with FREE SHIPPING, click the link below.

Acer Aspire One 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, XP Home)

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