January 18th, 2015

ELEY Introduces Two New Ammo Types — Hi-Vel and Subsonic

ELEY .22 LR ammunition has certainly been the choice of champions in high-level international smallbore competition. But ELEY is not resting on its laurels. ELEY’s engineers have worked hard to develop two new types of rimfire ammo — one fast (“force” high-velocity), one slow (“contact” subsonic). ELEY force and ELEY contact, the latest additions to ELEY’s product line, will be officially launched at SHOT Show in Las Vegas next week.

ELEY rimfire smallbore ammo ammunition force contact high-velocity subsonic rimfire england

Black Casings — Not Just for Looks
Designed for power, ELEY force is a new, high-velocity .22LR round that delivers both superior energy AND accuracy. ELEY force features a new propellant with a distributed pressure curve. This provides more energy during the in-barrel “burn time”, accelerating the bullet to a high velocity. Force is optimized for semi-auto rimfire rifles.

The cartridge brass for ELEY force is matte black, the result of a patented oxidisation process, first used with Eley edge (introduced in 2013). ELEY force is now the second type of ammo with black cases, which are dark for a good reason. According to ELEY’s engineers: “The black oxidized case finish increases friction between the case and projectile. This regulates and controls the force required to release the bullet, stabilizing the projectile and increasing ballistic consistency and accuracy.”

ELEY Contact — The Subsonic Solution
ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed for extreme accuracy, reduced noise, and minimal recoil. The reduced recoil allows the shooter to recover his sight picture more quickly. This is especially important for rapid-fire shooting with semi-automatic rimfire rifles.

Both ELEY force and ELEY contact are engineered with a heavier 42 grain bullet for high energy and are coated in a specially-formulated paraffin wax to minimize build-up in actions and magazines.

ELEY rimfire smallbore ammo ammunition force contact high-velocity subsonic rimfire england

ELEY’s History — A Success Story Spanning Two Centuries
A company with a rich heritage, ELEY has been making ammunition for 187 years. The company was first established in 1828 in London and was later moved to Birmingham, beginning a long and proud tradition. (Learn about ELEY’s history.) Over the years, ELEY has pioneered many technical innovations. ELEY now specializes in .22 LR caliber cartridges, and ELEY’s match ammo has a remarkable track record in competition. At the 2012 Olympics, 14 out of 18 smallbore shooting medals were won by shooters using ELEY ammunition.

ELEY rimfire smallbore ammo ammunition force contact high-velocity subsonic rimfire england

ELEY Test Facilities in USA, UK, and Germany
ELEY tells us the “every current ISSF Smallbore World Champion uses ELEY Tenex ammo”. That success can be attributed (at least in part) to ELEY’s technical testing facilities in the UK, Germany, and the USA. At these test centers, competitive shooters can test ammo lots in their particular match rifle to ensure the best match of barrel and ammunition. To learn more about the ammunition testing facilities and ELEY products, visit www.Eley.co.uk.

eley rimfire .22 LR test center facility ammunition

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March 2nd, 2011

New Hi-Vel and Lead-Free Rimfire Ammo from Winchester

Winchester is producing four new types of rimfire ammunition for 2011. Three of the four products should be of great interest to varminters, with new high velocity, high expansion, and lead-free designs. Winchester is also introducing its M-22 bulk pack .22LR ammo, designed for use in mag-fed semi-autos.

Varmint HV in .22 Magnum Rimfire
SPECS: 30gr tipped V-Max bullet, 2250 FPS
The Winchester Varmint HV line of .22 WMR ammo has proven very popular, and this year Winchester adds a new version for varminters who prefer a plastic-tipped bullet. The latest Varmint HV round features the accurate and explosive 30gr V-Max bullet. With a V-Max loaded to an impressive 2250 fps, this gives you near 17HMR velocity, with a heavier bullet for added hitting power.

Varmint HV V-Max

Varmint HE 3-in-1 Segmented .22LR
SPECS: 37gr plated HP, 1435 FPS
The unique 3-in-1 segment design, exclusive to Winchester, features a 37gr plated HP fragmenting expansion bullet pushed at 1435 fps. This “progammed” hollow-point bullet fragments into three forward segments, plus a solid rear core that gives more penetration (and energy). “Without a doubt, Varmint HE ammunition provides explosive impact,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester’s Marketing VP. “The 3/1 segmenting design makes this product truly innovative, but unlike other high-energy bullets on the market, our new 3/1 fragmenting design allows initial impact shock, and deep penetration resulting in maximum terminal effect.”

Winchester Varmint HE

Varmint LF (Lead-Free) 17 HMR
SPECS: 15.5gr NXT tipped lead-free bullet, 2550 FPS
For 2011, Winchester is introducing a new 17HMR version of its popular Lead-Free (LF) rimfire ammo. The new 17HMR LF shoots a lightweight, 15.5gr tipped NXT bullet at a blistering 2550 fps, making this some of the highest-velocity rimfire ammo you can buy. Along with the new 17MHR LF, Winchester’s LF rimfire line includes lead-free .22 WMR and .22LR LF ammo.

Varmint HV V-Max

M-22 Ammo for .22LR Tactical Trainers
SPECS: 40gr, Blackened Copper-plated Lead Bullet, 1255 FPS
New this year is Winchester’s M-22 line of affordable .22LR ammo. This is designed to function well in large-capacity stick magazines. If you are shooting one of the .22LR tactical-style semi-autos such as Smith & Wesson’s MP15-22, this ammo would be a good choice. It features a blackened, copper-plated 40gr lead bullet, and is available in 1000-count bulk packs.

Winchester Product Demo Page

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