January 4th, 2013

Snowbird X-Miss Match in Florida at Port Malabar

Snowbird X-Miss Match Florida

In 2012’s final week, the Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club of Palm Bay, Florida held the Fifth Annual Snowbird X-Miss Midrange Prone and F-Class Match. This NRA Registered Tournament drew almost 60 competitors from around the country plus Fritz Braun from Brazil. For the first time ever, the Snowbird had a 300/500/600 event the first day with 600-yard match the second two days. Competitors saw various kinds of weather varying from chilly to 74 degrees. There were some drizzles on the last day of the individual matches but the rain held off long enough for all to complete the event

Kent Reeve took the High Overall 3-Day aggregate for the Mid-Range Prone with a score of 1797-132X. Second overall went to Sam Yarosh with a score of 1793-109X. Third overall to Wayne Forshee with 1788-91X. In F-Open, reigning FL State F-Open Champion Mark Finizio won the 3-day event with a score of 1790-100X. Second was Ken Adams, 1780-77X and third place overall went to Tom Goodman, 1778-68X. Complete results are listed on www.pmrpcrifle.com.

Snowbird X-Miss Match Florida

Many Record-Setting Performances at the X-Miss Match
Numerous NRA National Records were set at the 2012 Snowbird X-Miss event. Kent Reeve shot an incredible 200-22X at 600 yards. LeeAnn Finizio set F-Open Ladies’ records at two yardages: 300 yards, (197-[?X]); 600 yards ( 200-14X). Sam Yarosh shot a new record of 197-12X in the 500-yard any sight police category.

Team Event on Sunday
On Sunday, December 30, 2012, there was a team match. The F-Class Open Division saw a tight race among Miami’s Signal 20 F-Class Team, the S&S Precision Rifle Team, and the BNX F-Class team. Team BNX ended up in first place ahead of runner-up S&S Precision Team, shown below.

Snowbird X-Miss Match Florida

The Snowbird X-Miss Match was conceived to let folks shoot in the dead of winter when they can’t compete at home. At the Snowbird X-Miss Match NRA classifications are used AND rifles are classed by type: Palma, Iron Sight, Service Rifle, and Scoped Rifle. And the usual F-Open and F-TR divisions are recognized. Awards are given to all these types. Thus a shooter with a 6.5-2284 scoped rifle is not competing against someone with an iron-sighted AR15 Service Rifle. The Snowbird will be held again next season at the end of 2013.

Major sponsors this year included Sinclair International, S & S Precision Rifles, D & B Supply, Bartlein Barrels, Krieger Barrels, Berger, and Sierra. Others included Creedmoor Sports, PMA, K & M, Lee Precision, Forester Products, Redding, Dewey, Precision Reloading, and Jim Owens.

Snowbird X-Miss Match Florida

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December 6th, 2012

Forum Member Shoots 200-26X at 600-Yard Prone Match

At a recent 600-yard High Power prone match in Florida, Forum member Frank Diaz shot a spectacular 200-26X score. He was firing his 6 BRX rifle with sling and scope in the Any Sights/Any Rifle category at the Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club. This is a remarkable accomplishment — we have never heard of a higher ‘Any/Any’ score shot at this distance on a 20-round stage with sling support. How do you score twenty-six Xs in a 20-shot match, you may ask? The answer is that, under the NRA rules, a competitor who shoots a perfect score (all 10s in X-Ring for his record shots), can continue to fire until he eventually places a shot outside the X-Ring. So Frank hit 26 Xs in a row. Wow.

Frank reports: “I shot a 200-26X at Port Malabar, FL at 600 yards using sling and scope. The wind was light, moving from Northeast to East at 5 to 10 mph. The gun was a 6mm BRX with 32.8 grains of Varget. My gun features a Barnard action, Brux barrel chambered by Paul Larson, and an H&H prone stock with work done by Alex Sitman (MasterClass Stocks). I [sometimes] shoot this gun with irons but for this match I mounted a Nightforce 12-42″.

Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol ClubThe Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club operates the last civilian competition 600-yard rifle range left in Florida. With 122 acres and a dozen ranges, Port Malabar is the largest self-policed shooting club in the state. While the 600-yard range is not open to the public, there are numerous organized events open to shooters from other clubs and locations. The range is located at: 610 Hurley Blvd. SW, Palm Bay, FL 32904.

Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club
P.O. Box 060307
Palm Bay Florida, 32906
(321) 956-8300

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