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December 9th, 2014

Get Poker Chips in CMP Airgun “Aces” Postal Match

Postal match CMP air rifleDo you shoot an air rifle or air pistol? Want to test your skills against other shooters across the country? Then sign up for a fun new “Aces” postal match in January. The CMP’s inaugural “Aces” postal match offers airgun marksman a nation-wide competition with Air Rifle, Air Pistol, and Para-Air Rifle/Air Pistol events. Match Registration opens on January 1, 2015 for the initial January-March (Q1) match period.

All 3×20 courses of fire are 20 shots prone, 20 shots standing, and 20 shots kneeling in integer format while all other rifle courses of fire are 60 shots in decimal format. All PPP courses of fire are 40 shots with the rest of the pistol events in 60 shots, both in integer format.

cmp postal match air rifle pistol aces 2015

Special “Aces” Event Poker Chips — One Per Quarter
Every competitor in the CMP “Aces” Postal Match will receive a specially- designed participation poker chip. There will be a different color each quarter, so collect all four!

Quarterly matches can be shot on Orion paper targets or electronic targets. Orion targets must be requested from the CMP and will be mailed to participants. All Orion targets must be returned for scoring at CMP. Current National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules and USA Shooting Air Rifle and Pistol rules apply. CLICK HERE for more information and schedules.

Modern competition air rifles are decidedly high-tech. Check out this Feinwerkbau:
CMP Air Rifle feinwerkbau

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November 6th, 2013

Mega-Match: Juniors Compete in Nationwide CMP Postal Match

CMP Postal 3-P air rifle matchImagine if thousands of junior shooters, from all around the country, could somehow compete in one giant, mega-match hosted at hundreds of different locations, with the scores all tallied together? Juniors in Maine could compete with young marksmen in Montana, or Florida (or any of the other 50 states). Sound like a pipe dream? Well such a program really exists. It’s called the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Postal Match, a 10-meter, three-position air rifle competition.

The CMP Postal Match allows juniors from all 50 states to compete from the convenience of their home ranges. The top shooters later compete shoulder-to-shoulder at regional and national matches. The CMP Postal Match is open to all junior programs, including all JROTC, 4-H, Boy Scouts and junior clubs. Participants must be school age (not yet graduated from high school), and all team participants must be from the same school or club.

CMP Postal 3-P air rifle match

Here’s How the CMP Postal Match Works:

  • Shooters must register with the CMP before January 24, 2014.
  • Registered shooters will receive official CMP targets by mail ($5.00 per shooter).
  • Targets must be mailed back to CMP for scoring, to be received no later than 2/4/2013.
  • Postal scores can be viewed through CMP’s Competition Tracker system.
  • The top Postal Match shooters will qualify for CMP Regional Championships, to be held at Camp Perry (OH), Anniston (AL), and Layton (UT) in 2014.

CMP Postal Match INFO | Postal Match Registration Instructions | National 3-P Air Rifle Rules

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October 18th, 2012

USA vs. Germany Junior Air Rifle Internet Match

Internet Air Rifle matchStory based on report by Kyle Jillson in NRAblog
Earlier this month, junior air rifle shooters from Georgia faced off against counterparts in Germany during an “internet match” that allowed both teams to keep track of their opponents scores in real-time. The two teams were 4,000 miles apart, but they competed simultaneously, with scores from both countries posted instantly (in both venues) via internet connections.

Each shooter was ranked and paired against the corresponding member of the opposing team – like golf’s Ryder Cup. Instead of a team aggregate determining the outcome, countries earned points for beating their opponents.

The US team was set up at the Ole Mill Range in Griffin, Georgia, while their German opponents were shooting from from Untergrombach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, in southern Germany. American and German teams, separated by 4,000 miles and a six hour time difference, came together on a fall day to shoot a fun match between one another – simultaneously. Instead of waiting for results from one another and shooting on different days, it was great to see the two groups work out schedules that allowed competition as if they were all at the same range.

Internet Air Rifle match

Instead of a normal 60-shot standing match, the two ranges agreed to tweak the rules to the head-to-head format for a little international fun. All shooters still shot in the same relay with scores reported as they came in and “wins” were counted after each pair had finished.

Internet Air Rifle match

How did the US team fare? I’m sure they’ve seen better days. Outshot in all but one match, the United States lost to Germany 3-1. Despite the defeat, this match was a great example of the shooting sport’s international strength. This “internet match” opened all kinds of doors for future matches between not only different countries, but different states within the USA. The ease of communication through computers can really help the shooting sports expand with a web of competitions the world over.

Photos courtesy
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October 14th, 2012

U.S. Smallbore Teams Win Major International Postal Matches

Report based on Story by Lars Delsaide in NRAblog.
To steal a line from Hap Rocketto, the Americans scored a rare twofer this summer at during NRA’s National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry. With scores of 7834 and 3994-279x, teams of top American Smallbore rifle shooters won this year’s Randle and Dewar Cup matches.

“I received an email from England saying that the United States had won both the Randle and the Dewar matches,” said NRA National Rifle Manager Howard “H.Q.” Moody. “And they didn’t just win them, they won them big!” added Moody. “That’s just phenomenal because [USA shooters] haven’t won them in almost ten years. It’s a real exciting thing to see because the Great Britain Rifle team will be coming to Camp Perry next summer to shoot the Pershing.”

Randle Trophy Postal Match Team
USA Randle Team Photo with coaches and competitors (listed alphabetically): Michelle Bohren, Katie Bridges, Claudia Duksa, Amy Fister, Reya Kempley, Sarah Kramer, Amanda Luoma, Virginia McLemore, Amanda McMullin, and Nancy Tompkins.

The Dewar Trophy International Match is a team event with 20-person national teams (both men and women) from English-speaking countries. Each competitor shoots forty shots at 20, 50 and 100 yards. The Randle Trophy International Match is open to teams of ten women from English-speaking nations. The Randle course of fire is the same as the Dewar Match.

Origin of International Postal Matches
The origins of the Randle and Dewar Cup Postal Matches can be traced back to historic GB vs. USA team matches that began at the turn of the 20th Century. The NRA’s Howard Moody explained that everything started more than 100 years ago with the Pershing and Lord Roberts matches. American and British Teams traveled back and forth “across the pond” to compete at these big events. But that was very expensive even back then. So, it was decided to divide the matches and alternate them every four years. The British would come to America for the Pershing Match, and four years later, the Americans would travel to England for the Roberts. Thus the Pershing and Roberts matches alternate every four years. So how does this connect to the Randle and Dewar Trophy matches? Moody explained: “To keep the competition going in the off years, we use the Randle and Dewar Cup.”

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September 24th, 2012

Air Guns are Fun! SoCal Regional Air Rifle Benchrest Match

Open Grove Range in Southern California recently hosted an air rifle benchrest match. The Open Grove (SoCal) Regional was conducted in conjunction with the World Postal Championship and U.S. Air Rifle Benchrest nationwide standings, under World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation (WRABF) rules. All shooters competed for individual placements and SoCal Regional standings for this one event. In addition, three SoCal team members, Linzie Boise, Jim Herrick, and John Carter, would have their combined three-person match scores entered into World Postal Match team competition standings. It sounds more complicated than it really was. For most of the shooters this match was all about having fun with good friends. The cost was low, the fun factor was high, and, at the end of the day, everyone left with a big smile. CLICK HERE to View Match Photo Gallery (170 hi-rez pictures).

Open Grove Air Rifle Benchrest

WATCH Match Video with Shooter Interviews

There were two competition classes: Light Varmint (LV) and Heavy Varmint (HV). Light Varmint class is for rifles weighing no more than 10.5 pounds, with a power limit of 12 foot-lbs-energy (FPE) max power. The Heavy Varmint class allows 15 pounds max weight, with a max power limit of 20 FPE. Any scope magnification is allowed. Unlike ARA rimfire benchrest, you can’t use a one-piece rest; a two-piece set-up (with front rest and rear bag) is required. For more information on Air Rifle Benchrest rules and classifications visit and

Open Grove Air Rifle Benchrest

Hardware and Course of Fire
The rifles used at SoCal Regional are pre-charged using compressed air tanks. The rifles were chambered for either .177 or .22 caliber pellets. While some of the rifles were dedicated benchrest rigs, many were converted/adapted Field Target Rifles. The large side-focus-parallax wheels you see on some of the rifles are used for ranging in Field Target competition. The targets were set at 25 meters. Each target has 25 record bulls. The time limit was 30 minutes per target. Winners were determined based on the Overall Aggregate from the combined scores of three, 25-bull targets. Trophies were awarded to top shooters in HV and LV classes, and the Overall winner.

Open Grove Air Rifle Benchrest

Comments from Match Director
After seven years as a rimfire benchrest shooter, I found a new passion with these air rifles. The cost involved will vary depending on where one wants to start. The sport right now is developing quickly with barrel manufacturers, custom action builders, and stock makers all getting involved. For Open Grove Benchrest, this event was a huge success in attracting different levels of competitors from first-time shooters to Benchrest regulars. We hope this will be a turning point for attracting new shooters to the sport. We tried to make this a fun family event. People really did seem to enjoy themselves. After the last relay, all the shooters were treated to a lunch. Then we gave out door prizes and awarded trophies to the winners.

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July 27th, 2011

All-Female Team Competes in Randle Trophy Match

The Randle Trophy match is smallbore international postal match with women competitors only. The Randle Trophy match was shot July 26th at Camp Perry immediately after the Dewar Trophy match. The course of fire for the match is a Dewar Course, where each shooter fires 20 shots at both 50 and 100 yards in the prone position. Below is a slide show with photos of the match.

Started in 1952 for International Women’s Team Competition in memory of former NRA President Thurman Randle, participating teams must be from an English-speaking country and field a team of 10 firing members, two alternate shooters, a captain, and a coach. Earning a position on the U.S. team is not easy, members must be one of the 12 top-scoring shooters in the Metallic Sight Aggregate competition at Perry to be invited. Below are the talented members of the 2011 Randle Trophy Team.

Randle Team 2011

Story by K. Jillson, courtesy the NRA Blog.
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April 8th, 2009

Spring Smack the Smiley Match Kicks Off

Our own Asst. Editor, Jason Baney, runs a popular “postal match” called “Smack the Smiley”. Four times a year (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter) you can shoot an official target at your own range, and then submit it for judging. Over $2000.00 in prizes will be awarded for each 2009 seasonal match. You can compete with shooters from across the continent.

Jason started the Smiley matches in 2004. Since 2006, a share of monies collected from entry fees have been donated to American military marksmen via These donations have totaled over $5000.00.

Jason is accepting entries for the current Spring Match. Order your targets now. The Spring Match officially starts April 13, 2009. Your finished Spring targets must be returned (postmarked) by May 26, 2009. Targets will be scored and ranked on shooting forums including, West Coast Tactical, SnipersParadise, and the main contest site,

Smack the Smiley Prizes
Prizes donated by manufacturers are raffled off, lottery-style, after each match. This means that every participant has a chance at winning a valuable prize. The prize list totals over $2000.00 in value for each Smack the Smiley match. You’re smart to shoot all four seasonal matches (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter). A four-match Aggregate will be tallied this year with a possible prize for the Aggregate winner.

CLICK HERE for Smack The Smiley 4-Season Match Calendar

Smack The Smiley Postal Match Rules

● There are two classes, rimfire and centerfire, with no other rifle restrictions. Rimfire guns shoot at 50 yards, while centerfire rifles shoot at 100 yards.

● All rifles must be shot from the ground, either sitting or prone position, with NO tripod rests allowed. Only bipods or other field expedient rests are allowed.

● You must shoot official targets only, ordered from These cost $3.50 each with a max of 4 targets per class. One dollar ($1) from each target goes to

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