June 12th, 2011

Unitized Scope Mount System from DNZ Products

Quite a few of our hunter friends have praised the DNZ Products (aka DedNutz) “Game Reaper” scope mounting system. This is a unitized one-piece base AND ring system. Because the rings are integral with the scope base, there’s no potential misalignment between the front and rear base. You also eliminate the need to keep separate rings torqued securely on an action-top rail. The rigid DNZ design has no moveable parts between the firearm and the scope.

Made of milled, anodized aluminum, the one-piece DNZ scope mounting system is one-third the weight of most other one-piece base and ring mounts and it can’t rust. For rifles with a Weaver or Picatinny-style base, we still advocate the use of Burris Signature Zee rings. However, if you are looking for a sturdy, low-profile set-up that attaches directly to the receiver, the DNZ system fits the bill. It would be a good choice for a walk-around varminter or a deer rifle. Because DNZ “Game Reaper” front and rear rings are precision CNC-machined, DNZ claims that it’s not necessary to lap the rings. We still recommend you inspect the ring edges and lightly debur as necessary. If you choose to lap the rings, do it gently as the inside should be very concentric already and you don’t want to grind through the anodizing.

One DNZ scope mount user, writing on huntingnet.com, comments: “I bought a pair of DedNutz for a Browning A-Bolt and a pair of Talley Lightweights for the same gun. I have to tell you that I think these DedNutz rings are some of the most rugged rings I have seen and yet are very lightweight. The [DedNutz] have a superior finish to the Talley lightweights … and they are better machined. I put a lapping bar on both and the Talleys needed it but not the DNs.” DedNutz scope mounts are are offered in 1″ and 30mm sizes, in matte silver, matte black, or Realtree Camo finishes.

DNZ scope mounts start at about $54.00 and can be purchased from MidwayUSA.com, or direct from DNZProducts.com. (You’ll probably find MidwayUSA’s prices to be considerably lower.)