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June 20th, 2011

Pending 600-Yard Score Record Set at Piedmont by Eric Wilson

Piedmont Score RecordForum member Jim McG (aka “Hostil”) reports that Eric Wilson shot a 600-yard, four-target Score record of 198 points at the Piedmont Gun Club (Rutherfordton, NC) last week.

In sequence, scores for Eric’s four targets were: 50, 50, 50, 48. The first group was ultra-small, 1.080″ as measured with On-Target software. And the average size of all four groups combined is about 1.65″, barely over 1/4 MOA! Jim McG told us: “I don’t think [the record] will last long though, my bet is Eric will break it soon. He shoots a lot of small centered groups.”

Dasher/Tracker Combo Does It Again
Eric was shooting a 6mm Dasher Light Gun (17-lb Class) smithed by Mike Davis. Eric’s rifle featured a dual-port BAT action in a ST1000 Shehane Tracker stock. The barrel was a 1:8″ twist, 28″ Krieger .237″ bore, chambered for a no-turn-neck 6mm Dasher with .104″ freebore. Eric’s load was 32+ grains of H4895 with Danzac-coated Berger 105gr VLDs.

Dimensions of the 600-yard IBS Target are: X-Ring 1.2″; 10 Ring 2.8″; 9 Ring 5.2″; 8 Ring 7.6″.

600-yard Shooter of the Year Sam Hall says Eric is to be congratulated for this Piedmont record: “It is the man behind the rifle that counts! Eric has been doing some fantastic shooting, [as have] some other rookies. At Piedmont, with the talent and number of shooters we have each match, you have done well to place in the top 5. Results that used to win 3-4 years ago, will not even place any more!”

Gunsmith Mike Davis added: “Sam is right, the gun can’t win a match by itself. Eric has been tough since he started & continues to get better. Congratulations again, that’s very strong shooting!” (Editor’s note: Mike has a heavy work load now, but if you want to schedule a build, you can email: daviscustomrifle[at]

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June 20th, 2011

First-Ever Eastern Cooper One-Shot Competition in August

Cooper one-shot competitionCooper’s One-Shot Competition has grown into a nationally-recognized event and this year Cooper Firearms of Montana has added a second shoot to be held at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club in Augusta, Maine. East Coasters can now find out why Cooper owners have returned year after year for the popular One-Shot Event in Montana.

The inaugural Eastern One-Shot Competition will be held August 19-20, 2011 in Augusta, Maine. The Rimfire event will be held on August 19 while the Centerfire competition will be August 20th. Centerfire prizes include money, paintings, and a Cooper rifle awarded to the top shooter. Note: Interested Cooper owners should register early, using the Entry Form. The event is limited to the first forty (40) registered applicants, and entry deadline is July 1, 2011. If you have questions about the event, contact Gary at babydogham[at] or 207-629-9163; or, contact Joe at Joe[at] or 406-777-0373.

Cooper one-shot competition

Cooper One-Shot Competition — How It Works

The Money Shoots
The day begins at 10 am with four and eight person group competitions for cash prizes. A separate, per shot, entry fee of $5 for the eight-shooter groups and $10 for the four-shooter groups is collected with a 100% pay out to each winner. This shoot is designed to allow the competitors to familiarize themselves with the range, zero their weapons and get to know one another before the afternoon’s painting shoot.

The Main Event
Shooters get one shot at a dot the size of a pencil eraser at 150 yards. No sighters. No spotting scopes to dope the wind while other shooters succeed or fail. The closest shooter wins the target to take home to put on his wall and a chance to compete for a new rifle. What makes this competition unique is that the target is on a painting. The names of eight shooters will be assigned to each painting and written around its rim along with a number. That number indicates the order that competitors will shoot. The target will be a ¼ inch dot on a paper paster target that measures about 2 inches in diameter. This target is then taped to the painting. One at a time, competitors will get a shot at their paster. After the shooting flight is finished, the paster’s will be recovered and new ones put in their place. Shooters will be evaluated by the bullet strike relative to this target, not the symbolic target added to the painting as a reference point. The bullet hitting closest to the paster’s center will win the painting. The top two shooters on each painting will be given a chance to compete for the grand prize, a M56 Jackson Game Rifle in .264 Winchester Magnum.

Entry fee is $165.00 for the centerfire One Shot Event. That fee covers lunch at the range and a steak & lobster dinner with an open bar at the after-shoot party. There will also be a Friday 22LR competition using IR 50/50 rules. The entry fee for the rimfire shoot is $50.00 with 100% payout and lunch is on us. CLICK HERE for 2011 Eastern One-Shot Entry Form.

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