June 18th, 2012

Zombie-Themed Nebraska Match Features $160,000 in Prizes

Hornady Mfg., with help from the Nebraska Army National Guard, is hosting Pandemic 2012, a zombie-themed fun shoot on June 29 through July 1, 2012. The “Zombies in the Heartland / Pandemic 2012″ three-gun event will be held at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Nebraska. This event will feature $160,000 worth of prizes — the largest prize table in Nebraska shooting sports history.

pandemic 2012 zombie shoot

CLICK HERE for Match Manual and Rulebook | CLICK HERE to Register for Pandemic 2012

Complete information on the match is available at ZombiesintheHeartland.com. The match, limited to 375 participants, includes combined pistol, rifle, and shotgun stages. Two entry levels are offered. A $175.00 fee buys entry into the eight (8) main Pandemic 2012 stages. For another $100.00 ($275.00 total), shooters can compete in the six (6) Sidematch Stages. Targets will be mostly reactive, with “Hordes of steel Zombie targets [that] will either, fall over, move or blow apart.” The maximum target distance (for rifles) will be 45 yards, so this is very much an close-in speed shooting event.

“Zombies in the Heartland / Pandemic 2012 has been extremely well received by our friends in the industry who have generously donated over $160,000 in prizes,” said Neil Davies, Hornady Marketing Director. “Thanks to all the sponsors, everyone who participates in the match will have the opportunity to claim a prize.” The prize table will include pistols, rifles, shotguns, scopes, AR uppers, gun parts, and gear of all kinds. A complete list of sponsors and merchandise values can be found on the Pandemic 2012 Prize Table Webpage.

Pandemic 2012

Pandemic 2012 should provide a fun and entertaining shooting event unlike anything competitors have experienced before. The Sportsman Channel and the Outdoor Channel will cover the event. In addition to the main stages, an optional Charity CQB Shoot House will feature a maze of walls, smoke, lights and sound, and reactive zombie targets. Competitors will be armed with a green-laser-equipped airsoft M-4 with over 100 rounds of airsoft ammunition. A run through the CQB Shoot House costs $5.00 extra, with all proceeds donated to the Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) charity.

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