October 10th, 2013

Get 69 Years of Gun Digest Annuals on DVD for Just $59.99

gun digest DVD collection 1944 2013 disc archiveNeed reading material on the cheap? How about sixty-nine (69) YEARS of Gun Digest articles for just $59.99. That’s not a misprint. Gun Digest is now offering a 3-disc DVD set containing sixty-nine years of Gun Digest archives — over 3000 articles in all. This massive Gun Digest digital collection includes all 69 Annual Editions of Gun Digest, complete with gun values, firearm reviews, collecting tips, and buying guides. You get 69 years of gun history in one spot. As one buyer notes: “You could never find these old issues anywhere else and you get the 2012 and 2013 digest in the set as an additional incentive.”

The Gun Digest 3-DVD set includes each Annual Edition of Gun Digest by Year (1944-2013) in PDF Format. This collection includes Test Fire gun reviews, articles on shooting, hunting, gun collecting, gunsmithing, optics and more. Here’s a sample: Elmer Keith’s classic article on the .44 Magnum

gun digest DVD collection 1944 2013 disc archive Three Discs VS. Sixteen Feet of Shelf Space

This DVD collection is a treasure trove, as another purchaser of the 3-DVD set explains: “You can occasionally find older editions of this iconic tome, used of course, but nowhere will you get all 69 issues from the start of publication through the 2013 edition in digital form. They are all here… for your reference and enjoyment.” By contrast, 69 years worth of “the print version would require 16 feet or so of shelving.”

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