August 28th, 2014

Hodgdon Powders at Powder Valley Today — Act Quickly

powdervalley inc

Powder Valley Inc. (PVI) received a fairly substantial shipment of popular Hodgdon powders today, including H4350 and Varget (sorry Varget sold out instantly). There are still some quantities left… but you need to act quickly. As of the time of this post, PVI was still listing quantities of these popular Hodgdon propellant:

Hodgdon H322, 1 lb
Hondgon H414, 1 and 8lbs
Hodgdon H4350, 1 lb
Hodgdon 4831SC, 8 lbs
Hodgdon LeverRevolution, 8 lbs
Hodgdon Retumbo, 1 lbs
Hodgdon Superformance, 8 lbs
Hodgon 50 BMG, 1 and 8 lbs

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