December 3rd, 2014

Armalite Black Rifle Bonanza — Buy One, Get One Free

If you want to build your arsenal of tactical rifles, here’s the Deal of the Decade. If you buy one large-caliber Armalite Rifle (.50, .416, .338, or .308 cal) you can get one FREE .223-cal AR-type carbine. That’s right, buy one rifle, and get one free. In fact, as a special added bonus, if you purchase the Armalite AR-50A1 .50 BMG National Match Rifle, you get TWO AR carbines. Buy one, get two free.

These spectacular deals are being offered through, via phone-in orders only. You won’t find these offers on the Armalite or Eurooptic websites. You need to call (570) 368-3920 (and ask for Jason). NOTE: this offer is limited to supplies on hand. You snooze, you lose.

Option One: Purchase AR-50A1 National Match, receive TWO 223-caliber AR rifles for free: LEC15A4CBK and 15A4CB (optical sights NOT included). Yes — you get three (3) rifles total.

Option Two: Purchase qualifying rifle and receive EITHER one LEC15A4CBK OR 15A4CB (optical sights NOT included). You get two (2) rifles total. Qualifying primary rifle purchase: 50A1B-416, 50A1B, 10SBF, 10SCBF, A10SBF, A10SCBF, 30A1B338, 30A1BT338, 31BT308, 31BTC308, 30A1B300, or 30A1BT300.

50 BMG eurooptic Armalite buy one get one free black rifle Jason

Get TWO more rifles with purchase of AR-50A1 National Match

50 BMG eurooptic Armalite buy one get one free black rifle Jason

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