April 21st, 2015

Deep Creek Drone — High Definition Bird’s Eye View Movie

The Deep Creek Range near Missoula, Montana, is one of the best 1000-yard ranges in the country. Many long-range benchrest records have been set in this scenic, tree-lined facility. Now, thanks to Forum member David Gosnell (aka “Zilla”), you can see Deep Creek from the air. David attached a High-Def video camera to a quad-rotor drone. He then flew the drone over the Deep Creek Range, soaring from firing line to the target bay and back again. We think you’ll like this video. It gives you a “birds-eye view” of one of America’s elite ranges. Enjoy.

deep creek range Missoula Montana

Deep Creek Range Now Affiliated with IBS
The Montana NW 1000-Yard Benchrest Club (www.mt1000yd.com) is now officially affiliated with the International Benchrest Shooters (IBS). Montana NW Club member Alex Wheeler told us: “The decision was made this year to join the IBS and hopefully grow our matches. We have been affiliated with the Original Pennsylvania 1000-yard Benchrest Club (Williamsport, PA) for almost twenty years. Now our Montana-based shooting club enters a new era as an IBS-affiliated operation.”

Wheeler invited shooters to visit: “The Deep Creek Range is a great place to shoot. Conditions are generally excellent with predictable calm winds. The firing line is a raised berm with covered concrete benches. We have full pits and a scoring shed to properly handle the targets. We typically start at 8:00 am to take full advantage of the calm conditions. Many visitors enjoy camping near the range during match weekends. Facilities include water, electric, and restrooms. There are also many hotels in the area.”

deep creek IBS missoula montana

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