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July 3rd, 2015

Leupold VX-6 7-42x56mm Scope Test by Target Shooter UK

Leupold Competition scope Nightforce 7-42x56mm scope optic F-TR F-Class lifetime Warranty

Our friend Vince Bottomley has reviewed the Leupold VX-6 7-42x56mm scope for Target Shooter Magazine, a UK-based webzine. Vince put Leupold’s new 7-42X through its paces, testing its suitability for F-Class competition. Vince liked the scope. The glass was bright and the clicks were repeatable. Point of impact did not change after zooming from 7X all the way out to 42X. Finding the view “crystal-clear and sharp” at 42X, Vince concluded that “the Leupold would be very shootable at max power.

Interestingly, the vertical elevation clicks are 1/8 MOA while the horizontal clicks are 1/4 MOA.* Vince found that a bit confusing, but “all other controls — the side-focus [parallax], zoom-ring, and European-style ocular focus-ring are spot-on and moved with a reassuringly precise feel.”

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Here are some highlights from Vince Bottomley’s review:

Initial reaction? It looks right – not as chunky as a Schmidt, not long and slim like the new Nightforce, just right in fact – like the March and the new SV 10-50 Sightron. In line with the new breed of high-end optics, it sports a 34mm body-tube but, weight-wise it’s bang on the money at 26.5 oz – the same as my 8-32 Sightron and lighter than the 28 oz. Nightforce Competition 15-55.

Are odd ounces that important? Yes they are – to weight-conscious F-TR shooters, who may be attracted by this scope as an alternative to the March 10-60X – which is even lighter at a tad under 25 ounces. Putting together an effective F-TR gun is all about making compromises – pick a 10-60 March over the 15-55 Nightforce and you can add an inch to your barrel!

With just 55 MOA of elevation adjustment, the VX-6 isn’t over-generous but of course, tapered scope-rails are now readily available for most rifles if you need more MOA. Windage is adequate at 45 MOA.

Leupold Competition scope Nightforce 7-42x56mm scope optic F-TR F-Class lifetime Warranty

In conclusion, this is a very fine long-range target scope, which should definitely appeal to serious F-Class shooters and must be considered alongside the 10-60 March and 15-55 Nightforce Competition scopes. Also, the Leupold lifetime ‘no quibble’ guarantee is the best in the business – if you can’t make up your mind, this could be the deal-maker.

*Actually, the true click values are closer to 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch (rather than 1/8 MOA and 1/4 MOA). To calibrate the true click values, Vince took a baseline shot then wound on 20 MOA “up” vertical. His second shot impacted 19.875″ higher. One MOA is 1.047 inches, so 20 MOA should have measured 20.94″ inches. So his 20 MOA was off by about 1 inch, or 5%. This variance is not unusual, and it demonstrates why you should always verify your true scope values before shooting a match.

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July 3rd, 2015

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