February 6th, 2017

Firearms Guide Now Offered on Flash Drive, Internet, and DVD

7th Edition Firearms Guide

The latest 7th Edition of the Firearms Guide is now available as a handy USB Flash Drive, as well as DVD. In addition, you can access the information on the web via an online subscription. (NOTE: the DVD Edition is FREE in combo with a 1-Year Online Database subscription.)

“We listened closely to the market,” says Firearms Guide editor Chris Mijic, “and saw that our online users still want to have a tangible backup copy of Firearms Guide. A lot of them like the DVD Edition which is free with the Online Edition but some of them don’t have a DVD drive in their new computers any more so we created a super-fast USB Flash Drive edition for them.” The Firearms Guide 7th Edition is also published on DVD-Rom for Windows and there is an online subscription service at www.firearmsguide.com.

Choose Multiple Options

  • USB Flash Drive Edition comes in combo with a 1 Year Online Edition with free updates for only $39.95.
  • 1-Year Online Edition with free updates is only $29.99.
  • DVD Edition is FREE in combo with a 1-Year Online Edition.

The Firearms Guide 7th Edition represents the world’s largest, fully-searchable firearms, air guns and ammo database, covering 920 manufacturers from 50 countries. Published since 2009, the Firearms Guide covers over 64,000 antique and modern guns, with gun values, photos, and high-resolution gun schematics and blueprints. The Firearms Guide allows up to 14 different search criteria: caliber, year, country, manufacturer, stock, action, price, and more.

firearms guide 2016 Database 7th Edition Gun Values

The amount of imagery is amazing — there are tens of thousands of photos and over 6300 schematics, which help you work on a firearm or identify key components/parts. Guns and ammo are presented with prices, specifications, features, ballistics, and up to 12 high-rez zoom-able color pictures.

GUN VALUES are provided for dealers and gun collectors. You can access thousands of printable and zoom-able GUN SCHEMATICS (diagrams or exploded views) with parts lists and blueprints for professional gunsmiths.

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