June 25th, 2018

22 Nosler — High Performance .22 Caliber Cartridge

22 Nosler cartridge AR15 .223 Rem 224 Valkyrie

Nosler created the 22 Nosler cartridge to wring the highest possible ballistic performance from a .22-caliber, AR-compatible cartridge that also provides adequate barrel life and maximum ease of conversion. The 22 Nosler achieved these objectives and much more — it delivers far better performance than the .223 Remington and even out-runs the 224 Valkyrie.

In ballistics, there’s no free lunch. Larger powder capacity at similar operating pressures equates to higher velocity potential. In the case of the 22 Nosler, this is evidenced by a 4-5 grain capacity increase over the tried and true .223 Remington, and a 2-3 grain capacity advantage over the newly-introduced 224 Valkyrie. This larger “engine room” allows the 22 Nosler to deliver higher velocities. That translates to less drop (flatter trajectory) at long range.

22 Nosler cartridge AR15 .223 Rem 224 Valkyrie

Faster than .223 Rem and 224 Valkyrie
When loaded with 80 grain low-drag match bullets and fired from the same 24″ barrel (bolt actions, not gas guns) the 22 Nosler outruns the 224 Valkyrie by about 150 fps. Compared to the .223 Remington, the difference is even more remarkable — the 22 Nosler runs over 300 fps faster! These velocity improvements give the 22 Nosler a clear advantage in long-range trajectory and downrange energy retention.

22 Nosler cartridge AR15 .223 Rem 224 Valkyrie

How to Run the 22 Nosler in Your AR-Platform Rifle
Converting your AR to 22 Nosler is as simple as a barrel and magazine change, and there are countless AR-platform MSRs in circulation with the proper 0.378” (.223 Rem) sized bolt face. By comparison, to make the swap to 224 Valkyrie, you must purchase a dedicated .224-Valkyrie upper (not cheap!), or at the minimum add a new barrel, modified bolt with proper bolt face, and 6.8 SPC-compliant mags.

This video compares the specifications of the 22 Nosler and .223 Remington. Bolt face dimensions are identical for the 22 Nosler and the 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO at 0.378″, so no bolt swap is required.

Many Factory Ammo Options — from 55 to 85 grains
Nosler offers a variety of factory loads in 22 Nosler, suited to a wide range of applications. Will you be shooting long range targets? Try the 70 or 85 grain RDFs loaded in Nosler Match Grade Ammunition. Are hogs or deer on the menu? Choose Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition, with either the 55 grain E-Tip (non-lead) bullet or the 70 grain AccuBond®. Taking out varmints or predators? Nosler’s Varmageddon with 62 grain Hollow Point or Trophy Grade Varmint ammo with 55 grain Ballistic Tip (the world’s first polymer tipped varmint bullet) — will stop any varmint in its tracks.

If you want to turn your AR-platform MSR into a completely different animal, the 22 Nosler can open up a whole new level of performance.

22 Nosler cartridge AR15 .223 Rem 224 Valkyrie

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