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February 7th, 2019

Sweet Tweets from NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show

NRA Great American outdoor show harrisburg pa

The NRA Great American Outdoor Show is underway right now in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, continuing through Sunday, February 10. To promote the show the NRA is using social media. Here are some interesting Twitter Tweets about the Show from various NRA sources.

NRA Museum — The Barrett 50. Museum staffs says: “We wanted to bring out the ‘big guns’ for our Harrisburg traveling exhibit this year. Not much desert around Harrisburg, but if we run into snow this week, this Barrett can easily handle any extremes in temperature!”

NRA Great American outdoor show harrisburg pa

NRA Museum – Gyrojet Pistol. The NRA Museum took two rare Gyrojet “rocket ball” guns up to Harrisburg, PA for the traveling exhibit. Below is the first, an experimental Mark I model. This does not use a conventional case, powder, and primer. Rather the projectile streams hot gases like a miniature rocket.

NRA Great American outdoor show harrisburg pa

Watch Slow-Motion video of the Gyrojet Mark I shooting rocket-propelled projectile:

NRA Museum — Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver with Canteen Shoulder Stock. This circa 1857 percussion Colt features an innovation that then-Secretary of War Jefferson Davis had decided that his friend Sam Colt could produce. Gift of the Thurston Collection.

NRA Great American outdoor show harrisburg pa

From Shooting Illustrated — Pack Rifles. Trekking into the woods? Make sure you’re prepared with one of today’s easily carried survival and self-defense packages. Shown is a side-folding AR15 variant plus a Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle, which stows action and barrel inside the buttstock. FULL Story Here.

NRA Great American outdoor show harrisburg pa

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February 7th, 2019

Budget Hauler — Transport Your Gear with $56 Welding Cart

Welding Cart Range Cart

Creedmoor Sports Range Cart CRC-1The Berger SW Nationals is coming up in a couple weeks. At that match, the sling shooters and F-Class competitors need to haul lots of gear from parking lot to the firing line, and then move from yardage to yardage. Along with their rifles, shooters need to bring mats, front rests or bipods, spotting scopes (with stands), rear bags, ammo boxes, log sheets, tool kits, and heavy coats (for the sling shooters).

To do the hauling, you can certainly purchase a factory-made, purpose-built cart that folds up and has all the bells and whistles. The Creedmoor Sports CRC-1 (photo right) is a proven, quality product that works great. You’ll find these used by top shooters at Camp Perry. But the Creedmoor CRC-1 cart costs $499.95. For a fraction of that price ($55.99), plus a few dollars more for do-it-yourself enhancements, you can have a heavy-duty cart that will haul all your gear just fine, though it doesn’t fold up. In the top photo is a Harbor Freight Welding Cart we saw at the Berger Southwest Nationals. This rig is carrying a rifle in hard gun case, bipod, folding chair, shooting mat, tripod, spotting scope, rear sand-bag, and ammo box — that’s a lot of gear!

Welding Cart Range CartWelding Cart Range Cart

Check out the Harbor Freight Welding Cart, item #65939. This cart is ON SALE right now for just $59.99. Overall size is 29-1/2″ L x 20″ W x 49″ H, and width between side rails is 18″. The wheels (with tires) are 20 3/4″ in diameter for smooth rolling. Consider that, if you made your own cart from scratch you could easily pay $30.00 or more just for the large-diameter wheels and axle. Do note — this cart has air-filled tires. Be sure to inflate before you go to the Range!

This Cart is now on sale for just $55.99 — GREAT DEAL!

As sold, the Harbor Freight Welding Cart can benefit from upgrades for range use. But with a few bungee cords (and some creativity), the cart can be adapted pretty easily to hauling your gun gear. If you want to enhance the basic cart, it’s easy to add plastic side-panels on the bottom unit, and fit a barrel-holding system on the cross-tube. This ensures rifles and gear won’t flop forward. (A small piece of wood under the bottom panel provides a bit of extra lift that will keep the bottom plate out of the dirt and gravel.)

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