August 25th, 2019

All in the Family — Three Generations Compete Together

father son grandfather young boy benchrest 6mmBR Cooper Montana varminter

We saw a heart-warming post on the Benchrest Shooting and Gunsmithing Facebook Group. Proud father Robb W. explained how three generations of his family — father, son, and grandfather — all recently attended a rifle match together. That’s terrific — three generations on the firing line. But to make things even more special, this was the 10-year-old boy’s very first match. The young man shot a 240-5X. Father Robb was delighted with his son’s performance: “Proud Dad day for sure!”.

father son grandfather young boy benchrest 6mmBR Cooper Montana varminter
We are glad to see the young man uses quality eye and ear protection. Good habit to start.

The rifle used by the young fellow is a Cooper Montana Varminter, chambered in 6mmBR Norma. That happens to be the same cartridge that inspired this Editor to start this website. Before we became, our original site was called You can still find great content on that site, including 100 in-depth Gun of the Week features. was launched 15 years ago.

father son grandfather young boy benchrest 6mmBR Cooper Montana varminter

One facebook poster noted: “Keep him shooting. I can tell you from experience, he will be the best shooting partner you will ever have.”

Another reader wrote wisely: “Good for him — Remember that he is the future.”

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December 5th, 2010

Check Out Our New Category Index Pages IndexMost of our regular visitors observed that we activated our new, enhanced website a couple weeks ago, but there are many cool features you may not have tried out yet.

NEW Category Index Pages with Photos
We have created Category Index Pages with thumbnails that are easy to navigate. You’ll find 16 different category pages, such as Cartridge Guides, Competition, Hunting, Optics, Reloading, Rimfire, Shooting Skills, Tactical and more. On any Category page you can see thumbnails and a short summary of each article.

Here’s how to navigate on the Category Index Pages. First, at the top, you’ll see four thumbnails, with blue arrows on the left and right. Simply click the arrows to see four more articles appear at the top. You can also scroll down to see the articles in a grid format.

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Let’s say you want to switch from Competition to another category, such as Gear Reviews, Optics, or Cartridge Guides. That’s really easy. At the upper right, you’ll see a pull-down menu that includes all the Categories. Just select the category you want and click the GO button.

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