February 25th, 2010

Casio Military-Style Wave-Ceptor Watch Just $15

Here’s a great deal if you need a precise, rugged, but very inexpensive watch. For TODAY ONLY (the next 10 hours actually), a Casio Wave-Ceptor watch with tan nylon band, is for sale at Pennywise.biz for just $14.99 plus one penny shipping. That’s right — delivered price is just $15.00. Every day, this watch updates its time setting automatically, in response to the WWVB calibration signal from the Atomic Clock Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

DOWNLOAD User Manual for this Wave-Ceptor Watch (PDF)

NOTE: This is a one-day special price. Sale ends 6:00 pm PST on February 25th. This watch has a daily alarm and auto calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099). Other features include water resistance to 30 meters (99 feet) and afterGlow LED electro luminescent backlight. That LED backlight is very useful. Case diameter is 38mm and the model number is WVQ140 if you want to compare pricing. Normally these watches sell for about $39.00.

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November 1st, 2009

Time to "Fall Back" and Re-Set Your Clocks

Daily Savings Time officially ended on November 1st, at 2:00 am local time. So this morning you officially have an extra hour to sleep in. If you haven’t adjusted your timepieces already, set your clocks and watches BACK ONE HOUR. That means if your clock shows 9:00 am (before re-setting), you should set it back to 8:00 am.

MORE INFO on Daylight Savings Time Change | LINK to Official US Time (Atomic Clock)

Daylight Savings Time Change Fall

Computers Need Changing Too
Some computer operating systems will have automatically reset the time to standard time (as of 2:00 am, 11/1/2009). If your computer hasn’t corrected itself, you can reset the displayed time through your control panel. On a PC running XP, right click on the time display in the lower right hand corner of your display.

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