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August 20th, 2021

Create Handy Ballistics Table “Cheat Sheet” for Your Rifle

Hornady Ballistics Calculator

Hornady Ballistics CalculatorNeed a simple, easy-to-use drop chart for your rifle? Something you can tape right to the buttstock? Then check out Hornady’s handy Online Ballistics Calculator. This user-friendly calculator will compute your drops accurately, and output a handy “Cheat Sheet” you can print and attach to your rifle.

Here’s how it works. From the Ballistics Calculator Page, simply input G1 or G7 BC values, muzzle velocity, bullet weight, zero range, and a few other variables.

Click “Calculate” to view the full chart (shown below). Then click “View Cheatsheet” and the simpler, 4-line Drop Chart (shown above) appears. Click “Print” and you’re done!

Hornady Ballistics Calculator

Choose Basic Table or Advanced Version with More Variables
The online ballistics caculator is easy to use. You can select the basic version, or an advanced version with more data fields for environmental variables (altitude, temperature, air pressure, and humidity). You can also get wind drift numbers by inputing wind speed and wind angle.

Conveniently, on the trajectory output, come-ups are listed in both MOA and Mils — so this will work with either MOA clicks or Mil-based clicks. There are more sophisticated ballistics solvers available on the web (such as the outstanding Applied Ballistics Online Calculator), but the Hornady Calculator is very simple and easy to use. If you just want a basic drop chart, you may want to check this out.

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August 4th, 2016

Get $100 Off Burris Eliminator III LaserScopes

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

The Burris Eliminator III is an impressive piece of electro-optical technology. With a push of a button, a built-in laser rangefinder senses the distance to your target and the Eliminator’s microprocessor instantly calculates the required hold-over based on your load’s ballistics. The calculated aiming point is then displayed in the reticle with an illuminated red dot on the vertical cross-hair. Just put the bright red dot on the target and make the shot. We’ve used this scope out to 600 yards on small steel targets and it worked flawlessly.

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

If you ever wanted to get one of these advanced scopes for your next hunt or prarie dog safari, now is a great time to buy. Burris is now offering $100 off Burris Eliminators: “Our most popular rebate ever has returned for 2016, so if you missed out last year, this time you’ve got no excuses.” Eliminator III LaserScopes (Item # 200116 or 200120) purchased between August 1st and December 31st, are eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate. CLICK HERE for Rebate Form and Full Instructions.

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

To Receive Your Rebate:
Fill out the coupon with your name and shipping address and send proof of purchase the original UPC barcode from box and a copy of your sales receipt to:

Burris 2015 Eliminator III Rebate
MPS Dept. No. 446 – ELIMINATOR
P.O. Box 3250
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

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February 28th, 2014

New Online Ballistics Calculator from Federal Premium

Federal Premium Ballistics Online CalculatorFederal Premium has a new online Ballistics Calculator. This free program can determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and even save your ballistics solutions for future reference. This is handy if you shoot Federal ammunition, because all Federal ammo types are included in the built-in database, with BCs and velocities. That makes it very easy to get a ballistics solution for Federal factory ammo — simply enter the caliber and bullet type/weight and the solver fills in the BC and velocity for you.

Federal’s Ballistics Calculator can also be used for handloaded ammo with non-Federal components. However, you can only use a G1 BC and Federal’s solver is not as sophisticated as some others. We still recommend JBM Ballistics or the new Applied Ballistics Online Solver. These both offer both G1 and G7 and extensive databases of field-derived BCs for hundreds of bullets. The Federal Ballistics Calculator only has BC numbers for factory-made Federal ammunition.

Federal Premium Ballistics Online Calculator

Federal Premium Ballistics Online Calculator

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January 6th, 2014

New Applied Ballistics Site Has Ballistics Calculator and More…

Applied Ballistics LLC has launched a completely updated website with many new features including an archive of FREE articles plus a full-featured online ballistics calculator. If you are interested in precision shooting, you should visit the “new and improved” Applied Ballistics website. Browse through the new content and try out the advanced Ballistics Calculator.

bullet data files

NEW Online Ballistics Calculator
There are many free online ballistics calculators, but the new Applied Ballistics web utility goes far beyond other web-based options. Bryan Litz states: “No ballistic solution can be more accurate than its inputs”. Accordingly, Applied Ballistics offers the most reliable BC data available — a built-in library of measured G1 and G7 BCs for over 200 bullets. The Online Ballistics Calculator also allows you to “offload” your results for use in the field in two ways. First, you can save a file for transfer to an Applied Ballistics Kestrel. (This process is supported with a ‘save profile’ option from the output page.) Alternatively, you can send the ballistics profile to Accuracy First DG to have a whiz wheel created.

bullet data files

The Online Ballistics Calculator has many “advanced” features. For example, you can enter sight scale factors to account for scopes which don’t track perfectly true, and also zero offsets which allows you to compensate for imperfect zeros. In addition, this is the first online ballistics program to provide dynamic WEZ (Weapon Employment Zone) analysis. This WEZ feature gives users the ability to calculate hit percentage on targets at a variety of ranges (and in various environments).

Bullet Data Files
The new website provides a number of detailed bullet data files. These data files include geometric dimensions, drag/BC data at multiple velocities, and detailed stability maps. The information is based on direct measurements and live fire testing conducted by Applied Ballistics.

bullet data files

Digital Media
The new Applied Ballistics website features a “digital library” of authoritative articles in PDF and eReader (Kindle, Nook) formats. You can download these FREE articles by clicking on the “Recreational” and “Professional” tabs at the top of Applied Ballistics Home Page, and then selecting “Recreational Articles” or “Professional Articles” from the pull-down menus.

Sample Ballistics Article
Gyroscopic (Spin) Drift and Coriolis Effect
Most long range shooters are aware of the effects of gravity, air resistance (drag), and wind vectors on their bullets’ trajectory. Gravity, drag, and wind are the major forces acting on a bullet in flight, but they’re not the only forces. In this article, Bryan Litz explains some of the more subtle forces that influence a bullet’s flight.

Sample Professional Article
300 Winchester Magnum vs. 338 Lapua Magnum WEZ Analysis
The specific intent of this Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) report is to compare the ballistic performance of the 300 Winchester Magnum to the 338 Lapua Magnum with several available ammunition types. Understanding how these weapons compare in terms of hit percentage is important in the context of modern military applications.

Special Projects
Applied Ballistics is involved in some advanced, special projects. The new website showcases some of these high end ballistics solutions. Bryan Litz notes: “We have an active ballistics laboratory, highly capable contractors and industry partners who all contribute to provide practical and accurate solutions for a range of recreational and professional applications.”

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March 30th, 2013

Berger Launches Updated Web-Based Ballistics Calculator

Berger Bullets has released its “new and improved” Ballistics Calculator on the Berger Bullets website. Much work, and several weeks of testing, went into Berger’s new web-based ballistics calculator. But Berger is pleased to announce that the handy Balllistics Calculator is now up and running! CLICK HERE for Calculator.

How to Use Berger’s Ballistic Calculator
On the top of Berger’s home-page you’ll find a link that says “Ballistics”, with a drop-down menu for Berger’s Twist Rate Calculator and Ballistics Calculator. When using the Ballistics Calculator, the first element you’ll see is the bullet library. This convenient tool automatically fills in the bullet properties fields with the correct information when you select a bullet from the list.

Below, you will see the bullet properties fields are filled in with the 30 Cal 175gr VLD Berger Target Bullet information. You would then manually change the Gun Properties, Environment, Target, and the rest of the fields to correspond with the conditions you will be shooting under. After you have filled in all the variables properly, click “Calculate Range Card” to generate a ballistic solution showing your load’s trajectory, with come-up values at various distances.

Ballistics Calculator 2

Once the Calculator Results are given, you can print them out and take them with you to the range or on your hunt. Here is an example of the calculated results:

Ballistics Calculator 3

If you have questions about the Ballistics Calculator CLICK this link or use the contact info below. Berger also plans to release a mobile version of the Ballistics Calculator in the near future. This should work well on smart-phones and tablets, so watch for it!

Berger Bullets
Marketing and Shooter Services
Phone: 714-447-5422 (option 2)
M-F 8am to 4:30pm pst

Story tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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September 23rd, 2012

New Hornady Ballistic Calculator Generates Printable Drop Chart

Hornady Ballistics Calculator Cheat Sheet Drop ChartHornady just unveiled its “new and improved” online Ballistics Calculator. It’s free, fast, and easy to use. New enhancements include selectable G1 or G7 BCs, drop and windage in MOA and MILS, metric value option, and the ability to enter shooting angle, wind angle, and more. To access all these features (such as G7 BCs), you’ll need to select the “advanced” display from Hornady’s Ballistic Calculator Entry Page. That will open up more entry fields. Default values are entered in the temperature and pressure fields, but you can override these with your actual field data. You can select a zero range from 0 to 2000 yards, with intervals from 25 to 400 yards. Once you’ve entered all the values, simply click “Calculate” and the program provides your drop numbers in a handy chart.

Printable ‘Cheat Sheet’ for your Rifle
One very cool feature of Hornady’s online calculator is the “Cheat Sheet” — a handy, printable come-up table. Once you’ve entered your variables and run the calculator, the results appear in a handy table that you can print-out and affix to your rifle stock. Here’s a sample Cheat Sheet prepared for Berger’s 105gr VLD and a 6mm Dasher*.

Hornady Ballistics Calculator Cheat Sheet Drop Chart

Although it can employ G7 BCs now, the Hornady Ballistic Calculator, unlike the JBM online solver, does NOT include a built-in database of G7 values, based on field-testing by Bryan Litz. For that reason, the JBM Ballistics Calculator is still our first choice for an online ballistics solver. We really do like Hornady’s handy “Cheat Sheet” option though. You can, of course, get a Litz-derived G7 value from JBM and then plug that number into the Hornady Calculator to produce a printable drop table.

*NOTE: Note: Even if you have a Dasher and use the Berger 105gr VLDs, you should run your own solution with your specific sight height, elevation, temp, pressure, humidity, and zero distance.
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November 14th, 2011

Popular ‘Shooter’ Ballistics App Now Available for Apple iPhones

iOS Apple Shooter Ballistics AppOne of the best ballistics programs for smartphones is the ‘Shooter’ Ballistics App originally created for the Android OS, which runs LG, HTC, Motorola and Samsung smartphones. Now the developer of the Android Shooter App has released a full-featured version that runs on Apple iPhones.

The new Shooter App for the Apple iOS includes ALL of the capabilities of the original Android program. So now, for just $9.99, iPhone users can enjoy the same advanced Ballistics Solutions as Andoid users. Bryan Litz tells us: “The iOS (Apple) version of Shooter has all the same functionality as the Android version including the same point mass ballistic solver and library of measured G7 BCs which makes it a highly accurate predictive tool”.

iOS Apple Shooter Ballistics App

Complete details of Shooter App for iPhones, including screenshots of the App, can be found in the Apple iTunes store, where you can purchase the App for $9.99. Here are some of the key features of Shooter Ballistics App for iPhones:

  • G1 and G7 BC capability, with the option to input ‘velocity banded’ BCs.
  • Angle Compensation (Up or Down Angle can be measured using the built-in inclinometer).
  • Bullet Library which includes Litz-measured “true” BCs.
  • Rifle and ammo profiles (for storing load info for all your guns).
  • Atmosphere effects (pressure, temp, and humidity).
  • Spin drift (requires bullet length and twist rate inputs).
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