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February 24th, 2016

NRA Smallbore Championships Go “Gender Neutral”

Small Bore Rifle Championship NRA women category gender neutral

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Starting this summer, the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships will no longer feature a separate “High Women” award. From now on, men and women will compete shoulder to shoulder in the same category — every shooter will be scored in a single group regardless of gender. (There will still be age-based categories; also men and women have always been eligible to win match top honors regardless of gender).

The reason for this change is, quite simply, that ladies can shoot as well as men (or better in many cases). Consequently, there is no need for a separate class for women: “There is a high degree of parity between men and women shooters in the smallbore championships,” said H.Q. Moody, national manager of NRA’s Rifle Department. Moody explained: “Women are rightly viewed as equals in today’s America. Shouldn’t our championships reflect that attitude as well? Our smallbore committee has discussed making the championships gender equitable for many years now and finally felt it was the right time to implement the change.”

Men and women will now compete on equal terms at the National Smallbore Championship, competing for the same honors in “gender-neutral” classifications.
Small Bore Rifle Championship NRA women category gender neutral
Photo courtesy Shooting Sports USA.

This change was officially adopted this past January at the NRA Board of Directors winter meetings. It only affects the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships for now, but a positive reception could see “gender-neutrality” spread to regional matches and below, and maybe even other NRA disciplines.

History of Women’s Classfication in Smallbore Competition
The women’s category was first introduced to the smallbore championships nearly 70 years ago. Back then, military shooters were dominating the field so convincingly that several new categories were created to recognize the accomplishments of civilian shooters. This move saw the creation of not just the Woman category, but also Junior and Senior. The latter two have since expanded even further (e.g. Grand Senior, Intermediate Junior) to accommodate the skill discrepancies within levels and they make perfect sense to have; junior shooters are generally more inexperienced and many seniors are affected by physical limitations.

Small Bore Rifle Championship NRA women category gender neutral

But the same can no longer be said of the women’s category. While military shooters still do very well nowadays, the proliferation of female service members has seen quite a few woman match winners. There are also a number of extraordinary female civilian shooters who finish near the top of each year’s overall standings. For instance, women shooters placed first in each of the two aggregate matches that determined last year’s Conventional 3-Position Champion.

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April 4th, 2015

Registration Opens for 2015 CMP Events at Camp Perry

National Matches Camp Perry CMPThinking about going to Camp Perry this year? Well registration has opened for the 2015 CMP National Pistol and Rifle Matches. The National Matches at Camp Perry include the CMP National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches, the Pistol and Rifle Small Arms Firing Schools, CMP Games rifle events, and the NRA National Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, and High Power Rifle Championships. These matches are conducted jointly by the CMP, NRA, and the Ohio National Guard. Here are registration links for the CMP Trophy events for High Power Rifle, Rimfire Rifle, and Pistol. Note: You will have to register separately for the NRA Events.

2015 Nat’l Trophy Rifle Matches
(Online Registration)
Printable Rifle Entry Form

2015 Nat’l Rimfire Sporter Match
(Online Registration)
Printable Rimfire Entry Form

2015 Nat’l Trophy Pistol Matches
(Online Registration)
Printable Pistol Entry Form

2015 National Match Calendar

CLICK HERE to View/Download Calendar as Larger PDF File

CMP NRA National Match Calendar 2014 2015 Camp Perry Ohio

Simply click on the Calendar and it will zoom into a full-size PDF for easy viewing.
You can also download the PDF for printing.

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March 22nd, 2015

WVU Leads Intercollegiate Rifle Championships at Fort Benning

Collegiate Smallbore Air Rifle Championship fort Benning West Virginia WVU

Just a week after securing a third straight NCAA Rifle Championship, the West Virginia University (WVU) Rifle team has notched another impressive team victory. At the 2015 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships, the Mountaineers just won the Smallbore Rifle competition, compiling an aggregate 2116 team score (out of a possible 2400). Now WVU hopes to win the combined Smallbore and Air Rifle events to secure the overall Championship.

Collegiate Smallbore Air Rifle Championship fort Benning West Virginia WVU

After clenching the Smallbore Championship, the Mountaineers carry a 17-point lead into today’s Air Rifle competition at the USAMU’s facility at Fort Benning, Georgia. In second, with their eyes still on the Championship trophy, is Clemson University at 2099. Penn State rounds out the top three with 2084.

Collegiate Smallbore Air Rifle Championship fort Benning West Virginia WVU

Collegiate Smallbore Air Rifle Championship fort Benning West Virginia WVU

Collegiate Smallbore Air Rifle Championship fort Benning West Virginia WVU

Photos courtesy NRA Competitive Shooting

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December 13th, 2014

Dream Jobs: NRA Seeks High Power Rifle Program Coordinator

So you’d like a job in the shooting industry? Looking for a position with responsibility? Well how’d you like to help run the NRA’s High Power Shooting Program for the whole darn country? That’s enough responsibility for a lifetime, we figure.

NRA High Power Competition Camp Perry

This is the real deal — we kid you not. The NRA is now seeking a National High Power Rifle Program Coordinator to work at NRA Headquarters in Virginia. The job description says the High Power Coordinator, in coordination with the High Power Manager, will “assist in the daily management of all traditional High Power programs and High Power Tactical programs.” This is a full-time position.

Here Are the Specific Job Duties:

1. Assist the Manager in compiling and maintaining complete and accurate National Records and assumes the responsibility of initiating the National Records procedures.
2. Accurately maintain the database of Honorary Club Awards and provide accurate and timely recognition thereof.
3. Provide input to the establishment of a departmental budget as directed. Such input is based on participation in departmental activities that require budgetary support.
4. Assist in maintaining the departmental inventory and ordering of awards for High Power Rifle Championships and achievement programs as directed.
5. Research, compile, review, edit and draft program promotional materials as directed.
6. Work within traditional NRA High Power Rifle programs to bring in new equipment and courses of fire that will enhance the existing programs and increase participation.

If you are interested, CLICK HERE for more information and to submit a resume.

High power rifle

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November 5th, 2014

F-TR Triumph — Team Sinclair’s Record-Breaking Performance

Want to see how some of the best rifle shooters in the world operate in high-stakes, 1000-yard competition? This video shows Team Sinclair powering to victory at the 2014 F-Class National Championships in Phoenix. Scoring an impressive 792-38X, Team Sinclair topped the field, winning the 4-man team title and setting a new 1000-yard F-TR National Team Record in the process. It was a close match, with America’s “powerhouse” F-TR teams battling it out for the top three spots: Team Sinclair (Gold), Team X-Men (Silver), and Team Michigan (Bronze). Team Sinclair’s wind coach Ray Gross did a superb job. Ray also serves as the Captain of the USA F-TR Rifle Team.

F-Class nationals Team video Sinclair X-Men

Along with the Team Sinclair shooters, this video also features Team X-Men (orange shirts), and Team Michigan. Starting at the 2:05 time-mark, you can hear Bryan Litz calling wind for Team Michigan. Watch the mirage in the video and see if you can match Bryan’s wind calls with the movement of the mirage. This is a great opportunity to see F-TR Top Guns in action. Team score cards appear in the video, starting at the 3:01 time-mark.

Watch Team Sinclair, Team X-Men, and Team Michigan at 2014 F-Class Nationals:

Warning — Video starts with loud rock music. You may want to turn down your speakers if at work.

F-Class nationals Team video Sinclair X-Men

F-Class nationals Team video Sinclair X-Men

Thanks to Paul Phillips for editing and uploading this video. Photos courtesy Nightforce Optics.
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June 14th, 2011

NRA Guide to National Matches Now Available Online

Camp Perry National Match Program 2011Each year, skilled shooters from many countries come to Camp Perry, Ohio to compete in Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, and High Power Rifle disciplines at the NRA National Matches.

With the National Rifle & Pistol Championships kicking off in month, there’s no better time to check out the 2011 NRA National Matches Program. This official guide to the NRA National Matches is available for FREE online in a digital magazine format. The National Matches Program includes a full schedule of events, an explanation of rules and courses of fire for all disciplines, a sponsor list, and other important information for Camp Perry competitors.

Additional Nat’l Match Digital Resources
Other free Camp Perry resources are available online. The 2011 National Matches Ad & Information Guide provides readers with information on local business, restaurants, lodging, and more. The Competitive Shooting Division offers many other online “publications” including the NRA Beginning Competitors’ Guide, and the NRA Basic Guide to Competitive Shooting. You can browse the Competitive Shooting Division’s entire digital library at

Story by Kerrin Brinkman, courtesy the NRA Blog.
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March 13th, 2011

NCAA 2011 Rifle Championship Results

2011 NCAA Rifle Championships

The 2011 NCAA Rifle Championships is history and two new individual Champions have been crowned. The Univ. of Kentucky’s Ethan Settlemires shoot superbly throughout the smallbore matches to beat West Virginia’s Nicco Campriani by just two points. But Campriani came right back to win the very competitive Air Rifle event, edging out his WV team-mate Petra Zublasing by 2.8 points.

Kentucky Wildcats Finally Win Team Championship
In team competition, the Univ. of Kentucky, lead by Heather Greathouse and Ethan Settlemires, won the overall team national title. This was Kentucky’s first NCAA Rifle team championship, though Kentucky had recorded 16 ‘Top-10′ finishes since 1994. After UK won the smallbore NCAA title on Friday in the first day of competition, the Wildcats held off West Virginia’s charge in air rifle on Saturday to secure the first national championship in program history, finishing with a 4,700 team total score.

2011 NCAA Rifle Championships

You’ll find extensive coverage of both smallbore and air rifle competition on the NCAA sports website, including video highlights. CLICK HERE to visit the NCAA’s Rifle Championship web page.

Eathan Settlemires of Univ. of Kentucky Wins Smallbore Championship
The results for the smallbore portion of the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championship are in. With strong showings from the West Virginia University as well as Memphis and Texas Christian, it was the University of Kentucky’s Ethan Settlemires who came out on top.

Nicco Campriani

Final scores for the top six Smallbore shooters are:

2011 NCAA Rifle Championship – Smallbore
Name School Results
  Ethan Settlemires   University of Kentucky 691.0
  Nicco Campriani   West Virginia University 689.0
  Heather Greathouse   University of Kentucky 685.5
  Tom Santelli   West Virginia University 683.8
  Daniel Hermsmeier   University of Memphis 682.6
  Caitlin Morrissey   Texas Christian University 682.1

West Virginia’s Campriani wins 2011 NCAA Air Rifle Individual Title
Nicco Campriani of West Virginia University powered on through relay number three with an astounding score of 599. Though his teammate Petra Zublasing managed a higher score in the final round (105.2 to Campriani’s 102), it was enough to overtake Nicco’s initial run.

Nicco Campriani

The top six shooters at the Air Rifle portion of the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championships (held in Columbus State University’s Frank G. Lumpkin Jr. Center) are:

2011 NCAA Rifle Championship – Air Rifle
Name School Results
  Nicco Campriani   West Virginia University 701.0
  Petra Zublasing   West Virginia University 698.2
  Henri Junghanel   University of Kentucky 697.6
  Sarah Scherer   Texas Christian University 697.0
  Justin Pentz   West Virginia University 694.7
  Anna Hjelmevol   Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks 694.2
Report by KJillson courtesy the NRA Blog.
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March 11th, 2011

NCAA Rifle Championships Commence Today — Watch Live Events

This weekend, Georgia’s Columbus State University will host the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championships. On Friday, March 11, the Smallbore competition will take place at Ft. Benning, GA and the match will conclude on Saturday, March 12, with the Air Rifle competition at Columbus State University.

Watch Live Match Video
On the website, you can watch live video of the 2011 Rifle Championships, together with select video feature stories. Live video of the NCAA Championships will begin at 8:00AM (EST) on Friday and Saturday at CLICK HERE for current live webcast schedule.

CLICK HERE to watch LIVE VIDEO of shooting Championship.

NCAA rifle championships

View Targets in Real Time
Technology is amazing. Because the NCAA competitors are shooting at electronically-scored targets, the scored target images can be exported to the web in real time. So, you can see the scored targets of the competitors, as soon as they have been shot. Each competitor’s shots are plotted and scored (see example, right). The CMP has created a webpage that hosts Match Results and Live Target Images for each Relay.

CLICK HERE to see live target images (also available in through linked page below)

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