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May 31st, 2015

Join Our Shooters’ Forum — Now 28,000 Members Strong ForumThe Shooters’ Forum hit another membership milestone. We’ve surpassed 28,000 registered members. Now we hope to reach 30,000 members in the next few months. If you have considered joining our Forum, but haven’t done so yet, there’s no better time than now. As a Forum member, you’ll be part of an active community of serious shooters. You can get valuable advice on shooting and reloading from top shooters such as National Champions Larry Bartholome, Sam Hall, and Derek Rodgers. As well, many top tool-makers and barrel-makers visit the Forum, such as Dave Kiff (PT&G), Frank Green (Bartlein Barrels), and John Perkins (21st Century Shooting). CLICK HERE to Register. Forum


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February 10th, 2015

AccurateShooter Forum Tops 27,000 Members ForumThe Shooters’ Forum hit another membership milestone. We’ve surpassed 27,000 registered members. Now we hope to reach 30,000 members in the next few months. If you have considered joining our Forum, but haven’t done so yet, there’s no better time than now. As a Forum member, you’ll be part of an active community of serious shooters. You can get valuable advice on shooting and reloading from top shooters such as National Champions Larry Bartholome, Sam Hall, and Derek Rodgers. As well, many top tool-makers and barrel-makers visit the Forum regularly, such as Dave Kiff (PT&G), Frank Green (Bartlein Barrels), and John Perkins (21st Century Shooting). Forum

If you haven’t sampled our Forum yet, cruise over to and check it out. You’ll find a wealth of information shared by thousands of knowledgeable members, including many National Champions and record-holders. The boards are tightly moderated to prevent the ego battles common to some other internet forums. Our Shooters’ Forum maintains a high “signal to noise ratio”, with courteous and respectful exchange of ideas. To join the Forum, simply click the “Register” link and follow the prompts. There is no fee to join.

FREE Classifieds for Forum Members
Along with our informational Forum areas, we offer FREE CLASSIFIEDS for all registered forum members. You’ll find some great values in the Classifieds, and we provide a feedback system for buyers and sellers. Published feedback helps you buy and sell with greater confidence. Forum

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May 19th, 2014

Our Shooters’ Forum Surpasses 25,000 Registered Members Shooters Forum25,000+ members and counting! The Shooters’ Forum hit a major milestone on May 18, 2014. We surpassed 25,000 registered members. If you have considered joining our Forum, but haven’t done so yet, there’s no better time than now.

As a Shooters’ Forum member, you can exchange ideas with other serious shooters. Sell your gear through our FREE Forum Classifieds. You can get valuable advice on shooting and reloading from top shooters such as National Champions Larry Bartholome, Sam Hall, and Derek Rodgers. Get long-range advice from Ballistics Guru Bryan Litz and past F-Class Team Captain Shiraz Balolia. As well, many top tool-makers and barrel-makers visit the Forum regularly, such as Dave Kiff (PT&G), Frank Green (Bartlein Barrels), and John Perkins (21st Century Shooting). Shooters Forum

    Benefits for Registered Shooters’ Forum Members

  • FREE Classified Ads for Forum Members.
  • Forum Members Get Advanced Notice of Special Offers.
  • Specialty Sub-boards for Reloading and Gunsmithing.
  • Gear Talk Section with Hundreds of User Gear Evaluations.
  • Special Area for Varmint and Game Hunters.
  • Leading Accuracy Forum with High “Signal to Noise Ratio”.

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November 26th, 2012

Check Out the Many Features of

We’ve learned that many first-time visitors to may come in via a link to the Daily Bulletin rather than through our home page. As a result, they may not be aware that there is a wealth of other content available to our readers. Our Shooters’ Forum, with 19,300 registered members, is one of the best places on the web to discuss precision shooting and advanced reloading. We also offer FREE Forum Classifieds. On the editorial side, offers hundreds of pages of content, with thousands of photos. Our Cartridge Guides are definitive one-stop resources for popular match calibers, while our Guns of the Week articles spotlight outstanding custom rifles, most with competition pedigrees. In addition, we offer videos, gear reviews, book reviews, gunsmithing tips, and even FREE downloadable targets.

If you’re a new visitor to, you should check out all that we have to offer. There are hundreds of informative articles to read … and they’re all FREE. Features:

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February 22nd, 2012

Check Out the Deals in Our Forum Classifieds — Guns, Optics, Gear

Thousands of shooting enthusiasts visit our Shooters’ Forum every day. The Forum now boasts over 16,600 members. One of the “main attractions” in our Forum are the Free Classified Ads. There you’ll find a huge selection of “previously owned” merchandise — everything from complete, top-flight match rifles to reloading components. There are great bargains on used hand-loading equipment — presses, dies, case prep tools, and miscellaneous hardware. You’ll also find scopes, rings, rangefinders and spotting scopes. This is one of the richest repositories of pre-owned precision shooting equipment you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Here are some of the gun offerings in the Forum Classifieds right now:

Guns and Actions

Here are some pix of that Cooper:

Message for Classified Sellers — How to Remove a Product Listing
For those of you who already sell items in our Classifieds, we have one request: delete your ad when the item sells. After guys sell their goods successfully, some of them neglect to delist their products and remove their ad. We suspect some newcomers to the site haven’t bothered to read the instructions. But it’s very, very easy to remove your advert once you’ve sold your stuff. In fact, you can delete your ad in a matter of seconds, with just two clicks of your mouse!

First, find the ad you placed in our FORUM MARKETPLACE. Then simply scroll down to the end of the thread (below all the replies) and look for the gray “Remove Topic” button. Click that and you’re done. Now wasn’t that easy? forum

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September 26th, 2011

Find Bargains Fast with Classified Ad Helper Apps

Craigslist, the #1 classifieds ad service on the web, is a source for some great bargains. While you can’t purchase guns on Craigslist, you CAN find all sorts of hunting and outdoor gear, and shooting accessories. The only problem with Craigslist is that it’s very time-consuming to access a large region — you have to search one municipal area at a time. Well folks, there’s now a better way to use Craigslist.

Craigslist Search Helpers — SearchTempest and CraigsPal lets you search all the Craigslist ads in the whole country if you wish, or you can narrow it down to a state, or a designated distance from your zip code (you set the distance, such as within 50 miles or 250 miles). SearchTempest even lets you include eBay listings and listings. You can filter for price and exclude listings without photos. The SearchTempest interface is easy-to-use and intuitive. We use SearchTempest all the time and have found some spectacular bargains, all within a half-day’s drive.

Search Tempest Craigslist

SearchTempest is great, but there is an even more advanced tool for computer-savy bargain hunters — CraigsPal search helper software. Once installed on your computer, CraigsPal can search all Craigslist listings nationwide or you can choose any combination of multiple neighborhoods/city/state/countries and get results sorted in single screen. CraigsPal can remember your searches and even simultaneously run multiple searches for various items — that’s a huge time-saver. offers both a FREE Version of CraigsPal and an enhanced $29.99 Members Version. The deluxe Members Version can run “autopilot” searches in the background, sending you an alert when a specific item comes up for sale. Pretty cool. CLICK HERE to learn more about SearchTempest, CraigsPal, and other Craigslist tools.

Beyond Craigslist — The World of Claz.Org
If you can’t find the items you want on Craigslist, there’s another super-fast and powerful classifieds ads viewer, This service, which just released a completely updated (and speedy) search engine, scans over 200 web classifieds services. These include eBay Classifieds,,,, EasyAutoSales, RVTraderOnline, and scores of other regional classifieds services. By accessing multiple classifieds web sites, lets you search through nearly 23 million different listings nationwide. You can geo-target your searches by zip code or city, or leave the location field blank to search the entire country.

Search Tempest Craigslist

We used to search for “Leupold Scope”, and results came up instantly, with some great bargains. You should definitely check out — it is a valuable supplement to eBay and Craigslist. is fast and easy to use, and it can find bargains that don’t appear on Craigslist.

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May 11th, 2011

AccurateShooter FORUM Upgrade Rolls Out Smoothly

Last night we moved our Shooters’ FORUM to a dedicated server and installed upgraded software. This should make the Forum faster and more secure. Many members have already observed that the Forum threads display more quickly and that the search is much faster. The “Look and Feel” is different, and you should find the layout more user-friendly — the buttons are more prominent and the main font sizes are larger (easier to read).

Thankfully, the FORUM “migration” (and upgrade) went smoothly. As far as we can tell, all the posts came through and there were no glitches with member accounts. NOTE: On the New FORUM you still use your Same Forum Log-in Name and Same Password (remember passwords are case sensitive). If you have bookmarked the previous FORUM location, you will be automatically directed to the new FORUM. However, we do request you re-set your bookmarks to:

Special Thanks to FORUM Member JayChris
We want to give special recognition to JayChris, one of our Forum members (and a darn good shooter). Jay, a super-smart IT specialist, volunteered many hours of skilled labor for this upgrade. He set up our new server and optimized the forum software to run faster and more efficiently. He also created new security protections to shield our FORUM against hackers. Jay went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the FORUM runs faster and more securely for his fellow forum members. Thanks Jay — you’re the man!

We have some requests for FORUM members using our upgraded FORUM:

PHOTOS: When posting photos, please keep them no larger than 600 pixels in width. This will ensure the layout displays correctly. To size your photos, use a basic image editing program such as Irfanview which is totally free to use.

CLASSIFIEDS: Those using our Free Classifieds are asked to read (and apply) our Guidelines for Avoiding Disputes. To eliminate potential problems, sellers should always disclose any defects, provide good photos, and insure shipments worth more than $50.00.

SAFETY FIRST: At all times, when describing reloading methods or listing suggested loads, remember that safety is the paramount concern. Be aware that a “practical max” load in your gun may very well be too hot in another rifle, so advise others to start at a lower point. Never list loads in terms of powder measure click values — always refer to grains. Don’t advocate reloading methods that depart from generally accepted safe practices. You may have developed some tricks and shortcuts, but remember that many readers are new to the reloading game.

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April 22nd, 2011

Advice for Buying and Selling Products in Forum Classifieds

If you want to buy or sell rifles, stocks, barrels, reloading equipment, cartridge components, and shooting accessories, you’ll find an active Marketplace area in our Shooters’ Forum. If you are a registered Forum Member, you can post Classified Ads for FREE — that’s right, there’s no charge. With over 14,100 members in the Forum now, buyers will find plenty of bargains, and sellers will find a receptive audience for their products.

As the number of transactions in the Forum Marketplace has grown dramatically, we’ve seen some misunderstandings arise, despite the many guidelines we have in place. When there is a problem, most of the time it relates to shipping delays or damage in transit. But there have also been issues involving description of a sale item, or confusion over the terms of the deal.

To help avoid disappointments or misunderstandings when using the Marketplace, this article provides tips on buying and selling through the Classifieds. Follow our advice, and you should have a good experience with our online Classified Ads. And the steps we suggest should serve you equally well when purchasing gun stuff on other firearms forums.

Five Most Important Tips for Buyers –

1. Don’t buy expensive items if the seller does not provide good photos or a complete description. Copy the text of the ad and write down any additional communications with the seller.

2. Check the seller’s feedback and ask plenty of questions. Absolutely do NOT purchase any item from a seller who will not provide a valid return address or phone number.

3. With rifles, stocks, used optics, and electronic items, insist on a reasonable inspection period. Three to five business days is reasonable for a gun or stock.

4. Insist that the item is insured and tracked. Make sure you understand whether buyer or seller pays for shipping, insurance, and tracking.

5. Don’t go ballistic if you post “I’ll take it” and you don’t get the deal. The seller may have received other offers by Private Message, email or other mode of communication. The seller also has the right to evaluate details of the transaction (and your offer) before committing to sell. Remember — if you never paid anything you don’t have a loss. Man up and move on.

Advice For Marketplace BUYERS

Know What You’re Buying! – Make sure there are good product photos and a complete description of the product. For example, with a rifle, make sure the chambering, twist rate, barrel length etc. are fully explained. Copy the text of the advert, and KEEP RECORDS of everything the seller tells you! That way, if the item you receive is different than what was advertised you’ll have “evidence” to support your return request. I would say that in two-thirds of the “problem transactions” that have come to my attention, the buyer never saved a copy of the original advert, and failed, as well, to save his email interchanges with the seller. I’ve seen situations where a buyer claimed to be entitled to extra parts along with a gun, but he had no evidence that such items were ever part of the deal.

Check the Seller’s Credentials and Trade History – Check out the Trader Feedback on the seller of the product. In our Marketplace section, both buyers and sellers can leave feedback on a transaction. Check out the seller’s credentials before you buy.

Do Your Pricing Homework – Find out the “ballpark” value of an item before you agree to purchase. That way you’ll protect yourself from paying too much, AND you’ll have an early warning on possible scams. The old adage is still true: “if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

Ask for an Inspection Period – By all means, negotiate an inspection period for expensive items. I personally would never purchase a gun, barrel, stock, action, or used optic without some inspection period. I cannot over-stress the importance of the inspection period. Most sellers will allow an inspection period on an expensive item. Just make sure you understand which party must pay return shipping if you decide to send the item back. The inspection period gives you a chance to take a close look at the product. That is key. I would say 95% of the disputes presented to me as Forum Boss (other than late delivery questions) would have been eliminated if the buyer had asked for an inspection period. I recall one situation where the buyer complained because a gun’s barrel turned out to be shorter than it appeared in a photo. With an inspection period, he would have protected himself.

Insist on Insurance and Tracking – If you’re paying more than $50.00 or so for an item, tell the buyer to include insurance and insist on shipment tracking. It’s a sad truth, but expensive stuff gets lost, delayed, and damaged ALL the TIME. Among deliveries we’ve received ourselves, we’ve seen damaged stocks, bent barrels, and broken optics. The process of package delivery can cause some serious damage, believe me.

Be Patient and Don’t Freak Out if Items Are Delayed – It is not that uncommon for packages to take as much as three weeks to make it across the country — even when shipped “three-day” or priority mail. Unfortunately all the carriers — USPS, Fedex, and UPS — will have a badly stalled shipment now and then. I frequently get frantic emails from Forum Members saying “the item I bought off the classifieds hasn’t arrived. The seller is a crook and I want you to burn down his house — right now!” In some cases such messages arrive only a few days after the ship date. I tell these members to initiate tracking and wait three weeks before going ballistic. In 99.5% of these situations, the goods eventually arrived. Of course, once it appears an item is really delayed, get in touch with the seller and have him chase down the problem. If, after a month has passed with no delivery, instruct the seller to file an insurance claim. If the seller refuses to do so, or it really appears he failed to ship, contact the Forum Boss. He will contact the seller, and, if necessary, turn the matter over to the authorities.

Use Secure Payment Methods – Never send cash in a mailed envelope, not even certified mail. Certified mail is really not that secure. For major items, we suggest using postal money orders, delivered via Fedex. This does give you some recourse in the event of a fraudulent sale — though it is certainly not easy to get the USPS to go to bat for you. If you purchase from a business, use a credit card if possible. The major credit card companies can reverse the charges if you fail to receive an item you’ve paid for, or if the seller refuses to take back a defective item.

“I’ll Take It” vs. “Meeting of the Minds” – Many buyers are disappointed when they post “I’ll take it” and the deal doesn’t go through, or the item sells to someone else. What buyers need to realize is that there must be a “meeting of the minds” of BOTH buyer AND seller as to all the material (important) terms of the transaction before the seller is obligated to sell. Price is only one term. There are many other factors that may need to be worked out. For example, the gun may not be legal to ship to a particular jurisdiction. Or, the cost of shipping may exceed what the would-be buyer is willing to pay. While it is always disappointing to lose a good deal, shoppers can avoid disappointment (and keep their blood pressure at safe levels) if they realize that simply posting “I’ll take it” does not, normally, close the deal.

Five Most Important Tips for Sellers –

1. Provide a thorough product description and multiple quality photos. Always disclose any noteworthy flaws in the product before you take the buyer’s money.

2. NEVER ship valuable items before receiving payment.

3. Always insure valuable items, and get tracking for your shipments.

4. Check out the buyers’ feedback, and make sure you agree to the proposed method (and timing) of payment.

5. Reserve the right to evaluate multiple offers, and state clearly that you are NOT committing to do the deal until all important concerns are worked out. Tell buyers that you retain the right to say “no deal” if a buyer is not qualified, or if you and he fail to agree on essential terms such as method of payment, insurance, and inspection period.

Advice For Marketplace SELLERS

Provide Plenty of Good Photos and Disclose Defects – Good photos are really important. Good photos will help you sell your product faster, and get the best price. Moreover, clear, sharp photos eliminate potential misunderstandings. You don’t want to post a fuzzy photo and then have the buyer balk because the real stock appears different than the picture. If there is a major ding in the stock — show that in a photo. Under our Forum rules, you are required to disclose damage or defects that would affect the utility or the value of the product. Don’t be sly and try to cover something up — that’s unethical and it only results in eventual conflict with the buyer.

Qualify Your Buyers – You are not obligated to accept the first offer, if you state you reserve the right to approve potential buyers. If an offer comes in, check out the potential buyer’s feedback on the Forum, and you might check on other sites as well. A little research can save you big headaches later.

Ship Promptly — After receiving payment, try to pack and ship the item within four (4) days of the payment, and no later than one week. If you are paid by check, ship within four (4) days of the check successfully clearing your bank. The number one complaint among Marketplace buyers is that the goods they purchased did not arrive in a timely fashion.

Insure Your Shipment – For any item worth more than $50.00 we would insure the shipment. This will protect against a lost shipment and will compensate for damage that may occur in transit. Recently we’ve seen too many rifle stocks damaged in shipment. You can safeguard against this by double boxing and carefully padding the item, but your ultimate recourse is via insurance. Be sure to insure for true replacement cost.

Include Insurance Costs – Because we consider insurance essential for nearly all items, you should include the cost of insurance in your asking price. This way, if the buyer foolishly refuses to pay for insurance, you can still afford to purchase coverage. If you don’t include insurance in the asking price, have a statement such as this in your ad: “Buyer is responsible for actual shipping cost, including insurance and tracking fees.”

Get Tracking for Your Package – With some modes of shipment, tracking is an optional extra. Fedex tracks everything by default. But if you ship USPS, you may have to pay extra to get tracking. Again, we recommend you always get package tracking for items worth $50.00 or more. Include the price of tracking in the statement of shipping costs. If you don’t build that into the asking price, then at least include the following in your advert: “Buyer is responsible for actual shipping cost, including insurance and tracking fees.”

Pack the Item Securely – If you want to avoid disputes with purchasers, pack your items very securely. You should pack items to survive a 12-foot drop and an afternoon in the rain. If you are sending extra parts (such as scope rings) with a gun, bubble wrap them separately and secure them in the box so they will not shift around. I had one nice blued revolver come back from a smith. The smith had tossed in the old trigger parts he had replaced along with the gun in a foam-padded box. During shipment, the trigger parts scraped back and forth on the gun, ruining the high-gloss blued finish. Stocks are particularly vulnerable. We suggest placing a stock between heavy foam layers, or make a cardboard “splint” to protect the exterior, and to shield the forearm tip and the vulnerable wrist area. Then bubble-wrap the entire stock and put it inside a heavy shipping box. When sending a rifle, we strongly recommend you ship the gun in a plastic hard case, then place the case inside a second, heavy-duty cardboard box. Before shipping, make sure the buyer understands who is paying for the shipping box. We recommend stating right in your advert: “In addition to actual shipping costs, I will charge $XX for a shipping box.”

Disclose Concurrent Listings – Buyers get upset if they see an item, post “I’ll take it”, then find that the item has already sold. For this reason it is MANDATORY for all Marketplace sellers to disclose if the item is for sale elsewhere. What does that mean? Well if you are listing the gun on, or on another shooting Forum, or if you even have it up for sale in your local club newsletter, you need to disclose that. This eliminates misunderstandings.

Reserve the Right to Say ‘No’ to Any Offer – Even if a buyer posts “I’ll take it”, there are many potential reasons why you may not want to sell to that party: 1) he may not be eligible to own the item; 2) he may not agree to an acceptable mode (and schedule) of payment; 3) he may have negative feedback, or otherwise have a bad reputation; 4) after discussion, you may conclude your product is really not suitable for the buyer, despite what the buyer may think; 5) the buyer may try to change the terms of his offer during negotiation. As the seller, you are entitled to say “no deal” in these (and many other) circumstances. But this will upset some buyers and they will complain. To avoid complaints, you should include language in your advert that gives you an “out” when the offer is flawed or the buyer is not qualified. In your ad you should include a line saying that you reserve the right to consider multiple offers, and that no deal is final until you review the buyer’s qualifications, and until both parties agree to all important aspects of three transaction.

Here is language you might use: “This item remains for sale until ALL arrangements are finalized with a buyer I deem, in my sole discretion, to be qualified. I reserve the right to consider multiple offers, and no offer will create a binding contract until I am satisfied with buyer qualifications, mode and terms of payment, and until all details of shipping (including insurance, packaging requirements, shipping costs, and risk of loss) are worked out. [Optional: This item is offered for sale on other internet sites.]”

Or, if you want something less legalistic, you can simply state: “No deals are final until we work out all the details over the telephone. Be aware there may be multiple offers on the table.”

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October 11th, 2010

Bargain Hunting on Gun Forums? — Let WebBots Do the Work!

Elite Deal SeekerLooking for firearms and gun accessories on the web? You can spend hours cruising Forum Classifieds. Or, with just ONE CLICK, you can view items for sale on over 30 different gun forums! You’ll be amazed at all the stuff you’ll find… and how fast you can find it.

Using robotic web spider technology, collects active “for sale” listings from around the web, displaying them all on one page, sorted by site. It’s a great system that makes shopping for bargains fast and easy. Most of the listings are for optics and accessories for AR15 or semi-auto style rifles, and for handguns, but precision shooters can still find many good bargains out there. Trust us, this technology can save you lots of time. Spidered sites include: (ar15 related) (rifle/shotgun related) (handgun related)

NOTE: The Elite Deal-Seeker covers the | Forum, but easiest way to browse our Forum Classifieds is just to CLICK this LINK.

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September 23rd, 2010

AccurateShooter Forum Registers 12,000th Member ForumThe Forum reached another milestone yesterday. We just passed the 12,000 mark in registered members. Not counting the Moderator, who is Member 1, our 12,000th member is “Kitch” from Florida, and we added four more members just this morning.

If you haven’t visited our Forum recently, you should do so. You’ll find tons of useful information, and many of our Forum members are national-level benchrest and High Power shooters. Plus many talented gunsmiths and parts designers participate in the discussions.

FREE Classifieds In Forum
If you are buying or selling guns or shooting accessories, the Marketplace Area in our Forum offers FREE Classified Ads. As an example of the kind of precision rifles you’ll find in our Classifieds, below is a very nice 6mm Dasher posted for sale by Forum Member Fletcher. It has all top-flight components: Kelbly Action, Krieger gain-twist barrel, Shehane “Indian Blanket” Tracker 1000 laminated stock. CLICK HERE to see current price and more photos. Forum

The latest ads appear on the right side of the Forum. Buyers will find some great bargains every day. Registered Forum members can place ads (with free photo hosting), in one of three categories:

  • Guns, Actions, Stocks, & Barrels
  • Tools, Dies, Rests, Reloading Components & Misc
  • Scopes, Optics, Sights, Rings, Bases Etc.
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December 4th, 2009

Find Bargains and Sell Gear in our Forum Classifieds

Looking for a great deal on a “previously-owned” precision rifle? Maybe you’re shopping for a stock for your next tactical or varmint rifle project? Or perhaps you have some reloading components to sell, or tools and dies that you don’t need anymore. Then check out the Classified Ads section in our AccurateShooter Forum. Buyers will find many great deals, and sellers can often sell their item(s) the first day (if the price is right and the photos are good). What’s the best thing about our Classifieds? Basic forum ads are 100% free to both buyers and sellers. And we’ll even host your photos for free — just attach images (150kb or smaller) to your Forum advert.

6-6.5x47 rifle

Feedback System Implemented in Forum
New to the Forum is our Buyer/Seller Feedback System. Both buyers and sellers can provide feedback on completed transactions. When you’re shopping look for a “Trade Count” number below the seller’s Forum user name. Click on that number to see the feedback that person has received. Feedback can also be left for buyers, and we do recommend that sellers “put in a good word” for buyers who pay promptly and provide good communication.

6-6.5x47 rifle

High Quality Guns and Gear
There have been some VERY nice rifles sold through our classifieds. It’s not unusual to find a full custom with less than 500 rounds selling for hundreds less than the build cost. If you’re on a tight budget, watch the Classifieds regularly — you can often save big bucks on really nice rigs. Shown below is a nice 6-6.5×47 long-range rifle currently for sale on the Forum. The gun features a Stolle Panda F-Class RB/RP Stainless action with 20 MOA built-in elevation. The stock is a nicely bedded fiberglass McMillan MBR. The 8-twist barrel is a 30″ Shilen SS Select Match barrel with just under 600 rounds. The gun’s a shooter, and a set of Hornady custom dies plus some brass will be included….

6-6.5x47 rifle

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May 24th, 2008

How to Sell Gun Stuff Online

If you haven’t been checking our Home Page regularly, you may have missed our recently-released article about Online Auctions and Forum Classifieds. This guide explains how you can sell rifles, reloading gear, and shooting accessories on the internet, via Forum Classifieds as well as firearms auction sites such as and Auction Arms.

In a comparison chart, we provide the listing costs and auction fees for the big sites so you can clearly understand how much an auction or advert will cost BEFORE you post. You’ll also find helpful tips on how to price your sale items and how to write your “ad copy” to get the best results.

The article stresses the importance of photography in auction and classifieds listings.

If you have a big-ticket item that you want to sell fast, you’ll need sharp, quality photos, and plenty of them. We explain how to take better photos for your listings and how to resize them to fit the online formats.

Lastly, the article covers current eBay policies. While eBay prohibits listings of firearms and “any firearm part that is required for the firing of a gun”, there are still many products you can sell on eBay successfully, such as gun stocks, reloading dies, and gun safes.

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