May 11th, 2011

AccurateShooter FORUM Upgrade Rolls Out Smoothly

Last night we moved our Shooters’ FORUM to a dedicated server and installed upgraded software. This should make the Forum faster and more secure. Many members have already observed that the Forum threads display more quickly and that the search is much faster. The “Look and Feel” is different, and you should find the layout more user-friendly — the buttons are more prominent and the main font sizes are larger (easier to read).

Thankfully, the FORUM “migration” (and upgrade) went smoothly. As far as we can tell, all the posts came through and there were no glitches with member accounts. NOTE: On the New FORUM you still use your Same Forum Log-in Name and Same Password (remember passwords are case sensitive). If you have bookmarked the previous FORUM location, you will be automatically directed to the new FORUM. However, we do request you re-set your bookmarks to:

Special Thanks to FORUM Member JayChris
We want to give special recognition to JayChris, one of our Forum members (and a darn good shooter). Jay, a super-smart IT specialist, volunteered many hours of skilled labor for this upgrade. He set up our new server and optimized the forum software to run faster and more efficiently. He also created new security protections to shield our FORUM against hackers. Jay went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the FORUM runs faster and more securely for his fellow forum members. Thanks Jay — you’re the man!

We have some requests for FORUM members using our upgraded FORUM:

PHOTOS: When posting photos, please keep them no larger than 600 pixels in width. This will ensure the layout displays correctly. To size your photos, use a basic image editing program such as Irfanview which is totally free to use.

CLASSIFIEDS: Those using our Free Classifieds are asked to read (and apply) our Guidelines for Avoiding Disputes. To eliminate potential problems, sellers should always disclose any defects, provide good photos, and insure shipments worth more than $50.00.

SAFETY FIRST: At all times, when describing reloading methods or listing suggested loads, remember that safety is the paramount concern. Be aware that a “practical max” load in your gun may very well be too hot in another rifle, so advise others to start at a lower point. Never list loads in terms of powder measure click values — always refer to grains. Don’t advocate reloading methods that depart from generally accepted safe practices. You may have developed some tricks and shortcuts, but remember that many readers are new to the reloading game.

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